Civil Matters

(For 27-10-2014 to 28-11-2014 )

                                  COURT NO. 2
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE B. P. DHARMADHIKARI
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE P.R. BORA
C.R. NO. 9        APPELLATE SIDE-CIVIL           27/10/2014
                                                 * FOR FINAL HEARING *                                                  

                        ARMAR                           GP FOR R 1,                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.AND OTHE       R 1 TO 4 SERVED                 
                        RS                              JP PENDSEY FOR R 2,3            

2.   WP/2412/1993       MAHADEO DEWAJI NAGULKAR         PV.SAGDEO                       
                                                        MP SAGDEO,RS VYAS               
                        V/S NAGPUR IMPROVEMENT TR       ANAND PARCHURE.                 
                        UST  AND  ANOTHER               S. D. DESHPANDE                 
                                                        FOR/LRS OF PETITIONER NO.       
                                                         3, 3A, 3B                      
                                                        SK MISHRA/R-1                   
     CAW/2544/2014      MAHADEO DEWAJI NAGULKAR         S. D. DESHPANDE                 
                        V/S NAGPUR IMPROVEMENT TR                                       
                        UST  AND  ANOTHER                                               

3.   WP/327/1994        M/S. JYOTI  AND  SURENDRA       DC DAGA,SV BHUTADA,             
                         DEVELOPERS PVT. LTD.           VV BHANGDE, GR AGRAWAL/P        
                        V/S THE APPROPRIATE AUTHO       DM TILWANI                      
                        RITY INCOME TAX DEPTT.  A       SP/PN CHANDURKAR R-1,2,
                                                        SC MEHADIA R 3 AND 4            
                                                        RESPONDENT NO.6 SERVED          
                                                        SHRI SANJIV DESHPANDE.          
                                                        AM GORDEY FOR INTERVENOR        
                                                        AS JAISWAL/R.                   
                                                        A PARCHURE/R                    
                                                        RAMESH  AND  TUSHAR DARDA       
                                                        MASOOD SHAREEF                  
                                                        FOR R.NO. 7                     
                                                        AADIL ANWAR J. MIRZA            
                                                        FOR R.NO. 7                     
                                                        MRS. RADHIKA D.RASKAR/R-7       
                                                        VIVEK RAMCHANDRA THAKUR         
                                                        HARISH VIVEK THAKUR             
                                                        PRITESH VIJAY BANSOD            
                                                        ATUL JAYANT PATHAK              
                                                        MONESH GOPAL SARDA              

                        GINEERING REEARCH INSTITU       GAURAV BELSARE, G VENKATR       
                        V/S NAGPUR IMPROVEMENT TR       AMAN/P                          
                        UST, NAGPUR THR. ITS CHAI       RP JOSHI/CAV/R-1.               
                                                        MV SAMARTH/R-1                  

5.   WP/777/1995        BHIKAMSINGH S/O KISANSING       SD THKUR, DS THAKUR             
                        H COUR                          R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL AND       NARESH R. SABOO                 
                         TWO ORS.                       FOR/R-1                         

6.   WP/930/1995        BALAJI ELECTRO SMELTERS P       MM.AGNIHOTRI KN.DALAL,S                        VT.LTD.,YAVATMAL                ANYAL                           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECY       GP/R-1,  RE MOHARIR/R-2,3       
.MINISTRY OF IRRIGATION,        .                               
     WP/1931/1997       BALAJI ELECTRO.SMELTERRS        MM AGNIHOTRI.                   
                        LTD. THR.M.D.                   SS DANDE                        
                        V/S STATE  AND  2 ORS.          GP/R-1                          
                                                        RE MOHARIR/R                    

7.   WP/88/1997         GAUTAM S/O DAKHARAM NAKHA       MRS RS SIRPURKAR, HM SAKH       
                        TE                              ARE, G BELSARE/P                
                        V/S THE SECRETARY RASHTRA       RB PENDHARKAR,C VENKATRAM       
                         SANT SHIKSHAN S.  AND  5       AN,RS SIRPURKAR.                
                                                        SK.PARDHY FOR R-1 AND 2         
                                                        ML.BHURE FOR R-2.               
                                                        FOR R-6.GP FOR R-5.             
                                                        R-1 TO 6 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        S.D. MALKE,MN.THENGARE/R6       

8.   WP/356/1997        SATISH M. GHIYA                 AS JAISWAL                      
                                                        DR. ANJAN DE/R                  
                        V/S THE MAH.ANTIBIOTICS         A BHIDE, P SHUKLA/R-1 (PO       
                                                        WER ,MEMO NOT FILED)            

9.   WP/2109/1997       GR MORE                         RR PILLAI,PV NELSON,M.RAJ       
                        V/S MSEB.                       R.E. MOHARIR                    

10.  WP/2438/1997       DINESH WAMANRAO DHAWALE A       SV.MANOHAR.                     
                        ND 3 OTHERS.                    MOHAN SUDAME FOR R-2            
                        V/S COLLECTOR, AMRAVATI A       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        ND 2 OTHERS.                    S.SANYAL FOR INTERVENOR
11.  WP/3524/1997       BHARAT GENERAL  AND  TEXT       SV MANOHAR                      
                        ILES INDUSTRIES LTD. MALK                                       
                        V/S CHIEF OFFICER, MPL. C                                       
                        OUNCIL, MALKAPUR  AND  OT                                       

12.  WP/3689/1997       STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA.       SA.BRAMHE.                      
                                                        S DHARMADHIKARI/US DASTAN       
                        V/S NAGPUR MPL.CORPN. AND       E/PET.                          
                          OTHERS.                       SP DHARMADHIKARI/PETN.          
                                                        DV CHAUHAN/P                    
                                                        S.R. KHATI                      
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON NBA.         
                                                        SS JACHAK/R                     
                                                        VR THAKUR                       
                                                        SAGEETA S. JACHAK (GAIKEE       
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 4                    

13.  WP/3722/1997       ANILKUMAR D. GUPTA              NS  AND  SN BHATTAD/P           
                                                        PN. AND SP.CHANDURKAR/R-1       
                        V/S COMMISSIONER INCOME T        TO 3.                          
                        AX  AND  ORS.                   A PARCHURE/R                    
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE                  
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    

14.  WP/3743/1997       KU.KALPANA D/O YASHWANTRA       AZ.JIBHKATE.                    
                        O KHEDIKAR.                     GP FOR R-1,                     
                        V/S THE DIRECTOR MAH.STAT       MR.R.L.KHAPRE,FOR R-2.          
                        E EXAM.BOARD  AND  OTHERS       OW.GUPTA,FOR R-3.               
                                                        SMITA SURESH DASHPUTRE          
                                                        PURUSHOTTAM PATIL               

15.  WP/3774/1997       DR.UDDHAV DESHMUKH AND AN       AB PATIL./P                     
                        OTHER.                          BT PATIL                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        M.D. LAKHEY                     
                        AND OTHER S.                    FOR/P                           
                                                        SM PURANIK                      
                                                        SHRIDHAR VASUDEO PUROHIT        
                                                        CS KAPTAN FOR R-4.              
                                                        DASTANE FOR R-5.                
                                                        R-2 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        SAU. TD KHADE/R.                
                                                        A SAMBRE / R NO. 4              
                                                        SWAPNIL SURESH SHINGANE         
                                                        VIVEK RAMCHANDRA THAKUR         
     WP/228/1995        DR.UDHAV DESHMUKH AND OTH       SP.HEDAOO, SM PURANIK           
                        ERS                             BT PATIL/PETNR.                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        AMOL B PATIL/PETITIONERS        
                        AND OTHERS.                     AMOL B PATIL/P-1                
                                                        M.D. LAKHEY                     
                                                        SHRIDHAR VASUDEO PUROHIT        
                                                        FOR/P-1 AND 3                   
                                                        AS.KILOR,CS.KAPTAN R 4,
                                                        SJ KHANDALKAR/R-3               
                                                        R 1 TO 5 SERVED/MERIT           
                                                        SAU. TD KHADE/R.                
                                                        AP KALMEGH, AD THAKRE/R-5       
                                                        SS SHINGANE/R-5                 
                                                        A SAMBRE / R NO. 4 AND 

16.  WP/273/1998        DAULRAO PANDURANG NINAWE        MG/VV.BHANGDE                   
                                                        GP. FOR R.1  AND  2             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA/R-3       
                        AND OTHERS                      DB AGRAWAL/CAV/R-3, SW DE       
                                                        SW DESHPANDE/R-2                
                                                        ABHIJIT DESHPANDE               

17.  FA/450/1998        PRAFULLA SUDHAKARRAO GORE       M.M. AGNIHOTRI                  
                        GAONKAR                         R.SOLE SERVED                   
                        V/S MRS. VANITA W/O PRAFU       A ARCHURE/RESPD.                
                        LLA GOREGAONKAR                 ANAND PARCHURE FOR R-SOLE       

18.  WP/1157/1998       M/S.BERAR METAL PROCESSIN       SHRI M.M. AGNIHOTRI.            
                        G INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD.           GP.R.1/R-1 TO 3 SERVED.         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

19.  WP/1226/1998       NAMDEO FAKIRA KANKAL.           P.C.MADKHOLKAR.                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.ITS        INDIRA BODADE/R-3               
                        SECRETARY  AND  3 OTHERS.                                       
     WP/951/1998        JAGDEO BHIVSEN BELKHEDE         P.C.MADKHOLKAR.                 
                                                        GG MISHRA, I BODADE/R-2         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP/R-1  AND  3                  
                         AND  2 OTHERS.                                                 

20.  WP/1243/1998       SUDHA PANJABRAO RAUT            SMT.VV.JOSHI                    
                                                        S DESHPANDE/P/                  
                        V/S EDUCATION OFFICER (MI       N N THENGRE/R-4                 
                        DDLE) Z.P.  AND  OTHERS.        H.A. DESHPANDE                  
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR R-1 AND 2                   
                 R-5 IS SERVED ON MERIT]. 

21.  WP/1629/1998       DR.SIDDHARTH JIVAN KAMBLE       RR GHATE                        
.                               MASOOD SHAREEF                  
                        V/S THE NEW INDIA ASSURAN       BC PAL                          
                        CE CO.LTD. THR.ITS MANAGI       KK  AND  SA PATHAK/P            
                                                        ALL RESPONDENTS SERVED ON       
                                                        RM LANJEWAR/R-3, MM SUDAM       
                                                        E/R-1,2,4  AND  5               

22.  WP/1825/1998       AKOLA OIL INDUSTRIES LTD.       A.PARCHURE,S.DEO                
                                                        SHRINIWAS DESHPANDE             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP.FOR R-1 / R-2 SERVED                         AND  ONE ANOTHER                                               

23.  WP/1834/1998       RAMESH BANSHILAL AWARKAR.       KR.LAMBAT,KS.NARWADE            
                                                        MURALIDHAR VISHWANATH MOH       
                        V/S THE CHIEF ENGINEER,KO       OKAR                            
                        RADI  AND  2 OTHERS.            FOR/P                           
                                                        R.E.MOHARIR,R-1  AND  2                                                        GP/R-3. R-1 TO 3 SERVED O       
                                                        N MERIT.                        

24.  WP/2213/1998       DAULAT MAROTI SABLE             BN  AND  SB MOHTA               
                                                        GP FOR R-1 TO 3.                
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  OTHERS.                                                      

25.  WP/2214/1998       SAKHARAM RAMBHUAU GAIKWAD       BN  AND  SB MOHTA               
                                                        G.P.FOR R.1 TO 3                
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  OTHERS.                                                      

26.  WP/2215/1998       RAMRAO SURYABHAN MORE  AN       BN  AND  SB MOHTA               
                        D  15 OTHERS                    GP FOR R-1 TO 3.                
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA  AND  2 OTHERS                                              

27.  WP/2255/1998       THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        AND OTHERS                      JM AWASARE FOR R-SOLE           
                        V/S RAMRAO YADAORAO NANDU       S.V.AKOLKAR/R-SOLE              

28.  WP/2282/1998       SANJAY BHAYYAJI MINNEWAR        ANAND PARCHURE                  
                                                        GP.R.1/AZ.JIBHKATE R.2 AN       
                        V/S DISTRICT SOCIAL WELFA       D 4                             
                        RE OFFICER  AND  ONE OTHE                                       

29.  WP/2296/1998       LAL ZENDA COAL MINES MAZD       SHRI B. LAHARI.                 
                        OOR UNION AND ANOTHER           R-1 TO 6 ARE SERVED.            
                        V/S WESTERN COALFIELDS LT                                       
                        D.  AND  5 OTHERS.                                              

30.  WP/2321/1998       MAHADEO S.CHUDRI. AND  OT       N.D.KHAMBORKAR.                 
                        HERS.                           G.P.FOR R-1,R-3 SERVED.         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH  AND                                       

31.  WP/2322/1998       DHANRAJ MANIKRAO GULHANE        S.U. NEMADE                     
                                                        R.1 TO 3 SERVED                 
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA   AND  2 OTHERS                                             

32.  WP/2323/1998       SATISH N. MEHTA  AND  28        MM SUDAME,MARATHE,POTNIS        
                        OTHERS.                         GOVIND MISHRA/R-1TO3.           
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         JAYANT MOKADAM/R-1              


33.  WP/2328/1998       V.B. WAGHMARE  AND  2 OTH       GG.MODAK                        
                        ERS                             RG.AGRAWAL FOR R.1              
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND                                         


34.  WP/2330/1998       BHARTIYA R.S.DAMLE GRAM S       AS.MARDIKAR,MY.WADODKAR         
                        UDHAR TATHA SHK.PRAS.SOCY       GP.FOR R.NO.1 AND 2.            
                        V/S EDUCATION OFFICER, Z.                                       
                        P., NAGPUR  AND  ONE OTHE                                       

35.  WP/2358/1998       AMIT S/O GOVIND SINGH KHU       PY  AND  SP DESHPANDE           
                        TPALE                           PRAVIN S PATIL, VIJAY A K       
                        V/S DIVISIONAL SOCIAL WEL       OTHALE                          
                        FATE OFFICER  AND  OTHERS       R-1  AND  2 SERVED              
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  2                  

36.  WP/2368/1998       HIMMAT MAHADEORAO MASKEY.       SANJAY D. PATIL.                
                                                        GP/R-1,PV/V THAKRE/R-3          
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

37.  WP/2416/1998       NITIN TATYARAO KHATDEO  A       HD  AND  MRS. BH DANGRE         
                        ND  ONE OTHER                   SP.DHARMADHIKARI,DASTANE        
                        V/S PUNJABRAO KRISHI VIDY                                       
                        APEETH   AND  ONE OTHER                                         

38.  WP/2423/1998       RAMKRISHNA MAHADEO GAJKAL       N.C. PHADNIS.                   
                          AND  ANOTHER.                 GP.FOR R.1/R.1TO4 SERVED        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  3                                       

39.  WP/2425/1998       HEMLATA GAGALANI NAGAR VI       S KOCHEY/P                      
                        KAS KRUTI SAMITI.               JB KASAT/R-1                    
                        V/S MRAVATI MUNICIPAL COR       M K PATHAN/R-1                  
                        PORATION  AND  ANOTHER.                                         

40.  WP/2461/1998       KU. JIWANKALA D/O ASARAM        GN.KHANZODE                     
                        PATALE                          COPY SERVED TO GP FOR R-1       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA  AND  2 OTHERS                                              

41.  WP/2466/1998       M/S TRIBUWANDAS BHIMJI ZA       AM.GORDEY,BJ.AGRAWAL.           
                        VERI  AND  SONS                 BP MALDHURE, ASIF NAREA R       
                        V/S THE CORPORATION OF TH       IZWY, H KATEKAR,                
                        E CITY OF NAGPUR  AND  OT       MONIKA IRLAND                   
                                                        DR. ANJAN DE, APURV DE/P        
                                                        CS KAPTAN FOR R-1 TO 3          
                                                        JB KASAT/R-1TO3                 

42.  WP/2477/1998       SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE,       GOVT. PLEADER                   
                        GADCHIROLI  AND  ANOTHER.       VY PRADHAN/R-SOLE.              
                        V/S DURGESH MALAYYA BRIKE                                       

43.  WP/2485/1998       BALKRISHNA SITARAM KUTE         A.M.GHARE, MS. SW TAWARI        
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED. MADAN  A       
                        V/S AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE        ND                              
                        MARKET COMMITTEE AND 3 OT                                       

44.  WP/2498/1998       VINOD PUNJO HATKAR.             PB.PATIL.                       
                                                        GP FOR R-1.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  2       V N MORANDE/R-4,5               

45.  WP/2514/1998       CHARANJIT LAJPATRAI VARMA       C.V. KALE,GK SAWYEE             
                         OF M/S.AERO CLUB,              CS.KAPTAN R.1 TO 3              
                        V/S OCTROI SUPERINTENDENT       JEMINI BRIJMOHAN KASAT          
                         NAGPUR M.C.NGP.  AND  2        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    

                                                        RD BHUIBHAR/P                   
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       GP.FOR R-1  AND  4.             
                        TRA  AND  4 OTHERS              PB PATIL/R-3                    

                                                        RD BHUIBHAR/P                   
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       R-2 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        TRA AND OTHERS.                 PB PATIL/R-3                    

48.  WP/2523/1998       SHRI KIRAN OMKAR KHARAT         AS GOLEGAONKAR,S.KANTHALE       
                                                        RD BHUIBHAR/P                   
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       R-2 TO 5 SERVED.                
                        TRA AND OTHERS.                 PB PATIL/R-2                    

49.  WP/2550/1998       WANI TALUKA TRUCK AND TRA       S M PURANIK/P                   
                        NSPORT OWNERS ASS. AND  4       JD.UTTAMANI R.4                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  4       NP LAMBAT/R                     
                         OTHERS.                        G.P./R-1 , C S KAPTAN, SR       
. ADV. /R-4, P S LAMBAT/R       

50.  WP/2553/1998       M/S.GAURAV ENTERPRISES.         J.P. PENDSEY.                   
                                                        CS KAPTAN FOR R-1.              
                        V/S OCTROI, SUPERINTENDEN                                       
                        T CORPORATION OF CITY NGP                                       

51.  WP/2831/1998       SHRI SANT BHANUDAS MAHARA       DM GABHANE                      
                        J SANSTHA  AND  ONE OTHER       ASHISH PRAKASH CHAWARE          
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       FOR/P-1                         
                        TRA  AND  4 OTHERS              GP/R-1TO4,PB PATIL/R-5.         

52.  WP/2893/1998       SANJAY TULSIRAM MOHINKAR.       N.R. BORKAR,KH JAISWAL          
                                                        SP DHARMADHIKARI,DASTANE        
                        V/S JOINT DIRECTOR (HIGHE                                       
                        R EDU.)  AND  3 OTHERS.                                         

53.  WP/2901/1998       SMT.PRATIBHA RAMCHANDRA K       RL.KHAPRE,P.MALWE               
                        ULKARNI  AND  ANOTHER.          GP.R 2 AND 3/A.DESHPANDE        
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       R.1                             
                         (PRI.)Z.P.YAVATMAL  AND                                        

                        R                               SMT.MP MUNSHI FOR R-2,3         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  3 OTHERS                                                  

55.  WP/2964/1998       BALKRISHNA RISHIJI PENDRE       M.M. SUDAME,AP POTNIS.          
.                               R J KANKALE/R, R S CHARPE       
                        V/S MAH.STATE ROAD TRANSP       /R-SOLE                         
                        ORT CORPORATION.                                                

56.  WP/2970/1998       KISAN NINU MAHAJAN  AND         CG.MADKHOLKAR,MS.KB.YADAV       

2.OTHERS.                       AGP/R-1,3/R2,4,5 SERVED         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  4 OTHERS.                                                 
     WP/3172/1998       SOPANRAO ONKARRAO SATHE A       PB.PATIL,R.DEO                  
                        ND 4 OTHERS                     GP/R-1,3,MRS.I.BODADE/R
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                        AND 5 OTHERS                                                    

57.  WP/2986/1998       DEEPAK RAMRAO THAKARE           ANAND PARCHURE,S.DEO            
                                                        GOPAL G MISHRA,P                
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        PC MADKHOLKAR, KV DESHMUK       
                         AND  OTHERS                    H, D GUPTA/P                    
                                                        S M PURANIK/R-4, R-4 AND        

5.ARE SERVED                    

58.  WP/2988/1998       VINAYAK SHANKARRAO WARUDK       SK.TAMBDE.                      
                        AR  AND  43 OTHERS.             R.NO.1 AND 2 SERVED.            
                        V/S PRESIDENT, NAGAR PARI                                       
                        SHAD/MUN.COUNCIL KHAPA  A                                       

59.  WP/3048/1998       SHRIKANT RAMAJI MATE            ANIL S. MARDIKAR                
                                                        GP.FOR R.SOLE.                  
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       

60.  WP/3465/1998       AKOLA GOLD FINGER MANUFAC       AS.JAISWAL,VA BRAMHE            
                        TURERS ASSN. AND  OTHERS        MISHRA R.1                      
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA  A       MRS. ANJALI ARVIND JOSHI        
                        ND  OTHERS                      FOR R.NOS. 1 TO 3               
                                                        MRS. PRANITA PRASHANT CHO       
                                                        FOR R.NOS. 1 TO 3               

61.  WP/3708/1998       RAMDAS PUNDLIKRAO GORLE.        M.W. HARSULKAR.                 
                                                        YOGESH S GORLE/P                
                        V/S THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEE       AGP/R-1 TO 5                    
                        R,AKOLA  AND  4 OTHERS.                                         

62.  WP/3827/1998       M/S.SUNFLAG IRON  AND  ST       VR.THAKUR,SV.BHUTADA            
                        EEL CO.LTD                      AS JAISWAL,ADV.(MEMO FILE       
                        V/S THE CENTRAL BOARD OF        R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          
                        DIRECT TAXES  AND  ONE AN       A PARCHURE/R                    

.                              NOT. COUNSEL                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE       R-1TO5 SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        CRETARY TO REVENUE  AND                                         

64.  WP/4016/1998       SHRI TEJNARAY ANPRASAD S/       SK MISHRA,MS.M.BHAMBHWANI       
                        O VISNHU.                       SS JACHAK/R-SOLE                
                        V/S NAGPUR MUNICIPAL CORP       R S PARSODKAR/R                 

65.  WP/4050/1998       CHANDANSING SADHUSING CHA       M. P. KHAJANCHI                 
                        NDEL.                           FOR/P                           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR. ITS       S W DESHPANDE/R-2               
                         SECRETARY.  AND  2 OTHER                                       
     WP/249/1999        SMT. KIRAN DINESH SING          M. P. KHAJANCHI                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SMT SW DESHPANDE/R-2.           
                         AND  2 ORS.                    KS NARWADE/INT.                 
                                                        KISHOR PRABODH SADAVARTE        
                                                        FOR R.NO. 2                     
     WP/3914/1998       LAKHANSING SADUSING CHAND       M. P. KHAJANCHI                 
                        EL.                             FOR/P                           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  2       SMT. SW DESHPANDE/R-2.          
                         OTHERS.                        KS NARWADE/INT.                 

66.  WP/4053/1998       DR.AMBEDKAR CO-OP.HOUSING       SP.KSHIRSAGAR,PK.DHOMNE         
                         SOC.LTD.                       RM LANJEWAR                     
                        V/S CHAIRMAN,N.I.T.,NAGPU       SK.MISHRA/R.1                   
                        R                               SM PURANIK/R-3.                 
                                                        CS DHABE  AND  CS KAPTAN/       
                                                        R-3,AS KILOR/APPLICANT          
                                                        JB KASAT/R-3                    
        REMARK : A/W WP/1622/04 & 834/95 (D) FOR REF... 

67.  WP/4062/1998       SMT. BIMLADEVI W/O BASANT       ANAND PARCHURE,S.DEO            
                         KUMAR JAIN AND OTHERS TH       GP FOR R-1,2                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  ANOTHER                                                   

68.  WP/4143/1998       GENERAL MANAGER WANI AREA       J.P.PENDSEY.                    
.                               M ANILKUMAR,JYOTI KURANI/       
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA,THR.TH       P                               
                        E MINISTRY  AND  4 OTHERS       GP.R.2 AND 3/MISHRA FOR R       

69.  FA/370/1999        CORPORATION OF CITY OF NA       CS.KAPTAN                       
                        GPUR.                           SANGITA S JANCHAK/P             
                        V/S M/S J.B.CONSTRUCTIONS       MRS. SHILPA P. GIRATKAR(G       
                        , NAGPUR                        IRIPUNJE)                       

70.  WP/2337/1999       SUKHDEV RADHKRISHNA TARDE       ANJAN DE,B.MAHAJAN,             
                        JA  AND  OTHERS.                SV PUROHIT,MG BHANGDE,          
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN       SK MISHRA R-2  AND  5,AK        
                        D  OTHERS.                      DESHMUKH R-3                    
                                                        PB PATIL, SD DESAI/R-3.         
                                                        AB PATIL/R-3                    
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR R-1  AND  4                 
                                                        RAVI RAMDAS KHAMATKAR           

71.  WP/3634/1999       DEEPAK SADASHIV KEDAR.          MG/VV BHANGDE.                  
                                                        GP/R-1.SW DESHPANDE/R-2                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  ANOTHER.                                                     

72.  FA/101/2000        WESTERN COALFIELDS LTD          SC.AS.MEHADIA,SG GHATE          
                                                        CS SAMUDRA                      
                        V/S PROGRESSIVE ENGINEERI       SP DHARMADHIKARI,               
                        NG COMPANY                      US DASTANE,VK DEOTALE,SC        
                                                        DV CHAVAN/R-SOLE                
     FA/100/2000        WESTERN COALFIELDS LTD.         SC.AS.MEHADIA,SG.GHATE          
                        V/S PROGRESSIVE ENGINEERI       SP DHARMADHIKARI,               
                        NG COMPANY.                     US DASTANE/R-SOLE SERVED.       
                                                        DV CHAVAN                       
     CAF/2560/2011      WESTERN COALFIELDS LTD          DV CHAUHAN                      
                        V/S PROGRESSIVE ENGINEERI                                       
                        NG COMPANY                                                      

73.  WP/146/2000        DR.TAYYABALI SHEIKH IBRAH       SP BHANDARKAR, GS BAPAT,        
                        IM.                             RM PANDE, CHETAN SHARMA/P       
                        V/S THE MAH.ADMINISTRATIV       GP.FOR RESPONDENTS.             
                        E TRIBUNAL,NAGPUR  AND  A                                       

74.  FA/167/2000        SMT.MARY WD/O GEORGE MONT       SC,AS.MEHADIA                   
                        ERIO  AND  6 OTHERS             A.PARCHURE FOR R-1 TO 1
                        V/S WASUDEO RAMKRISHNA HA       SP BHANDARKAR/INTERVENER        
                        RODE  AND  10 OTHERS            NS  AND  SN BHATTAD/R-1TO       

                                                        PC MADKHOLKAR/R-1,SV PURO       
                                                        HIT,HMS ATHAR                   
                                                        UK BISEN/R-1 TO 11              
                                                        SP BHANDAR, GS BAPAT, SK        
                                                        ANKAR, RM PANDE/R-1 TO 
                                                        CV KALE/R-1 TO 11               

75.  WP/176/2000        AJAY SHARADRAO TAYWADE          NR.SABOO,N.BARGAT               
                                                        RK TAIWADE                      
                        V/S REGISTRAR, P.K.V. AKO       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        LA  AND  OTHERS                 AR/MRS. UA PATIL/R-1 TO

76.  WP/215/2000        M/S DINSHAW FROOZEN FOODS       AS.JAISWAL                      
                                                        CS KAPTAN/R-1TO3                
                        V/S CITY OF NAGPUR MUNCIP       MRS. SHILPA P. GIRATKAR(G       
                        AL CORPORATION                  IRIPUNJE)                       
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    

77.  WP/304/2000        RAMDAS NARAYANRAO RAHATE.       AS.MARDIKAR.                    
                         AND  OTHERS.                   GP/R-1 AND 4.                   
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND       RL KHAPRE, VK PALIWAL/R-2       
                          OTHERS.                         AND  3                        

78.  WP/437/2000        GATI CORPORATION LIMITED        AM.MA.BAPAT                     
                                                        AMIT KHARE/P                    
                        V/S CITY OF NAGPUR MUNCIP       CS KAPTAN FOR R-1 TO 4.         
                        AL CORPORATION  AND  OTHE       JEMINI BRIJMOHAN KASAT          
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 4                    

79.  WP/967/2000        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA  AND       GP.                             

2.OTHERS                      MP.LALA/ CAVEATOR R.SOLE        
                        V/S CHANDRASHEKHAR BALWAN                                       
                        T WATAK                                                         
     WP/1133/2000       CHANDRASHEKHAR BALWANT WA       NS ADBE  AND  MP LALA.          
                        TAK                             R.1 TO 3 SERVED/MERIT           
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  2 OTHERS                                                  

80.  WP/972/2000        SHRI PADMAKAR S/O NAMDEOR       VS.DHOBE                        
                        AO GHAYWAN  AND  6 ORS.         VR.THAKUR/R-1 AND 2             
                        V/S THE DISTRICT  AND  SE       AV BHIDE/R-4,5,6  AND  
                        SSION JUDGE,YAVATMAL            .                               
                                                        G.P./R-3. SP DHARMADHIKAR       
                                                        I/R-4 TO 8  AND  10.            

81.  WP/1410/2000       SANJAY KHUSHALJI SHENDE O       SHASHIKANT BORKAR               
                        F BHANDARA                      R-3 SERVED.                     
                        V/S DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF DE                                       
     WP/4123/1999       MISS.VARSHA RAMESH PIMPAL       A.PARCHURE                      
                        KAR.                            GP.R.1/ R.1 TO 5 SERVED                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND       BORKAR SHASHIKANT               
                          OTHERS.                       FOR/R-5                         
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        JAYANT MOKADAM                  

82.  WP/1423/2000       RAJKUMAR MULCHAND GODI.         AK CHOUBE,A.DHARASHIOKAR        
                                                        KS KURVE  AND  RG DAGORIA       
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         RS.SUNDARAM,UR.TANNA/R.

2.OTHERS.                       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        

83.  WP/1461/2000       RAMCHANDRA S/O NARAYANRAO       PC.MARPAKWAR,SM.KALI,           
                         BHAVE                          AP MAMDALWAR                    
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       SD SHUKLA                       
                        ,Z.P.BHANDARA  AND  3 OTH       ML BHURE/R-2  AND  3            
                                                        AGP FOR R-1  AND  4             
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                

84.  WP/1466/2000       MADHUKAR PARASRAM MOTE.         MR.RAJGURE.                     
                        V/S THE ADDL.COMMISSIONER       JAYANT MOKADAM/R-2              
                        ,NAGPUR DIVN.NAGPUR  AND                                        

85.  WP/1604/2000       CHANDRASHEKHAR VIDYADHAR        ANIL MARDIKAR.                  
                        PANDE.                          R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                        V/S GRAM SHIKSHAN PRASARA       AM GHARE, HR GADHIA/R-1         
                        K MANDAL,PATUR  AND  2 OT       AND  2                          

86.  WP/1838/2000       THE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE        A.PARIHAR,P.SENGAR,NR.          
                        MARKETING COMMITTEE,GONDI       MP MUNSHI/R.1 AND 2.            
                        V/S ZILLA PARISHAD,BHANDA                                       
                        RA  AND  2 OTHERS                                               
     WP/1337/2000       AGRICULTURALL PRODUCE MAR       A.PARCHURE  AND  PN SHEND       
                        KET COMMITTEE,LAKHANI.          E.                              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  2       GP.R.1/ COPY SERVED.            

87.  WP/1880/2000       VIKAS VINAYAK SOHONI            UP.DEOPUJARI,PV.VAIDYA          
                                                        RS SUNDARAM,UR TANNA/R-
                        V/S VISVESVARAYA REGIONAL       AR PATIL  AND  MRS UA PAT       
                         COLLEGE OF ENGG.  AND  O       IL/R-1.                         

88.  WP/1996/2000       VINAYAK JANKIRAM INGLE          PB.PATIL                        
                                                        VG WANKHEDE/R.-3.               
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       R-2,3 SERVED,GP/R-1             
                        TRA  AND  2 OTHERS                                              

89.  WP/2030/2000       SUDHAKAR S/O KESHAORAO BO       MG/VV BHANGDE                   
                        BHATE                           SMT.SW DESHPANDE,FOR R-2,       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       KISHOR PRABODH SADAVARTE        
                        TRA  AND  ANOTHER               FOR/R-2                         

90.  WP/2043/2000       SMT.RADHIKABAI MEGHE MEMO       PD MEGHE,AK WAGHMARE            
                        RAIL MEDICAL TRUST,NAGPUR       BG KULKARNI/R-1                 
                        V/S NAGPUR UNIVERSITY,THR                                       
.ITS REGISTRAR,NAGPUR  AN                                       

91.  WP/2177/2000       THE NAGPUR DISTRICT SIX S       SERVED ON ENGAGEMENT OF A       
                        EATER AUTO UNION,KAMPTEE        NOT. COUNSEL                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       GP.FOR R.NO.1 TO 3.             
                        TRA  AND  ORS.                  S P PALSHIKAR/R-4               

92.  WP/2192/2000       RAZIYA SULTANA........          PV.KASLIKAR,NR SABOO            
                                                        GP.FOR R-3.                     
                        V/S THE SECRETARY,GOVT.OF       DM UPADHYE, P MAHASHABDE/       
                         MAH.  AND  2 OTHERS            R-2                             

93.  WP/2239/2000       PRALHAD S/O NARAYAN CHAVA       SJ KHANDALKAR                   
                        N                               NOTICES OF R-2 AND 3 AWAI       
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBE C       TED                             
                        ASTE CER.SCRU.COMMITTEE,N       SW DESHPANDE/R-1.R-2 AND        

3.SERVED ON MERIT.              

94.  WP/2340/2000       KESHAO SADASIVA RAJGURE         MM.SUDAME,A.POTNIS              
                        AND  8 OTHERS                   G.P.FOR R-2 AND 3 .             
                        V/S M.S.R.T.CORPN.,BOMBAY                                       
                          AND 2 OTHERS                                                  
     WP/19/2000         MADHUSUDHAN JAGANNATH ELK       MM.SUDAME,AP.POTNIS,            
                        UNCHWAR  AND  41 OTHERS         GP.R-2 AND 3./ R.NO.1 SER       
                        V/S MAH.STATE ROAD TRANSP       VED.                            
                        ORT CORPN. AND  2 OTHERS                                        

95.  WP/2449/2000       RAVINDRA S/O KRISHNARAO A       AR. AND  MRS.UA.PATIL           
                        NGAITKAR                        RS.SUNDARAM,UR.TANNA/           
                        V/S JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDY                                       
                        ALAYA  AND  3 OTHERS                                            

96.  WP/2477/2000       THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  3 OTHERS                  G.M. SHITUT                     
                        V/S VINAYKUMAR MAHADEORAO       FOR/R-1 (SOLE)                  

97.  WP/2845/2000       MRS.SANTOSH GANESH JAISWA       ATUL PANDE.                     
                        L.                              R.NO.2 AND 3 ARE SERVED                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN       GP/R-2  AND  3.                 
                        D  2 ORS.                                                       

98.  WP/2911/2000       SHRI JUZER AMIN MOHASIN A       VS.KUKDAY.                      
                        LI AMIN.                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  2       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        

99.  WP/3195/2000       THE ORCHIDS EDUCATION SOC       SAMEER ADKAR/P                  
                        IETY,NAGPUR  AND  7 OTHER       RASHID HAQUE                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       FOR/P-1                         
                        TRA  AND  2 OTHERS              GP.FOR R.1 TO 3.                
                                                        B P AND J B JAISWAL/R-5,        
                                                        G.P./R-1 TO 3                   

100. WP/3309/2000       SHRI BALAJI DEVELOPERS,AK       GP.R.1/ COPY SERVED .           
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA.THR.SEC                                       
                        Y.URBAN DEVP.DEPT. AND  1                                       

101. WP/3311/2000       KEWALRAM RAGHUJI HUMANE         SP BHANDARKAR, N MEHTA, S       
                                                        K ANKAR/P                       
                        V/S STATE  AND  OTHERS          D SUBHEDAR                      
                                                        R-1 TO 5 SERVED.                
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 4, PC  AND  MP        
                                                        KHAJANCHI, RAJENDRA DAGA/       

102. WP/3325/2000       MAHARAHSTRA UNIVERSITIES        A.PARCHURE,PP THAKARE           
                        BOOKS PRODUCTION,NGP. AND       GP/R-1  AND  3 .R-2 SERVE       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        D.                              
                         AND 3 OTHERS                   BG KULKARNI/R-2.  SHRI MI       
                                                        SK MISHRA/R-4                   
                                                        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 

103. WP/3376/2000       DR.MOHD.JUBER S/O.MOHD.RA       MG.VV.BHANGDE                   
                        FIQ  AND  4 OTHERS              G.P./R.-2/(MEMO).               
                        V/S ZILLA PARISAHD,,AMRAV       PURUSHOTTAM PATIL               
                        ATI  AND  1.                    FOR/R-1                         

104. WP/3817/2000       YOGESH DHANRAM BORIKAR          NR PATHRABE                     
                                                        SMT.SW DESHPANDE,FOR R1 A       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       ND 2                            
                        TRA  AND  2 OTHERS              SM PURANIK/R-2                  
     WP/2334/2001       SAGAR S/O. DHANANJAY DHAP       NR PATHRABE                     
                        ODKAR.                          COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1TO
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SM PURANIK/R-4                  
                         AND  4 OTHERS.                                                 

105. WP/3836/2000       RAMESHWARDAS NARSINGHDAS        A.PARCHURE                      
                        MUNDRA,GONDIA.                  ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. AND  2       FOR/PETIONERS OF LRS            
                         OTHERS.                        VITTHAL R. MUNDRA               
                                                        FOR/PETIONERS OF LRS            
                                                        GP.R.1 TO 3 /COPY  SERVED       

106. WP/3899/2000       SUNIL MADHUKAR KARANDIKAR       AD.MOHGAONKAR                   
                        ,NAGPUR                         GP.FOR R.NO.1 AND 2.            
                        V/S THE EDU.OFFICER(SECON                                       
                        ) ZP, NAGPUR  AND  3 OTHE                                       

107. WP/3979/2000       SHRI NATTHUJI BHAGWANJI J       RD MURKUTE/P                    
                        IKAR (DEAD) THR. HIS LRS.       YD SHUKLA                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  3       S K BHOYAR/P                    
                         ORS.                           G.P. FOR R-1 TO 3               
                                                        R-4 SERVED                      

108. WP/4276/2000       SAHEBRAO S/O YESHWANTRAO        MG.VV.BHANGDE                   
                        RAUT,NAGPUR                     CS KAPTAN/RESPONDENT            
                        V/S THE CITY OF NAGPUR CO       MRS. SHILPA P. GIRATKAR(G       
                        RPORATION,NAGPUR  AND  AN       IRIPUNJE)                       
                                                        FOR/R-1 AND 2                   

109. WP/39/2001         NIYAZ AHMADKHAN S/O MUMTA       JB.KASAT                        
                        Z AHMADKHAN,AMRAVATI            R.NO.1 TO 3 SERVED.             
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL,ANJ                                       
                        ANGAON-SURJI,DIST.AMT. AN                                       

110. FA/480/2001        MUNICIPAL COUNCIIL MURTIJ       RS KUREKAR/VG LOHIIA            
                        APUR AKOLA                      VP PANPALIA,VG LOHIA FOR        
                        V/S MAHARASHTRA STATE ELE       APPELLANT                       
                        C. BOARD., AKOLA                R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
                                                        RE MOHARIR/R-SOLE               

111. WP/953/2001        DURYODHAN VITHALRAO CHAUR       SHASHIKANT BORKAR               
                        E                               RE MOHARIR, GE MOHARIR/R        
                        V/S THE CHAIRMAN,M.S.E.B.       1 AND 2                         
                         AND  ANOTHER.                  RE MOHARIR/R                    
                                                        SP BHANDARKAR.                  

112. WP/1169/2001       BHAGWANSINGH PURSHURAMSIG       BT PATIL,NP DHOTE               
                        H THAKUR.                       AM GHARE FOR CAVEATOR R-3       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECY       SW DESHPANDE/R-2.GP/R-1.TRIBAL WEL. AND  2 ORS.                                        

113. WP/1238/2001       MOHD.HANIF MOHD.HASHAM  A       MS.PATIL,A.VASTANI,BB.MEH       
                        ND  5 OTHERS                    ADIA                            
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SP DHARMADHIKARI, US DAST       
                         AND  4 OTHERS                  ANE                             
                                                        G.P.FOR R-1 TO 3.               

114. WP/1268/2001       SHRI MAHENDRAKAR CHINNA N       NIVEDITA MEHTA                  
                        AGABHUSHANA RAO                 GOVING MISHRA FOR R-1           
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA  A       SC MEHADIA/R-2 TO 4, R-
                        ND  4 OTHERS                    SERVED ON MERIT                 

115. WP/1285/2001       SWAMI NARAYAN BANDELA           N.C. PHADNIS                    
                                                        J MOKADAM/R-3                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        KISHOR PRABODH SADAVARTE        
                         AND  3 OTHERS                  FOR/R-2                         

                        R  AND  7 OTHERS.               PANDE                           
                        V/S THE ZILLA PARISHAD,BU       GP FOR R-2  AND  3.             
                        LDHANA  AND  3 OTHERS.          SR DESHPANDE/R-1.R-1 TO
                                                         SERVED ON MERIT.               
                                                        SMT.L. VARSALE/R-1.             
     CAW/3080/2010      RAJESH GOVINDRAO SHIRASKA       ANIL S MARDIKAR                 
                        R AND ORS                                                       
                        V/S THE ZP, BULDHANA THR.                                       
                         ITS CEO AND ORS                                                
                        , AND OTHERS                    PANDE                           
                        V/S ZILLA PARISHAD, AKOLA                                       
                        , AND OTHERS                                                    
                        R AND OTHERS                    PANDE                           
                        V/S ZILLA PARISHAD AKOLA                                        
                        AND OTHERS                                                      

117. WP/1496/2001       SURESH MAHADEO JAMNEKAR.        GOPAL MISHRA.                   
                                                        SMT.SW DESHPANDE/R-1.           
                        V/S SCHEDULED TRIBES CAST       SC  AND   AS MEHADIA/R2         
                        E CERT.SCRU.COMM.NGP  AND       SC/AS MEHADIA,DB SURYAWAN       

118. WP/1692/2001       AJIJABI WD/O.KASAM KHAN P       VR CHOUDHARI.                   
                        ATHAN  AND  4 ORS.              AM GEDAM/PETITIONERS            
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.COLL       RAJEEV MADKHOLKAR/P             
                        ECTOR,WARDHA  AND  ANOTHE       V.G. GHIME                      

119. WP/1922/2001       SAU. SUBHADRA JAISING RAJ       AS JAISWAL,FOR CAV. NOT         
                        PUT.                            GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN       FOR/R-1  AND  2                 
                        D  OTHERS.                                                      

120. WP/2264/2001       SHAILENDRASINGH S/O. GANE       VR CHAUDHARY                    
                        SHSINGH SUKEDE.                 SV NAIK                         
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  2       G.P./RESPDTS./MEMO.             

121. WP/2265/2001       SHRI GAJANAN MODAKUJI DON       AS KILOR, SN JAISWAL            
                        GARWAR                          R-1,3 TO 5 SERVEDON MERIT       
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         DK DUBEY, HD DUBEY, AS BH       

4.OTHERS                        ALERAO/R-3                      
                                                        MG  AND VG BHANGDE/R-4, C       
                                                        S KAPTAN/R-5                    
                                                        PS CHAWHAN, RS KALANGIWAL       

122. WP/2377/2001       DILIP SHRIRAM PADAGHAMOL        ANAND PARCHURE/P                
                        AND 4 OTHERS                    KILOR/R-1 AND 3                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECT                                       
                        Y. AND 2 ORS.                                                   

123. WP/2636/2001       NAVSHAKTI EDUCATION  AND        SL KOTWAL,MB SAHARE,            
                         CULTURAL SOCIETY.              AKSHAY A NAIK                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  4       FOR/P                           
                         OTHERS.                        HRISHIKESH S CHITALEY           
                                                        GP.FOR R-1 TO 4.                
                                                        NITIN JACHAK, S HATWAR/R-       


124. WP/2682/2001       MAHESH ANANDRAO NIKHARE         SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE,        
                                                        GP.FOR R-1.                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       SP BHANDARKAR, RA GUPTA,        
                        TRA  AND  ANOTHER               SV PANDE/R-2.                   

                        KAR                             MG/VV BHANGDE/R-1               
                        V/S BANK OF BARODA,THR.RE       SM PURANIK/R-2                  
                        G.MANAGER AND ANOTHER                                           

126. WP/3054/2001       M/S ALFA REMEDIES LTD. AN       SP DHARMADHIKARI                
                        D ANOTHER                       KR LAMBAT, VP THAKRE/P          
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA,TH       GOVIND MISHRA/R-1 AND 2         
                        R.SECY. AND  2 OTHERS           R-3 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                                                        SK MISHRA/R-1 AND 2             
                                                        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 

127. WP/3074/2001       GOPAL S/O DINAJI SATPUTE        ANAND PARCHURE,PP.THAKRE.       
                                                        GP.FOR R-1.                     
                        V/S EDUCATION OFFICER(SEC                                       
.)Z.P.C'PUR. AND  ANOR                                          
     CAW/206/2014       GOPAL S/O DINAJI SATPUTE        ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER                                       
                         (SECONDARY), ZILLA PARIS                                       

128. WP/3091/2001       KU.LATA NARAYANRAO DEKATE       SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE,        
                                                        G.P./R-1, R-2 SERVED.           
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        UDAY DASTANE/R2.                
                         AND  ANOTHER                                                   

129. WP/3229/2001       DAMODHAR S/O. KAWDU GAJAB       PT DHOK,DS CHATTERJEE           
                        HE.                             GP/R-3, R-1 TO 3 SERVED                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRU.                                         
                        AND  VERIFICATION OF TRIB                                       

130. WP/3333/2001       GANGADHAR KASHIRAM SORATE       VG WANKHEDE,PR PURI             
                                                        GP/R-1 AND 3,SW DESHPANDE       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        /R-2                            
                         AND  2 ORS.                                                    

131. WP/3488/2001       NAGPUR 'MAHANAGAR PALIKA'       SV MANOHAR, AA NAIK             
                        ,NAGPUR                         SK.MISHRA FOR R-SOLE.           
                        V/S NAGPUR MUNICIPAL CORP       RS PARSODKAR/R-1                
                        ORATION,NGP.THR.COMMISSIO       JB KASAT (THR. P.O.A.)/R-       

132. WP/3556/2001       KU.MANJUSHA D/O NARAYAN P       NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                        ESHWE                           ANAND PARCHURE/R-3              
                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRU. A       R-2  AND  3 SERVED ON MER       
                        ND  VERI.OF TRIBE CLAIMS,       IT                              

133. WP/3559/2001       KU.SUJATA PRAKASH LADE          NR SABOO                        
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRU. A       FOR R-1.                        
                        ND  VERI.OF TRIBE CLAIMS                                        

134. WP/3617/2001       SUCHITA BABURAO KHADGI  A       TD KHADE/BH DANGRE/             
                        ND  2 OTHERS.                   SG ZINGARDE,NW ALMELKAR         
                        V/S CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA                                       
                        , NAGPUR                                                        

135. WP/3618/2001       RASHTRIYA MILL MAZDOOR SA       SP DHARMADHIKARI,               
                        NGH                             U. DASTANE, SG NIGOT            
                        V/S GENERAL MANAGER,MODEL       US DASTANE,AS DHARMADHIKA       
                         MILLS NAGPUR  AND  3 ORS       RI,GR BAMBLANI/P.               
                                                        SV MANOHAR/R-1.                 
                                                        AP WACHASUNDAR FOR R-1          
                                                        RR,RB PURANIK, /R-1             

136. WP/3663/2001       MANA JAMAT VIKAS SANSTHA        MR/PM KALAR  AND  RP SHER       
                        WARORA  AND  11 OTHERS.         KI                              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P./R-1 TO 4.                  
                         AND  3 OTHERS.                                                 

137. WP/3670/2001       SHRI DIWAKAR WASUDEORAO D       P/NR SABOO, A. PARIHAR          
                        EHANKAR                         SB SOLAT                        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       SB SOLOAT.VISHAL ANAND          
                        TRA  AND  5 ORS.                G.P./R-1.                       
                                                        GOPAL MISHRA/R-2.               
                                                        R-4 DELETED.                    

138. WP/3714/2001       KAILASH S/O RAMCHANDRA SH       CG MADKHOLKAR,K.DESHMUKH        
                        RIRAME                          PD RANE/PETITIONERS             
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.THR.       P.PATIL/R-2,GP/R-1 TO 5         
                        SECY.TO TRIBAL WELFARE  A       BHARTI HARISH DANGRE            

139. WP/3746/2001       KU.RANJANA NARAYANRAO NAN       SR NARNAWARE,P.SONKUSRE         
                        DANWAR,NAGPUR.                  V JAISWAL                       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.SOCI       G VENKATRAMAN/R-3.              
                        AL WELFARE DEPTT. AND  2        AM GHARE,LH KOTHARI,LM PO       
                                                        RANDWAR FOR R-3                 
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR R-1,2.                      

140. WP/3752/2001       CENTRAL MINE PLANNING  AN       GP FOR R-3.                     
                        D  DESINGN INS.LTD.NAGPUR       SK MISHRA/R-1 AND 2             
                        V/S NAGPUR MUNICIPAL CORP                                       
                        N. AND  2 OTHERS.                                               

141. WP/3770/2001       ATUL WASUDEORAO WANKHADE        H D DANGRE/P                    
                        AKOLA                           CS.KAPTAN/R-3.                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP.                             
                         AND  3 OTHERS.                 ABHAY SAMBRE/ R .NO. 3          
                                                        HD DANGRE, A ANSARI, NTIN       

142. WP/3855/2001       SURESH DASHRATH NINAWE NA       SP KSHIRSAGAR,SD KHATI          
                        GPUR                            SMT.SW DESHPANDE/R-1  AND       
                        V/S THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR,S         2.                            
                        TCC,NAGPUR  AND  ANOTHER.                                       

143. WP/3926/2001       TARACHAND PANCHAMJI TANDE       SP PALSHIKAR                    
                        KAR                             AGP FOR R-1 TO 3.               
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR SEC.                                       
                        WATER SURVEY DEV.MUMBAI                                         
     CAW/216/2014       TARACHAND PANCHAMJI TANDE       SHRIRAM P. PALSHIKAR            
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                        THROUGH SECRETARY WATER S                                       

144. WP/3972/2001       KU.SUNITA D/O BALKRISHNA        NR SABOO, SZ SONBHADRE          
                        GATHE.                          NW SAMBRE/R-1, BT PATIL/R       
                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRUTIN       -2.                             
                        Y  AND  V OF TRIBE CLAIMS       GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR R-1.                        

145. WP/4038/2001       RAJUSINGH NAIK SHIKSHAN P       JS MOKADAM                      
                        RASARAK MANDAL,PUSAD            KR TRIVEDI,PA ABHYANKAR F       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        OR PETNR.                       
                         AND  4 OTHERS                  RM BHANGDE, SN TAPADIA, J       
                                                        S MOHAKADAM/P                   
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  4                  
                                                        AM GHARE/R-5.                   

                        RASARAK MANDAL,WASHIM           OR APPL.                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        JS MOKADAM                      
                         AND  4 OTHERS                  V. V. BHANGDE                   
                                                        SHRI MADKHOLKAR/R-5.            
                                                        G.P./R-1 TO 4.                  

147. WP/4231/2001       KU.RAJANI D/O SHANKARRAO        AZ JIBHKATE,SS TAMBULKAR        
                        RAJU                            GP FOR RESPONDENTS.             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SEC.                                       
                        EDU. AND  E.DEPTT  AND  2                                       

148. WP/4310/2001       RUSHIKESH RAMESH WANKHEDE       NR SABOO/SZ SONBHADRE           
                         NAGPUR                         GG MISHRA/P                     
                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRUTIN       SW DESHPANDE/R-SOLE.            
                        Y AND VERIFICATION NAGPUR                                       

149. WP/4371/2001       PRAMOD S/O SHANKARRAO KHA       AM.GHARE, LH.KOTHARI.           
                        DSE                             R-1TO4 SERVED. GP/R-3.          
                        V/S THE H.M.SHRI GURUDEO        A  AND  MA VAISHNAV, MR J       
                        ASHRAM SCHOOL                   OHARAPURKAR/R-1  AND  2         

150. WP/4389/2001       MRS.S.K.NIGAM  AND  ANR.        AS JAISWAL                      
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S SHRI E.S. TITUS  AND        FOR/P                           
                         ANR.                           MOHAN SUDAME FOR R-1.           
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED              

151. WP/4409/2001       HARISING S/O SITALSINGH S       AZ JIBHKATE, SS.TAMBULKAR       
                        AKARWAR                         R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRUTIN       SM PURANIK/R-1                  
                        Y  AND  VERIFICATION OF T                                       

152. WP/89/2002         DR.YADAO PARASHURAM MAHAL       BG KULKARNI/JA VORA             
                        LE AKOLA  AND  30 OTHERS.       G.P./R-1. R-1TO4 SERVED                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R-2                             
                        MUMBAI  AND  3 OTHERS.          AR/UA PATIL/MI DHATRAK/         
     WP/898/2002        DR.B.S. PHADNAIK NAGPUR         BG KULKARNI/JA VORA/            
                        AND  OTHERS.                    G.P./R-1,  AR PATIL, MRS        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. MUMBAI        UA PATIL/R-2                    
                         AND  3 OTHERS.                 R-3  AND  4 SERVED.             
     WP/897/2002        DR.PRAKASH BABASAHEB GHOR       BG KULKARNI,JA VORA.            
                        PADE  AND  18 ORS.              G.P./R-1,  AR PATIL, MRS.       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.AGRI        UA PATIL/R-2                   
                        CULTURAL ANIMAL H.D.D. AN       R-3  AND  4 SERVED.             
     WP/1516/2002       DR.RL KALANE  AND  8 ORS.       BG KULKARNI,JA VORA.            
                                                        G.P. FOR R-1                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.AGRI       AR/UA PATIL,MI DHATRAK/R2       
.ANIMAL HUSBANDRY DAIRY D       R-1 TO 4 SERVED                 

153. WP/113/2002        CHUNNIRAM JAGATRAM SONEWA       I.N.CHOUDHARI                   
                        NE                              AR,MRS.UA  AND  KA PATIL        
                        V/S Z.P. GONDIA  AND  3 O       V VISHNOI FOR R-1  AND 
                        RS.                             MP MUNSHI FOR R-1 TO 4          
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON MERI
154. WP/154/2002        DANDGE UCCHA PRATHMIK SHA       SANJAY L.KOTWAL                 
                        LA.                             SHIRISH L KOTWAL                
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SP PALSHIKAR/                   
                         AND  2 OTHERS.                 UN GUJAR.                       
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  2.                 
                                                        SR GAIKEE/R-3                   
                                                        IL BODADE/GG MISHRA/            
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 

                        OLA                             ONER                            
                        V/S THE MAAH. STATE ROAD        VD RAUT FOR R-2                 
                        TRANS. CORPN   AND  2 OTH       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        VG WANKHEDE, SR KULKARNI/       
     CAW/1109/2014      YOGIRAJ DIGAMBAR TEKDE AK       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S MAHARSHTRA STATE ROAD                                       
                         TRANSPORT CORPORATION TH                                       

156. WP/269/2002        YUVRAJ UDDHAVRAO MOWADE         BH SHAMBHARKAR                  
                        AND  5                          S ADKAR                         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       G.P./R-1/(MEMO)                 
                        TRA  AND  4                     JR MAHAJAN/YD SHUKLA/R4 A       
                                                        ND 5                            
                                                        PG KHEOLE/CK BARETHIYA/         
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                
                        AD,THR,.ITS DVNL.SECY. AN       GP/R-1 TO 4 (COPY SERVED)       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.ITS                                        
                        SECY.SCHOOL EDU. AND  3 O                                       

157. WP/308/2002        DEOSING BALUSINGH RATHOD        RD RASKAR, AR INGOLE/P          
                        BULDHANA                        VH KEDAR/P                      
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       PB PATIL, DM SURJUSE/P          
                        ,Z.P. BULDHANA  AND  3 OT       A M GORDEY/P                    
                                                        G.P./R-1,2  AND  4.             
                                                        MRS.VARSALE FOR R-3.            
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE/R-3              
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                
     CAW/926/2014       DEOSING BALUSINGH RATHOD        PURUSHOTTAM PATIL               
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER                                       
                        , ZILLA PARISHAD BULDHANA                                       

158. WP/357/2002        SADANAAND HARIJI DHARGAVE       AZ/NM JIBHKATE                  
                         BHANDARA                       G.P. FOR R-1                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. MUM       GG MISHRA, SR GAIKEE/R-
                        BAI  AND  4 OTHERS.             R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        MS MP MUNSHI FOR R-2  AND       


159. WP/366/2002        GAJANAN MADHUKARRAO GHULE       RJ KANKALE                      
                         WASHIM  AND  ANOTHER.          F.T.MIRZA  AND  AK SOMANI       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. MUMBAI        G.P./R-1.                       
                         AND  ANOTHER.                  R-2 SERVED ON MERIT             
     CAW/803/2014       GAJANAN MADHUKARRAO GHULE       FIRDOS MIRZA                    
                        , AND ANOTHER                                                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                        MUMBAI, SECRETARY MINISTR                                       

160. WP/398/2002        KEWALDAS GYANIRAM TEMBHEK       R.GUPTE.                        
                        AR                              S BHANDARKAR                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP FOR R-1  AND  2.             
                        AND OTHERS                      NN MOTGHARE/R-4  AND  5                                                        AD MOHAGAONKAR,A.DESAI,         
                                                        G MISHRA/R-3.                   
                                                        IL BODADE,S.GAIKEE,             
                                                        R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI                                                        MRS.P KULKARNI/R-4.             
                                                        MRS.JAYSHREE RAO,               

161. WP/422/2002        BABARAO MAROTRAO MANWAR         RL KHAPRE, AP CHORGHADE,        
                                                        V. PALIWAL                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP.FOR R-1 AND 2. R-1 TO        
                        AND 2 OTHERSS                   3                               
                                                        ARCHANA PATIL/R-3               
                                                        SG JAGTAP, RJ MIRZA,            

162. WP/428/2002        WAMAN PRABHAKKARAO JOG          SW/SS GHATE, PALIKUNDWAR,       
                                                        SY KARDBHAJNE                   
                        V/S GOVT. OF MAH.  AND  3       SP PALSHIKAR/P                  
                         ORS.                           N.S. BADHE                      
                                                        RITESH N. BADHE                 
                                                        G.P.-R-1 AND  4                 
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED                 

163. WP/446/2002        DEVIDAS PRALHAD GAIKWAD         NR SABOO,S.SONBHADRE            
                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRUTIN       SP BHANDARKAR.                  
                        Y  AND  VERIFICAATION OF        A P CHAWARE/R-2                 
                                                        SHRIDHAR VASUDEO PUROHIT        

164. WP/706/2002        KESHAV VITTHALRAO FATING        SS GHATE,AL PALIKUNDWAR,        
                                                        SW GHATE                        
                        V/S CHAIRMAN,M.S.E.B.OFFI       SY KARADBHAJNE                  
                        CE  AND  3 ORS.                 R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                                                        R-1 TO 4                        
                                                        S BHANDARKAR.                   
                                                        UA PATIL/ R SOLE                

165. WP/708/2002        SMT.VANDANA WD/O SATYAWAN       A PARCHURE  AND  S KHANDE       
                         ZADE CHANDRAPUR                KAR                             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. MUMBAI        GP/R-1.                         
                         AND  2 OTHERS.                 R-2 AND 3 SERVED.               
                                                        J. MOKADAM/R-2 AND 3            
     CAW/1339/2013      SMT.VANDANA WD/O SATYAWAN       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. MUMBAI                                        
                         AND  2 OTHERS.                                                 

166. WP/763/2002        SMT. MANJUSHA UMESH GHODE       J BHOOT/BG CHOUDHARY            
                        LE WARDHA                       GP/R-3.                         
                        V/S GRAM VIKAS MANDAL KAR       SS SHARMA/R-1                   
                        ANJA WARDHA  AND  2 OTHER       R-2 SERVED ON MERIT             
                                                        PS PATIL/R-4                    
     WP/774/2002        SMT.SUREKHA W/O GANGADHAR       JL BHOOT,BG CHAUDHARY           
                         HINGWE                         GP/R-2.                         
                        V/S GRAM VIKAS MANDAL,KAR       SS SHARMA/R-1                   
                        ANJA  AND  ANR.                 R-1 SERVED.                     
                                                        PS PATIL/R-3                    
     CAW/1543/2013      SMT. MANJUSHA UMESH GHODE       JL BHOOT, AJ BHOOT, BG CH       
                        LE WARDHA                       OUDHARY                         
                        V/S GRAM VIKAS MANDAL KAR                                       
                        ANJA WARDHA  AND  2 OTHER                                       

167. WP/768/2002        LALLANPRASAD NAGESHWARNAT       G.S.SHUKLA                      
                        H MISHRA NAGPUR                 MV SAMARTH/R-1 TO 3.            
                        V/S ADDL. DY. MUNICIPAL C       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        OMMISSIONER NAGPUR  AND         RS PARSODKAR/R-1 TO 3           
                                                        JB KASAT (THR. P.O.A.)/R-       


168. WP/789/2002        SOU.KIRAN NARAYAN GAVHANK       NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE.          
                        AR.                             VG WANKHEDE/R-1 AND 2           
                        V/S CHIEF OFFICER,(EXECUT       R-1,2 SERVED                    
                        IVE)ZP,WASHIM  AND  ANOTH                                       

169. WP/935/2002        SMT.ASHA D/O.GOVINDRAO SO       RS SUNDARAM,KU.UR TANNA                        NKAMBLE.                        GP.FOR CAV./R-1 AND 2.          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.MINI                                       
                        STRY OF HOMES, AND  ANOTH                                       
     WP/721/2002        PRATIBHA W/O PRAMOD DHARM       AB ATREY  AND  DS GOLE          
                        APURIKAR                        GP FOR RESPONDENTS              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP/CAV/R-1 AND 2                
                        AND ANOTHER                                                     
     CAW/1910/2012      SMT.ASHA D/O.GOVINDRAO SO       RS SUNDARAM                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.MINI                                       
                        STRY OF HOMES, AND  ANOTH                                       
     CAW/3120/2012      SMT.ASHA D/O.GOVINDRAO SO       RS SUNDARAM                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.MINI                                       
                        STRY OF HOMES, AND  ANOTH                                       
     CAW/3028/2013      SMT.ASHA D/O.GOVINDRAO SO       DR. R.S. SUNDARAM               
                        NKAMBLE.                        USHA R. TANNA                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.MINI                                       
                        STRY OF HOMES, AND  ANOTH                                       

170. WP/1167/2002       M/S.SANJAY VIDEO,A PROP.F       AM GHARE,RAJESH THAKKAR,        
                        IRM,WASHIM.                     LH KOTHARI.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.MINI       GP FOR R-1,2.                   
                        STRY OF HOME  AND  ANOTHE                                       

171. WP/1215/2002       MAHAVIR JIWANDHARRAO SAWA       PC AND  KU.KP MARPAKWAR,        
                        LKAR.                           AP MAMDALWAR,KK PATHAK.         
                        V/S HON'BLE ADMN.JUDGE,H.       NR SABOO/P                      
                        C.MUMBAI  AND  ANOTHER.         GP FOR R-1  AND  2              
                                                        SV MANOHAR/R-1  AND  2          

172. WP/1283/2002       KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA,CHANDA       RS SUNDARAM,UR TANNA,           
                          AND  2 ORS.                   MR PARKHI FOR CAV.R-SOLE        
                        V/S WASHISTA BHAUJI BHASA       VD RAUT,RJ KANKALE,MR PAR       
                        RKAR.                           KHI/R-SOLE                      

173. WP/1335/2002       KU. VARSHA BHAURAO DONGRE       A PARCHURE/R VYAS               
                         NAGPUR                         GP FOR 1 TO 3.                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. MUMBAI        R-2 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        
                         AND  OTHERS.                   PN SHENDE/R-4  AND  5           
     CAW/1046/2013      KU. VARSHA BHAURAO DONGRE       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. MUMBAI                                        
                         AND  OTHERS.                                                   

174. WP/1348/2002       PUNJAB NATHUJI LIKHAR....       ABHAY SAMBRE.                   
......                          RE MOHARIR/R2,3,4               
                        V/S SCHEDULE TRIBE CASTE        SM PURANIK/R-1                  
                        CERT.,SCRUTINY C.AMT. AND       SW DESHPANDE/R-2                
     CA/6979/2005       EXECUTIVE ENGINEER LOWER        JT GILDA                        
                        WANA PROJECT DIVISION,WAR                                       
                        V/S THE MEMBER INDUSTRIAL                                       
                         COURT NAGPUR                                                   

175. WP/1380/2002       SITARAM MAHADEORAO WELTUR       VR CHOUDHARI                    
                        KAR                             GOVIND MISHRA/R-1 TO 3          
                        V/S GOVT.OF INDIA DELHI         FT MIRZA, SK MISHRA/R-1 T       
                        AND  2 OTHERS                   O 3                             

176. WP/1485/2002       KU.PUSHPA NAMDEORAO PAKHA       VR CHOUDHARI                    
                        LE AMRAVATI                     GP FOR R-1 AND 2                
                        V/S THE STAATE OF MAH. MU       A.PARCHURE FOR R-3.             
                        MBAAI  AND  OTHERS.             R-3 SERVED ON MERIT.            
     WP/3342/2001       KU.ARPANA D/O SHRI LALCHA       VR CHOUDHARI                    
                        ND PAKHALE                      GP/R-1 (COPY SERVED).           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECT       SM PURANIK/R-2                  
                        Y. AND ANOTHER                                                  
     CAW/2664/2014      KU.PUSHPA NAMDEORAO PAKHA       V.R. CHOUDHARI                  
                        LE AMRAVATI                                                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA, THROUGH SECRETARY, T                                       

177. WP/1538/2002       NAMDEO JIJOBA AGADE, GOND       NR BORKAR                       
                        IA                              AZ JIBHKATE/R-3                 
                        V/S THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        , GONDIA  AND  2 ORS.           NN MOTHGHARE,A.PARIHAR/R1       

178. WP/1667/2002       NAMDEO YADAORA DHAKATE.         AA NAIK/P                       
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  2        GP/R-1 TO 3.                    

179. WP/1720/2002       NAMDEO UKANDRAO DANDEKAR.       MM SUDAME,A POTNIS              
                                                        R-1 SERVED                      
                        V/S DIST. AND  SESSIONS J       VR THAKUR/R 1                   
                        UDGE,WARDHA  AND  ANOTHER       VR THAKUR/R-2                   
                                                        AS JAISWAL/R-1  AND  2          

180. WP/1923/2002       B.M. VIDYASAGAR NAGPUR          K ANIRUDDHA                     
                                                        AGP FOR THE RESPDTS.            
                        V/S DIVISIONAL RAILWAY MA       TO 3.                           
                        NAGER S E RLY. NAGPUR  AN       RG AGRAWAL,A.UPASANI/R-
     CAW/2775/2012      B.M. VIDYASAGAR NAGPUR          K ANURADHA                      
                        V/S DIVISIONAL RAILWAY MA                                       
                        NAGER S E RLY. NAGPUR  AN                                       
     CAW/2021/2014      B.M. VIDYASAGAR NAGPUR          K. ANURADHA                     
                        V/S DIVISIONAL RAILWAY MA                                       
                        NAGER S E RLY. NAGPUR  AN                                       

181. WP/2004/2002       MAH.STATE MINING COPORATI       PC/KP MARPAKWAR                 
                        ON EMPLOYEE'S UNION  AND        ROHIT DIXIT,M.NAWATHE           
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        K PATHAK,A MAMDALWAR            
                         AND  ANO.                      GOVIND MISHRA,S.MISHRA,         
                                                        V.MESHRAM,MRS.PP KALE/R-2       
                                                        GP FOR R-1                      
                                                        MM SUDAME/R-2                   

182. WP/2143/2002       RUSHI MOHAN KAR GADCHIROL       NN  AND  YN THENGRE             
                        I                               PC MADKHOLKAR/R-1               
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL DES       R-2 TO 4 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        AIGANJ  AND  OTHERS                                             

183. WP/2210/2002       DHANANJAY DEOKUMAR GULDEK       S SANYAL,VS DHOTE               
                        AR AMRAVATI                     R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        V/S THE G.M.UNION BANK OF       RM BHANGADE/R                   
                         INDIA CENTRAL OFF.MUMBAI                                       

184. WP/2352/2002       SANTOSH ATMARAM MOREY           NC PHADNIS                      
                                                        SP PALSHIKAR.                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SW DESHPANDE/R-2,GP/R-1                        MUMBAI  AND  2 OTHERS           R-3 SERVED.                     
     CAW/1911/2012      SANTOSH ATMARAM MOREY           SP PALSHIKAR, NS WARULKAR       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                        MUMBAI  AND  2 OTHERS                                           

185. WP/2872/2002       UNION OF INDIA  AND  ANOT       SS WANDILE,N.PARATE             
                        HER                             RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA/P         
                        V/S SHRI NIVRUTTI YADAV .       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
....                            A.BAMBAL/R-SOLE                 
                                                        MW HARSULKAR                    

186. WP/2996/2002       DEEPAK WALMIKRAO TOTDE          SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE         
                                                        SD KHATI                        
                        V/S THE DIVISIONAL COMMIS       MP MUNSHI,V.VISHNOI/R-2         
                        SIONER/R.D.M. AND ANOTHER       GP/R-1.                         

187. WP/3107/2002       GANPAT KHUNNILAL RATHOD         NN MOTHGHARE/P                  
                                                        HS RAHANGDALE/P                 
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA TH       SD SIRPURKAR/P                  
                        R.SECTY.MIN. AND 4 ORS.         RS SUNDARAM,UR TANNA/R-
                                                        R-1,3 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI       

188. WP/3257/2002       SURESH S/O ARJUN MANDAOGA       VA/MV MASODKAR  AND             
                        DE                              MS JAWALKAR                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.RURAL DE       MM.SUDAME/PETITIONER            
                        V.DEPT.  AND  2 ORS.            G.P./R-1                        
                                                        JAYANT MOKADAM/R-3              
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                                                        J.MOKADAM/R-2                   

189. WP/3590/2002       STATE OF MAHARASHTRA  AND       MP BADAR                        
                          ANR.                          SP HEDAOO/R-1                   
                        V/S SHAMRAO KAWADUJI SHEN       SS HEDAOO, SP HEDAOO/R-
                        DE  AND  2 ORS.                 R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        RS GIRIPUNJE/R-2  AND  
                                                        N.S. ADBE/R-1                   

190. WP/3645/2002       MOHD. SAMSUD JAMAKHAN MOH       SW SAMBRE,RUGVED DHORE          
                        D. ABDUL RAJIAKHAN              DR. SURENDRA J. KHARBADE        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        FOR/P                           
                         AND  2 ORS.                    GP/R-1                          

191. WP/56/2003         VIJAY VISHWANATH DONGE          GOPAL G.MISHRA,SR GAIKEE        
                                                        G.P. FOR R-1,                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SC/AS MEHADIA/R-3.              
                         AND  2 ORS.                    R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        PB PATIL/R-2                    
                                                        ABHIJIT DESHPANDE               

192. WP/57/2003         BHUPENDRA DEVIDAS INGLE         GOPAL MISHRA,SR GAIKEE          
                                                        R S PARSODKAR                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        FOR/P                           
                         AND  2 ORS.                    AMIT M. BALPANDE                
                                                        A.V. LOKHANDE                   
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-2                  
                                                        RA GUPTE FOR R-3                
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        PB PATIL/R-2.                   
                                                        SP BHANDARKAR FOR R-2  AN       
                                                        D  3                            
                                                        A SAMBRE / R NO. 4              

193. WP/96/2003         VISHAL RAMA NANDANWAR           MM SHESH                        
                                                        R-2  AND  3 SERVED.             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SW DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
                        THR.SECTY. AND 2 ORS.           SM PURANIK/R-2                  
                                                        SMT.SW DESHPANDE/R-2  AND       

                                                        GP FOR R-1                      

194. WP/112/2003        BHAGWAT S/O LALJI DANDGE        AS MARDIKAR                     
                                                        A.MUDALIAR,AG JOSHI             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SC/AS MEHADIA FOR R-3.          
                        THR.SECTY. AND 4 ORS.           SM PURANIK/R-2                  
                                                        GP FOR R-5                      
                                                        SHRI PURANIK/R-2(MEMO           
                                                        SC MEHADIA FOR R-3  AND         

                                                        SMT. SW DESHPANDE               
     WP/881/2003        ANIL NAGORAO WAWARE             ANIL/RM MARDIKAR                
                                                        AG JOSHI.                       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       TEL. INTI. GIVEN TO R-1 A       
                        TRA  AND  2 ORS.                ND 2                            
                                                        SC  AND  AS MEHADIA/R-2         
                                                        SC MEHADIA, AS MEHADIA, Y       
                                                        B SHARMA /R-3                   
                                                        COPY SERVED TO R-3.             
                                                        SC MEHADIA/R-2 (POWER AWA       
     WP/99/2003         LILADHAR INDRABHAN CHUNKI       AS MARDIKAR,A MUDLIAR           
                        KAR                             R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP FOR R-5                      
                        THR.SECTY.  AND  4 ORS.         SM PURANIK/R-2.                 
                                                        SW DESHPANDE R-2, SC MEHA       
                                                        DIA R-3  AND  4                 
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-2                  
                                                        SC MEHADIA/R-2 (POWER AWA       

195. WP/157/2003        HARIBHAU SHAMRAO KADU           NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                                                        PB PATIL/R-1,                   
                        V/S THE COMM.FOR SCRUTINY       R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                          AND  VERIF. AND ANR           IT                              
                                                        MRS. DESHPANDE/R-1.             
                                                        S BHANDARKAR                    

196. WP/172/2003        RAVINDRA GULABRAO SHINDE        NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                                                        MRS. DESHPANDE/R-1              
                        V/S COMMITTEE FOR SCRU.         SMT.LEELA VARSALE/R-2           
                        AND  VERI. OF TRIBE CLAIM       R-2 SERVED.                     

197. WP/463/2003        AMOL ANANTRAO SONPAROTE         S BHANDARKAR                    
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBES        IT                              
                        CASTE CERT. AND ANOTHER         SW DESHPANDE/R-1                

198. FA/467/2003        VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVEL       JT GILDA,MR JOSHI,              
                        OPMENT  AND  OTHERS.            SS KHANDEKAR,KR SINGHEL                        V/S VISHWANATH RANGANATHR       S.G. JAGTAP                     
                        AO GHUGE  AND  ANOTHER.         FOR/P                           
                                                        S.S. GODBOLE                    
                                                        SN PURANIK/R-1.                 
                                                        SERVICE ON MERIT)               
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-1(WAIVES           
                                                        SP DHARMADHIKARI,               
                                                        DR. ANJAN DE, APURV/ANUPA       
                                                        M DE/R-1                        
                                                        AA NAIK/R-1                     
                                                        RAHUL NILKANTHRAO GHUGE         

199. FA/481/2003        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  2 ORS.                    JY GHURDE/CAVEATOR/R-1 AN       
                        V/S RAJESH DADARAOJI GAIN       D 2.                            
                        AR  AND  2 ORS.                 R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE/R-1 TO 3         

200. WP/592/2003        SURESH MAHADEORAO CHANDRA       KV DESHMUKH                     
                        WANSHI                          PB PATIL/R-1 CAV.               
                        V/S SCHEDULED TRIBED CAST       AR/UA/KA PATIL/R-6.             
                        IFICATE SCRUTINY  AND  6        AGP/R-2,3  AND  5.              
                                                        R-7 IS SERVED,SMT.KHADE/R       
     WP/598/2003        NARENDRA BULKAJI PARATE         KV DESHMUKH                     
                                                        TD KHADE/R-4                    
                        V/S SCHEDULED TRIBE CERTI       AGP/R-3  AND  5                 
                        FICATE SCR.COMM.  AND  6        PB PATIL/R-1                    
                                                        PB PATIL FOR CAV/R-1.           
                                                        G.P./R-2,3,5 AND 7,R-6 SE       

201. WP/637/2003        GANESH RAMANNA POKULWAR         PC MADKHOLKAR                   
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1TO
                        V/S SCHEDULED TRIBE CERTI       TD KHADE/R-4                    
                        FICATE SCRU. COMMITTEE  A       SM PURANIK/R-1                  
                                                        COPY SERVED TO R-5 TO 7                                                        SMT TD KHADE                    
                                                        COPY SERVED TO R-4              
                                                        MV SAMARATH R-5  AND  6         
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-5 TO 7             

202. WP/654/2003        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA  AND       G.P.                            

3.ORS.                        S.DEO FOR R-SOLE.               
                        V/S KU.ANITA D/O GOVINDRA       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
                        O CHOPDE                                                        
     CAW/2827/2013      STATE OF MAHARASHTRA THRO       SHRIKANT DEO                    
                        UGH ITS SECRETARY, VOCATI                                       
                        V/S KU. ANITA D/O GOVINDR                                       
                        AO CHOPDE                                                       

203. WP/811/2003        KU.KALPANA PUNDLIKRAO BOK       RA GUPTE                        
                        ADE                             S BHANDARKAR                    
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBES        GP FOR R-2                      
                        CASTE CER.COMM.  AND  ANR       R-1 SERVED ON MERIT             

204. WP/822/2003        MILIND SUBHASH LIMJE.....       SR NARNAWARE                    
......                          GP/R-1 TO 3.                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SHRI PURANIK/R-2.               
                        THR.SECTY. AND 2 OTHERS                                         

205. WP/944/2003        YOGESH BHAYYAJI BOKDE           MG/VV BHANGDE,G.AGRAWAL         
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBE C       SM PURANIK/R-1                  
                        ASTE CER.SCRU.COMMITTEE,N                                       

206. WP/995/2003        JAYANT KESHAO SONKUSARE         PU SONKUSRE,VR JAISWAL          
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       R.NOS.1 TO 3 SERVED ON          
                        TRA  AND  2 ORS.                GP/R-1  AND  2                  

207. WP/1043/2003       MANIK SHRIRAM CHAUDHARI         SA BARI,MI MOURYA               
                                                        MK KULKARNI, DT KAMBLE/P        
                        V/S UJWAL SHIKSHAN SANSTH       R-2 TO 4 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        A,AMGAON  AND  3 ORS.           GP FOR R-3.                     
                                                        GG MISHRA,GAIKEE/R-1  AND       


                                                        R-3 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       GP FOR R-1                      
                        TRA  AND  4 ORS.                                                

209. WP/1614/2003       DATTATRAYA SHRIRAM INGLE        RM AHIRRAO                      
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                        V/S THE COMMITTEE FOR SCR       SM PURANIK/R-1                  
                        U.  AND  VERI.  AND  ANR.       GP/R-2                          
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-1.                 

210. WP/1836/2003       MANISH DEVIDAS BHAGWAT          RA GUPTE                        
                                                        SP BHANDARKAR                   
                        V/S THE COMMITTEE FOR SCR       GP/R-2  AND  3                  
                        U. AND  VERI.,AMT.  AND         SM PURANIK/R-2                  
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-4.                 
                                                        PB PATIL/R-1                    
                                                        R-5 SERVED ON MERIT.            

211. WP/1862/2003       SARANGDHAR RAMKRUSHNA ING       GOPAL G.MISHRA                  
                        LE                              R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP/R-1(MEMO AWAITED).SCAS       
                        AND 3 ORS.                       MEHADIA/R-3 AND 4.             

212. WP/2101/2003       UDALSINGH NEPALSINGH PEJA       VA KOTHALE,DP DAPURKAR,         
                        WAR                             MP GULHANE,PS PATIL             
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       PB PATIL FOR R-2.               
                        TRA  AND  ANR.                  R-1 SERVED                      
                                                        RE/GE MOHARIR/R-3.              
                                                        GP FOR R-1                      

213. WP/2115/2003       KU.PUSHPANJALI D/O VIJAYS       CA/RC JOSHI,SS DHENGALE,        
                        INGH THAKUR                     SN SARODIYA                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        PB PATIL/R-2                    
                         AND  2 ORS.                    R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        KISHOR PRABODH SADAVARTE        

214. WP/2401/2003       PANKAJ MADHUKAR NADGE           RA GUPTE                        
                                                        RB HINGNEKAR,A.PATWARDHAN       
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBES        MD LAKHEY, UN ANDHARE, VU       
                        CASTE CERT.SCR.COMM.  AND        WAGHMARE/P                     
                                                        S BHANDARKAR                    
                                                        R-1 TO 4 ARE SERVED.            
                                                        BP/JB JAISWAL/R-4.              
                                                        GP/R-2  AND  3                  

215. WP/2402/2003       PRAVEEN MADHUKAR NADGE          RB HINGNEKAR                    
                                                        A.PATWARDHAN,RA GUPTE,          
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBES        MD LAKHEY, UN ANDHARE, VU       
                        CASTE CER. SCRU.  AND  AN        WAGHMARE/P                     
                                                        S BHANDARKAR                    

216. WP/2421/2003       KU.VIJAYA D/O MADHAORAO R       MG BHANGDE,MK PATHAN            
                        AJPUT                           GP/R-1  AND  2.                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                        THR.SECTY. AND  2 ORS.                                          

217. WP/2423/2003       RAMSWAROOP PARASRAM MUNDR       MG/VV BHANGDE,G AGRAWAL                        A AND 3 OTHERS                  AS JAISWAL/R-SOLE               
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER OF I       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        NCOME TAX-II                    A PARCHURE/R-SOLE               
     WP/2359/2003       SUDHIR RAMSWAAROOP MUNDRA       MG/VV BHANGDE,G AGRAWAL                         AND 2 ORS.                     AS JAISWAL/R-SOLE               
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER OF I       R-SOLE SERVED                   
                        NCOME TAX -I NAGPUR             A PARCHURE/R-SOLE               
     WP/1455/2004       SUDHIR RAMSWAROOP MUNDRA        MG/VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL        
                         AND  OTHERS.                   R-2 DELETED                     
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER OF I       AS JAISWAL/R-1                  
                        NCOME TAX-1 NAGPUR  AND         A PARCHURE/R                    
     CAW/3377/2013      RAMSWAROOP PARASRAM MUNDR       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        A AND 3 OTHERS                                                  
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER OF I                                       
                        NCOME TAX-II                                                    

218. WP/2433/2003       KU.CHITRA GOVINDRAO BENDE       RA DESHPANDE                    
                                                        S.BHANDARKAR,RA GUPTE           
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TIBES C       R-3 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        ASTE CERTI.SCR.  AND  2 O       R-3 SERVED ON MERIT             

219. WP/2448/2003       ARPIT PRAKASH NIMJE             MG/VV BHANGDE                   
                                                        GR AGRAWAL                      
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBE C       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1           
                        ASTE CERTIFICATE SCR. AND       AR/UA PATIL/R-2.                
                                                        PB PATIL/R-1.                   

220. WP/2496/2003       SUKHDEO UTTAM NEWARE            BG KULKARNI/R-3                 
                                                        R-3 SERVED.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        S. W. DESHPANDE                 
                        THR.ITS SECTY.  AND  2 OR       FOR/R-2                         

221. WP/2503/2003       RAVIRAJ CHUNILAL GHODMARE       PT DHOK,SJ GADMADE              
                                                        RS PARSODKAR,PA ABHYANKAR       
                        V/S SCHEDULE TRIBE CASTE        R-1,2 SERVED                    
                        SCRUTINY COMMITTEE AND AN                                       

222. WP/2668/2003       ANCHAL BAHADUR SINGH CHAU       RR PILLAI,MANOJ RAJAN           
                        HAN                             SP PALSHIKAR/P                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        PB PATIL/R-2                    
                         AND  OTHERS.                   AGP/R-1,3  AND  4.              

223. WP/2701/2003       RAVIRAJ CHUNNILAL GHORMAR       CS PULTAMKAR                    
                        E                               RS PARSODKAR,PA ABHYANKAR       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP/R-1 AND 2.SK SABLE/R-3       
                        THR.ITS SECTY.  AND  2 OR       .                               
                                                        P MARPAKWAR/R-4.                

224. WP/2709/2003       KAILASH MANOHAR WANKHADE        AS GIRADKAR                     
                                                        SZ SONBHADRE                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P./R-1.  PB PATIL/R-2                        THR.SECTY.  AND  2 OTHERS       NR SABOO/R-3.                   
                                                        PB PATIL CAV. FOR R-2.          

225. WP/2711/2003       VASANT JAGDEO DONGE(THAKU       AS GIRADKAR                     
                        R)                              R.NOS.1 TO 3 ARE SERVED         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE/R-3       
                         AND  2 ORS.                    ON MERIT.                       

226. WP/2727/2003       ANANDA MOHANJI GANGARPAD        HA DESHPANDE                    
                                                        ON MERIT.                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R.NOS.1,3  AND  4 ARE SER       
                        AND 3 ORS.                      VED                             

227. WP/2734/2003       SMT MAYABAI RANAJITSINGH        SV SOHONI,SN NAGDIVE            
                        CHAVHAN                         GP FOR R-1  AND  3              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND   2       SW DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
                         OTHERS.                        SMT. SW DESHPANDE/R- 2          

228. WP/2777/2003       CHANDRAKANT MOTIRAM KUMBH       MG/VV BHANGDE                   
                        ARE                             GR AGRAWAL                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        PB PATIL CAV./R-2               
                        AND ANR.                        G.P./R-1.                       
                                                        PB PATIL/R-2.                   

229. WP/2844/2003       KU.SUNITA WASUDEO ZODE.         SS/KS JOSHI.                    
                                                        SMT. TD KHADE/R-4.              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.URBA       SERVED ON  MERIT.               
                        N DEVP.DEPT. AND  5 ORS.        R.NOS.1,2,5  AND  6 ARE         

230. WP/2869/2003       VIJAYALAXMI SAROJ SURESH        NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                                                        R.NOS.1  AND  2 SERVED          
                        V/S THE DIVISIONAL CASTE        ON MERIT.                       
                        SCRUTINY COMMITTEE  AND                                         

231. WP/2985/2003       KU.PREETI D/O PRABHAKAR B       MG/VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL        
                        OKDE                            R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBE C       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-SOLE        
                        ASTE CER.SCRU.COMMI.,NAGP                                       

232. WP/3058/2003       VIJAY RATNADEEP KUMBHARE        RV GAIKWAD                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  AN                                       

233. WP/3415/2003       MADHUKAR RAMA DHAIKTE           RA DESHPANDE,RA GUPTE           
                                                        SHILPA PANDE                    
                        V/S THE SCHEDULE TRIBE CA       RB HINGNEKAR                    
                        STE  AND  3 OTHERS.             MD LAKHEY/P                     
                                                        S BHANDARKAR                    
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON MERI                                                                                        

234. WP/3678/2003       RAMESH KUMAR LAXMINARAYAN       DR.ANJAN DE,P.SHARMA,D.MU       
                         BHADUPOTEY                     E,A.DHORE,S.TATWAWADI           
                        V/S CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER       RTHY,A.DE,V.GEDAM,A.GHURD       
                        ,STATE BANK OF INDIA            R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                                                        M AHILKUMAR/RESP.               

235. WP/3920/2003       AIJAJ HUSSAIN KHAN S/O MO       AM GHARE,LH KOTHARI             
                        HD. BULAND KHAN AND ANOTH       PETR.NO. 1 DELETED.             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH THR. COL       MRS. SEEMA MOHARIR              
                        LECTOR, AKOLA AND 3 OTHER       SV SOHONI/R-3.                  
                                                        AGP/R-1,2  AND  4.              

236. WP/3921/2003       KISAN SON OF BHIMRAO GAJA       NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                        RE                              MM SUDAME,MD NAGDIVE/P          
                        V/S THE HIGH COURT OF JUD       SN GAIKWAD/P                    
                        ICATE AT BVOMBAY                GP FOR R-1 TO 3                 
                                                        AS JAISWAL/R-1 AND 2            

237. WP/4174/2003       SUBAHSH NAGOBAJI GIRADKAR       NS BHOYAR,ALKA THAVKAR          
                                                        SA CHAURASE                     
                        V/S ZP CHANDRAPUR........       DR. AH JAMAL/P                  
.....                           MM SUDAME FOR R-SOLE            

238. WP/4242/2003       SHAMSUDDIN S/O YUSUFALI         CA/RC JOSHI,SS DHENGALE         
                                                        SN SARODIYA                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP FOR R-1 TO 3 .               
                         AND 2 ORS.                     R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        

239. WP/4248/2003       MILIND SHIIKSHAN PRASARAK       RS PARSODKAR,IJ DAMLE           
                         MANDAL                         PD RANE                         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP FOR R-1  AND  2              
                        THR.SECTY.  AND  2 ORS.         R-3 SERVED ON MERIT             

240. WP/4384/2003       SANJAY KESHAO LIKHAR            SR NARNAWARE,VK JAISWAL         
                                                        KIRAN SOLOMAN                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  2        SW DESHPANDE FOR R-1  AND       
                        OTHERS.                           2                             
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-3.            
                                                        AGP/R-1 AND 2.                  
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                                                        D  2                            

241. WP/4423/2003       NANAJI KISAN SHERPURE           RS PARSODKAR                    
                                                        JS DANI,MS PD RANE              
                        V/S CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFIC       R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                        ER  AND  ANOTHER.               IT                              
                                                        JAYANT MOKADAM/R-1              

242. WP/4553/2003       BHIMRAO RUSTUM PARIHAR          GOPAL G.MISHRA,                 
                                                        AD DANGORE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                        THR.SECTY. AND 2 OTHERS         R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        

243. WP/4588/2003       ARUN MADHUKARRAO NADGE          A.PATWARDHAN                    
                                                        SP BHANDARKAR,RA GUPTE          
                        V/S DR.PANJABRAO AGRICULT       MD LAKHEY/P                     
                        URAL UNIVERSITY AND 3 ORS       R-1,3, AND 4 SERVED ON ME       
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-4                  
                                                        CS KAPTAN,HD DUBEY/R-2 AN       
                                                        D 3.                            

244. WP/4759/2003       RAJENDRA DAMODHAR DAWARE        OD KAKDE                        
                                                        PC/VP/KP MARPAKWAR,AP MAD       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECT       ALWAR FOR APPL.                 
                        Y. AND 3 OTHERS                 COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1           
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON MERI                                                        CAVEAT FILED FOR R-1 TO

245. WP/4868/2003       HANUMANSINGH FATTEBHADURS       RAJEEV/PC MADKHOLKAR            
                        INGH THAKUR                     PB PATIL/R-3.                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        AGP/R-1,2  AND  4               
                        THR.SECTY.  AND  3 ORS.                                         
     CAW/2179/2013      HANUMANSINGH FATTEBHADURS       PC MADKHOLKAR                   
                        INGH THAKUR                                                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                        THROUGH SECRETARY, TRIBAL                                       

246. WP/76/2004         M.I.D.C. INDUSTRIES ASSOC       PN/PP KOTHARI,V.TIRPUDE         
                        IATION                          AGP/R-1                         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.THR.       AS BHENDARKAR/R-2  AND 
                        ITS SECTY.  AND  4 ORS.         .                               
                                                        R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                                                        PD RANDIVE/R-4  AND  5.         
                                                        NR BORKAR,IS CHARLEWAR/         
                                                        AD DANGORE, PM DEHANKAR/R       
                                                        UN SHIVANKAR/R-2,3.             

247. WP/373/2004        VASANTRAO WAMANRAO GHANOK       AGP/R-1,R-3 IS SERVED.          
                        AR                              GAIKEE/R-2.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        IL BODADE,GG MISHRA,SR          
                        AND 2 ORS                       AM QUAZI/R-3.                   

248. WP/581/2004        VISHNU PRABHAKAR DESHPAND       CA/RC JOSHI,SS DHENGALE         
                        E                               SN SARODIYA                     
                        V/S THE GOVT.  AND  ANOTH       CA  AND  RC JOSHI, MS SAM       
                        ER.                             BRE, MI SHEKHANI/P              
                                                        GP FOR R-1  AND  2              
                                                        R-1 SERVED ON MERIT             

249. WP/952/2004        RAIBHAN SURYABHANJI KOTHE       AD RAMTEKE,MM NAWATHE           
.....                           GP/R-1.                         
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  AN       GG MISHRA,V MESHRAM/R-2                        OTHER.                          MM SUDAME/R-2                   

250. WP/969/2004        SAU. URMILA SATISHKUMAR C       RM AHIRRAO                      
                        HAOUDHARY                       FT MIRZA, M RAI/P               
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  5        ANAND PARCHURE/R-4              
                        OTHERS.                         R-5 TO 7 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     

251. WP/1522/2004       AJAY RAGHUNATH KUPATKAR..       BG KULKARNI                     
...                             JITENDRA S ZADOKAR              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  3        GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                        OTHERS.                         JS MOKADAM/R-3  AND  4          

                        E...                            RE MOHARIR/R-SOLE               
                        V/S M.S.E..B. MUMBAI.....       J.Y.GHURDE/INT                  

253. WP/1764/2004       JAYANT ANANT PARANJAPE          AP TATHOD,VS DHOTE              
                                                        GOVIND MISHRA,Y SHENDE/R-       
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA TH       RG AGRAWAL, A UPASANI/R         
                        R.ITS SECTY.  AND  2 ORS        1 TO 3.                         

254. WP/2077/2004       RAMESH MARUTI RANGARI           SR NARNAWARE FOR APPL.          
                                                        OD KAKDE, VV DATTA              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        J S MOKADAM/P                   
                        AND 2 OTHERS                    COPY SERVED TO GP FOR R-1       
                                                        G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  

255. WP/2132/2004       SHRI B.R. JUGELE .....          SK SABLE,JR KADOO               
                                                        BM KHARKATE/P                   
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA,THR.SE       SK MISHRA/R-1 TO 3.             
                        CTY. AND 2 ORS                  ROHIT BABAN DEO                 
     CAW/3377/2012      SHRI B.R. JUGELE .....          BM KHARKATE                     
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA,THR.SE                                       
                        CTY. AND 2 ORS                                                  

256. WP/2214/2004       UNION OF INDIA,THR.SECTY.       DR.RS SUNDARAM,UR TANNA         
                          AND  4 OTHERS                 BM KASARE/CAV./R-SOLE           
                        V/S VINAYAK WASUDEO MOHAR       NS KHANDEWALE                   

257. WP/2477/2004       SHRI PRASHANT KHUSHALRAO        ML SOMALWAR,PK HALWAY           
                        PAHUNE                          BG KULKARNI, MR FADNAVIS/       
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       P-1  AND  2                     
                        (SEC) AND ANR.                  AS KILOR.                       
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2                 
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/INTERVENOR.       
                                                        SHRI. PC MADKHOLKAR/R-3         
                        ETY THROUGH SECRETARY SHR       GP/R-2 TO 3                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P./R-1                        
                        THROUGH SECRETARY DEPT. O       AS KILOR, DIPALI SAPKAL/R       
     CP/24/2012         SHRI PRASHANT KHUSHALRAO        AS KILOR, D SAPKAL              
                        PAHUNE                          PC MADKHOLKAR, KV DESHMUK       
                        V/S BABARAO HARIDAS PATIL       H, RD KARODE/R-2                
                        , EDUN. OFFICER (SEC.) ZP       GP/R-1                          
             In                                         AS KILOR, DIPALI SAPKAL/R       
     CAW/979/2014       SHRI PRASHANT KHUSHALRAO        ANIL S. KILOR                   
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER                                       
                         (SECONDARY) ZILLA PARISH                                       

                        KAR                             MV MOHOKAR/R-2  AND  3          
                        V/S THE DIVISIONAL COMMIS       GP/R-1                          
                        SIONER AND 2 ORS.               R.NO.1 IS SERVED                

259. WP/3077/2004       ARVIND MANIKRAO NAIK (DEA       KA/AK CHOUBE,MF KHAN            
                        D) THROUGH LRS. SMT. VRIS       AU DHARASHIOKAR                 
                        V/S THE VICE CHAIRMAN AND       VD LONKAR,CJ DHUMANE            
                         MANAGING DIRECTOR,MSRTC        AK CHOUBE/P                     
                                                        AK CHOUBE, AA CHOUBE/P-LR       
                                                        SHRI MEHADIA FOR RESPDTS        
                                                        R-1 TO 4 ARE SERVED ON ME       
                                                        SC/AS MEHADIA/R-4.              

260. WP/3314/2004       KAMLESH KUMAR SAHU SR.ADM       MG/VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL        
                        INISTRATIVE NAGPUR.             MM SUDAME, AM SUDAME/P          
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         SK MISHRA/R-1.                  

3.OTHERS.                       ANAND PARCHURE/R-4.             
                                                        CS KAPTAN/R-2  AND  3.          
                                                        MRS. ANJALI ARVIND JOSHI        
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    

261. WP/4063/2004       MESSRS ECONOMIC EXPLOSIVE       MV SAMARTH,PS TADKE,            
                        S LTD  AND  OTHERS.             MANJUSHA GHATOLE                
                        V/S THE STTE OF MAH  AND        GP/R-1.                         

262. WP/4464/2004       SHARAD KALA SANSKRUTIK MA       RM AHIRRAO, AM GHARE/P          
                        NDAL ......                     RM AHIRRAO                      
                        V/S GAJANAN BHARATRAO ROT       GP/R-5  AND  6.                 
                        KE  AND  OTHERS..               4.                              
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                
     WP/4465/2004       SHARDA KALA AND SANSKRUTI       RM AHIRRAO, AM GHARE/P          
                        K MANDAL  AND  ANOTHER.         RM AHIRRAO                      
                        V/S SUBHASH BAPURAOJI KAD       GP/R-2  AND  3.                 
                        U  AND  OTHERS..                                                
     CAW/931/2014       SHARAD KALA SANSKRUTIK MA       RISHIKESH M. MARDIKAR           
                        NDAL THROUGH PRESIDENT SM                                       
                        V/S GAJANAN BHARATRAO ROT                                       
                        KE, AND 2 OTHERS                                                

263. WP/4729/2004       AZIMODDIN SK CHAND  AND         A PARCHURE, S KHANDEKAR,        
                        OTHERS.                         AM KADUKAR                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  AN       A PARCHURE/LRS P-4A-D,P-7       
                        OTHER.                           A TO C,P-19 LRS A TO C         
                                                        G.P. FOR R-1                    
                                                        SAGAR PATIL/R-2.                
                                                        R.NO.2 IS SERVED.               
                                                        BT/AB PATIL/R-2                 
                                                        DK DUBEY, RJ DESHPANDE/R-       

     CAW/1477/2013      AZIMODDIN SK CHAND  AND         ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THR. I                                       
                        TS SECRETARY, URBAN DEVEL                                       

264. WP/4822/2004       RAMESH VITTHOBAJI CHAUDHA       SW/SS GHATE                     
                        RI......                        AS JAISWAL,SW,SS GHATE, V       
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         A BRAMHE, AA MADIWALE/P         

2.OTHERS..                      AL PALIKUNDWAR                  
                                                        RS SUNDRAM,UR TANNA/R-1         

2. AND  3.                      

265. WP/5053/2004       BULDHANA DISTRICT P.W.D.D       ANAND PARCHURE/P                
                        ET.7 IRRI.                      AV.PALSHIKAR                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R                               
                         AND  ANOTHER.                  GP/R-1,R-2 SERVED               

                        ORTY...                         E                               
                        V/S MAH.STATE MINING OCRP       MM SUDAME/R-1                   
. AND ANOTHER                   GOVIND MISHRA/R-1. GP/R-2       

267. WP/5384/2004       THE STATE OF MAH  AND  OT       M PILLAI,N RAO/R-SOLE           
                        HERS..                          T IS AWAITED.                   
                        V/S MADHAV SURYABHANJI RA       NOTICES OF R-SOLE ON MERI       
                        ULKAR AMT..                     N.RAO FOR R-SOLE                

268. WP/5434/2004       SMT SANGITA SURESH GAIKWA       ST HARKARE                      
                        D AKOLA..                       SW DESHPANDE/R1                 
                        V/S MUNICIPAL CORPORTION        MR.MALOKAR FOR RESPONDENT       
                        AKOLA..                         .                               

269. WP/6170/2004       REKHA LAXMINARAYAN THAKUR       RN SEN                          
                         BHANDARA..                     PC MADKHOLKAR                   
                        V/S THE GOVT OF INDIA  AN       AM GHARE.                       
                        D  2 OTHERS..                   CS KAPTAN, P MAHASHABDE/P       
                                                        SK MISHRA/R-1  AND  3           
                                                        R-1 TO R-3 ARE SERVED ON        
                                                        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 

270. WP/103/2005        PRAKASH MOTIRAM RATHOD YV       PS KHUBALKAR                    
                        T.                              AGP/R-1 TO 5.                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  OT                                       

271. WP/256/2005        WAMAN LAXMAN VAIDYA  AND        SM/AM GHARE,LH KOTHARI.         
                         ANR.                           MR PILLAI FOR RESP.             
                        V/S RICHARDSON  AND  CRUD       R-SOLE SERVED.                  

272. WP/875/2005        RAMESHCHANDRA SURAJMAL RO       JB KASAT                        
                        DA  AND  ANOTHER..              VINAY DAHAT                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH  AND       MP MUNSHI/P                     
                          OTHERS..                      GP FOR RESPDT.                  
                                                        S.G. JAGTAP                     
                                                        S.S. GODBOLE                    
     CAW/529/2013       RAMESHCHANDRA SURAJMAL RO       MP MUNSHI                       
                        DA  AND  ANOTHER..                                              
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH  AND                                       

                        E  AND  ORS.                    , A WAKODKAR                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       GP FOR RESPDTS.                 
                        TRA THR. ITS SECY. HOME D                                       

274. WP/1988/2005       M/S MAMTA CANVASSERS THR.       RP JOSHI,AM GHOGRE, PA RA       
                         PROPRIETOR  AND  ANR.          JURKAR                          
                        V/S CHIEF COMMERCIAL MANA       UA GOSAVI/P                     
                        GER, CENTRAL RAILWAYS, MU       RS SUNDARAM, TANNA/R-1TO6       
.RG AGRAWAL/R-1TO4.             
     CAW/672/2014       M/S MAMTA CANVASSERS THR.       UDAY ARUN GOSAVI                
                         PROPRIETOR  AND  ANR.                                          
                        V/S CHIEF COMMERCIAL MANA                                       
                        GER, CENTRAL RAILWAYS, MU                                       

275. WP/2034/2005       AN RADHA                        RS SUNDARAM, KU. U.R. TAN       
                        V/S DIRECTOR OF TECH. EDU       AA NAIK                         
                        CATION  AND  ANR.               COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1.          
     CAW/644/2014       AN RADHA                        DR. R.S. SUNDARAM               
                                                        USHA R. TANNA                   
                        V/S DIRECTOR OF TECH. EDU                                       
                        CATION  AND  ANR.                                               

276. WP/2137/2005       RAJKUMAR S/O LAXMANRAO FU       RS PARSODKAR,PD RANE            
                        SE                              NP DHOTE/R-6                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        PB PATIL/R5                     
                         AND  OTHERS                    PB PATIL,MR GUPTA,AD DANG       
                                                        ORE/R-4,5  AND 7.               
                                                        P B PATIL                       
                                                        GP/R-12 AND 3.                  
                                                        SHRI PB PATIL R-4               
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                                                        R-7 SERVED.                     
                                                        S.M. GHODESWAR/R-6              

277. WP/2265/2005       ADARSHA BAHUUDESHIYA MAND       RA GUPTE, RB HINGNEKAR/P        
                        AL                              RS PARSODKAR, MISS PD RAN       
                        V/S HON'BLE INDUSTRIAL CO       E/R-3                           
                        URT BHANDARA                    GP/R-1  AND  2.                 
     WP/1902/1999       JANSHAKTI SHIKSHAN SANSTH       AM/SA GORDEY,SV.BHUTADA                        A,PANDHARKAWADA  AND  ANO       DM TILWANI                      
                        V/S KU.KARUNA BABURAO PAT       N.ADBE,R-1                      
                        IL,PANDHARKAWADA  AND  2        VA KOTHALE,PS PATIL,DP DA       
                                                        PURKAR,SA SAPKAL/R-2.           
                        ILA MANDAL.                     GP/R-1 TO 4. R-5 SERVED                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND       MRS BODADE                      
                          OTHERS.                       MV SAMARTH, DA MAHAJAN/R-       

                                                        RS PARSODKAR/APPLICANT          
     WP/272/2005        ADARSHA BAHU UDDESHIYA MA       AD MOHGAONKAR                   
                        NDAL                            RS PARSODKAR/ MS PP RANE        
                        V/S THE HON'BLE INDUSTRIA       GP/R-5.                         
                        L COURT AT BHANDARA  AND        MV SAMARTH, DA MAHAJAN/R-       
                        V/S HON'BLE INDUSTRIAL CO                                       
                        URT BHANDARA                                                    

278. WP/2464/2005       DILIP MANOHAR LOKHANDE          NR SABOO                        
                                                        RA KHAN/R-1                     
                        V/S SANT. DNYANESHWAR VID       RS KHAN/R-1                     
                        YALAYA, AKOLA  AND  ANR.        SM PURANIK/R-2. RS KHAN/R       
     CAW/2362/2013      DILIP MANOHAR LOKHANDE          NR SABOO                        
                        V/S SANT. DNYANESHWAR VID                                       
                        YALAYA, AKOLA, AND ANOTHE                                       

279. WP/3148/2005       BHARAT S/O BABULAL THAKRE       A PARCHURE                      
                                                        GL GUPTA  AND  MS.H. PRAB       
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         HU                              
                        ORS.                            RS.SUNDARAM/R-1 TO 3            

280. WP/3541/2005       SAMBHA S/O KRISHNAJI PUSA       RL.KHAPRE                       
                        TE (DEAD) THR. LRS. VISAK       VV NAIK/R-3                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       R-3 SERVED ON MERIT             
                        TRA, AND  2 OTHERS              GP FOR R-1  AND  2              
                        TE (SINCE DEAD) THROUGH L       RAGHAV GANESH KAVIMANDAN        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA, THROUGH SECRETARY, R                                       

281. WP/3614/2005       UNION OF INDIA  AND  ORS.       RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA           
                                                        SAMUDRA SINGH/R-1               
                        V/S MAHIPAL S/O SHALIKRAM       BN/SB MOHTA/R-SOLE              

282. WP/3988/2005       KESHAV S/O MAROTI FULBAND       HD DANGRE,HS BHALCHANDRA        
                        HE                              GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP/RESPDTS.                     
                         AND  ORS.                                                      

283. WP/4027/2005       DILIP S/O RAMCHANDRRA WAR       RM AHIRRAO                      
                        EKAR                            G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND       VN MORANDE/R-4.                 

     CAW/2181/2012      DILIP S/O RAMCHANDRRA WAR       RM AHIRRAO                      
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND                                       


284. WP/4809/2005       UNION OF INDIA  AND  OTHE       S.K. MISHRA/P                   
                        RS                              MRS. ANJALI ARVIND JOSHI        
                        V/S MILIND S/O MUKTESHWAR       FOR/P                           
                         APTE                           SP DHARMADHIKARI/R              
                                                        ALOK UPASANI,KS MOTWANI/C       
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE                  
                                                        ALOK UPASANI                    
     CAW/2967/2013      UNION OF INDIA THROUGH IT       SK MISHRA                       
                        S SECRETARY, MINISTRY OF                                        
                        V/S MILIND S/O MUKTESHWAR                                       

285. WP/5315/2005       GANESH S/O LAXMINARAYAN M       SR NARNAWARE,VV DHANDE          
                        ARSHETTIWAR                     M. ANILKUMAR/R-1                
                        V/S DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGE       GP/R-2                          
                        R (P), SYNDICATE BANK, MA       S PANDE/R-1                     

286. WP/5582/2005       DHIRENDRA KUMAR PANNALAL        DV CHAUHAN                      
                                                        A PARCHURE/R                    
                        V/S VIVESVARAYA NATIONAL        R-SOLE SERVED                   
                        INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,N                                       

287. WP/6087/2005       THE CHAIRMAN,RAILWAY BOAR       PS LAMBAT                       
                        D,MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS AN       B LAHIRI AND NISHA SRIVAS       
                        V/S ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNIN       XTAVA                           
                        G STAFF ASSOCIATION,NAGPU                                       
     CAW/1943/2013      THE CHAIRMAN, RAILWAY BOA       NP LAMBAT                       
                        RD, MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS                                        
                        V/S ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNIN                                       
                        G STAFF ASSOCIATION, NAGP                                       

288. WP/6622/2005       GAJANAN RAMCHANDRA RAHAMA       PC/VP/KP MAARPAKWAR             
                        TKAR                            AP MAMDALWAR                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.EDUC       G.P./R-1 TO 5.                  
                        ATION DEPT.MUMBAI AND 5 O                                       

289. FA/117/2008        ARUNA W/O SUBHASHRAO DESH       SAMEER SOHONI                   
                        MUKH                            RAJ DAMODAR WAKODE              
                        V/S USHABAI WD/O VISHVASR       SUMEET PREMRAJ BODALKAR         
                        AO MEGHE  AND  17 ORS.          LK. KHAMBORKAR/CAV/R-1  A       
                                                        ND  2                           
                                                        M.D. SAMEL, K.D. MULEY, H       
.V. KADU/R-3                    
                                                        R-3 TO 10  AND  13 TO 1
                                                        RAJ DAMODAR WAKODE              
                                                        SUMEET PREMRAJ BODALKAR         
                                                        SACHIN W SAMBRE                 
                                                        L.K. KHAMBORKAR                 
                                                        FOR/R-1 AND 2                   

290. WP/792/2011        SHARAD S/O NAMDEO PUROHIT       A SHELAT                        
                        V/S RAVINDRANATH TAGORE S       GP/R-1                          
                        HIKSHAN MANDAL THR. ITS S                                       

291. WP/2913/2011       PRAKASH S/O BALCHAND JAIN       RR SRIVASTAVA, SH BHATIA        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       SV PUROHIT/R-4                  
. ITS SECTY., AND ORS           AP SHINDE/R-3                   

292. WP/2998/2011       THE MAHARASHTRA  STATE CO       AMOL B. PATIL                   
                         OPERATIVE BANK LTD THR I       AB PATIL/P                      
                        V/S THE COLLECTOR YUAVATM       SS GHATE, AP GIRHE/P            
                        AL                              GP/R-1                          
                                                        A PARCHURE, HD MARATHE/R-       

                                                        NK FULADI, UN FULADI AND        
                                                        SN FULADI FOR R.NO.3            
     CAW/2575/2011      THE MAHARASHTRA  STATE CO       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                         OPERATIVE BANK LTD THR I                                       
                        V/S THE COLLECTOR YUAVATM                                       
     CAW/2800/2013      THE MAHARASHTRA  STATE CO       SS GHATE                        
                         OPERATIVE BANK LTD THR I                                       
                        V/S THE COLLECTOR YUAVATM                                       

293. WP/3414/2011       DILIPSINGH SARDARSINGH BA       GK MUNDHADA                     
                        GGA AND ANR                     GP/R-1,4.                       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       GP/R-1,4                        
. THE SECTY., AND ORS           JB KASAT/R-2  AND  3            
                                                        MK PATHAN/R-2                   
     CAW/2191/2014      DILIPSINGH SARDARSINGH BA       G. K. MUNDHADA                  
                        GGA AND ANR                                                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR                                       
. THE SECTY., AND ORS                                           

294. WP/3530/2011       STATE OF MAH. THR. SECRET       B.P. MALDHURE (G.P.)            
                        ARY, FOREST EPARTMENT AND       AGP/P                           
                        V/S THE MAH. ADMINISTRATI       MRS. BHARATI DANGRE/P-1 T       
                        VE TRIBUNAL, MUMBAI BENCH       O 3                             
                                                        N.D. THOMBRE/R-2                

295. WP/3789/2011       RAJMATA PUNYASHLOK AHILYA       DR. ANJAN DE, APURVA DE         
                        DEVI EDUN. AND WELFARE SO       GP/R-1 TO 5.                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       N R SABOO/INT.                  
                        S SECTY., AND 5 ORS                                             
     CAW/196/2013       RAJMATA PUNYASHLOK AHILYA       DR. ANJAN, APURVA DE            
                        DEVI EDUN. AND WELFARE SO                                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT                                       
                        S SECTY., AND 5 ORS                                             
     CAW/1499/2013      RAJMATA PUNYASHLOK AHILYA       DR. ANJAN DE,                   
                        DEVI EDUN. AND WELFARE SO                                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT                                       
                        S SECTY., AND 5 ORS                                             

296. WP/4050/2011       DR. INDRAPALSINGH B ANWAR       ANAND PARCHURE AND HN PRA       
                        ISINGH UIKEY                    BHU                             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA,       GP/R-1,2,6.                     
                         THROUGH SECRETARY AND 5        MRS. AP SHINDE/R-3              
     CAW/2444/2014      DR. INDRAPALSINGH B ANWAR       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        ISINGH UIKEY                                                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA,                                       
                         THROUGH SECRETARY AND 5                                        

297. WP/4344/2011       VIJAY CHARANDAS HUMANE          RV GAIKWAD, PD GANVIR AND       
                                                         PR PUDKE                       
                        V/S NAGPUR MUNICIPAL CORP       GP/R-2.                         
                        ORATION, THROUGH ITS COMM       GP/R-2                          
                                                        JB KASAT THR. P.O.A./R-

298. WP/2128/2012       BALAJI S/O DAMAJI NEWARE        DB WALTHARE, PR HUKARE, P       
                                                        S GAJBHIYE                      
                        V/S THE REGISTRAR, DR. PU       ABHAY SAMBRE/R-1,2, GP/R-       
                        NJABRAO DESHMUKH KRUSHI V       3.                              
     CAW/1538/2014      BALAJI S/O DAMAJI NEWARE        D.B. WALTHARE                   
                        V/S THE REGISTRAR, DR. PU                                       
                        NJABRAO DESHMUKH KRUSHI V                                       

299. WP/2203/2012       MAH. TIMBER LAGHUUDYOG MA       HR GADHIA                       
                        HASANGH THR. ITS VICE PRE       GP/R-1  AND  4                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. DEPT. O                                       
                        F FORESTS THR. ITS SECTY.                                       
                        DYOG MAHASANGH THROUGH VI                                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                        DEPT. OF FORESTS THROUGH                                        

300. WP/3464/2012       SANTOSH S/O RAJARAM MUDHO       KS NARWADE, RUSHIKESH N U       
                        LKAR AND ANOTHER                BHAD                            
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       GP/R-1,2.                       
                        TRA THR ITS SECRETARY, DE       GP/R-1,2                        

301. WP/5214/2012       RAVINDRA BHAGWAN CHOPDE         PS KHUBALKAR, SS CHAUHAN        
                                                        GP/ R- 1 TO 3                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       SG JAGTAP, VA PATAIT / RN       
                        S SECTY. AND 2 ORS              O.3                             

302. WP/5790/2012       SWAPNAJA NARAYANRAO JAMBH       SP  AND  AS BHANDARKAR, G       
                        ULE                             S BAPAT, SK ANKAR  AND  R       
                        V/S THE COMMITTEE FOR SCR       M PANDE                         
                        UTINY AND VERIFICATION OF       SR NARNAWARE/R-2                
                                                        S. W. DESHPANDE                 
                        V/S THE COMMITTEE FOR SCR                                       
                        UTINY AND VERIFICATION OF                                       

303. WP/6170/2012       SHRI PRABHAKAR S/O KASHIN       KP, PS SADAVARTE                
                        ATH SHENDE                      GP/R-3 TO 6                     
                        V/S BHHAIYAJI PANDHRIPAND       PD MEGHE, ARVID DUBEY/R-1       
                        E NATIONAL INST. OF SOCIA       P B PATIL/R-2                   
                                                        SURENDRA KUMAR MISHRA           
                                                        FOR/R-7 AND 8                   
                        ATH SHENDE                      TE                              
                        V/S BHHAIYAJI PANDHRIPAND                                       
                        E NATIONAL INST. OF SOCIA                                       

304. WP/6273/2012       MRS. ALKA SHARAD HIWARE         VB BHISE, SHRIRANG TATTE        
                        V/S COLLECTOR, AKOLA AND        AR DESHPANDE/R-2                
     CAW/1765/2014      MRS. ALKA SHARAD HIWARE         VIPUL BABARAO BHISE             
                        V/S COLLECTOR, AKOLA AND                                        
                                  COURT NO. 3
                                  HON'BLE SMT. JUSTICE  V.A. NAIK
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE C.V. BHADANG
C.R. NO. 9        APPELLATE SIDE-CIVIL           27/10/2014

1.   ITR/437/1975       M/S. R.B. SHREERAM DURGAP       MR DEWANI, PN CHANDURKAR        
                        RASAD (P) LTD., TUMSAR          NS  AND  SN BHATTAD.            
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER OF I       MB HARDAS/P                     
                        NTOME TAX, (VIDARBHA  AND       _                               
                                                        AS JAISWAL/R-SOLE               
                                                        ANJAN DE                        
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE                  

2.   STR/195/1976       M/S. JASRAJ INDERSING, KH       BN MOHTA, PN DEOPUJARI          
                        AMGAON                          GP                              
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA THR. COMMR. OF SALES                                        

3.   LPA/7/1991         GOPALKRISHNA NARAYANRAO K       JJ CHANDURKAR                   
                        OHLI (DEAD) THR. LRS BENA       R-1 TO 7  AND  9 SERVED                        V/S AVINASH TRIMBAKRAO BE       R-2 TO 7  AND  9 SERVED O       
                        GADE AND ORS                    N MERIT.                        
                                                        RL KHAPRE/R-1.                  
                                                        R-8 DELETED.                    
        REMARK : [IN F.A./100/1976]. 

4.   WP/531/1999        MRS ARUNA PRABHAKAR SUKHD       AP RAGHUTE, SD MALKE            
                        EVE.                            G.P./R-1,  R-1 TO 4 SERVE       
                        V/S DIRECTOR OF HIGHER ED       D.                              
                        N.  AND  3 ORS.                 R S PARSODKAR                   
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   
                                                        AMIT M. BALPANDE                
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   
                                                        A.V. LOKHANDE                   
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   

5.   WP/617/1999        KU.PRAMILA D/O BAJIRAO DH       A.D.MOHGAONKAR,                 
                        ONGADE                          SP DHARMADHIKARI, U DASTA       
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       NE, GA SANGHI/R-2.              
                        (PRIMARY),ZILLA PARISHAD        RJ KANKALE, SA RADKE/R-1,       
                                                         AC DHARMADHIKARI/R2            

6.   WP/770/1999        SHRIRANG BHURAJI WASNIK         AS MARDIKAR, MY WADODKAR        
                                                        DI JAIN                         
                        V/S NAVPRABHAT SHIKSHAN S       SV.PUROHIT R.1                  
                        ANSTHA  AND  OTHERS             NK KAMTEKE LR'S /R-2, ML        
                                                        SHRIDHAR VASUDEO PUROHIT        

7.   WP/925/1999        MARUTI CONCRETE PRODUCTS        DC DAGA,SV BHUTADA,             
                                                        MISS TILWANI                    
                        V/S COMMISSIONER OF CENTR       AV BHIDE                        
                        AL EXCISE  AND  ANOTHER         RG AGRAWAL/R-1 AND 2.           
                                                        GOVIND MISHRA/R-1  AND 
                                                         CS KAPTAN/R-1                  
                                                        CS KAPTAN/R-1                   
     WP/313/1998        M/S. PATIL PRESTRESS CONC       DC DAGA, SV BHUTADA, MS T       
                        RETE WORKS,TADALI               ILWANI                          
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER OF C       COMMI. OF CENTRAL EXCISE.       
                        ENTRAL EXCISE,  AND  ANOT       HA DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
                                                        MS. TAJWAR KHAN/RESPONDEN       

8.   WP/975/1999        SUBHASCHANDRA NARAYANRAO        VIVEK PALSHIKAR                 
                        DIXIT                           SV MANOHAR, AA NAIK/P           
                        V/S N.I.T. AND ANOTHER          SK.MISHRA R.1/GP.R.2            
                                                        MV  AND  CM SAMARTH/R-1         

9.   WP/978/1999        HEAD MASTER,NEIL CITY HIG       MG.VV.BHANGDE                   
                        H SCHOOL  AND  ANOTHER          GP.R.2/SK.MISHRA R.1            
                        V/S NAGPUR IMPROVEMENT TR       RAJEEV OMPRAKASH CHHABRA        
                        UST  AND  ANOTHER               FOR/R-SOLE                      

10.  WP/1034/1999       MEER ATHAR ALI MEER AKBAR       PA ADBE                         
                         ALI                            RAHEEL ANWAR J. MIRZA           
                        V/S EDUCATION OFFICER(S),       FOR/P                           
                        Z.P.AKOLA  AND  OTHERS          S. I. ALI                       
                                                        RL KHAPRE,VK PALIWAR FOR        
                                                        R-1 TO 5 SERVED                 

11.  WP/1318/1999       SHALIK GANPAT INGOLE  AND       MG.VV.BHANGDE                   

11.OTHERS.                    GP.FOR R.1 TO 3.                
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

12.  WP/1322/1999       DNYANESHWAR GOVIND THAKAR       MG.VV.BHANGDE                   
                        E  AND  17 OTHERS.              GP.FOR R.1.                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

13.  WP/1325/1999       ZAMA GOTYA JADHAV (DEAD)        MG.VV.BHANGDE                   
                         AND  2 OTHERS.                 GP.R.1/R.2  AND  3 SERVED       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN       .                               
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

14.  WP/1364/1999       GOVINDRAO MAROTI NEWTE, C       HD. AND  BH DANGRE  AND         
                        HANDRAPUR.                      L SHENDRE                       
                        V/S MADHUBAN KUSTHAROG NI       GP./R-3.  R-1 AND 2 SERVE       
                        RMULAN SANSTHA  AND  2 OT       D.                              
                                                        HA DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
                                                        PRATIK RAMESH PURI              
                                                        FOR/R-1 AND 2                   

15.  WP/1392/1999       SATISH S/O SHIVPAL SINGHA       RS.PARSODKAR,VS.DHOBE           
                        NIA                             MG.BHANGDE R.1 AND 2            
                        V/S DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGE                                       
                        R  AND  ANOTHER.                                                

16.  WP/1402/1999       JEEWAN JYOTI SHIKSHAN PRA       AZ.JIBHKATE,SA GAULKAR.         
.MANDAL  AND  ANO.              GP.R.1/                         
                        V/S EDUCATION OFFICER (S)                                       
                          AND  OTHERS                                                   
     WP/3735/1998       TUKARAM S/O SUKARU AWACHA       NN.YN.THENGRE,N.SAHARE          
                        TE.                             AZ.NM.JIBHKATE R.1/             
                        V/S JIWAN JYOTI SHIKSHAN                                        
                        SANSTHA  AND  4 OTHERS.                                         

17.  WP/1456/1999       BALLARPUR INDUSTRIES LTD.       SG ANEY,MRS.KAPADIA.            
                          AND  ANOTHER.                 RS APTE,ADV.FOR RES.            
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

18.  WP/1588/1999       MAH.STATE SEEDS CORPN.LTD       SG.JAGTAP.                      
.AKOLA.                         NOTICE OF R.2 SERVED.           
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA,DEPT.O       AS.JAISWAL/R-2                  
                        F FINANCE  AND  ANOTHER.        A PARCHURE/R                    

19.  WP/1725/1999       VINAR ISPAT LTD.,NAG.           ANJAN DE,B.MAHAJAN              
                                                        SN KUMAR, RK SHARMA             
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         SP BHANDARKAR, RM PANDE,        

3.ORS.                          C SHARMA, SM BAHIRWAR/P         
                                                        SAJJAD HUSSAIN FOR R.3          
                                                        GOVIND MISHRA/R-1.              

20.  WP/1749/1999       SHRI NANDKISHORE P. VYAS        NR.SABOO,NB.BARGAT              
                                                        AM GHARE/R-1TO3,R-4 TO 
                        V/S CHAIRMAN, CENTRAL OFF        SERVED.                        
                        ICE, LIC OF INDIA  AND  1                                       

21.  WP/1844/1999       PRABHAKAR MAROTRAO TIKAS        ANIL MARDIKAR                   
                        AND 2 ORS.                      GP. FOR R-1  AND  2/FILED       
                        V/S SPL.LAND ACQUISITION                                        
                        OFFICER AND ANOTHER                                             

22.  WP/1906/1999       MURLIDHAR BHUJANGRAO THEN       PB.PATIL                        
                        G                               GP.R.1/R.2 AND 3 SERVED         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       VA KOTHALE,PS SHELKE/R-
                        TRA THROUGH SECRE. AND  2                                       

23.  WP/2051/1999       KU.MANGALA NAMDEORAO KAJA       AD.MOHGAONKAR.                  
                        WE.                             AC DHARMADHIKARI,R.SHIRAL       
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER                                       
                        (PRIMARY)ZP NAGPUR  AND                                         

24.  WP/2096/1999       ANILKUMAR RAMSEVAK MUTKUR       RB.BHORE  AND  SV NAIK.         
                        E  AND  2 OTHERS.               AC DHARMADIKARI                 
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         PS.LAMBAT/R-1 TO 4.             

3.OTHERS.                       NITIN P. LAMBAT                 

25.  WP/2111/1999       M/S R.S.REKHCHAND MOHOTA        MG.VV.BHANGDE                   
                        SPINNING  AND  ANO.             GP.R.1/R-1 TO 4 SERVED.         
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  O                                       

26.  WP/2142/1999       MOHAN THR.NEXT FRIEND-FAT       MG/VV BHANGDE.                  
                        HER,GAJANAN MAROTI KATOLE       SW DESHPANDE/R-1,GP/R-2                        V/S THE SCHEDULED TRIBE C                                       
                        ASTE CERTI.SCRUTINY C.NGP                                       

27.  WP/2147/1999       SANDESH WAMANRAO WARUDKAR       MG  AND  VV BHANGDE.            
                                                        SMT. SW DESHPANDE/R-1.          
                        V/S THE SCH.TRIBE CASTE C       MRS. TD KHADE/R-2.              
                        ERTIFICATE SCRU.COMM. AND       G.P.FOR R-2.                    
                                                        G.P./R-2 AND 4                  

28.  WP/2185/1999       GULABRAO BALKRISHNA KADAM       RS PARSODKAR FOR APPL.          
.                               JS MOKADAM                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  A       GP.FOR RESPONDENTS.             

29.  WP/2456/1999       ASHISH RAMCHANDRA ASWANI.       ANJAN DE, B. MAHAJAN            
                                                        ANJAN DE                        
                        V/S MOHAMED ASLAM  AND  3       FOR/P                           
                         OTHERS.                        APURV DE                        
                                                        GP.FOR R-4                      
                                                        JAYANT MOKADAM/R-2              

30.  WP/2543/1999       NILKANTH GOVINDRAO PURANI       RS.PARSODKAR,VS DHOBE,          
                        K                               G.P.FOR R-1.                    
                        V/S EDUCATION OFFICER(S)Z       AS MARDIKAR/R-4,                
                        P,NAGPUR  AND  ORS.             VG WANKHEDE/R-2                 

31.  WP/2554/1999       RAMRAO LAXMANRAO MHASKE.        PB.PATIL.                       
                                                        PS SHELKE/R-2,GP/R-1            
                        V/S THE ADDL.COMMISSIONER                                       
                        ,AMRAVATI  AND  2 OTHERS.                                       

32.  WP/2575/1999       RAMESH SAHEBRAO RAJPUT          RD.BHUIBHAR,N.MEHTA  AND        
                        V/S CASTE CERTIFICATE VER                                       
                        I.COMM. AND  ORS.                                               

33.  WP/2753/1999       PRASHANT MANOHAR BHIWAPUR       RS.PARSODKAR,IJ.DAMLE,          
                        KAR.                            SMT.SW.DESHPANDE/R-1TO3,        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  O                                       

34.  WP/3005/1999       MANOJKUMAR SURAJKARANJI S       MM.AGNIHOTRI,S.SANYAL.          
                        ONI.                            AR PATIL FOR R-SOLE.            
                        V/S VISHVESVARAYA REGIONA       AP SHINDE                       
                        L COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING                                        

35.  WP/3055/1999       TAPAN KUMAR SINGH               MANOJ RAJAN                     
                                                        JAYANT MOKADAM                  
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA,MINIST       N.RAO,A.PANIKAR                 
                        RY OF COAL,AND 2 ORS.           R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        SC MEHADIA/R-3.                 
                                                        J SHENDEY/R-3.                  
                                                        SK MISHRA/R3                    
                                                        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 
     WP/219/1999        TAPAN KUMAR SINGH.              JS MOKADAM                      
                                                        SC. AND  AS MEHADIA/R-3         
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         AND  4                          

4.OTHERS.                       JYOTSNA SHENDE/R-1 TO 5                                                        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 

36.  WP/3110/1999       MANOHAR BHUJARAMJI BARAPA       A.PARCHURE,S.KHANDEKAR          
                        TRE.                            GP.R.1/ COPY  SERVED            
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.ITS                                        
                        SECRETARY  AND  OTHERS.                                         

37.  WP/3133/1999       M/S QUALITY EXPORTERS THR       A.PARCHURE,P.SHENDE             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  OT       SK MISHRA/R-2TO4                
                        HERS.                           ROHIT BABAN DEO                 
        REMARK : A/W WP/1730/99, 3284/98 & 2762/98 ALL DECIDED MATTER FOR REF.. 

38.  WP/3265/1999       PRAKASH KHAMPARIYA              ANJAN DE                        
                                                        R.NO.1 TO 3 SERVED.             
                        V/S EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, N                                       
                        ATIONAL HIGHWAY  AND  OTH                                       

39.  WP/3303/1999       THE MAH.INDUSTRIAL DEVELO       S.SANYAL,MM.AGNIHOTRI.          
                        PMENT .                         AS/RM MARDIKAR/R-4.             
                        V/S COLLECTOR,COLLECTORAT       G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            
                        E,AKOLA  AND  OTHERS.           R-3 DELETED. R-5  AND  
                                                        A R DESHPANDE/INT.              

                                                        ANZAR B MIRZA, TB RANGARI       
                        V/S AMARAWATI UNIVERSITY,       /P                              
                        AMARAWATI  AND  2 OTHERS.       TD.KHADE/R-1,R-1TO3 SERVD       

41.  WP/3410/1999       KU.NALINI DOMAJI KHARWADE       PD.MEGHE,AK.WAGHMARE,           
.                               ANJAN DE/R-1.                   
                        V/S THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL                                       
                         HINGANGHAT  AND  OTHERS.                                       

42.  WP/3436/1999       RAJKUMAR BHIMRAO GAVALI.        PD.MEGHE,KS.DIXIT,              
                                                        GOVIND MISHRA/R-2(MEMO)         
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA  A       SK MISHRA/R2                    
                        ND  ANOTHER.                                                    

43.  WP/3470/1999       SUDHAKAR NATHUJI KAPLE  A       RS.PARSODKAR,VS.DHOBE,          
                        ND  OTHERS.                     GP.R.3/ R.1  AND  2 SERVE       
                        V/S VICE CHANCELLOR,NAGPU       D                               
                        R UNIVERSITY,  AND  OTHER       BHANUDAS GOPALDAS KULKARN       
                                                        FOR 1  AND  2                   
                                                        ATUL PANDE                      
                                                        FOR R.NOS. 1  AND  2            

44.  WP/3600/1999       THE UNION OF INDIA.             RG.AGRAWAL.                     
                        V/S RASHTRIYA KARMACHARI        SK MISHRA/P                     
                        UNION(I)  AND  49 OTHERS.       R.DARDA FOR R-42A TO 42F        
                                                        R-1 TO 41,42A TO 42F  AND       

43.TO 79 SERVED ON MERI       
                                                        VILAS DAMUJI RAUT               

45.  WP/3602/1999       THE UNION OF INDIA.             RG.AGRAWAL.                     
                                                        SK MISHRA/P                     
                        V/S RASHTRIYA KARMACHARI        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 
                        UNION(I)  AND  100 OTHERS       FOR/P                           
                                                        R.DARDA R.1 AND 2/CAVEATO       
                                                        R-1 TO 130 SERVED ON MERI       
                                                        13(I) TO 13(III),68(A) TO       
                                                         68(F),98(A) TO 98(F).          
                                                        R.DARDA FOR LRS' R-43(A)        
                                                        TO 43(3).6(A) TO 6(C),          
                                                        VILAS DAMUJI RAUT               

46.  WP/3616/1999       TIKARAM DOMAJI BANDE  AND       VN.MESHRAM,CK BADE.             

9.OTHERS.                     A.PARCHURE.                     
                        V/S THE GONDIA MUNICIPAL        GP.FOR R.NO.2,3  AND  4                        COUNCIL GONDIA  AND  2 OT       RA KHAN/INT.                    
                                                        A.PARIHAR,NN MOTGHARE/R-1       

47.  WP/3621/1999       SUDHIR RAGHUNATH DESHPAND       NS.KHANDEWALE.                  
                        E                               SK.MISHRA/R.1                   
                        V/S NAGPUR IMPROVEMENT TR       RAJEEV OMPRAKASH CHHABRA        
                        UST  AND  ANOTHER               FOR/R-1,2                       

48.  WP/3622/1999       MRS.ANURADHA RATNAKAR APH       NS.KHANDEWALE.                  
                        ALE                             SK.MISHRA/R-1  AND  2.          
                        V/S NAGPUR IMPROVEMENT TR       RAJEEV OMPRAKASH CHHABRA        
                        UST  AND  ANOTHER               FOR/R-1,2                       

49.  WP/3627/1999       RATNAKAR HARIBHAU APHALE        NS.KHANDEWALE.                  
                                                        SK.MISHRA/R-1  AND  2.          
                        V/S NAGPUR IMPROVEMENT TR       RAJEEV OMPRAKASH CHHABRA        
                        UST  AND  ANR.                  FOR/R-1,2                       

50.  WP/3661/1999       PUNDLIK GOVIND SHAMBHARKA       RG.BHORE,VT BHOSKAR.            
                        R.                              PS.LAMBAT FOR R.1 AND 2         
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND         P.S. LAMBAT/R-SOLE              
                        ANOTHER                         NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    

.                               SP BHANDARKAR/R-1 TO 4          
                        V/S MAH.STATE ELECTRICITY       R.E. MOHARIR                    
                         BOARD,BANDRA  AND  3 OTH       FOR RESPONDENT                  
                                                        R.E. MOHARIR                    

52.  WP/3803/1999       M/S.VV ENTERPRISES, DEVP.       AR. AND  UA.PATIL, SM DEO       
                          AND  BUILDERS, NAGPUR.          AND                           
                        V/S SANTOSH MANINDRA MOHA       VG.DESHMUKH,OW.GUPTA/R-
                        N GANGULY  AND  ANOTHER.                                        

53.  WP/3842/1999       SMT.APARNA WD/O SHRIKRISH       PC MARPAKWAR,KU.KK PATHAK       
                        NA SANE                         G.P./R-1/MEMO.                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  ANOTHER                                                   

54.  WP/3941/1999       GEETA PRATISHTAN  AND  OT       AC.DHARMADHIKARI,               
                        HERS                            ANAND PARCHURE FOR R-5.         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  OTHERS                                                    

55.  WP/3949/1999       M/S.WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA LT       ANJAN DE,V.DAS,K.SATPUTE.       
                        D.  AND  ANOTHER.               R-1 TO 3 SERVED,GP/R-3.         
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND                                         


56.  WP/3979/1999       RASHTRIYA NAGAR PARISHAD        JS MOKADAM                      
                        KARMACHARI SANGHATANA.          GP FOR R-1 AND 2 /R.3 SER       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  OT       VED                             

57.  WP/4062/1999       ASHOK SITARAM SORTE             SERVED ON ENGAGEMENT OF C       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       RESPONDENTS SERVED ON MER       
                        TRA AND 2 OTHERS                IT                              
                                                        R.E. MOHARIR                    

58.  WP/4088/1999       THE SARPANCH,GRAM PANCHAY       AM.SA.GORDEY.                   
                        AT OF KOTHARE, AND  ANOTH       PS.PATIL,AV.GAWANDE,CAV                        V/S THE STANDING COMMITTE                                       
                        E AMRAVATI Z.P.  AND  ANO                                       

59.  WP/4093/1999       RAMDAS VISHWASRAO KADU.         HA.DESHPANDE,NS.ADBE            
                                                        CS KAPTAN/R-1 AND 2.            
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDU.SOCI       ABHAY SAMBRE/ R- 1 AND 
                        ETY  AND  OTHERS.               JB JAISWAL/R-3                  
     WP/4096/1999       CHANDRAKANT PUNDALIK DANG       HA.DESHPANDE,NS.ADBE            
                        E.                              A S PALSODKAR/R-4               
                        V/S JANTA SHIKSHAN PRASAR       RAMESH DARDA/R-3                
                        AK MANDAL  AND  OTHERS.                                         
     WP/4095/1999       SURESH ROOPRAO KANPHADE.        HA.DESHPANDE,NS.ADBE            
                                                        MRS.TD KHADE,S.KALE/R-3         
                        V/S DIGRAS VIBHAGIYA SHIK       RAMESH DARDA/R-3                
                        SHAN PRASARAK MANDAL  AND                                       
     WP/4751/1999       HARINARAYAN BAJIRAO SHELK       AP.HA.DESHPANDE,NS.ADBE                        E.                              CS KAPTAN/R.1 AND 2             
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDU.SOCI       ABHAY SAMBRE/ R .NO. 1  A       
                        ETY  AND  OTHERS.               ND  2                           
     WP/4097/1999       PRATAP RAGHUPATIRAO DESHM       HA.DESHPANDE,NS.ADBE            
                        UKH.                            VA KOTHALE,PS PATIL,DP          
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDU.SOCI       ABHAY SAMBRE/ R .NO. 1          
                        ETY  AND  OTHERS.                                               
     WP/4098/1999       SHRIRAM HANUMANTRAO DESHP       HA.DESHPANDE,NS.ADBE            
                        ANDE.                           BP/JB JAISWAL/R-3               
                        V/S GS TOMPE COLLEGE SARW       ABHAY SAMBRE/ R .NO. 1          
                        AJANIK TRUST  AND  OTHERS                                       
     WP/4603/1999       BHARAT SHRIRAM DHOKNE           HA.DESHPANDE,NS.ADBE.           
                                                        BR GAVAI,AS PALSODKAR/R                        V/S SARDA EDUCATION TRUST       RAMESH DARDA/R-3                
                          AND  4 OTHERS                 RAMESH DARDA, TUSHAR DARD       
     CAW/1826/2013      RAMDAS VISHWASRAO KADU.         HA DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDUCATIO                                       
                        N SOCIETY AND OTHES                                             
     CAW/1825/2013      RAMDAS VISHWASRAO KADU.         HA DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDUCATIO                                       
                        N SOCIETY AND OTHES                                             

60.  WP/4100/1999       SHIKSHAK SAHAKARI BANK LT       SV PUROHIT                      
                        D.  AND  ANOTHER.               DEVENDRA V CHAUHAN              
                        V/S ADDL.REGISTRAR, CO-OP       FOR/P                           
                                                        GP FOR R-5  AND  ADV.GENE       

61.  WP/4167/1999       SMT.PARVATIBAI NAMDEVRAO        AG LAMBAT, MB AGASTI,           
                        MANKAR.                         GP.FOR R-2.                     
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND                                         

62.  WP/4247/1999       UNION OF INDIA  AND  ANOT       RS.SUNDARAM  AND  UR TANN       
                        HER.                            A.                              
                        V/S KADU KASHIRAM AHIRE.        GIRISH CHOUBEY/ R.SOLE          

63.  WP/4263/1999       MAHARASHTRA ELECTROSMELT        SC.AS.MEHADIA                   
                        LTD.                            GP FOR R 1 TO 3,                
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  2 OTHERS                                                  

64.  WP/4278/1999       VIJAY JAGOBAJI BHENDE           MR.RAJGURE,SP HEDAOO            
                                                        P/V THAKRE/R-2                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.FOR R-1.                    
                         AND  OTHERS                    JS MOKADAM, SB AHIRKAR/R-       


65.  WP/4327/1999       KAWADU RAMA BAWANE. AND         WG.CHARDE,MW.CHARDE             
                        OTHERS.                         SC MEHADIA FOR R-3              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  OT       G.P./R-1  AND  2.  R-4 SE       
                        HERS.                           RVED.                           
                                                        AS MEHADIA/R-3.                 

66.  WP/4393/1999       ASHOK SHARMA S/O RETIRED        RP.JOSHI, AM.GOGRE.             
                        JUSTICE G.K.SHARMA              G.P./R-2.                       
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA  AND                                         

67.  WP/4423/1999       M/S LLOYDS METALS  AND  E       SC. AND  AS.MEHADIA.            
                        NG.LTD.                         GP FOR R 1, R 1,2 SERVED        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  AN                                       

68.  WP/4450/1999       THE DIV.RAILWAY MANAGER,N       RS.SUNDARAM,UR.TANNA.           
                        AGPUR  AND  OTHERS.             MW HARSULKAR,VL RAJURKAR        
                        V/S K.S.RAO, AND  OTHERS.                                       

69.  WP/4540/1999       THE SECRETARY ADARSHA MAH       AD.MOHGAONKAR.AM.GORDEY,        
                        ILA MANDAL.                     RD RASKAR, AR INGOLE, S C       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN       HARPE/P                         
                        D  2 OTHERS.                    GP.FOR R-1 TO 3                 

70.  WP/4549/1999       WESTERN COALFILEDS LTD...       SC  AND  AS.MEHADIA             
.....                           GP FOR R 1, R 1,2 SERVED.       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  AN       AKSHAYA SUDAME                  
                        R............                   FOR/R-2                         

71.  WP/4574/1999       SHIKSHAK SAHAKARI BANK LT       RB PENDHARKAR,AM GHARE,         
                        D.                              R.DEO,CA LOKHANDE,FOR R-2       
                        V/S MEMBER, INDUSTRIAL CO       GP/R-5                          
                        URT, NAGPUR AND ORS.                                            

72.  WP/4596/1999       SHIKSHAK SAHAKARI BANK LT       RB PENDHARKAR,A.GHARE           
                        D.                              CA LOKHANDE,CAV.R-2             
                        V/S MEMBER, INDUSTRIAL CO                                       
                        URT, NAGPUR  AND  OTHERS                                        

73.  WP/4614/1999       STATE OF MAHARASHTRA  AND       PRASHANT ANAND GODE             

3.OTHERS                      FOR/P                           
                        V/S A.B.BANKAR  AND  ANOT       SV,PS KHONDALAY/CVTR/R-
                        HER                             ANAND PARCHURE/R-1, R-2 S       

74.  WP/4631/1999       PURUSHOTTAM SUVALAL PODDA       SM.PURANIK,KU.A.SHETHE          
                        R  AND  5 OTHERS                SV MANOHAR, AA NAIK             
                        V/S THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL       R.NO.1 TO 3 SERVED              
                         YAVATMAL  AND  2 OTHERS        DM KALE/R-1                     

75.  WP/4658/1999       KEDARNATH RAMLAKHAN MISHR       SV.BHUTADA,A.SHELAT.            
                        A  AND  OTHERS.                 MG/VV.BHANGDE FOR CAV.          
                        V/S CITY OF NAGPUR CORPOR       JB KASAT (THR. P.O.A.)/R-       
                        ATION CIVIL LINES,NAGPUR        1 AND 3                         

76.  WP/4676/1999       HARSHINI KRISHNA NAIDU...       AR SAMBRE                       
.....                           GP/R-1.SMT.SW DESHPANDE/        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  OT                                       

77.  WP/4684/1999       SOU.MANGALA RAMKRISHNARAO       AZ.JIBHKATE,S.TAMBULKAR                         KAMBLE.                        SANJAY GANESH KARMARKAR         
                        V/S THE EDU.OFFICER Z.P.W       FOR/P                           
                        ARDHA. AND  OTHERS.             GP/R-1.                         
                                                        MRS.NP HARDAS/R-3.AR/UA P       
                                                        ATIL/R-4 AND 5.                 
                                                        VK PALIWAL/R-2                  

78.  WP/4720/1999       VIJAY WAMANRAO PARADKAR.        NIVEDITA MEHTA,PP.KOTWA                                                        R. BHUIBHAR                     
                        V/S MAH.STATE ELECTRICITY       R. BHUIBHAR                     
                         BOARD  AND  OTHERS.            R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                
                                                        R.E. MOHARIR                    
                                                        R.E. MOHARIR                    

79.  WP/4731/1999       SUBHASH BALIRAM GADEKAR         RS.AGRAWAL,GB.LOHIA,            
                        AND  OTHERS.                    AM.GHARE FOR R-4                
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  OT       GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        HERS.                           FOR R/1                         

80.  WP/4736/1999       DR.OM S/O ASHOK MAHODAYA        ANAND PARCHURE,R JOSHI          
                         AND  ANOTHER.                  GP FOR R.2 AND 3                
                        V/S ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR       G CHATTERJEE/R-4  AND  PD       
                         TECHNICAL EDU.  AND  OTH        MEGHE/R-5, RS SUNDARAM/R       

                        INGH JUNEJA.                    GP FOR R-1                      
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND                                       

82.  WP/4767/1999       RAJKISHORDAS BANSIDAS VAI       PB.PATIL                        
                        SHNAV.                          IL BODADE, SR GAIKEE/R2 A       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND       ND 3                            

83.  WP/4772/1999       VIDARBHA WINE MERCHANT AS       JM.GANDHI,SD.GADHIA             
                        SOCIATION                       R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP                              
                         AND  2 OTHERS                                                  

84.  FA/91/2000         SMT. MANISHA W/O PRAMOD M       BD.CHUTE,P KHARE                
                        ESHRAM                          MRS.PALLAVI V.KHARE,A.KHA       
                        V/S PRAMOD LAXMAN MESHRAM       RE,MRS.S.A.KHARE                
                                                        SHRI S.D. KHATI/R-SOLE.         

                        /O SHEIKH BURHAN  AND  6        GA SANGHI, DEVEN CHAUHAN        
                        V/S THE MUSLIM EDUCATION        S.SANYAL,S.ZIAUDDIN,S.          
                        SOCIETY  AND  22 OTHERS.        SHRI. R.L. KHAPRE/R-7 TO        
             In                                         23                              
     WP/4039/1999                                       RL KHAPRE,VK PALIWAL.           
                                                        S.SANYAL,MM AGNIHOTRI,S                                                                                        
 [IN WP NO.4039/99 (D)]. 

86.  FA/454/2001        PREMKUMAR ANANDSWAROOP MA       GM SHITUT                       
                        LIK,SHANTINAGAR, NAGPUR.        ANJAN DE FOR R-SOLE             
                        V/S LATA W/O PREMKUMAR MA       PG DESHPANDE, P DHONE, V        
                        LIK, SITABULDI, NAGPUR.         PARANJPE,                       
                                                        MRS. SP DESHPANDE/R             

87.  LPA/48/2002        THE PRINCIPAL DR. PUNJABR       CS KAPTAN/HD DUBEY/             
                        AO DESHMUKH POLY. AMT. AN       ABHAY SAMBRE, VIVEK AWCHA       
                        V/S RAMKRISHNA MOTIRAM KA       T/P-1                           
                        KAD  AND  OTHERS.               R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 
             In                                         R-1 TO  SERVED ON MERIT     WP/1302/2001                                       SG LONEY/R-1  AND  2.           
                                                        CS KAPTAN,HD DUBEY              
                                                        SG LONEY/R-1 AND 2, GP/R-       

        REMARK : [IN W.P./1302/2001 (D)]. 

88.  ITL/56/2002        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX,NAGPUR                    HD DANGRE/R-SOLE                
                        V/S SOMRAS DISTILLERS,NAG       MP RAJKONDAWAR/R-SOLE           
                        PUR                             AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
        REMARK : .. [A/W CONNECTED MATTERS] ... 
     ITL/58/2002        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX,NAGPUR                    HD DANGRE/R                     
                        V/S SOMRAS DISTILLERS,NAG       AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
                        PUR                              PADHYE, NH JOSHI/R-SOLE        
     MCA/25/2010        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX (TDS)                     HD DANGRE/R                     
                        V/S M/S. SOMRAS DISTILLER       AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
     ITL/80/2002        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX-IV,NAGPUR                 HD DANGRE/R-SOLE                
                        V/S SOMRAS DISTILLERS,NAG       MP RAJKONDAWAR/R-SOLE           
                        PUR                             AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
                                                         PADHYE, NH JOSHI/R-SOLE        
     ITL/57/2002        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX-IV                        MP RAJKONDAWAR FOR R-SOLE       
                        V/S SOMRAS DISTILLERS, NA       HD DANGRE/R-SOLE                
                        GPUR                            AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
                                                         PADHY, NH JOSHI/R-SOLE         
     ITL/61/2002        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX,NAGPUR                    HD DANGRE/R                     
                        V/S SOMRAS DISTILLERS,NAG       DANGRE/R-SOLE                   
                        PUR ...                         AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
     ITL/62/2002        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX-IV, NAGPUR                HD DANGRE/R-SOLE                
                        V/S SOMRAS DISTILLERS, NA       AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
                        GPUR                             PADHYE/R-SOLE                  
                                                        AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
     ITL/68/2002        THE COMMISSIONER OF INCOM       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        E TAX-IV,NAGPUR                 HD DANGRE/R-SOLE                
                        V/S SOMRAS DISTILLERS, NA       SHRI. DANGRE/R-SOLE (POWE       
                        GPUR                            R AWAITED)                      
                                                        AS JAISWAL, HD DANGRE, NA       
                                                         PADHYE, NH JOSHI/R-SOLE        

89.  LPA/90/2002        AMRAVATI DISTRICT CENTRAL       US DASTANE, DV CHAUHAN,         
                         CO-OP.BANK LTD.AMT.            NS DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S DN GULHANE, AMRAVATI        RR PILLAI,M.RAJAN,              
                                                        NOTICE OF R-2 AWAITED.          
             In                                         HN TAORI/R-1.                   
     WP/1092/2002                                       US DASTANE, DV CHAUHAN,         
                                                        RR PILLAI,M.RAJAN,              
                                                        FG ISSAC/R-1                    
        REMARK : IN WP/1092/02(D) 

90.  LPA/108/2002       SHETKARI SHIKSHAN SANNSTH       VD RAUT,RJ KANKALE              
                        A,NANDURI                       MR PILLAI                       
                        V/S NARENDRA VITTHALRAO U       VP PANPALIA/R                   
                        BHATE  AND  2 ORS.              R-SOLE IS SERVED.               
        REMARK : (IN WP/4369/07(D) 

91.  LPA/133/2002       USHA RAMCHANDRA MULE            AZ/NM JIBHKATE                  
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER       AC DHARMADHIKARI  AND  NI       
                         AND 3 ORS.                     TIN JACHAK/P                    
             In                                         AR/UA PATIL,                    
     WP/2819/2001                                       MI DHATRAK/R-2  AND  3          
                                                        AZ JIBHKATE                     
                                                        NP HARDAS,MI DHATRAK,           
        REMARK : (IN WP/2819/01 DEC.) 

92.  LPA/136/2002       DEORAO PUNDALIK KUHIKAR         K. V. DESHMUKH/P                
                                                        AGP FOR R-1  AND  2             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R-5 SERVED                      
                         AND  4 ORS.                    R-2  AND  3 SERVED ON MER       
             In                                         IT                              
     WP/1671/2001                                       CG MADKHOLKAR,KV DESHMUKH       
                                                        GP FOR R-1  AND  2.             
        REMARK : (IN WP/1671/01 DEC.) 

93.  LPA/143/2002       YADAO ADKUJI HEDAU....          K. V. DESHMUKH/P                
                                                        FIRDOS MIRZA, A DESHPANDE       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        /P                              
                         AND  3 ORS.                    GP/R-1  AND  2.                 
             In                                         CG MADKHOLKAR,KV DESHMUKH       
     WP/1669/2001                                       GP/R-1,3,4,PURANIK/R-1 AN       
                                                        D 2                             
        REMARK : (IN WP/1669/01 DEC.) 

94.  LPA/22/2003        SMT.PADMA WD/O TRIMBAKRAO       SD DESHPANDE                    
                         RATNAPARKHI                    GE MOHARIR/R-6.                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA,       R-2  AND  7 DELETED.            
                        THR.SUB-DIVNL.OFFICER  AN       R-3 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI             In                                         G.P.FOR R-1.                    
     WP/2779/1990                                       SD.DESHPANDE                    
                                                        R.NO.1 TO 7 SERVED MERIT        
        REMARK : (IN WP/2779/90 DECIDED) 
     LPA/129/2002       SANJAY S/O DEVIDAS RATNAP       SD DESHPANDE                    
                        ARKHI  AND  ANOTHER             GP FOR R-1.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.,THR.SUB       R-2 SERVED.                     
                        -DIVNL.OFFICER,BHANDARA         SD.DESHPANDE                    
             In                                         R.1 AND 2 SERVED MERIT          

95.  LPA/34/2003        MOHAMMAD ABDUL AKATTAR S/       SD DESHPANDE                    
                        O ABDUL KARIM  AND  3 OTH       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA,       GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        THR.COLLECTOR,CHANDRAPUR        S.D. DESHPANDE                  
        REMARK : (IN FA/132/88) 

96.  LPA/65/2003        MAHADEORAO GANPAT JHALTE        J S MOKADAM/A                   
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        D  3                            
                         AND  4 OTHERS                  COPY SERVED TO R-2  AND         
             In                                         4.                              
     LPA/65/2003                                        FOR R-5.                        
                                                        COPY SERVED TO PB PATIL         
                                                        J S MOKADAM/A                   
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                                                        D  3                            
                                                        COPY SERVED TO R-2  AND         

                                                        FOR R-5.                        
                                                        COPY SERVED TO PB PATIL         

97.  LPA/68/2003        JAGDEO RAMCHANDRA RAIPURE       JS MOKADAM                      
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        D  3                            
                        THR.SECTY. AND 4 OTHERS         CAV. FOR R-5.                   
             In                                         COPY SERVED TO PB PATIL         
     LPA/68/2003                                        R-2  AND  4 SERVED              
                                                        JS MOKADAM                      
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                                                        D  3                            
                                                        CAV. FOR R-5.                   
                                                        COPY SERVED TO PB PATIL         
                                                        R-2  AND  4 SERVED              

98.  LPA/69/2003        SHRIRAM RAJARAM CHAUHAN         J S MOKADAM/A                   
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        D  3                            
                         AND  4 OTHERS                  R-2  AND  4 SERVED              
             In                                         FOR R-5.                        
     WP/4758/2002                                       COPY SERVED TO PB PATIL         
                                                        AB CHAUDHARI,RM AHIRRAO                                                        GP FOR R-1 TO 3.                
        REMARK : [IN W.P./4758/2002(D)]. 

99.  LPA/70/2003        DNYANDEO PANDHARI AADOKAR       J S MOKADAM/A                   
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        D  3                            
                         AND  4 OTHERS                  R-2  AND  4 SERVED              
             In                                         FOR R-5.                        
     WP/4758/2002                                       COPY SERVED TO PB PATIL         
                                                        AB CHAUDHARI,RM AHIRRAO                                                        GP FOR R-1 TO 3.                

100. LPA/73/2003        BALAJI SANSTHA,A REGISTER       SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                        ED PUBLIC TRUST                 AR SAMBRE/R-5/CAVEATOR.         
                        V/S MAH.REVENUE TRIBUNAL        R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI                        AND 4 OTHERS                    SN.DHANAGRE,SR.DESHPANDE        
             In                                         A.SAMBRE/R-5                    
        REMARK : (IN WP/3318/02) 
     LPA/244/2003       BALAJI SANSTHAN,RISOD           SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                                                        ABHAY SAMBRE,                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        AGP/R-1 TO 3                    
                         AND  17 ORS.                    AND  18 ARE AWAITED.           
             In                                         NOTICES OF R-2,3,13,14,
     WP/4369/2002                                       R-17 IS SERVED.                 
                                                        R-11,12  AND  15.               
                                                        ANJALI JOSHI,P GAWANDE/         
                                                        PS PATIL/R-7.                   
                                                        PS WATHORE,SB RAJAK,            
                                                        MRS.M.A.BARABDE,FOR R-4,        
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                                                        AR SAMBRE CAV FOR R-2           
                                                        A SAMBRE / R NO. 4 AND 

101. LPA/114/2003       SMT.BHANUMATI WD/O PRAKAS       AS/RM MARDIKAR                  
                        H SHENDE  AND  2 ORS.           AG GHAROTE,GB SAWANTE/R-1       
                        V/S SHRI SHANKAR SHRIPAL        PR BHURE                        
                        BRAHMNE  AND  ANR.                                              
        REMARK : [IN W.P./4205/2002(D)]. 

102. LPA/119/2003       MAH.STATE ROAD TRANSPORT        NOTICE TO PETITIONER ON         
                        CORPN.                          SC/AS MEHADIA/P.                
                        V/S D.L. PACHPOR AND ANOT       SERVED                          
                        HER                             ENGAGEMENT COUNSEL IS           
             In                                         BM KHAN,CV ANWANE/R-1.          
     WP/2324/2002                                       AGP FOR R-2(WAIVE SERVICE       
                                                        RJ KANKALE                      
                                                        BM KHAN/R-1.                    
                                                        R-2 SERVED.                     
        REMARK : [IN WP NO. 2324/2002 (D)] 

103. LPA/124/2003       DILIP NAGORAO SHINGANE.         NR SABOO, SZ SONBHADRE.         
                                                        BP/JB JAISWAL/R-1               
                        V/S AMRAVATI UNIV.AMT....       AGP FOR R-2                     
....                            R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
             In                                         BP/JB JAISWAL                   
     WP/3803/2001                                       NR SABOO FOR CAVEATOR SER       
        REMARK : .... [A/W CONNECTED MATTERS] [IN W.P./3803/2001(D)]. .... 
     LPA/125/2003       DNYANESHWAR MAHADEORAO TH       NR SABOO, SZ SONBHADRE.         
                        AKARE.                          BP/JB JAISWAL/R-1,              
                        V/S AMRAVATI UNIV.AMT....       SHRI DHOTE,AGP FOR STATE        
........                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
             In                                         BP/JB JAISWAL                   
     WP/3804/2001                                       NR SABOO  AND  AR TAIWADE       
     LPA/126/2003       VITTHAL MAHADEORAO MAVALE       NR SABOO, SZ SONBHADRE.         
.                               BP/JB JAISWAL/R-1,              
                        V/S AMRAVATI UNIV.AMT.          R-1  AND  2 SERVED              
                                                        AGP FOR R-2                     
             In                                         BP/JB JAISWAL                   
     WP/3802/2001                                       NR SABOO FOR CAVTTOR SERV       
     LPA/127/2003       MUKUND ANANDRAO WADURKAR.       NR SABOO, SZ SONBHADRE.         
                                                        BP/JB JAISWAL/R-1,              
                        V/S AMRAVATI UNIV.AMT....       AGP FOR R-2                     
......                          R-1  AND  2 SERVED              
             In                                         BP/JB JAISWAL                   
     WP/3801/2001                                       NR SABOO  AND  AR TAIWADE       
     LPA/128/2003       SUBHASH BAPURAO BHAKTE.         NR SABOO, SZ SONBHADRE.         
                                                        BP/JB JAISWAL/R-1,              
                        V/S AMRAVATI UNIVERSITY,A       AGP FOR R-2                     
                        MT.                             R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
             In                                         BP/JB JAISWAL                   
     WP/3807/2001                                       NR SABOO  AND  AR TAIWADE       
     LPA/129/2003       RAMSAHARE VISHWANATH VISH       NR SABOO/SZ SONBHADRE.          
                        WAKARMA.                        BP/JB JAISWAL/R-1               
                        V/S AMRAVATI UNIVERSITY,A       AGP FOR R-2                     
                        MT.                             R-1  AND  2 SERVED              
             In                                         BP/JB JAISWAL                   
     WP/3778/2001                                       NR SABOO,AP JAIWADE FOR         

104. LPA/139/2003       THE EMPLOYEES STATE INSUR       BP MALDHURE                     
                        ANCE CORPN.NAGPUR               RR PILLAI, MANOJ RAJAN/R-       
                        V/S THE INDIAN COFFEE WOR       SOLE                            
                        KERS CO-OP.SO.NGP.              M.D.SAMEL, MS.ANITA RAI         
             In                                         K.K.PILLAI                      
        REMARK : [IN F.A./352/1994]. 

105. LPA/195/2003       RAVINDRA GANGADHAR DABHAD       NS/SN BHATTAD                   
                        E  AND  ANR                     AJ POPHALY,MRS.VJ SAIKHED       
                        V/S SOU.SUSHILABAI W/O VI       6  AND  7.                      
                        THAL GULKARI AND 6 ORS.         SP PALSHIKAR/R-1 TO 4  AN       
             In                                         D                               
     FA/459/1992                                        NBA.                            
                                                        R-1,2,4 TO 7 SERVED ON          
                                                        KAR FOR R-5 SERVED.             
                                                        PW BHOYAR, SR NIMKAR            
                                                        VA KOTHALE, PS SHELKE           
                                                        PG  AND  SP PALSHIKAR,R-1       
                                                         - 5                            
                                                        AJ POPHALY,CB PANDE FOR         
                                                        R-1 TO 8 SERVED.                
                                                        SP PALSHIKAR/POWER OF ATT       
                                                        SP PALSHIKAR/POWER OF ATT       
        REMARK : [IN FA NO. 459/1992 (D)] 

106. LPA/243/2003       ANIL WASUDEO GULHANE.....       DR A DE,P SHARMA,D MURTHY       
...                             S TATWAWADI, A DHORE            
                        V/S YESHWANT RURAL EDU SO       V GEDAM,A DE, A GHURDE          
                        CIETY  AND  OTHERS.             HA DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
             In                                         ANJAN DE,A.AMBEGAONKAR  A       
     WP/438/1991                                        ND                              
                                                        PV HOLEY FOR R 1  AND  2,       
                                                        R 1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                                                        NS ADBE, HA DESHPANDE           
                                                        R-1  AND  2                     
        REMARK : [IN WP NO.438/1991(D)] 

107. LPA/253/2003       SAWALARAM SAKHARAM MOTHE.       SR/SS DESHPANDE.                
                                                        RL KHAPRE FOR R/2  AND 
                        V/S SMT.RATNAMALABAI MADH       .  GP FOR R/4 TO 6              
                        UKAR JOSHI  AND  5 ORS.         R/1 DELETED, R/2 SERVED             In                                         R-4 TO 6 DELETED.               
     WP/812/1988                                        RL KHAPRE                       
                                                        AM GORDEY,DK SHARMA R 1         
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 
        REMARK : [IN WP/812/1988(D)]. 

108. LPA/257/2003       SMT.INDIRABAI BHIMRAO LAN       A PARCHURE,R VYAS               
                        JEWAR AND 2 OTHERS              R-2 SERVED ON MERIT             
                        V/S ADDL.COMMISSIONER AND       R-3,GP/R-1 AND  2.              
                         ANOTHER                        RAJNISH VYAS,                   
             In                                         COPY SERVED TO GP-R1,2          
        REMARK : [IN W.P./1181/2003(D)]. 

                        SHMUKH                          NARAYAN PHADNIS, KUNAL NA       
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER SCH       LAMWAR/R-3                      
                        OOL TRIBUNAL  AND  OTHERS       SAMEER ADKAR, B H SHAMBHA       
             In                                         RKAR/R-3, 4                     
     WP/4153/2001                                       AS CHANDURKAR                   
                                                        GP/R-1 AND 4, AZ JIBHKATE       
        REMARK : .... [A/W CONNECTED MATTER] ... [IN W.P./4153/2001(D)]. 
     LPA/246/2003       KU NALINI DAMODHAR DESHMU       AZ JIBHKATE                     
                        KH                              S TAMBULKAR,NM JIBHKATE         
                        V/S SHUBHAM BAHU UDDESHIY       SS ADKAR/R-1  AND  4            
                        A SHIKSHAN SANSTHA  AND 3       R-1 TO 5 ARE SERVED.            
             In                                         NARAYAN PHADNIS, KUNAL NA       
     WP/2220/2001                                       LAMWAR/R-2                      
                                                        B H SHAMBHARKAR/R-1, 2,
                                                        VK GULHANE,SJ KHANDALKAR,       
                                                        AZ JIBHKATE,SS TAMBULKAR,       

110. FA/466/2003        ANNA SAHEB VITHALRAO DHAB       DG PAUNIKAR,AS MURTY            
                        EKAR                            RM SAKUNDARWAR,JN POKAR,        
                        V/S SMT KANTA ANNA SAHEB        BV PACHABHAIYYE.                
                        DHABEKAR                        R-SOLE IS SERVED.               
                                                        (SERVICE WAIVED ON MERIT)       
                                                        SD KHATI/R-SOLE                 
                                                        SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE         

111. LPA/15/2004        RAMESH NARAYANRAO RAUT          PD MEGHE,AK WAGHMARE,           
                                                        DN MATHUR                       
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER       R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                          AND   2 OTHERS.               FOR R-2  AND  3                 
             In                                         RS SUNDARAM  AND  UR TANN       
     WP/1664/1988                                       A                               
                                                        KR LAMBAT,HN POTBHARE           
                                                        KS DIXIT                        
                                                        RAM/KISHOR LAMBAT FOR-2,3       
                                                        RESPONDENT NO. 1 SERVED         
        REMARK : [IN W.P./1664/1988(D)]. 

112. LPA/22/2004        VITHOBA SITARAM BHOYAR          NR SABOO, SZ SONBHADRE          
                                                        NB BARGAT,MR JOSHI,             
                        V/S SANTOSH RAMCHANDRA AG       R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                        ARKAR AND 2 ORS                 SS KHANDEKAR/R-1.               
             In                                         PS.TEMBHARE/R-1                 
     WP/1613/1997                                       MR.JOSHI/R-2,LRS.OF R-3         
                                                        AM DESHMUKH                     
                                                        LR'S/R-1(1 AND 2), AND  R       
                                                        -2 SERVD                        
                                                        R-1 DELETED/ABATED.             
        REMARK : (IN WP/1613/97 DECIDED) 

113. LPA/25/2004        NAGPUR PRESS PRIVATE LTD.       AR ATREY,DS GOLE                
                                                        PN KHADGI FOR R-2 TO 6.         
                        V/S THE JUDGE FIRST LABOU       AR ATREY                        
                        R COURT  AND  5 OTHERS.                                         
        REMARK : (IN WP/3187/03(DECIDED) 

114. LPA/38/2004        NAMDEO DEORAO GADIGONE          AD MAHGAONKAR                   
                                                        AGP/R-1 AND 4.                  
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER       NR SABOO/R-2,R-1 TO 4 SER       
                          AND 3 OTHERS.                 VED                             
             In                                         SONBHADRE/R-2  AND  4.          
     WP/604/2003                                        AD MOHGAONKAR                   
        REMARK : [IN W.P./604/2003(D)]. 

115. LPA/45/2004        SMT GIRAJA W/O PRABHUNATH       SP KSHIRSAGAR,SD KHATI,         
                         RAUT.                          PK DHOMNE.                      
                        V/S THE PRESI. OFFI.SCHOO       SHRI HK PANDE/CAV./R-4          
                        L TRIBUNAL  AND  4 ORS.         INDIRA BODADE, GOPAL G. M       
             In                                         ISHRA, SS JACHAK/R-3            
     WP/766/2003                                        SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE         
                                                        NS BANSOD-R4 CAV.IN PERSO       
        REMARK : [IN W.P./766/2003 (D)]. 

116. LPA/54/2004        M/S ANIKET COLLEGE OF SOC       SW/SS GHATE,AL PALIKUNDWA       
                        IAL WORK                        R, SR BHONGADE                  
                        V/S ASSTT.PROVIDENT FUND        DR.RS SUNDARAM,                 
                        COMMISSIONER                    R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
             In                                         UR TANNA FOR R-SOLE             
     WP/2493/2003                                       SW/SS GHATE,                    
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED.                  
        REMARK : [IN W.P./2493/2003(D)]. 

117. LPA/61/2004        BALAJI S/O GHANSHAM YARAW       RD BHUIBHAR                     
                        AR                              AGP FOR R-1  AND  2             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R-1  AND  2(SERVED)             
                        THR.ITS SECTY. AND ANR          RD BHUIBHAR                     
             In                                         AGP FOR R-1  AND  2             
     LPA/61/2004                                        R-1  AND  2(SERVED)             

118. LPA/74/2004        BHASKAR BHIMRAO ATALKAR         VA KOTHALE,DP DAPURKAR          
                                                        MP GULHANE                      
                        V/S JANTA EDUCATION SOCIE       R-1,2,3 AND  5 SERVED.          
                        TY AND 4 OTHERS                 R-4 DELETED.                    
             In                                         VA KOTHALE,DP DAPURKAR          
     LPA/74/2004                                        MP GULHANE                      
                                                        R-1,2,3 AND  5 SERVED.          
                                                        R-4 DELETED.                    

119. LPA/92/2004        NEW ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL M       SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                        AHAL NAGPUR....                 AR  AND  MRS.UA PATIL,          
                        V/S DAMODHAR VITHALRAO RA       R-2 SERVED.                     
                        UT  AND  2 OTHERS.              MISS.SK PASHINE,MI DHATRA       
             In                                         AGP/R-2.                        
     WP/2292/1990                                       GP/R-2                          
                                                        AR/UA.PATIL,V DEOPUJARI         
                                                        HK.PANDE/3  AND  4              
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED MERIT           
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-3.            
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-4.            
                                                        SP PALSHIKAR/POWER OF ATT       
        REMARK : [IN W.P./2292/1990(D)]. 

120. LPA/133/2004       PANDURANG PARSHURAM TAPRE       SV MANOHAR,AS MANOHAR           
                                                        AGP FOR R-1  AND  3.            
                        V/S SCHOOL TRIBUNAL AND 2       R-2.                            
                         ORS.                           SAMEER ADKAR  AND  ZA HAQ       
             In                                          FOR                            
     WP/2292/1990                                       AR/UA.PATIL,V DEOPUJARI         
                                                        HK.PANDE/3  AND  4              
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED MERIT           
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-3.            
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-4.            

121. LPA/141/2004       DAMODAR VITTHALRAO RAUT         AR/MRS.UA PATIL                 
                                                        MI DHATRAK,MS.SK PASHINE        
                        V/S EDUCATION OFFICER,ZP        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-3  AND        
                        AND 3 ORS.                       4.                             
             In                                         R-1,3  AND  4 SERVED.           
     WP/2292/1990                                       GP/R-1.                         
                                                        AR/UA.PATIL,V DEOPUJARI         
                                                        HK.PANDE/3  AND  4              
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED MERIT           
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-3.            
                                                        SR/SS DESHPANDE/R-4.            

122. LPA/181/2004       SMT.ARUNABAI W/O P.BOBDE        KP.KANUNGO,MADAN SENAD          
                                                        R-5 SERVED.                     
                        V/S SANJAY S/O GANGABISAN       R-1.                            
                         VYAS AND 5 OTHERS              SZ SONBHADRE,PK BEZALWAR        
             In                                         AGP/R-6.                        
     WP/2640/2004                                       M SENAD, KP KANUGO              
        REMARK : (IN WP/2640/04 DECIDED) 

123. LPA/199/2004       NAMDEO BANSI JADHAV AND O       VS DHOBE                        
                        THERS                           SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT        SD KHATI/R-3 TO 6.             
                        S SECRETARY AND 5 OTHERS        SD KHATI/R-3 TO 6.              
             In                                         GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
     WP/2446/1991                                       FOR R-1                         
                                                        R-1 TO 6 ARE SERVED.            
                                                        VN.PATIL.SP.KSHIRSAGAR  A       
                                                        PK DHOMNE                       
                                                        GP.FOR R-1, R-2 SERVED.         
                                                        MRS.JOSHI FOR R-1  AND 
                                                        VS DHOBE FOR INTERVENOR         
     LPA/69/2004        NARAYANRAO RAMCHANDRA WAT       VS DHOBE                        
                        KAR AND ANR                     R-1 SERVED.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        SA.JAISWAL/R-4  AND  5.         
                        AND 4 OTHERS                    SD KHATI FOR R-2 TO 5           
             In                                         SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE         
     WP/2220/2001                                       AGP FOR R-1.                    
                                                        PS..JAISWAL/R-4  AND  5                                                        VK GULHANE,SJ KHANDALKAR,       
                                                        AZ JIBHKATE,SS TAMBULKAR,       

124. FA/525/2004        SOU MANASI SIRAS W/O DR S       SMT.SP DESHPANDE,               
                        RINIVAS SIRAS BULDHANA.         VV DEO  AND  SV SAVADEKAR       
                        V/S DR.SRINIVAS RAMCHANDR       , PATHAK/R-SOLE                 
                        A SIRAS NAGPUR.                 TUSHAR MANDLEKAR FOR RESP       
                                                        ONDENT NO.2                     
                                                        KJ MAHAJAN, SD DEORAS/R-3       
                                                        TUSHAR MANDLEKAR/LR'S OF        
                                                        SHASHANK SARDEKAR/R-1           
                                                        SV SAVDEKAR/LR'S OF R-SOL       
                                                        E (I),                          
                                                        KJ MAHAJAN/LR'S OF R-SOLE       
                                                        SB MHOTA/LR NO.5                
                                                        CS SAMUDRA/INT                  
                                                        G.M. SHITUT                     
                                                        FOR R.NOS. 4  AND  5            
                                                        ASHOK P. TATHOD                 
                                                        FOR/R-4 AND 5                   
                                                        TUSHAR U. TATHOD                
                                                        FOR/R-4 AND 5                   
                                                        ASHISH D. GIRDEKAR              
                                                        FOR/R-4 AND 5                   
                                                        HARISH VIVEK THAKUR             

125. LPA/31/2005        PURUSHOTTAM WAMANRAO THAK       PS PATIL                        
                        UR                              AM GORDEY, SA GORDEY/R-
                        V/S VIDHARBHA PRABODHAN M       R-1 TO 4 ARE SERVED             
                        ANDAL DARYAPUR,AMT  AND         RD RASKAR, MRS VS GORDEY/       
             In                                         R-1                             
     WP/122/1992                                        SR.DESHPANDE,FOR INT.           
                                                        SP.HEDAOO,FOR R-2,              
                                                        R-1  AND  3 SERVED.             
                                                        BR DHAMGAYE                     
        REMARK : (IN WP/122/92 DEC.) 

                         AND  ANOTHER.                  EDAM, ANAND GHURDE              
                        V/S SUB DIVISIONAL OFFICE       DEEPA MURTHY A DE VIJAY G       
                        R MURTIZAPUR  AND  OTHERS       R-1 TO 4                        
             In                                         AGP FOR RESSPDTS.               
     WP/1723/1987                                       ANJAN DE, MRS.A PATIL           
                                                        GP FOR R.3                      
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON CA           
        REMARK : [IN W.P./1723/1987]. 

127. LPA/64/2005        DEVIDAS SITARAM GOLE AND        SR/SS DESHPANDE                 

3.OTHERS                        SR DESHPANDE/P                  
                        V/S PURUSHOTTAM BALKISANJ       AM DESHMUKH/R-1 TO 4            
                        I MANTRI AND 4 OTHERS           AM DESHMUKH                     
             In                                         SR DESHPANDE FOR RESPDTS.       
        REMARK : [IN W.P./1719/1992(D)]. 

128. FA/80/2005         SANJAYKUMAR HUKUMCHAND JA       CP SEN,AK RUDRA,                
                        IN ..                           PA MISHRA FOR R-SOLE.           
                        V/S SMT MAYA SANJAYKUMAR        DV/VV DHONDARKAR/R              
                        JAIN ..                                                         

129. LPA/102/2005       SHRI SAI SEWA SHIKSHAN MA       CS KAPTAN                       
                        NDAL RAMTEK AND NAOTHER         P MAHASHABDE, S IKHANKAR        
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER       VG DESHMUKH/P.                  
                         SCHOOL TRIBUNAL NAGPUR A       AGP/R-1,3  AND  4.              
             In                                         S P BHANDARKAR/CAV/R-2          
     WP/1877/1999                                       VG.DESHMUKH, TD GAIKWAD         
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED,                

130. LPA/164/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                MS. SA JOSHI.                   
                        V/S MR. CHANDRASHEKHAR TO       SD THAKUR, DS THAKUR/R-
                        LIRAMJI TITARMARE AND ANO       (MEMO)                          
             In                                         SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
     WP/2644/2003                                       AGP/R-2                         
                                                        SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE          
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SM DESHPANDE/R-2.               
     LPA/167/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED IMPLEMENTS DIVISIO       SA JOSHI                        
                        V/S BABA RAMBHAUJI SATHE        SD THAKUR, DS THAKUR/R-
                         AND  ANOTHER                   (MEMO)                          
             In                                         SD THAKUR, DS THAKUR/R 
     WP/2875/2003                                       SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
                                                        SD THAKUR,DS THAKUR             
                                                        RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE,         
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SM DESHPANDE/R-2.               
     LPA/176/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, AS ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED IMPLEMENTS DIVISIO       SA JOSHI                        
                        V/S MANOJ RAMBHAU LAROKAR       SD THAKUR, DS THAKUR/R-
                          AND  ANR.                     (MEMO)                          
             In                                         SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R            
     WP/2655/2003                                       AGP/R-2                         
                                                        SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SM DESHPANDE/        
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
     LPA/177/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                MS. SA JOSHI.                   
                        V/S MR. PRABHU KISANRAO D       SD  AND  SS THAKUR/R-1          
                        ONGRE, NAGPUR AND ANOTHER       SD THAKUR, DS THAKUR/R-
             In                                         (MEMO)                          
     WP/2656/2003                                       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R            
                                                        SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SM DESHPANDE,        
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SG ZINJARDE/R-2.                
     LPA/178/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                MS. SA JOSHI.                   
                        V/S MR. NANDU AJABRAO THA       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        KRE AND ANOTHER.                SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R            
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2657/2003                                       SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SM DESHPANDE/        
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SG ZINJARDE/R-2.                
     LPA/183/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                MS. SA JOSHI.                   
                        V/S MR. SANDEEP PURUSHOTT       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        AM GEDAM, AKOLA AND ANOTH       SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2513/2004                                       SD THAKUR                       
                                                        RB PURANIK/R-2                  
     LPA/187/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED, HINGNA ROAD, NAGP       MR. SA JOSHI                    
                        V/S MR.OMPRAKASH MANOHARR       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        AO TARASE AND ANOTHER           SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2874/2003                                       SD THAKUR,DS THAKUR             
                                                        RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE          
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SM DESHPANDE/R-2.               
                                                        SG ZINJARDE/R-2.                
     LPA/191/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                MS. SA JOSHI.                   
                        V/S MR. PRAMOD BHAURAOJI        SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        LOHAKARE AND ANOTHER.           SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/4930/2004                                       SD THAKUR                       
                                                        RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE          
     LPA/193/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE, S       
                        IMITED IMPLEMENTS DIVISIO       A JOSHI                         
                        V/S VINOD NAMDEORAO BHAGA       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        T                               SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2638/2003                                       SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK/R-2.                 
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        SG ZINJARDE/R-2.                
     LPA/196/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                MS. SA JOSHI.                   
                        V/S MR. SHRIKANT BABURAO        SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        KITE, NAGPUR AND ANOTHER.       SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2660/2003                                       SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SM DESHPANDE/        
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SG ZINJARDE/R-2                 
                                                        SG ZINJARDE/R-2.                
     LPA/198/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINJARDE,        
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                MS. SA JOSHI.                   
                        V/S MR. PRAVIN DHANRAJ PR       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        AJAPATI, NAGPUR AND ANOTH       SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2654/2003                                       SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE          
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SM DESHPANDE/R-2                
                                                        SG ZINJARDE/R-2.                
     LPA/200/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PUROHIT,SG ZINJARDE, S       
                        IMITED, IMPLEMENTS DIVISI       A JOSHI                         
                        V/S PRAKASH SAHEBRAO ASAT       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        KAR  AND  ANR.                  SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R            
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2643/2003                                       SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE          
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SM DESHPANDE/R-2.               
     LPA/189/2005       MAHINDRA  AND  MAHINDRA L       RB PURANIK, SG ZINAJARDE,       
                        IMITED., NAGPUR.                 MS. SA JOSHI.                  
                        V/S MR. NARESH PARSHURAMJ       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        I PACHARE AND ANOTHER.          SD, DS THAKUR/R                 
             In                                         AGP/R-2                         
     WP/2646/2003                                       SD/DS THAKUR                    
                                                        RB PURANIK,SG ZINJARDE          
                                                        ON MERIT.                       
                                                        R.NO.1  AND  2 ARE SERVED       
                                                        SM DESHPANDE/R-2.               

131. FA/235/2005        NAMDEO PANDURANG DIGHADE        SD MALKE                        
                        WARDHA..                        AB POTDAR                       
                        V/S SMT MANJULA ALIAS LAX       S DORLE                         
                        MI NAGPUR....                   VINAY DAHAT/P                   
                                                        DG PATI, SV INGOLE, JS WA       
                                                        VG DESHMUKH                     
                                                        PM DESHKAR.MS.MS KAPSE/R-       
                                                        NB KALAMKAR/R                   
                                                        ROSHAN R PRAJAPATI, RK KH       
                                                        UBHANI, SD CHOPDE/R-1           

132. WP/224/2006        POWER CONTROLS THR. PROP.       N.G.RAMBHAD (IN PERSON)         
                         NATHU GANGADHAR RAMBHAD        GP FOR R-1  AND  3              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE                                       
                        CY., DEPT. O FINANCE                                            

133. WP/499/2006        UNION OF INDIA,MINISTRY O       DR.RS SUNDARAM,MS.UR TANN       
                        F COMMUNICATION,DEPTT.OF        A                               
                        V/S MANOHAR RAMCHANDRA MA       GG MODAK, AD DESHPANDE, R       
                        HAJAN                           S SUBHEDAR/R                    
                                                        VT BHOSKAR, KD LANGDE/R-S       
                                                        VT BHOSKAR, KDLANDGE R-SO       

134. WP/517/2006        DINESH S/O VASUDEORAO CHA       VS KUKDEY,MS.PL GUPTA           
                        NNAWAR                          KUNAL NALAMWAR/P                
                        V/S YESHWANT RURAL EDUCAT       ANAND SURYAKANT JAISWAL         
                        ION SOCIETY,THR.ITS CHAIR       BG KULKARNI/R-3                 
                                                        SP DHARMADHIKARI/R-1,2          
     WP/706/2006        YESHWANT RURAL EDU. SOCY.       SP DHARMADHIKARI/P              
                         THR. CHAIRMAN  AND  ORS.       VS KUKDAY, PL GUPTA/ R 
                        V/S RASTRASANT TUKADOJI M       BG KULKARNI/R-1 TO 4            
                        AHARAJ NAG.UNIV. THR. REG       ANAND SURYAKANT JAISWAL         
                                                        KUNAL KRANTI NALAMWAR           
     WP/4466/2003       CITIZENS EDUCATION SOCTY.       A PARCHURE                      
                                                        BG KULKARNI/R-1.                
                        V/S NAGPUR UNIVERSITY THR       KK PATHAK/R-2                   
                        OUGH ITS REGISTRAR  AND         PC MARPAKWAR, AP MAMDALWA       
     WP/2125/2004       WAINGANGA BAHU UDDESHIYA        CS KAPTAN                       
                        VIKAS SANSTHA, NAGPUR           BG KULKARNI/R-1                 
                        V/S NAGPUR UNIVERSITY NAG       BP/VP MALDHURE/R-2.             
                        PUR AND ANOTHER                 PC MARPAKWAR, AP MAMDALWA       

135. WP/630/2006        MR NIKUNJ LAXMIKANT GUPTA       HD DANGRE,H BHALCHANDRA         
                                                        SHRI MOHARIL/R-1 TO 3.          
                        V/S MAHARASHTRA STATE ELE       AM/WM QUAZI/MS WAKIL/R-
                        CTRICITY BOARD,ANGPUR AND                                       

136. WP/658/2006        MS.VEENA D/O. PRABHAKAR M       RS PARSODKAR,PD RANE,WAGH       
                        OTE.                            MARE,ABHYANKA.                  
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       JS DANI,DY KUMBHARE             
                        TRA  AND 4 ORS.                 SK MISHRA, SB BANGDE/R          
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                                                        D  5                            
                                                        R-3  AND  4 ARE SERVED          

137. WP/685/2006        SMT MRINAL WD/O LATE SUDH       MB AGASTI                       
                        AKARRAO BHAKE                   SK BANSOD                       
                        V/S STATE BANK OF INDIA,        GIRISH CHAUBEY/R-3              
                        THR.DY GEN.MANAGER              SN KUMAR, Y RAMANI/R-1.         
                                                        GIRISH CHAUBEY/R-2              

138. FA/721/2006        OMPRAKASH S/O. KHEMRAJ WA       SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE,        
                        LDE.                            SD KHATI,SG RAMTEKE.            
                        V/S SMT.BINDU W/O. OMPRAK       AA KASHIKAR                     
                        ASH WALDE.                      SN / S SARODIYA, MG SARDA       
                                                        VB DANGRE                       
                                                        AH LOHIYA, CR WADEKAR/R         

139. WP/725/2006        CHARANDAS MAROTRAO RAMTEK       MISS RV KALIA                   
                        E                               VA MASODKAR, MRS. MS JAWA       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. EDU. DE       LKAR, MV MASODKAR               
                        P. THR. GP HIGH COURT NAG       COPY SERVED TO G.P./R-1         
                                                        AND  3                          
                                                        GP/R 1  AND  3                  
                                                        R-2 IS SERVED                   

140. WP/948/2006        IDEAL CELLULAR LTD.,THR.I       M ANIL KUMAR,JYOTI KURANI       
                        TS AUTHORISED REPRESENTAT       GP/R-1                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        DM SURJUSE/R-2                  
                        THR.COLLECTOR,WASHIM  AND       ANIL S MARDIKAR/R-3             
                                                        R-2  AND  3 SERVED              

141. WP/953/2006        IDEA CELLULAR LTD.,THR IT       M ANILKUMAR,JYOTI KURANI        
                        S AUTHORISED REPRESENTATI       GP/R-2                          
                        V/S GRAM PANCHAYAT COMMIT                                       
                        TE, KANHAN PIMPRI,THR. SA                                       

142. WP/1087/2006       GAURABAI WD/O MAROTI NAGP       BHARATI TAMGADGE, RA KADA       
                        URE                             M, KIRTY MULEY                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        BS TANGADGE, GB PUROHIT,        
                         AND  OTHERS.                   RAJNISH VYAS/P                  
                                                        GP FOR RESPONDENTS.             
                                                        G.P./R-1 TO 3                   

                        KE THR. LRS. SHRI BHALCHA       . ATEEQUE                       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1 AND       
. ITS SECRETARY, GENERAL         2                              

144. WP/1266/2006       ASSOCIAION OF MAH. EDU. S       Z.A. HAQ , M.I.KHAN, R.J.       
                        ERVICES CLASS-I OFFICERS,        MIRZA, SHAMAL KADOO            
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA  A       SK MISHRA/R-1 AND 2             
                        ND  2 OTHERS                    COPY SERVED TO GP/R-3  AN       
                                                        D  C.F.R-1                      

145. WP/1374/2006       DNYANESHWAR NETRAM RAUT         SD MALKE, SP HEDAOO, V PA       
                                                        TIT, M CHIKHALE                 
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       SHRI PENDHARKAR                 
                        , ZP AND 5 OTHERS               G BELSARE                       
                                                        NM JIBHAKATE/R--3  AND 
                                                        GP/R-1,2  AND  6.               
                                                        R-5 SERVED.                     

146. WP/1525/2006       SUMAN VISHWAMBHARRAO VADA       SB CHAUDHARI                    
                        FALE AND 7 OTHERS               RP MARCHATWAR                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA THR SEC       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1 RO        
                         AND 5 OTHERS                   6                               

                        V/S DIVISIONAL CASTE SCRU       G.P./R-2                        
                        TINY COMMITTEE, AND ANOTH       G.P./R-1  AND  2                

148. WP/1636/2006       SMT NILIMA SARDARSINGH CH       SM PURANIK                      
                        AVAN                            G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECR                                       
.MUMBAI AND 2 OTHERS                                            

149. WP/1784/2006       ATMARAM K. PATIL                VM GEDAM                        
                                                        AS KILOR, SS SHINGANE/P         
                        V/S UNION F INDIA THR. SE       GIRISH/NG CHOUBEY/R-1           
                        CY. MINISTRY FINANCE            G.P./R-1  AND  2.               

                        D WINE BAR YAVATMAL AND 6       GP/R.                           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECR       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1 AND       
.MUMBAI AND 3 OTHRS              2                              
                                                        R-3  AND  4 ARE SERVED          
        REMARK : ...[A/W CONNECTED MATTERS]. [A/W W.P./131/2006(D) FOR REF.]. 
     WP/1318/2002       M/S.ESPEE WINES,THR.ITS P       A PARCHURE,RR VYAS              
                        ROP.  AND 14 ORS.               GP/RESPDTS.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  2 ORS.                                                    

151. WP/2014/2006       KAMRUNISA WD/O ASHRAF HUS       TAJWAR KHAN                     
                        SAIN                            RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA/R--       
                        V/S THE PROVIDENT FUND CO       1                               

152. WP/2033/2006       KAMALKISHORE TULASHIDASJI       BN/SB MOHTA                     
                         MALPANI                        AG GHAROTE, GOPAL SAWAL,        
                        V/S THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL       A SAMBARAY/R-3B                 
                        , PULGAON THR. ITS CHIEF        AG GHAROTE, AA SAMBARAY/R       
                                                        -3 (F) II, 3 (F) I, 3 (E)       
                                                        Y SAWAL/R-3(D), 3(F) (I)        
                                                        TO (III)                        
                                                        R-3(A),(B),(C),(E) ARE SE       
                                                        ABHAY SAMBRE, VIVEK AWCHA       
                                                        T, PRAJAKTA HANDE/R-1,2         

                         SANGH AND ANOTHER              YE                              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA THR SEC       CV KALE, UK BISEN, GK SAW       
                        RETARY, AND 2 OTHERS            AYEE, H JAISWAL/R-2,3           
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2                 
                         KARKHANDAR SANGH AND ANO        ND KUBDE                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA THR SEC       CV KALE, GK SAWAYEE, M JA       
                        RETARY AND 2 OTHERS             ISWAL/R-2, 3                    
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2                 
     WP/2118/2006       MAHA GINNING AND PRESSING       MM AGNIHOTRI, AS ATHALYE        
                         KARKHANDAR SANGH, HO BAC       CV KALE, GK SAWAYEE, M JA       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA THR SEC       ISWAL/R-2, 3                    
                        RETARY, AND 2 OTHERS            AGP/R-1  AND  2                 

154. WP/2135/2006       KU. SONALI MANIKRAO BHAKR       MV SAMARTH                      
                        E                               PS TIDKE                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE       G.P./R--1 TO 3                  
                        CY. EDUCATION DEPT., MUMB       BG KULKARNI/R 4                 
                                                        P KOTWAL,MS BAJPAI/R-5          
                                                        BG KULKARNI  AND  A.PARCH       

155. WP/2209/2006       CHANDRAPAL S/O RATANSINGH       BT PATIL, AMOL PATIL            
                         RAJPUT                         G.P./R--1                       
                        V/S DIVISIONAL CASTE SCRU       SG JAGTAP, SU BHUYAR/R-
                        TINY COMMITTEE, AMRAVATI         AND  3.                        

156. WP/2294/2006       DADARAO S/O SHIVRAM BELE        PD MEGHE, AK WAGHMARE, DN       
                                                         MATHUR, GYANENDRA KUSHWA       
                        V/S MAHARASHTRA STATE COO       SW DESHPANDE/R-1, 2             
                        PERATIVE TRIBAL DEVELOPME                                       

157. WP/2310/2006       RAMBHAU NARAYAN VIDHALE         VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR,        
                                                        GR SADAR                        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA THR       G.P./R-1  AND  2                
                         ITS SECRETARY, AND ANOTH                                       

158. WP/2436/2006       SMT ANITA AJAY JAGTAP           AS CHANDURKAR                   
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/P                 
                        V/S DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION       VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR/R       
                         MAH.STATE PUNE AND 3 OTH        3                              
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2                 
                                                        V.K.KOTHALE/R-3 AND R-4         

159. WP/2458/2006       BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMI       VANDAN GADKARI,/P/              
                        TED, AMRAVATI                   SC  AND  AS MEHADIA, RA J       
                        V/S MUNICIPAL CORPORATION       AIN/P                           
                        , AMRAVATI THR. ITS COMMI       JB KASAT/R-SOLE                 

160. WP/2466/2006       MOTILAL AMRITLAL GANGORE        MM SUDAME                       
                        AND 66 OTHERS                   SK MISHRA/R-1,2                 
                        V/S UINION OF INDIA AND A                                       

161. WP/2549/2006       SAU SUSHILA SATYANARAYAN        AS KILOR                        
                        KHANDELWAL                      VB MAHANT                       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.THR.       MK PATHAN/R-2  AND  3           
                        SECR.MUMBAI AND 2 OTHERS        GP/R-1.                         
                                                        JB KASAT/R-2 AND 3              

162. WP/2575/2006       BHARATSINGH S/O FAKIRCHAN       PS KHUBALKAR, SS CHAUHAN        
                        D RAJPUT                        G.P./RESPDTS.                   
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH THR.       G.P./R-1 TO 5                   
                         SECY. SOCIAL JUSTICE  AN                                       

                        RNINIYA                         ALKAR                           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE       GP/R 1 TO 3                     
                        CY. REVENUE DEPT.  AND  O       MK PATHAN/R-4                   

164. WP/2967/2006       MRS. ANJALI W/O MANGESH S       ND THOMBRE, ND KHAMBORKAR       
                        HALIGRAM                        SC/AS MEHADIA/R 2               
                        V/S GOVT. OF INDIA THR. S       GIRISH CHOUBEY/R-1              
                        ECY. MINISTRY OF STEEL  A                                       

165. WP/3049/2006       SADASHIVRAO PATIL SHIKSHA       RL KHAPRE, AD DANGORE           
                        N SANSTHA THR. SECY.            AVINASH GORDEY/R 5              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP/R-1 TO 4.                    
                        THR. SECY. DEPT. OF REVEN       RD RASKAR/R-5                   
                                                        AA NAIK, NA GAIKWAD/R-5         

166. WP/3058/2006       GAJANAN AMBADASRAO NAVALE       PS PATIL, SB RAJAK              
                        V/S VIDYA PRASARAK SANSTH       HA DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
                        A THR PRESIDENT AND 2 OTH       SP BHANDARWAR  AND  GS BA       
                                                        HA DESHPANDE/R-4                

167. WP/3092/2006       HEMRAJ BUDHA RAUT               YR SONKUSARE                    
                                                        RP JOSHI/R-4                    
                        V/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO       PR JOSHI,AM GHOGARE/R/-
                         LTD THR CHAIRMAN CUM MD        DN KUKDAY/R-1                   

168. WP/3170/2006       RAJENDRA RAVINDRA KALSE         MV MOHOKAR, PA GEDAM            
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA HIGHER                                        
                        AND TECH EDUCATION DEPTT                                        

169. WP/3189/2006       DR PADMAKAR RAMBHAU SOMWA       CV KALE, GK SAWAYEE, UK B       
                        NSHI                            ISEN                            
                        V/S VICE-CHANCELLOR AND A       BG KULKARNI/R-1.                
                        NOTHER                          MRS.TD KHADE/R-1  AND  

170. WP/3247/2006       DR PRABHAKAR SHANKARRAO K       AR/UA PATIL,KA PATIL            
                        HADATAKAR                       JY GHURDE/R-4,5                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.DEPT       G.P. FOR R-1 TO 3.              
     WP/4560/2008       UTTAM S/O SHRIDHAR RAO KA       AR,UA,KA PATIL                  
                        NDALKAR                         GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR ITS        AL DESHPANDE/R-4                
                        PRINCIPAL SECRETARY  AND                                        

                        ED THR. AUTHORISED REPRES       SM PURANIK/R                    
                        V/S NAGPUR MUNICIPAL CORP       CS KAPTAN/R-1                   
                        ORATION THR. MUNICIPAL CO       CS KAPTAN, VD KAPLEY/R-SO       
                                                        JB KASAT                        

172. WP/3409/2006       DNYANESHWAR S/O DADAJI WA       MM AGNIHOTRI,A ATHALYA          
                        RADKAR                          S/SP DHOLE, A DHOLE, M KO       
                        V/S MAHARASHTRA STATE COO       THALAY/R                        
                        P. COTTON GROWERS MARKETI       RS SUBHEDAR, AA SAMBARAY/       

173. WP/3441/2006       SHOBHA W/O NANDKISHOR SHE       SD CHOPDE                       
                        NDE                             PD MEGHE, AK WAGHMARE, DN       
                        V/S CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFIC        MATHUR/R 1                     
                        ER, ZILLA PARISHAD, WARDH       PD MEGHE, DN MATHUR/R-2,        

                                                        NILESH ADBE/R-5                 
                                                        R-4  AND  6 SERVED ON MER       

174. WP/3630/2006       COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR G       SK MISHRA/P-1,2                 
                        ENERAL OF INDIA AND ANOTH       GIRISH CHOUBE                   
                        V/S DIVISIONAL ACCOUNTS O       RS SUNDARAM/UR TANNA/R-
                        FFICERS/DIV. ACCOUNTANTS         AND  2                         

175. WP/3676/2006       MAH.ANUDANIT AYURVED VA U       AR/UA/KA PATIL                  
                        NANI MAHAVIDYALAYA SHIKSH       G.P./R-1  AND  2.               
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.DEPT                                       
.MEDICAL EDUCATION AND DR                                       

                        TE                              H                               
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA, EDN DE       GP/R 1, 2                       
                        PTT THR SEC AND 3 ORS           SW SAMBRE, SP BODALKAR/R        

177. WP/3774/2006       SMT LAXMIBAI ANANDRAOJI B       CS SAMUDRA                      
                        ANTE AND ANOTHER                HD DANGRE/R-4 TO 7              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECR       G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  
.MUMBAI AND 6 OTHERS            HD DANGRE/R-8                   

178. WP/3908/2006       MADHYA UTILITIES  AND  IN       SP DHARAMDHIKARI, MY KANK       
                        VESTMENT LTD.  THROUGH IT       ALE                             
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA, THROU       MY KANADE                       
                        GH THE SECRETARY,  AND  O       HD DANGRE, ST MADHANI/P         
                                                        AS JAISWAL, AA MADIWALE/P       
                                                        GIRISH CHAUBEY/R-1              
                                                        RB. DHORE / INT                 

179. WP/4935/2006       SWAPNA ARUN CHAWARE             ANAND PARCHURE, S KHANDEK       
                        V/S DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL WE       T.D. KHADE/R-4                  
                        LFARE MAHA. STATE AND 2 O       BB RAIPURE/R-2  AND  3.         
                                                        RAHUL DHANJAY KHADE             

180. WP/5289/2006       SMT NALINI W/O LATE VASAN       SMT. AP SHINDE                  
                        T AMALE                         S.P. KSHIRSAGAR                 
                        V/S DY. DIRECTOR, VOCATIO       FOR/P                           
                        NAL EDUCATION  AND  TRAIN       PRAKASH KESHAORAO DHOMNE        
                                                        G.P./R-1  AND  5..              
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                

                        ST THRU. PRESIDENT  AND         ANI                             
                        V/S THE VICE CHANCELLOR,        JB JAISWAL/R-1,2                
                         AND  3 ORS.                    GP/R-3                          
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE/R.4              
        REMARK : ... [A/W CONNECTED MATTERS] ... 
                        K                               JB JAISWAL/R-3                  
                        V/S VANIJJYA MAHAVIDYALAY       G.P./R-4.                       
                         TRUST THRU. PRESIDENT AN       US DASTANE, G BAMBHALANI/       

182. WP/5902/2006       UNION OF INDIA THRU. SECT       J SHENDE                        
                        Y. AND 2 ORS.                   SK MISHRA/P                     
                        V/S AM BHANDAKKAR AND  2        G. MISHRA                       
                        ORS.                            RAMESH DARDA                    
                                                        TUSHAR DARDA                    
                                                        B. LAHIRI, VT BANGARE, DP       
                                                        R-3 SERVED ON MERIT.            

183. WP/6313/2006       SRIPADA BISWAS                  MW HARSULKAR                    
                                                        AB BAMBAL, VA PATAIT            
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THRU.        SK MISHRA/R-1 TO 3              
                        SECTY. AND 2 ORS.               MRS. ANJALI ARVIND JOSHI        

184. WP/6410/2006       ASHOK WAMANRAO KHODKE           RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       R-2  AND  3 ARE SERVED ON       
                        ECTY. AND 2 ORS.                 MERIT.                         
     CAW/698/2012       ASHOK WAMANRAO KHODKE           DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S                                       
                        ECTY. AND 2 ORS.                                                

185. WP/6436/2006       CHHANNOOLAL NAVIN VIDYA B       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        HAVAN THRU. SECTY.  AND         AA SENAD                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        HA DESHPANDE/R-4                
                        SECTY. AND  3 ORS.              G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  

186. WP/4/2007          THE GONDWANA CLUB THRU. P       VR/HV THAKUR                    
                        RESIDENT                        G.P. FOR RESPDTS.               
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        AGP/R-1 TO 3                    
                        SECTY. AND 2 ORS.                                               

187. WP/76/2007         DR. ARUN MAHADEVRAO BANGR       PC  AND  KP  AND  VP MARP       
                        E                               AKWAR                           
                        V/S SOUTH CENTRAL ZONE CU       AP MAMDALWAR                    
                        LTURAL CENTRE, THR DIRECT       CS KAPTAN/P                     
                                                        AMOL MARDIKAR /R-1              

188. WP/77/2007         MATSYA PALAN SAH. SANSTHA       SK TAMBDE, CP CHANDURKAR        
                         LTD., THRU. PRESIDENT          AY KAPGATE/R-1  AND  2          
                        V/S ZILLA PARISHAD THRU.        R-3 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        C.E.O.  AND  2 ORS.                                             

189. WP/80/2007         ALL INDIA SCHEDULE CASTE/       SD MALKE, AB POTDAR, AC G       
                        SCHEDULE TRIBE THRU. VICE       HUTKE                           
                        V/S CHIEF MANAGING DIRECT       SC  AND  AS MEHADIA/R-1         
                        OR AND 4 ORS.                   R-2 TO 5 ARE SERVED             

190. WP/86/2007         KRUSHNARAO MADHAORAO DESH       SAMEER SOHONI                   
                        MUKH AND 2 ORS.                 AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI/R-
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       PA ABHYANKAR/R-7                
                        RU. DESK OFFICER  AND  8        I.D.CHAUVAN/R-7 (IN PERSO       
                                                        NR BORKAR/R-4,6                 
                                                        OY KASHID/CAV/R-4 TO 6.         
                                                        KS MALOKAR/R-8                  
                                                        G.P./R-1 TO 3,7,8  AND 

                                                         SD KHATI                       
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       OD KAKDE, AM GEDAM/R-2,
                         (SEC) AND 3 ORS.               G.P.FOR R-1.                    
                                                        R-4 SERVED                      

192. WP/172/2007        GIRIDHAR LAXMANDAS HARWAN       MI KHAN, SZ QAZI                
                        I                               RJ MIRZA                        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI/R-
                        RU. SECTY. AND 2 ORS.           COPY SERVED TO G.P./R-1                                                        R-2  AND  4 SERVED ON MER       

193. WP/216/2007        BHAURAO MAHADEO DHEWALE A       MP MUNSHI                       
                        ND ANOR.                        TG MESHRAM                      
                        V/S CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFIC       MI DHATRAK/R-1                  
                        ER AND 2 ORS.                   G.P./R-2  AND  3.               

194. WP/250/2007        DR. PRUSHVIRAJ NATTHUJI D       AR/UA/KA PATIL, SK URADE        
                        ONGRE                           BT/AB PATIL/R-6                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        BT/AB PATIL/R-1                 
                        REGISTRAR AND 5 ORS.            G.P./R-4.                       
                                                        R-2 TO 5 ARE SERVED,G.P                                                        R-4                             
                                                        SA RADKE/R-5.                   
                                                        SA RADKE/R-5                    

195. WP/295/2007        ZP,WARDHA,THR.ITS CHEIF E       PD MEGHEA,AK WANGHMARE,DN       
                        X.OFFICER  AND  ANOR.            MATHUR                         
                        V/S BHAURAO BHAGWAN GOLHA       MR RAJGURE/R                    
                        R                               -SOLE.                          

                        R AND 5 ORS.                    AR                              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       MA.BAPAT/3  AND  4              
                        ECTY. AND 3 ORS.                GP/R-1.                         

197. WP/327/2007        MASTER ALOK ANIL CHAND          CS SAMUDRA                      
                                                        MB NASRE/R-3                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.SECR       MRS. TD KHADE/R-6.              
                         MUMBAI AND 5 OTHERS            G.P./R-1 TO 5.                  
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 5                     

198. WP/405/2007        VIJAYA W/O RAMESH VAIDYA        SV SIRPURKAR, NB JAWADE,        
                                                        PW LOHEY                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE       GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                        CY. TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT DE       G.P./RESPDNTS.                  
                                                        R-5 TO 7 ARE DELETED            

                        PVT LTD, THRU ITS DIRECTO        GUPTA                          
                        V/S STATE TRANSPORT AUTHO       VG WANKHEDE/R-3                 
                        RITY OF MAH.                    G.P./R-1  AND  2.               
                                                        R-4  AND  R-5 SERVED ON M       
                                                        ERIT./GP FOR R-1 TO 3           

200. WP/422/2007        ANUPKUMAR SHANKARRAO DAML       SS SANYAL, SM UKEY              
                        E                               RG AGRAWAL,A UPASANI/R-
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THRU.        TO 4                            
                        SECTY.  AND  3 ORS                                              

201. WP/447/2007        MOHAMMAD SAMIULLAH SALAMA       DR. AH JAMAL, JH JUMDE          
                        TULLAH                          G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        PD KOTHARI/R-4  AND  5.         
                        SECTY. AND 4 ORS.               OW GUPTA/R-4  AND  5            

202. WP/450/2007        ARUN S/O GANESH SONKUSALE       VV  AND  RM BHANGDE, GR A       
                        V/S MAHARASHTRA STATE POW       MD.LAKHEY,SP .BHANDARKAR/       
                        ER GENERATION COMPANY LTD       R-SOLE                          
                                                        RE MOHARIR/R                    
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/R-SOLE            
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR, SA DEOLE/R       
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/R-SOLE            

203. MCA/451/2007       MOHANLAL S/O BAKHATRAM CH       RM BHANGDE                      
                        AWLA  AND  ORS                  VV BHANGDE, GR AGRAWAL          
                        V/S THE NAGPUR MUNICIPAL        COPY SERVED TO VD KAPLAY        
                        CORPORATION, NAGPUR  AND        FOR R-1 AND 2.                  
             In                                         G.P./RESPDNT                    
     WP/6467/2005                                       SS JACHAK/R-1  AND  2           
                                                        MG/VV BHANGDE, GR AGRAWAL       
                                                        RS PARSODKAR/R-1  AND  
     MCA/203/2007       RAMDAS MAROTRAO KATHLE  A       VV/RM BHANGDE, GR AGRAWAL       
                        ND  89 ORS.                     RS PARSODKAR/R-1  AND  2,       
                        V/S THE NAGPUR MUNCL. COR        AGP/R-4                        
                        PN.  AND  3 ORS.                PC MADKHOLKAR/R-3               
             In                                         SANGEETA JACHAK/R-1             
     WP/5931/2005                                       MG/VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL        
                                                        MG,VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL        
                                                        RS PARSODKAR                    
                                                        PC MADKHOLKAR/INT.              
                                                        AGP/R-1,2  AND  4.              
     MCA/1344/2007      MADHAV S/O MURALIDHAR MUL       ANAND PARCHURE, AS JOSHI        
                        E  AND  12 ORS.                 AGP/R-1(MEMO AWAITED).RS        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. DEPT OF       PARSODKAR/R-2 AND 3.            
                         URBAN DEVELOPMENT THRU I       SANGEETA JACHAK/R-2             
             In                                         GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
     WP/6255/2005                                       FOR/R-1                         
                                                        SP DHARMADHIKARI, US DAST       
                                                        ANE, ANAND JOSHI                
                                                        PC MADKHOLKAR/INT.              
                                                        MS RANE FOR R-2  AND  3         
                                                        GP FOR R-1                      
                                                        RS PARSODKAR/R-2  AND  

204. WP/471/2007        SHABARI ADIWASI BAHU-UDDE       ANAND PARCHURE, S SAOJI         
                        SHIYA SHIKSHAN MANDAL THR       GG MISHRA,SS JACHAK/R-4         
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        MRS. IL BODADE/R-4.             
                        SECTY. AND 3 ORS.               G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  

205. WP/479/2007        ANKUSH ANIL KHIYANI             RS PARSODKAR, PD RANE, VU       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       NEETA JOG/R-2                   
                        RU. PRINCIPAL SECTY. AND        G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  

206. WP/489/2007        ASHOK UTTAMRAO GAWANDE          KLPNAA PATHAK, SA PATHAK,       
                                                         SN DORLIKAR                    
                        V/S BANK OF BARODA THRU.        CS SAMUDRA /R-1 TO R-4          
                        DY.G.M.  AND  3 ORS.                                            

207. WP/524/2007        THE SECTY. DEPT. OF URBAN       GP                              
                         DEVP.  AND  3 ORS.             MM AGNIHOTRI, PD DAGA/R-1       
                        V/S PRAKASH GANPATRAO BHU       , 2, 4, 6                       
                        KTE AND 6 ORS.                  MM AGNIHOTRI/R-3                
                                                        L.RS.OF R-5  SERVED             

208. WP/527/2007        SUNIL KANNHYALAL BENDWAL        AS KILOR, VB MAHANT             
                                                        PB PATIL/R-2                    
                        V/S THE COLLECTOR  AND  2       G.P./R-1.                       
                         ORS.                           RL KHAPRE/R-2                   
                                                        R-3  AND  4 ARE SERVED          
                                                        ABHAY SAMBRE                    

209. WP/538/2007        VIJAY RAJABHAU CHINCHOLKA       MW HARSULKAR, AB BAMBAL         
                        R                               VA PATAIT                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        B.LAHIRI/P                      
                        SECTY. AND ANOR.                RS PARSODKAR/P                  
                                                        G.P.FOR RESPDTS.                

210. WP/541/2007        VITTHAL LAXMANRAO KOHLE,        NILESH ADBE                     
                                                        RS PARSODKAR/R-1 AND 2          
                        V/S MAHARASHTRA SHIKSHAN        GP/R-3.                         
                        SANSTHA AND 2 ORS.              GP/R-3                          

211. WP/560/2007        SUBODHKUMAR MANIKCHAND JA       RP  JOSHI, AM GHOGARE           
                        IN                              MD LAKHE/R-1 TO 3.              
                        V/S ASST. ENGINEER, M.S.E       AL DESHPANDE/R- 1 TO 3          
.D. CO. LTD.,  AND  2 ORS       AL DESHPANDE, MD LAKHEY/R       
                                                        -1  AND  2                      

212. WP/617/2007        KU. SUREKHA D/O RAMHARI P       NR SABOO, ABHIJIT PARIHAR       
                        AWAR                            VV NAIK/R-3                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       SU NEMADE, RR RATHOD, RJ        
                        S SECRETARY AND 3 OTHERS        SHINDE/R-4                      
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  3                  
                                                        R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            

213. FA/664/2007        VIJAYA SUDHAKAR SHEWARE         BB RAIPURE, P. KHOBRAGADE       
                                                        KAVITA NIKHADE/CAV/R-SOLE       
                        V/S SUDHAKAR SHIVAJI SHEW                                       

214. WP/703/2007        GOPAL JAIRAMDAS KHARKATE        AP THAKARE, AR BHISE            
                                                        A MARDIKAR, AP THAKARE/P        
                        V/S CHIEF ENGINEER, P.W.D       RK DESHPANDE, MD LAKHEY,        
. AND 6 ORS.                    SP BHANDARKAR/R-1 TO 7          
                                                        RK.DESHPANDE/R-1 TO 7           
                                                        AS CHANDURKAR/R-2,6  AND        

                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/R-1TO7            

215. WP/711/2007        SATYANARAYAN GAURISHANKAR       SA GORDEY, PA RAJURKAR          
                         AGRAWAL                        RK DESHPANDE, SP BHANDARK       
                        V/S DY. EXECUTIVE ENGINEE       AR, MD LAKHEY/R-1,2             
                        R AND ANOR.                     AS CHANDURKAR FOR R.NO.
                                                          AND  2                        

216. WP/733/2007        VAIJINATH MALLIKARJUN KUM       RN GHUGE                        
                        ARE                             COPY SERVED TO GP FOR R/3       
                        V/S THE C.E.O. AND 4 ORS.       .                               
                                                        RD BHUIBHAR,SA DUTONDE/R-       

                                                        PP KOTWAL/R-5                   
                                                        R-1  AND  4 SERVED              

217. WP/767/2007        M/S. PRAKASH FABRICATORS        SV BHUTADA, SD GARAD            
                        PVT. LTD., THRU. DIRECTOR       RK DESHPANDE, MD LAKHEY,        
                        V/S MAHA. STATE ELECTRICI       SP BHANDARKAR/R-1  AND 
                        TY DIST. CO.LTD., THRU. S       .                               
                                                        RK DESHPANDE, S BHANDARKA       
                                                        R, MD LAKHEY/R-1,2              
                                                        AS CHANDURKAR/R-1  AND 
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/R-1 AND 2         

218. WP/819/2007        STATE OF MAH. THRU ITS SE       GP                              
                        CY. SOCIAL WELFARE  AND         NR SABOO/CAV/R-6                
                        V/S AWADHOOT DAULAT MANGE       R-1,2,3  AND  5 ARE SERVE       
                          AND  5 ORS.                   D,L.R'S OF R-4A TO 4-E SE       
     WP/826/2007        THE STATE OF MAH. THRU IT       G.P.                            
                        S SECY  AND  5 ORS.             NR SABOO/R-SOLE                 
                        V/S EKNATH BALAJI PATRE         NR SABOO/CAV/R-SOLE.            
     WP/825/2007        THE STATE OF MAH. THRU IT       GP                              
                        S SECY.  AND  4 ORS.            NR SABOO/R-1,2,3,4              
                        V/S SAU. VIMAL SIDHDARTH        NR SABOO/CAV/R-1 TO 4.          
                        GEDAM  AND  3 ORS.                                              

219. WP/823/2007        THE STATE OF MAH. THRU IT       GP                              
                        S SECY.  WOMAN AND CHILD        NR SABOO/R-1,2                  
                        V/S SHRIRAM SONBA BHARNE        NR SABOO/CAV/R-1  AND  
                         AND  ANOR.                                                     
     WP/824/2007        STATE OF MAHA. AND 2 ORS.       GP                              
                                                        NR SABOO/R-SOLE                 
                        V/S VASANT RAGHOBAJI KOPR       NR SABOO/CAV/R-SOLE.            
     WP/5491/2009       SANKALP VARDHINI GRAMIN Y       HD DANGRE                       
                        UWA SANSTHA, JAMB, THR IT       ANAND PARCHURE/P                
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THR IT       GP/R-1 TO 3.                    
                        S PRINCIPAL, MUMBAI AND O                                       

220. WP/863/2007        M/S. BHASKAR EXXOILS LTD.       BT / AP PATIL                   
                        , THRU. AUTH. SIGNATORY         GP/R-1                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       R-2 TO 7 ARE SERVED             
                        ECTY. AND 6 ORS.                SHRINIWAS VASANTRAO DESHP       

221. FA/898/2007        MANOJ SHANKARLAL PALIWAL        A MUDALIAR, S MUDALIAR, S       
                                                        S SHINGEWAR, A A KITE           
                        V/S MS. SWATI PALIWAL           D.C.DAGA ,H.F.KARBHARI/R-       


11.ORS.                        . ATTEEQUE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        VV NAIK/R-3                     
                        SECTY.  AND  2 ORS.             G.P./R-1  AND  2.               
                                                        R-4 TO 25 ARE SERVED            
                                                        GP/R- 1,2                       

223. WP/1172/2007       BALRAJ YADAORAO AHER            ANAND PARCHURE, AA SENAD        
                                                        JB JAISWAL/R-3                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        G.P./R-1  AND  2.               
                        SECTY. AND 2 ORS.                                               

224. WP/1422/2007       VASUDEORAO NAMDEORAO DAND       SG RAMTEKE                      
                        EKAR THRU. POWER OF ATTOR       SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH        SD KHATI, PH BARBATE/P         
                        RU. COLLECTOR AND ANOR.         G.P./R-1 AND 2                  

225. WP/1709/2007       FCI WORKERS UNION, THRU I       SA PATHAK, KK PATHAK            
                        TS ORGANISING SECY.             SR,SS DESHPANDE/R-SOLE          
                        V/S FCI, THRU ITS M.D.,         R-1 TO 5 ARE SERVED             
                        AND  4 ORS.                     SR DESHPANDE/R-4                
                                                        SS.DESHPANDE/R-1 TO 4           
                                                        R-5 SERVED.                     
                                                        SK MISHRA/R-5                   
                                                        RAMESH DARDA                    
                                                        TUSHAR DARDA                    

226. WP/2169/2007       ANIL RAMBHAU WAIRAGADE          DV CHAUHAN                      
                                                        DN KUKDAY, RV KALIA/R-1         
                        V/S MAHA. SMALL SCALE IND       AND  2                          
                        USTRIES DEVP. COROPN. LTD       R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          
                                                        BB MEHADIA, DN KUKDAY/R         

227. WP/2625/2007       ASHISH RAMESH BELORKAR          AS JAISWAL, MP RAJKONDAWA       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       AS JAISWAL, VA BRAMHE/P         
                        RU. CHIEF SECTY.  AND  2        GP/R-1 TO 3                     

228. WP/3210/2007       RAVI UDDHAO BHAILAWE AND        AC DHARMADHIKARI, RV SHIR       

2.ORS.                          ALKAR, TH UDESHI                
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THRU.        S.K. MISHRA/R-1                 
                        SECTY. AND 4 ORS.               SK.MISHRA/R-1,3  AND  4         
                                                        FT MIRZA/RESPONDENTS            
                                                        RAMESH  AND  TUSHAR DARDA       
                                                        /R-1 TO 5                       
                                                        RAMESH DARDA                    
                                                        FOR/R-1,3 AND 4                 
                                                        TUSHAR DARDA                    
                                                        FOR/R-1,3 AND 4                 

229. WP/3496/2007       ARVIND SHANKARRAO KHODKE        RS PARSODKAR, PD RANE, VU       
                        V/S THE REGN. DIRECTOR OF       DY KUMBHARE                     
                         MUNCL. ADMN.  AND  2 ORS       GP/R-1                          
                                                        DM KAKANI, GK BHUSARI, SE       
                                                         RAGHORTE, /R-2 AND 3           

230. WP/4172/2007       SAI CHHAYA VIDYA PRASARAK       BN JAIPURKAR/P                  
                         MANDAL THRU. ITS. PRESID       ND KHAMBORKAR/R-4               
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. T       G.P.FOR R-1 TO 3.               
                        HE SECTY.  AND  3 ORS.          NR DHOKE, PD MEGHE/R-3          

. HER GUARDIAN                  ADNIS                           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       FOR/P                           
                        ECTY.  AND  4 ORS.              KUNAL KRANTI NALAMWAR           
                                                        AGP FOR R-1 TO 5                

232. WP/4514/2007       SHUBHASCHANDRA VIGYANCHAN       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        DRA JAIN                        PA MARKANDEYWAR, PM SHRAW       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       ANE/LRS OF PETITIONER           
                        TRA ITS.SECRETARY,REVENUE       ANAND PARCHURE/LRS OF P-2       
                                                        VG PALSHIKAR/INT.               
                                                        VG PALSHIKAR/R-5.               
                                                        AGP/R-1,3,4, R-2,5,6 ARE        
                                                        SERVED ON MERIT.                

233. WP/4597/2007       JAIRAM DHANPAL BISEN            SHASHIKANT BORKAR               
                                                        ATUL PANDE, NB KALWAGHE,        
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       AS KILLEDAR/P                   
                         (SEC.)  AND  2 ORS.            GP/R-1                          
                                                        SS GHATE, AL PALIKUNDWAR/       
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/R-3               
                                                        ND KHAMBORKAR/R-2               

234. WP/5468/2007       ANKITA D/O ARVIND  BAWANE       GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                         THRU HER NATURAL GUARDIA       R-3  AND  R-4 SERVED ON M       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU SE       ERIT.                           
                        CY.   AND  3 ORS.                                               

235. WP/5561/2007       GAJANAN SHRIGOPAL JAJOO         MR JOHARAPURKAR, KD THAKR       
                        V/S LIFE INSURANCE CORPN.       NS BADHE, R BADHE/R-1           
                         OF INDIA THRU. CHAIRMAN        NS, RN BADHE/R-2                

236. WP/36/2008         M/S. SURETECH HOSPITAL  A       CV KALE, UK BISEN               
                        ND  RESEARCH CENTRE LTD.        GK SAWAYEE.                     
                        V/S MAH. AIRPORT DEVLP. C       AM GORDEY/P                     
                        O. LTD. THRU. ITS VICE CH       G.P./R-2,3,4.                   
                                                        VV BHANGDE/R-1                  

237. WP/382/2008        RANJANA W/O ANIL PATRIKAR       V.G. DESHMUKH, T.S. PATHA       
                        V/S THE MAH. ADMN. TRIBUN       AS BHALERAO  AND  SA BHAL       
                        AL  AND  3 ORS.                 ERAO FOR PETITIONER             
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 4                     

238. WP/795/2008        ABDUL SALIM  KHAN               M.B. BADHIYE, S.S. BADHIY       
                        V/S DIVN. ENGINEER, (ADMN       RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA/R-1       
.)   AND  ANOR.                 ,2                              

                        ANDE  AND  4 ORS.               LE.                             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. I       VN.KAKIRDE                      
                        TS SECTY.  AND  3 ORS.          PD MEGHE, A DUBEY/PETITIO       
                                                        PD MEGHE, ARVIND DUBEY, D       
                                                        M GUPTA/P                       
                                                        DM KAKANI, SE RAGHORTE/R-       

                                                        G.P/R-1  AND  3.                
                                                        R-2 SERVED                      

240. WP/1203/2008       RAMESHCHANDRA CHHATERJEE        AS MANOHAR                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. I       DM KAKANI/R-3 TO 5.             
                        TS. SECTY.  AND  4 ORS.                                         

241. WP/1218/2008       RAJESH SURENDRA BINKAR          FI KHAN                         
                                                        SHARAD W. GHATE                 
                        V/S THE SECTY. GOVT. OF I       FOR/P                           
                        NDIA MIN. OF LABOUR  AND        SHANTANU S. GHATE               
                                                        ROHIT P. MASURKAR               
                                                        ARUN PANJABRAO GIRHE            
                                                        SA PATHAK, KK PATHAK/R-
                                                         AND  3                         
                                                        SB BANGDE/R-1.                  
                                                        SB BANGDE/R-3                   
                                                        TUSHAR U. TATHOD                

242. WP/2125/2008       SMT. MALATI W/O PRAMODRAO       AJ/PA KADU                      
                         GUDADHE AND 7 OTHERS           ANAND PARCHURE/P                
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP/R- 1 TO 4                    
                        S SECRETARY AND 3 OTHERS                                        
     WP/3484/2011       SMT. MALTI W/O PRAMODRAO        A PARCHURE, RM SHARMA           
                        GUDADHE AND ORS                 GP/R-1,2                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT                                       
                        S SECTY., AND ORS                                               

243. WP/2239/2008       KALPANE RAJKUMAR TAKE           MR PARKHI, RJ KANKALE           
                                                        GIRISHI CHOUBEY/R-1 TO 
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA, THRU                                        
                        SECY.  AND  2 ORS.                                              

244. WP/2258/2008       MORESHWAR S/O SITARAMJI R       HD DANGRE, AN ANSARI, NIT       
                        AUT                             IN AUTKAR, GD PWANI/P           
                        V/S THE HON'BLE PRINCIPAL       GP/R-3                          
                         DISTRICT  AND  SESSIONS        PA ABHYANKAR/R-6                
                                                        AS JAISWAL/R-1  AND  2          
                                                        SN MAHAJAN/R-5                  
                                                        R BAJAJ/R-1 AND 2               

245. WP/3225/2008       THE STATE OF MAH. THR.SEC       GP                              
                        Y  AND  2 ORS.                  YOGESH D SHUKLA, M SHUKLA       
                        V/S SHRI OMPRAKASH S/O JA       /R-SOLE                         
                        NBAJI PATIL                                                     

246. WP/4959/2008       RAMESH  DHANNU GONDANE, R       PRAMOD N VARMA                  
                        ETD. EX. REGIONAL MANAGER       VG WANKHEDE/R-SOLE              
                        V/S VICE CHAIRMAN  AND  M                                       
.D., MSRTC, MUMBAI                                              

247. WP/172/2009        BHAULAL S/O HIRAMAN  CHAU       KU. TAJWAR KHAN                 
                        RAGADE, BHANDARA                AR, UA, KA PATIL/P              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        MP MUNSHI/R-4  AND  5           
                        THR. SECTY  AND  5 OTRS         GP/R-1 TO 3                     

248. WP/292/2009        DINKAR RAJARAM SARAP            VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR         
                                                        RR DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S THE CHAIRMAN/MD., CEN       MP GULHANE                      
                        TRAL BANK OF INDIA  AND         NW ALMELKAR/R-3                 
                                                        NW ALMELKAR, SG CHOPKAR/R       

249. WP/708/2009        SMT. VANDANA PANDURANG GU       SHRINIWAS DESHPANDE             
                        LGULE  AND  ANR                 MOHD ATIQUE.                    
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THR. D       SHRINIWAS DESHPANDE/P.NO.       
                        IRECTORATE CRPF  AND  3 O        1 AND 2                        
                                                        SK MISHRA/R-1 TO 4              
                                                        SU NEMADE/INT.                  
                                                        S U NEMADE/R-6 AND 7/ INT       
                                                        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 

250. FA/827/2009        SHAILESH S/O GOPALSWAMI N       SR SONI, AR ITANKAR             
                        AIDU                            PK GUMGAONKAR                   
                        V/S KIRTI W/O  SHAILESH N       RY, RR RAJKARNE, SM BAHIR       
                        AIDU                            WAR/R-SOLE                      

251. FA/953/2009        VIRENDRA S/O MUNIRAJ KARW       ABDUL BASHIR                    
                        ATE                             AJ MIRZA/R-SOLE                 
                        V/S SMT. DEEPIKA W/O VIRE                                       
                        NDRA KARWATE                                                    

252. WP/1392/2009       MOHD. JAMIR SK. IBRAHIM         SAMEER SOHONI                   
                                                        MD LAKHEY/PETITIONER            
                        V/S CASTE SCRUTINY COMMIT       A.I. SHEIKH                     
                        TEE FOR O.B.C. THROUGH IT       FOR/P                           
                                                        SANDHYA N. MANIYAR              
                                                        RL KHAPRE,SA MOHTA/CAVEAT       
                                                        P MARPAKWAR/R-5                 
                                                        PRADEEP MARPAKWAR/R-6           
     CAW/104/2010       MOHD. JAMIR SK. IBRAHIM         SV SOHONI                       
                        V/S CASTE SCRUTINY COMMIT                                       
                        TEE FOR O.B.C. THROUGH IT                                       

253. WP/2103/2009       YASHWANTRAO CHAVAN ABHIYA       KR LAMBAT, DS YADAV             
                        NTRIKI MAHAVIDYALAYA SHIK       KK  AND  SA PATHAK/PETITI       
                        V/S STAET OF MAH. THR. DI       ONER                            
                        RECTOR 4 ORS                    PD MEGHE/R-2  AND  4            
                                                        RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA/R-5       

254. WP/2577/2009       MOHAMMED AKHTAR S/O MOHAM       MASOOD SHAREEF, KV THOMAS       
                        MED JAFAR                       GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                        V/S THE DY. DIRECTOR OF E       NR SABOO, RR CHHABRA/R-
                        DUN. AMRAVATI AND 5 ORS          AND  6                         

255. WP/3719/2009       MURARI NAKTUJI UIKEY            NEETA JOG                       
                        V/S ZP, BHANDARA, THR. CE       AJ MIRZA/R-5                    
                        O AND 4 ORS                     MP MUNSHI/R-1                   
                                                        AY KAPGATE/R-5                  
     WP/4029/2009       SANDIP S/O DINKARRAO JAYB       NEETA JOG                       
                        HAYE                            MP MUNSHI/R-1, GP/R-2,3,        
                        V/S ZP, BHANDARA THR. ITS       AJ MIRZA  AND  AY KAPGATE/R-5   
                         CEO, BHANDARA AND 4 ORS        R-4 IS SERVED.                  

256. WP/5419/2009       DR. MILIND S/O RAMDAS GAN       MV SAMARTH, MM BANDEBUCHE       
                        VIR                             GP/R-1                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. TH       SK MISHRA/R-2                   
                        E SECTY, AND ANR                BG KULKARNI/R-3.                
     WP/806/2010        DR. RAJAN S/O MADHUKAR PR       BG KULKARNI                     
                        ADHAN                           GP/R-3                          
                        V/S THE CITY OF N.M.C. TH       SK MISHRA/R-1, MV SAMARTH       
                        R. ITS COMMISSIONER AND 2       , MM BANDEBUCHE/R-2,            

257. WP/26/2010         THE STATE OF MAH. THR. ME       GP                              
                        DICAL EDUN. AND DRUGS DEP       NS  AND  RITESH BADHE/CAV       
                        V/S DNYANESHWAR RAGHOBAJI       /R-SOLE.                        
        REMARK : .. 

258. FA/302/2010        SMT. AMRUTA @ ARUNA W/O A       PRAKASH NAIDU                   
                        SHISH MAHAJAN                   MB NAIDU                        
                        V/S ASHISH S/O MADHAORAO        TG DHOTE, VY WASU/CAVEATO       
                        MAHAJAN                         R/R-SOLE                        
                                                        DL, MRS. JYOTI, RAHUL DHA       
                                                        RMADHIKARI, TG DHOLE/R          

259. WP/336/2010        SUNIL S/O GAYAPRASAD MISH       PETITIONER IN PERSON.           
                        RA                              GP/R-SOLE                       
                        V/S THE CHANCELLOR  RASHA                                       
                        TRASANT TUKDOJI MAHARAJ N                                       

260. WP/652/2010        DR. SUKHDEO S/O KRUSHNAJI       AB PATIL                        
                         CHAPALE                        GP/R-1                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       BB MEHADIA/R-2  AND  3          
                        S SECTY., AND 2 ORS             BHARAT BHUSHAN MEHADEO/R-       


261. FA/674/2010        CHANDRAKIRAN @ SHUBHANGI        SP  AND  AS BHANDARKAR, G       
                        W/O ANIL PISE                   S BAPAT, RM PANDE/P             
                        V/S ANIL S/O PUNDLIKRAO P       DA SONWANE, SS WADODKAR/C       
                        ISE                             AV/R-SOLE                       

262. WP/874/2010        SAMARTHA SHIKSHAN SANSTHA       ATUL PANDE, NB KALWAGHE,        
                        , AHERI, THR SECRETARY AN       AS KILLEDAR.                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       BG KULKARNI/R-2                 
                        R PRINCIPAL SECRETARY, MU       APARAJIT NINAWE/R-4             
                                                        APARAJIT NINAWE/R-3             
                                                        R-2 TO 4 ARE SERVED ON ME       
                                                        G.P./R-1, K V BHOSKAR, S        
                                                        O TAPADIA/R-3                   

263. WP/2810/2010       RAMA S/O GUANUJI ZINJADE        AP TATHOD AD GIRDEKAR           
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       TU TATHOD                       
                        R SECRETARY, MUMBAI AND O       GP/R-1                          
                                                        SACHIN P PANDITKAR, RA DE       
                                                        SHMUKH/R-5 TO 11                
                                                        AMOL DESHPANDE/R-3  AND         


264. WP/3019/2010       BABARAO S/O DAULATRAO DHA       MM SUDAME, SK VERMA             
                        NDAR                            SK MISHRA/R-1 TO 3              
                        V/S DIRECTOR GENERAL OF P                                       
                        OLICE C.R.P.F. NEW DELHI                                        

265. WP/3565/2010       GULABCHAND S/O RODBAJI SU       M I KHAN, S ZIA QUAZI/P         
                        PARE                            MR JOHARAPURKAR, CS LAKUD       
                        V/S THE UNITED INDIA INSU       KAR/R-1  AND  2                 
                        RANCE COMPANY LTD. THR. I                                       

266. WP/4271/2010       STATE OF MAHARASHTRA THR        GP                              
                        ITS SECRETARY  PUBLIC HEA       A.R.SHARMA/CAV/R-1              
                        V/S DR JAINENDRA KUMAR BA                                       
                        DJATE AND ANOTHER                                               

267. WP/4293/2010       JEEVAN VITHOBA USENDI, BA       SD MALKE AND KU. ARCHANA        
                        KKAL NO.171                     POTDAR                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP/R-1                          
                        S SECY. MINISTRY OF HOME        R-1 TO 5 ARE SERVED ON ME       
     WP/4294/2010       NILOKANTH S/O SUKAJI MANK       SD MALKE, KU ARCHANA POTD       
                        AR                              AR                              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GP FOR R.NO.1                   
                         THROUH ITS  SECRETARY  M       R-1 TO R-5 ARE SERVED ON        
     WP/4295/2010       SMT SUMAN WD/O SUDHAKAR K       SD MALKE, KU ARCHANA POTD       
                        USARAM AND OTHERS               AR                              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P. FOR R.NO.1                 
                        THR ITS SECRETARY MINISTR       R-1 TO R-5 ARE SERVED ON        
     WP/4296/2010       SURESH S/O LAHUJI ATRAM         SD MALKE AND KU. ARCHANA        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP FOR R.NO.1                   
                        S SECY. MINISTRY OF HOME        R-1 TO R-5 ARE SERVED ON        
     WP/4297/2010       SUDHAKAR S/O MANIRAM WAKU       SD MALKE AND KU. ARCHANA        
                        DKAR                            POTDAR                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       G.P. FOR R.NO.1                 
                        S SECY. MINISTRY OF HOME        R-1 TO R-5 ARE SERVED ON        
     WP/4298/2010       DILIP S/O HARIBHAU SORTE        SD MALKE AND KU. ARCHANA        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP FOR R.NO.1                   
                        S SECY. MINISTRY OF HOME        R-1 TO R-5 ARE SERVED ON        
     WP/4299/2010       SHANKAR S/O LINGA MAHAKA        SD MALKE AND KU. ARCHANA        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       G.P. FOR R.NO.1                 
                        S SECY. MINISTRY OF HOME        R-1 TO R-5 ARE SERVED ON        

268. WP/4659/2010       STATE OF MAHARASHTRA THR        GP                              
                        ITS SECRETARY  HOME DEPT        H.D.DANGRE/RESPONDENT           
                        V/S PURUSHOTTAM N CHAWARE                                       

269. WP/5298/2010       MRS. RAFAT SAYEED D/O M.A       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
. SAYEED                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE       CS KAPTAN/R-4                   
                        CTY., AND 3 ORS                 ABHAY SAMBRE/ R .NO. 4          
     CAW/1046/2012      MRS. RAFAT SAYEED D/O M.A       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
. SAYEED                                                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE                                       
                        CTY., AND 3 ORS                                                 

270. WP/5379/2010       UNION OF INDIA THR. SECY.       SK. MISHRA                      
                         GOVT. OF INDIA, MINISTRY       ROHIT BABAN DEO                 
                        V/S NARENDRA BHAURAOJI FA       FOR/P                           
                        RKADE, 60, BANK COLONY, D       JB KASAT/CAV/R-SOLE.            
                                                        VINAY DAHAT/CAV/R-SOLE          

271. FA/598/2011        SAU. NEETA W/O MAHESH BHA       SA MOHTA                        
                        YANI                            AJ THAKKAR, DEEPALI THAKK       
                        V/S MAHESH S/O TULSIDAS B       AR/R-SOLE                       

272. FA/824/2011        RAJESH  RAMKRISHNA CHATUR       MB NAIDU AND MP NAIDU           
                        VEDI                            PM NAIDU                        
                        V/S SMT SANDHYA W/O RAJES       VK PALIWAL, SB TIWARI/R-1       
                        H CHATURVEDI                      AND  2                        
        REMARK : ... [A/w CONNECTED MATTERS] ... 
     FA/810/2011        RAJESH RAMKRISHNA CHATURV       MB  AND  MP NAIDU, JD BAS       
                        EDI                             TIAN                            
                        V/S SMT. SANDHYA W/O RAJE       VK PALIWAL, SB TIWARI/R         
                        SH CHATURVEDI                                                   
     FA/811/2011        RAJESH RAMKRISHNA CHATURV       MB NAIDU, MP NAIDU  AND         
                        EDI                             JD BASTIAN                      
                        V/S SMT. SANDHYA W/O RAJE       VK PALIWAL, SB TIWARI/R         
                        SH CHATURVEDI                                                   

273. FA/3/2012          RAMKRISHNA S/O GULABRAO T       MANOJ KARIYA, MS THAKRE         
                        IPALE                           KB AMBILWADE, AK WAKODKAR       
                        V/S MRS. RENUKA W/O RAMKR         AND  SA KASHYAP FOR R-S       
                        ISHNA TIPALE                    OLE                             

274. FA/4/2012          MRS. CAROL W/O VINAY POON       PS  AND  AS TIWARI              
                        EKAR                            HARISH D DANGRE, AN ANSAR       
                        V/S MR. VINAY SAMUEL POON       I, NITIL AUTKAR,                
                        ERKAR                           G DIPWANI/P                     
                                                        SV  AND  MRS RS SIRPURKAR       
                                                        , MRS.KN JAWADE,                
                                                        NB JAWADE /CAV FOR R-SOLE       

275. FA/487/2012        MR. VIKASH S/O RAJU BHAGW       PS  AND  AS TIWARI              
                        ATKAR                           SMT. BK MESHRAM/R-SOLE.         
                        V/S MRS. VIDYA W/O VIKAS        CHANDRAM FATTECHAND BHAGW       
                        BHAGWATKAR                      ANI                             
                                                        BHAVANA K. MESHRAM              
     FA/653/2012        MR. VIKASH S/O RAJU BHAGW       PS  AND  AS TIWARI              
                        ATKAR                           CHANDRAM FATTECHAND BHAGW       
                        V/S MRS. VIDYA W/O VIKAS        ANI                             
                        BHAGWATKAR                      FOR/R                           
                                                        BHAVANA K. MESHRAM              

276. FA/473/2013        SAU. KANCHAN W/O MANOJ GA       MR JOHARAPURKAR, SS SAWAR       
                        WANDE                           KAR                             
                        V/S MANOJ SAHEBRAO GAWAND       VG BHAMBURKAR ,MRS SP KUL       
                        E                               KARNI/R-SOLE.                   
                                  COURT NO. 4
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE A.B. CHAUDHARI
C.R. NO. 1        APPELLATE SIDE-CIVIL           27/10/2014

1.   SA/264/1995        SMT.RUKHMABAI WD/O.RAGHOB       JJ CHANDURKAR FOR LRS' OF       
                        AJI POTMASE   AND  ANO.          PETR.                          
                        V/S SMT. GUNABAI @ GAURAB       SS VODITEL,VG BHAMBURKAR        
                        AI B KHADSE  AND  ANR.          R-1, RR RILLAI, M RAJAN         
                                                        FOR LRS OF R2 I.E. R2A TO       
                                                        SURENDRA KUMAR MISHRA           
                                                        FOR/R.NO.1/S.K. MISHRA          

2.   SA/87/1997         SAU.MANGALA W/O EKNATH SA       GG MODAK, SS VERMA              
                        DHU                             PA ABHYANKAR,HS BHALCHAND       
                        V/S EKNATH S/O SITARAM SA       RA/R.                           

3.   SA/224/1997        DATATRAYA RAMLU PATTIWAR        ANJAN DE,MISS.MAHAJAN           
                                                        S/SHRI M.B.PARATE  AND          
                        V/S BHOGWANTIBAI W/O SUDA       PRAVIN K. TAPASE                
                        M PATIL                         MB PARATE, DM PARATE/R          

4.   SA/339/1997        JAIBAI SADASHIV BHALERAO        VD.MULEY                        
                                                        YR.SONKUSARE FOR R.1TO6         
                        V/S KANTARAM KISAN DAHAT        R-1 TO R-6 SERVED ON MERI       
                        AND OTHERS                      T.                              

5.   SA/111/1998        NAMDEO SHESHRAO SAPKAL  A       SM.DOIFODE,RR.BAGADE.           
                        ND  ANOTHER.                    PURSIS WITH PBK./P/TC KAP       
                        V/S SOU. SURYAKANTABAI NA       SE, SS DOIFODE                  
                        MDEORAO SAPKAL.                 RAJNISH VYAS                    
                                                        MV BUTE, MA HUSAIN/R            
                                                        AD.NITIN VYAWAHARE,PG.MIR       
                                                        KR LAMBAT/R-SOLE                

6.   SA/206/1998        SHAIKH AZIZ SHAIKH ABDULL       DC.DAGA,MS.DM.TILWANI           
                        A MUSLIM                        SV.BHUTADA                      
                        V/S ARUN VITTHALRAO SHIND       B.N. MOHTA                      
                        E.                              FOR/P                           
                                                        B.N. MOHTA                      
                                                        SANJAY B. MOHTA                 
                                                        RL KHAPRE,A.CHORGHADE/R         

7.   SA/301/1998        KISHAN SHEGOJI TALEKAR          AS.GIRADKAR,KR LAMBAT,          
                        V/S MADAN VITTHALRAO FIRA       AJ POPHALY,MRS.SAIKHEDKAR       
                        NGI   AND  3 OTHERS             R.V. GAIKWAD                    

8.   SA/64/1999         GHANSHYAMDAS SANGHIDAS PA       MG,VV BHANGDE.                  
                        NPALIYA.                        RP.JOSHI,AV BHIDE,              
                        V/S HAMZABHAI M.R.S. CHIM       VA MASODKAR                     
                        THANWALA.                       MS JAWALKAR/R-SOLE              
                                                        SP KSHIRSAGAR/R-SOLE            
                                                        HARNISH RAJESH GADHIA           

9.   SA/190/1999        BALKISAN BANSIDHAR KHANDE       ANAND M. DESHPANDE              
                        LWAL  AND  OTHERS.              FOR/P-1(A) TO 1(B)              
                        V/S BANSIDHAR KANHAIYALAL       P R AGRAWAL                     
                         KHANDELWAL  AND  2 OTHER       FOR/P-1(A) TO 1(B)              
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        FOR/P-1(A) TO 1(B)              
                                                        P. S. BHONSLE                   
                                                        FOR/P-1(A) TO 1(B)              
                                                        V. V. BHANGDE                   
                                                        FOR/P-1 TO 3                    
                                                        RAHUL M BHANGDE                 
                                                        FOR/P-1 TO 3                    
                                                        SAURABH N. TAPADIA              
                                                        FOR/P-1 TO 3                    
                                                        R-2  AND  3 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        ANUP JUGALKISHORE GILDA         
                                                        HARISH VIVEK THAKUR             

10.  SA/210/1999        ARVIND ATMARAMJI DHAWALE        JJ CHANDURKAR                   
                                                        SR TIWARI  AND  SS MISHRA       
                        V/S ASHOK ATMARAMJI DHAWA       .                               
                        LE                              SR TIWARI, VV KALE, P PAT       
                                                        VV KALE, AP CHAWARE, PB J       
                                                        ANAND M. DESHPANDE              
                                                        FOR R-SOLE                      
                                                        P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        FOR R-SOLE                      
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        FOR R-SOLE                      
                                                        RAJ DAMODAR WAKODE              

11.  SA/219/1999        SOU.PRABHAVATI NARAYAN GA       RL KHAPRE,VK PALIWAL,           
                        WANDE                           MN INGLEY,FOR R-1  AND 
                        V/S MAYA BABURAO GAWANDE        .                               
                         AND  ANOTHER                   R-1  AND  2 SERVED              
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        AM GHARE AND HR GADHIA/R-       

1.AND 2                         
                                                        A.M. GHARE                      

                                                        AMOL MARDIKAR/ PETITIONER       
                        V/S VILLAGE PANCHAYAT NAB       AMOL MARDIKAR/ PETITIONER       
                        ABPUR,TAH.NER,DIST.YAVATM       AM.BAPAT FOR R-SOLE.            
                                                        PRAVIN PRAKASHRAO DESHMUK       

13.  SA/307/1999        GUJABRAO CHAMPATRAO CHAVA       BN/SB MOHTA.                    
                        N.                              AR/UA/KA PATIL/P                
                        V/S PUNJABRAO CHAMPATRAO        NOTICE  OF R-2 SERVED           
                        CHAVAN.  AND  ANOTHER.,         D THAKARE,N PATIL/R-2 (I(       
                                                        SG JAGTAP,SU BHUYAR/R-1 (       
                                                        I) TO (VIII)                    
                                                        SC BHALERAO, MR JOSHI/R-1       
                                                         TO 7                           
                                                        SG JAGTAP,SU BHUYAR, SC B       

14.  SA/358/1999        NAGAR PARISHAD,DIGRAS  AN       DC DAGA, SV BHUTADA, DM T       
                        D  ANR.                         ILWANI, SN SUBHEDAR             
                        V/S LAXMAN GUPALRAO BANGI       MP KHAJANCHI/P                  
                        NWAR                            JJ CHANDURKAR/R                 
                                                        MM KHAJANCHI/R-SOLE             
                                                        MM AGNIHOTRI                    
     SA/258/1999        LAXMAN GOPALRAO BANGINWAR       JJ CHANDURKAR                   
.                               MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        V/S NAGAR PARISHAD DIGRAS       FOR/P                           
                          AND  ANOTHER.                 DC DAGA,SV BHUTADE  AND         
                                                        MP KHAJANCHI/R-1                
                                                        DM TILWANI                      
                                                        MS.TYLWANI/R-1,R-1  AND         

2.ARE SERVED                    

15.  SA/367/1999        ASHOK LALAJI MAHESHKAR...       YG KHOBRAGADE,                  
.........                       CP SEN, D DUVVURI/P             
                        V/S GANGADHAR RAMCHANDRA        CP SEN, RT ANTHONY  AND         
                        FADNAVIS ...                    AYYUB SHEIKH FOR APPELLAN       
                                                        RL KHAPRE, RG KAVIMANDAN/       
                                                        ML SOMALWAR,RK TIWARI/CAV       
                                                        SP DHARMADHIKARI/R-SOLE         
                                                        SP  AND  AS BHANDARKAR, G       
                                                        S BAPAT, RM PANDE, SK ANK       
                                                        CR SHARMA/R-I                   
     SA/343/2001        ASHOK LALAJI MAHESHKAR          CP SEN,AR MAHENDRA              
                                                        D DUVVURI                       
                        V/S GANGADHAR RAMCHANDRA        RT ANTHONY, CP SEN  AND         
                        PHADNAVIS  AND  2 ORS.          SHEIKH AYYUB FOR APPELLANT      
                                                        RL KHAPRE, RG KAVIMANDAN/       
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                                                        ML SOMALWAR/R-1.                
                                                        GP/R-2  AND  3                  
                                                        SP BHANDARKAR, GS BAPAT,        
                                                        RM PANDE, SK ANKAR,             
                                                        CR SHARMA/R-1                   

16.  SA/422/1999        GOPALRAO RAMCHANDRA MANDA       ANAND GODE,M.TAYADE             
                        WGANE (DEAD) THR.LRS BEBI       PRASHANT GODE                   
                        V/S MAROTRAO NAMDEORAO LO       HD DANGRE, M PIMPALGAONKA       
                        NARE                            R,R RAO/R-SOLE                  

17.  SA/27/2000         SHRI RAGHUNATHPRASAD BHAG       SB.MISHRA.,SR.TIWARI,           
                        WANDIN JAISWAL.                 AA DUBEY                        
                        V/S SAU.MANIBAI DR.R.S.MI       ANAND M. DESHPANDE              
                        SHRA  AND  ANOTHER.             FOR/P-1(A) TO 6(F)              
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        FOR/P-1(A) TO 6(F)              
                                                        NR SABOO/R-2.                   
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       

18.  SA/57/2000         SOU.SHEWANTABAI PANDURANG       KR LAMBAT,KU.V.RAUT             
                         PATIL  AND  4 ORS.             KR LAMBAT, VP THAKRE /P-3       
                        V/S RAMDAS PANDURANG PATI        LRS                            
                        L  AND  4 OTHERS                VG MOHARIL  AND  SMT.MS N       
                                                        R-1 TO 5 SERVED                 
                                                        AV KHARE/R,SHILPA SONARE/       
     CA/1011/2000       SHEWANTABAI PANDURANG PAT       KR LAMBAT                       
                        IL  AND  OTHERS                                                 
                        V/S RAMDAS PANDURANG PATI                                       
                        L  AND  OTHERS                                                  

19.  SA/70/2000         MAHADEO PIRAJI MARATHE  A       AM GHARE,LH KOTHARI,MS.S.       
                        ND  OTHER                       RK.THAKKAR                      
                        V/S TULSHIRAM ZABUJI KAVA       CS SAMUDRA,FOR R-1 TO 5                        R  AND  ORS.                    R.NOS.1 TO 5 ARE SERVED O       
                                                        N MERIT                         
     SA/71/2000         MAHADEO PIRAJI MARATHE  A       AM GHARE,LH KOTHARI,MS.S.       
                        ND  OTHER                       RK.THAKKAR                      
                        V/S TULSHIRAM ZABUJI KAVA       CS SAMUDRA FOR R-1 TO 5         
                        R  AND  OTHERS                  R-1 TO 5 ARE SERVED             

                        R.                                AND                           
                        V/S GANESH VITHALDAS CHAN       NOTICE OF R-1 AND 2 ARE S       
                        DAK  AND  ANOTHER.              ERVED ON MERIT.                 

21.  SA/143/2000        RAJKUMAR DASRATH GAJBHIYE       MB/MP NAIDU,R.DIXIT,MM          
                          AND  2 ORS.                   VAISHALI TANNA/R-4.             
                        V/S PRAMILA D/O.KUSAN GAJ       SD.DESHPANDE/R-1 TO 3           
                        BHIYE  AND  3 ORS.                                              

22.  SA/191/2000        NAMDEO VISHWANATH GOLANDE       MR AA NAIK.                     
.                               GP NAPHADE/R-2(1 AND 2),3       
                        V/S RAMBHAU KRUSHNARAO GO        TO 7, 9  AND  10.              
                        LANDE  AND  12 OTHERS.          JJ CHANDURKAR LRS' OF R-1       
                                                          AND  8.                       
                                                        R-12  AND  13 SERVED.R-

23.  SA/252/2000        NARAYAN JUGALKISHOR GURKH       SC  AND  AS MEHADIA.            
                        A  AND  ANOTHER.                SP DHARMADHIKARI,B GANDHI       
                        V/S RAMJIYAWAN SHIOBALAK        RK.THAKKAR/R-SOLE               
                        PANDE.                          UN VYAS/R                       

24.  SA/262/2000        RAJARAM RAGHU BODHE AND A       MP KHAJANCHI,R DAGA.            
                        NOTHER.                         PT DHOK,R.PATHADE/RESPDTS       
                        V/S SMT BAYABAI @ GONDANA                                       
                        BAI AND ANOTHER.                                                

25.  SA/263/2000        RAGHUNATH AWADHUT KARALE.       NR SABOO  AND  SZ SONBHAD       
                        V/S MURLIDHAR DEORAO KARA       SV SOHONI/R                     
                        LE.                             SV SOHONI FOR LS' OF R-SO       
                                                        R-1 DEAD                        

26.  SA/270/2000        GAJADHAR COOP.HOUSING SOC       JM GANDHI,SD GADHIA.            
                        IETY LTD.                       MS/P GUPTA FOR RESPDTS.         
                        V/S YASHODABAI W/O ADBAJI       SM/MS GUPTA,AP CHORGHA/R-       
                         SATPUTE AND OTHERS             1 AND 4                         
                                                        R-1 DELETED.                    
                                                        R-1 DELETED.                    
                                                        APPEAL ABATED AGAINST R-2       
                                                        ,3  AND  5                      

27.  SA/280/2000        BHIKA LALU RATHOD,KAUDGAO       KS NARWADE.                     
                        N.                              CS KAPTAN,HD DUBEY,CAV.         
                        V/S GAJANAN BHIVAJI KAMBL       SU NEMADE, DM SURJUSE/R         

28.  SA/290/2000        PRABHAKAR S/O NARAYAN MAT       SK SABLE,PV.KULKARNI.           
                        RE  AND  ANOTHER.               DS.DHARASKAR FOR CAV.           
                        V/S DNYADESHWAR S/O TANAB       SW DESHPANDE/R-SOLE             
                        A DHOKANE                       SW DESHPANDE/R-SOLE             
                                                        SMT. SW DESHPANDE/R-SOLE        

29.  SA/2/2001          KASHIRAO SHESHRAO GAWANDE       JJ CHANDURKAR                   
                                                        KU.KIRTI R.SATPUTE FOR          
                        V/S KISAN BAHERJI MATE  A       ANJAN DE/R-1  AND  2            
                        ND  ANOTHER                                                     

30.  SA/5/2001          VITTHAL TUKARAM MISTRI  A       RL KHAPRE,VK PALIWAL            
                        ND  2 OTHERS                    AV BHIDE,MM PATHAK,FOR          
                        V/S NIRMALABAI D/O NARAYA                                       
                        N BHOSALE  AND  ANOTHER                                         

31.  SA/12/2001         HUSSENSHA KASAMSHA MUSLIM       ANJAN DE  AND  VICTORIA D       
                          AND  ANOTHER.                 ASS.                            
                        V/S SAIYYADKHA SARDARKHA        PG.KHEOLE FOR R-SOLE            

32.  SA/55/2001         WAMAN SADASHIO SHELKI....       SN DHANAGARE,VD CHAHANDE        
......                          NA VYAWAHARE,VG PANDE/R-1       
                        V/S SHANKAR NILKANTH DHOK       R-2 DELETED.                    
                          AND  3 OTHERS                 R-3  AND  4 SERVED.             
                                                        R-3  AND  4 SERVED ON MER       

33.  SA/72/2001         TULSA MAHADEO NAGRALE  AN       CS KAPTAN,MP KHAJANCHI  A       
                        D  4 ORS.                       ND                              
                        V/S SITA VILAS ZADE  AND        SW/SS GHATE/R-1 TO 8            

7.ORS.                         TB.DESHKAR,A.PALKUNWAR/R-       

1.TO 8                          

34.  SA/80/2001         DEORAO BISANJI BHOPE            JT GILDA,PS TEMBHARE            
                                                        MR JOSHI                        
                        V/S GODABAI WD/O NARAYAN        AD,NA VYAWAHARE/CAVEATOR.       
                        HEDAU                           R-SOLE SERVED                   
                                                        AD VYAWAHARE/LR'S OF 1 TO       

4.OF R-SOLE                    

35.  SA/85/2001         WASUDEO SAKHARAM WAKTE          KV  AND  SV SIRPURKAR           
                                                        ABHIJIT DESHPANDE               
                        V/S LAXMAN NAMDEO MORE          FOR/P-LRS OF PETITIONER         
                                                        AV BHIDE,AA BHIDE/R.            

36.  SA/87/2001         CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA....       MD SAMEL,KU.K.BANSOD,           
..                              ANJALI KHAPARDE  AND  K M       
                        V/S W.S.DESHMUKH  AND  OT       ULEY, ADV.                      
                        HERS......                      MS DESHPANDE/R-1, AS JAIS       
                                                        SV MANOHAR/R-9                  
                                                        RR DESHPANDE/R-24               
                                                        R-21,26 DELETED.R-1,2,4 T       
                                                        O 20,22 TO 25,27 TO 40          
                                                        SERVED. R-3 DEAD.               

37.  SA/88/2001         PITAMLAL TEJRAM KANSMARE        RK  AND  NITIN BORKAR.          
                         AND  2 ORS.                    S/SHRI PV VAIDYA AND            
                        V/S NANUSHAO NAGARCHI KAS       S/SHRI. UK UMALE  AND  AM       
                        AR.                              JALTARE / R-SOLE               
                                                        R-SOLE SERVE ON MERIT.          

38.  SA/111/2001        SAU.RATNAKALABAI SHANKAR        ANIL MARDIKAR.                  
                        SATAV  AND  2 ORS.              GP FOR 1 TO 3                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.AND 2 OT       R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED             

39.  SA/113/2001        SOPAN NARAYAN KAKDE             VG WANKHEDE,PR PURI             
                                                        AP TATHOD FOR CAVEATORS         
                        V/S GANGAKISAN HIRALAL SO       FOR R-1(A) TO (H)  AND  R       
                        MANI  AND  OTHERS               -2  AND  3.R-4 SERVED ON        

40.  SA/116/2001        ATMARAM S/O. AMRUTA MEHAN       VM MOON                         
                        GE.                             BN/SB MOHTA/FOR R-SOLE.         
                        V/S SMT.BANARASIBAI W/O N       BN MOHTA/LRS OF R-1             
                        ANDLAL AGRAWAL.                 BN.MOHTA/R-SOLE,LRS.1 TO        


41.  SA/139/2001        RAGHUNATH RAMNIRANJAN GAN       VP PANPALIA                     
                        EDIWAL                          AGP FOR RESPDT.                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        

42.  SA/140/2001        JIYALAL HIRALAL NAGPURE.        RK  AND  NR BORKAR.             
                        V/S RAVISHANKAR MULCHANDJ                                       
                        I KHANDELWAL.                                                   

43.  SA/147/2001        RAMDAS S/O. SHANKARRAO GI       AM GHARE,LH KOTHARI             
                        AKWAD.                          ANIL MARDIKAR,SD KANE           
                        V/S HANUMANPRASAD RAMJIVA                                       
                        N GOENKA.                                                       
        REMARK : [FOR REF. SA 146/01 (D)]. 

44.  SA/151/2001        NAMDEO MUKUNDRAO BANGADE        MG GAWANDE,SG HINDARIA.         
                                                        GY/AG GHAROTE,                  
                        V/S MAHADEO TANBAJI ITANK       CN DESHPANDE, GB SAMAD/R-       
                        AR  AND  ANOTHER.               1,R-2 SERVED.                   
                                                        RADHIKA GAURAV BAJAJ            

45.  SA/163/2001        KASHIRAM S/O. WADGU MUNDA       AC DHARMADHIKARI,R SHIRAL       
                        LE  AND  ANOTHER.               SS DOIFODE, RR BAGDE/R-1A       
                        V/S MANSARAM S/O. TULSHIR        TO D, 2  AND  3.               
                        AM MUNDALE  AND 2 OTHERS.       R-11  AND  1D,2  AND  3 S       
                                                        ERVED ON MERIT.                 

46.  SA/173/2001        SHAMRAO RAMAJI CHAVAN AND       RL.KHAPRE,AP.CHORGHADE          
                         OTHERS.                        DS DHARASKAR,VD MULEY           
                        V/S MAROTI RAMAJI CHAVAN        APPEAL DISMISSED AGAINST        
                        AND ANOTHER.                    R-2                             

47.  SA/175/2001        JAYWANT S/O. BALIRAMJI PA       MM SUDAME                       
                        NCHBHAI.                        SM BRAMHE/R-SOLE.               
                        V/S ANUSUYABAI W/O. VASAN                                       
                        TRAO DESHMUKH.                                                  
     CAS/981/2014       JAYWANT S/O. BALIRAMJI PA       MOHAN SUDAME                    
                        NCHBHAI.                        AKSHAYA SUDAME                  
                        V/S ANUSUYABAI W/O. VASAN       SUNIL MANOHAR PANDE             
                        TRAO DESHMUKH.                                                  

48.  SA/185/2001        MOHD.FAHIM QURISHI S/O. M       NS,SN BHATTAD                   
                        OHD.NAYEEM QUIRISHI  AND        R.NO.1  AND  2 SERVED.          
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                         AND  ANOTHER.                                                  

49.  SA/202/2001        SMT. SAYATRIBAI  @ PRABHA       VA ,MV MASODKAR                 
                        WATI W/O.NANA POWALE  AND       MRS.JAWALKAR,MS.MS.KULKAR       
                        V/S KISAN S/O. VITTHAL LA       NI                              
                        NGDE/                           SP.KSHIRSAGAR  AND  PK.DH       
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

50.  SA/206/2001        DULICHAND S/O. GANUJI GAJ       NR/RN BORKAR                    
                        BHIYE.                          SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        V/S SHANKARLAL S/O. RADHK        SD KHATI, SG RAMTEKE/P         
                        ISHAN AGRAWAL(MURARKA).         S.P. KSHIRSAGAR                 
                                                        FOR/LRS OF PETITIONER           
                                                        PRAKASH KESHAORAO DHOMNE        
                                                        FOR/LRS OF PETITIONER           
                                                        RA KHA,RB UPADHYAY,             
                                                        AK NANDANWAR                    
                                                        RM, VV BHANGDE, GR AGRAWA       

51.  SA/208/2001        VASANTRAO MALHARRAO DESHM       A.SHELAT,CA/RC JOSHI,           
                        UKH.                            C.A. JOSHI/P- 1 TO 6            
                        V/S SMT.TARABAI WD/O.PRAL       SS.DHENGALE                     
                        HADRAO DESHMUKH.                MS SAMBARE                      
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

52.  SA/222/2001        SHRI BALAJI S/O BHIKAJI K       RL KHAPRE,AP CHORGHADE.         
                        APLE                            NS BADHE,GP NAPHADE,            
                        V/S SHRI MANNALAL S/O MOH       AP.NARKHEDE,HD.NAGRALE/R-       
                        ANLAL DHANNAWAT                 SOLE                            

53.  SA/224/2001        SHALIGRAM BHAGWAN WANKHAD       JB KASAT,V.DAHAT                
                        E  AND  2 OTHERS.               R-1 TO 6 SERVED , R-3(A)        
                        V/S KISAN S/O. DAULAT AGA       TO (F) SERVED.                  
                        RKAR  AND   AND  5 OTHERS                                       

54.  SA/233/2001        TUKARAM S/O. SHIVA BAHEKA       VR CHOUDHARI.                   
                        R  AND  3 OTHERS.               R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED.            
                        V/S SMT.DWARKABAI W/O. GO       MM SUDAME FOR R-1  AND 
                        VIND MUNESHWAR  AND  2 OT       . R-2 SERVED/.                  

55.  SA/256/2001        SMT.MANKARNABAI WD/O. LAX       RM AHIRRAO                      
                        MANRAO GAWANDE AND ANO.         DS DHARASKAR,FOR R-1.           
                        V/S GULABRAO S/O. NARAYAN       R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          
                        RAO GAWANDE AND OTHERS.                                         

56.  SA/260/2001        URMILABAI W/O HARISHCHAND       MB.BADIYE                       
                        RA GHASALE  AND  2 ORS.         PG.KHEOLE,YD.SHUKLA             
                        V/S RAMZAN NASIR MAHD.SHE       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        IKH  AND  2 ORS.                                                

57.  SA/269/2001        DINESH S/O VASANT DHORE         S.G. CHARDE,MRS.V.N.CHIT-       
                                                        AR PATIL, UR PATIL,KA PAT       
                        V/S RAVINDRA S/O SHANKARR       IL/P                            
                        AO PATIL  AND  5 ORS.           KR LAMBAT/R-1(ON DELAY)         
                                                        PY KHANDPASOLE/R                
                                                        BP.MALDHURE/R-2,4,5  AND        
                                                         6,PY.KHANDPASOLE/R-2  AN       
                                                        D  3                            
                                                        R-1 TO 6 ARE SERVED             

58.  SA/270/2001        SAU VATSALABAI KESHAORAO        N.ADBE.HA DESHPANDE             
                        KHAIMBATKAR.                    HA DESHPANDE/P                  
                        V/S SHRI LAXMAN DEVIDAS B       AP TATHOD,TV SABLE/R            
                        AHEKAR.                         VS.DHOTE/R-1  AND  2,R-
                                                        SERVED,R-5 DEAD                 

59.  SA/285/2001        SAU SHALINI DR. BANRAO PO       CS/SM SAMUDRA                   
                        DHVE  AND  OTHERS.              JJ CHANDURKAR/R-SOLE            
                        V/S SHESHRAO TULSHIRAM PA                                       

                        V/S DNYANDEO PANDHARI DAB       AS MARDIKAR,RR DESHPANDE        

61.  SA/299/2001        BHAYYA S/O. MAROTI BAWANK       MR/PR JOHARAPURKAR, RL KH       
                        AR  AND  2 OTHERS.              APRE                            
                        V/S WACHHALABAI W/O. RAMB       CV/PC KALE,AS LANJEWAR,         
                        HAU SAWARKAR.                   CV KALE, CD WASADE/RESPON       

62.  SA/313/2001        M/S. KHETAN TRADING COMPA       GK SARDA,GR CHANDAK,            
                        NY,AKOLA.                       VP PANPALIYA                    
                        V/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO       CB PANDE,GN KHANZODE/R-
                        MPANY LTD.AKOLA  AND  ANR       AR PATIL/R-1                    
                                                        SK.SUREKA,AR  AND  UA.PAT       
     SA/317/2001        M/S.POKARMAL UMASHANKAR,A       GK SARDA,GR CHANDAK,            
                        KOLA.                           VP PANPALLIA                    
                        V/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDEY/R-1,KA PATIL,SK       
                        MPANY LTD.AKOLA  AND  ANR        SUREKA,AR/UA PATIL             
                                                        R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          

63.  SA/332/2001        VINAYAK S/O. NARAYAN CHIN       MP LALA.                        
                        CHAMALATPURE.                   MP LALA/P                       
                        V/S VASANT S/O. NARAYAN C       AP MOHARIL,AS ATHALYE/R-1       
                        HINCHAMALATPURE  AND  ANO       ANAND PARCHURE/R-1  AND         

                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       

64.  SA/347/2001        GOVARDHAN GANAJI YERNE          NA VYAWAHARE,VG PANDE           
                                                        OW GUPTA FOR CAV/R 1TO 
                        V/S YASHODA WD/O TIKARAM                                        
                        PAGOTE  AND  5 ORS.                                             

65.  SA/348/2001        MADANLAL S/O MOTILAL RATH       SC DEO, AS BHALERAO             
                        I                               R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S RAJENDRAKUMAR S/O MOH       BN. AND  SB.MOHTA/R-SOLE        
                        ANLAL RATHI                                                     

66.  SA/356/2001        TONDIRAM CHINDHUJI BHONGA       AP SHINDE,MS J.MISHRA           
                        DE                              R-1 SERVED,R-2 DELETED          
                        V/S TUKADU ODHARUJJI BHON                                       
                        GADE  AND  OTHERS.                                              

67.  SA/359/2001        AMRUTA KALUJI SHEJOL  AND       PB PATIL/RL KHARE/SP PAWA       

5.OTHERS.                     J.R.KIDILAY                     
                        V/S VITHAL GANPAT WADEKAR       PB PATIL/P-5A TO 5D  AND        
                          AND  OTHERS.                   1A TO 1F                       
                                                        VG WANKHEDE,FOR CAV./R-
                                                        VG WANKHEDE,SN GAIKWAD FO       
                                                        R R-1A,B,C.                     
                                                        V G WANKHEDE/R-2                
                                                        SA MOHTA/R-2(A) 2(B) AND        
                                                        SA MOHTA/R-2 (D) (E) AND        

68.  SA/366/2001        WAMANRAO S/O NARHAR BEHAR       CS KAPTAN, HD DUBEY             
                        E AND 2 OTHERS                  PS CHAUHAN                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.COLL       AGP FOR R-1  AND  2.(SERV       
                        ECTOR AND 2 OTHERS              ECE                             
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR/R-1 AND 2                   

69.  SA/379/2001        NATTHUJI JAIRAM WANKHEDE        NN MOTGHARE/SV SATPUTE/         
                                                        R.L. GHONGE                     
                        V/S SANTOSHRAO NATTHU WAN       AS BHALERAO/.R                  
                        KHEDE                           D.K.  AND  H. D. DUBEY/R-       

                          AND  2 OTHERS.                AN.BAWANKAR,SJ.BAGADE,NG.       
                        V/S KEDAR BABAN BHOLE           SOLAO                           
                                                        VK PALIWAL/CAV.                 

71.  SA/397/2001        NATHMAL KISANLALJI GOENKA       A.SHELAT,CA/RC JOSHI,           
                          AND  2 ORS.                   MS SAMBARE AND SS DHENGAL       
                        V/S THE FOOD CORPORATION        E                               
                        OF INDIA,NAGPUR                 R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
                                                        SR, SS DESHPANDE/R-SOLE         

72.  SA/406/2001        DEVIDAS UTTAM KARALE AKOL       AG/HD/DANGRE                    
                        A  AND  ANOTHER.                ST AGRAWAL,BN MOHTA FOR         
                        V/S GANGUBAI DEOMAN MORE                                        
                        BULDHANA  AND  ANOTHER.                                         

73.  SA/419/2001        JANKIRAM VITHU KUKADE R/O       VN MORANDE                      
                         BANDHONA,TA.CHAMORSHI.         R-1,2,4,SERVED ON MERIT         
                        V/S SMT.SAKHUBAI WD/O RUS       CS KAPTAN/R-1  AND  4           
                        HI NAITAM  AND  3 OTHERS.       R-3 DEAD                        
                                                        NR BHISHIKAR /R-1  AND 

74.  SA/423/2001        PATRUJI ADKUJI KARKADE          SN MARDIKAR,BM KHARKATE         
                                                        PG ANANDIKAR,S.KOTWALIWAR       
                        V/S JAIRAM S/O ADKUJI KAR       RP THOTE/R-1                    
                        KADE AND 2 OTHERS                                               
                                  COURT NO. 5
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE RAVI K. DESHPANDE
C.R. NO. 0        APPELLATE SIDE-CIVIL           27/10/2014
                                                 * FOR FINAL HEARING *                                                  

1.   WP/986/2005        THE COLLECTOR AMT.              GP                              
                                                        RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA/RES       
                        V/S THE ASSISTANT PROVIDE       PDT.                            
                        NT FUND  AND  ANOTHER.          MV SAMARTH/INT.                 
        REMARK : W.C. 27/10/2014. 

2.   WP/790/2009        M/S GOVIND JEWELLERS THR.       AS, SP BHANDARKAR, GS BAP       
                         PROPRIETOR                     AT                              
                        V/S CHANDRAKANT S/O KRISH       PC MADKHOLKAR/P                 
                        NARAO WITNODE  AND  2 ORS       PV VAIDYA/R-1 TO 3              
        REMARK : W/C 27/10/2014. 
                                                 * FOR FINAL HEARING *                                                  

                        ANDELWAL,AKOLA  AND  ANOT       GDE, GR AGRAWAL/P               
                        V/S DEEPCHAND KASTURCHAND       G.P.FOR R-2.                    
                         JAIN AND ANOTHER.              B.N. MOHTA                      
                                                        SHAILESH S. KALE                

4.   WP/1262/2001       ZOPADPATTI ADIWASI GRIHAN       LK KHAMBORKAR,SD KHATI          
                        IRMAN SAH.SANS.LTD.             CS KAPTAN,HD DUBEY/R4TO
                        V/S THE STATE MINISTER(CO       GP/R-1 TO 3. ND KHAMBORKA       
                        OPERATION),MUMBAI  AND 29       R/R-18  AND  22 TO 30.          

5.   WP/1616/2001       SARVODAYA GRIH NIRMAN CO-       MG/VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL        
                        OP.SOCIETY,NAGPUR               RL KHAPRE, KULDEEP MAHALL       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       E/P                             
                        TRA  AND  6 OTHERS              GP/R-1TO3,R-4 TO 7 SERVED       
                                                        SP DHARMADHIKARI, SS SHAR       
                                                        MA FOR R-5 TO 7.                
                                                        SS, MS, RO SHARMA/R-3           
                                                        AS JAISWAL, NA PADHYE, SS       
                                                        , MS SHARMA/R-5(II), 6          
                                                        S.S.SHARMA/R-16 - 18, 23,       
                                                         23, 26, 27.                    
                                                        S. K. MISHRA/R-8, A. PARC       
                                                        PN,PP,JH KOTHARI, SS NERK       
                                                        RD BHUIBHARR/-30                
     CP/69/2007         SARVODAYA GRIH NIRMAN CO-       MG.BHANGDE                      
                        OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY       VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL           
                        V/S SMT.ANJANABAI W/O VIV       RL KHAPRE, RG KAVIMANDAN/       
                        EKANAND KOTHARE                 P                               
             In                                         SV MANOHAR,AA NAIK/R-4          
     WP/6255/2005                                       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI/R-
                                                        AG GHAROTE, GB SAWAL, A                                                        SAMBARAY, GB SONI/R-2           
                                                        BG KULKARNI, SN SHENDE/R-       

                                                        SS/RO SHARMA FOR R/1  AND       

                                                        SS SHARMA,GB SAWAL,MUKESH       
                                                        AS JAISWAL, VA BRAMHE, NA       
     CP/7/2009          PURUSHOTTAM S/O NARAYAN B       SS, MS, RO SHARMA/PETR.         
                        HANGE  AND  ANR                 AS JAISWAL, NA PADHYE, SS       
                        V/S SHRI KRISHNA S/O DAUL       , MS SHARMA/PETITIONERS         
                        ATRAO RAUT, SECTY, SARVOD       G.P.FOR R-4.                    
             In                                         SK MISHRA/R-2  AND  3.          
     WP/1616/2001                                       VV BHANGDE/R-1                  
                                                        R-3 IS DELETED.                 
                                                        VV  AND  RM BHANGDE, SN T       
                                                        RL KHAPRE  AND  RG KAVIMA       
                                                        NDAN FOR R-1                    
                                                        AS JAISWAL, VA BRAMHE, NA       

6.   WP/2186/2003       SUBRAMANYAM SWAMI C/O BHA       DM KAKANI,SG HUDDAR,            
                        URAO KAMBLE  AND  20 OTHE       MM NAWATE, AD RAMTEKE           
                        V/S HOTEL SUKHAKARTA  AND       P.NOS.1,5,7,8,10,11,12,
                          ANOTHER                       ,18,19,20 ARE IN-PERSON         
                                                        KU.KALPANA  AND  SWAPNIL        
                                                        A PATHAK,SN DORLIKAR            
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        PC,KP MARPAKWAR,                
                                                        AP MAMDALWAR/R-1, GP/R-

7.   WP/3541/2003       THE REGIONAL MANAGER  AND       MP BADAR,V NAIR                 

2.ORS                         MS. TAJWAR KHAN                 
                        V/S PURUSHOTTAM LAXMAN CH       FOR/P                           
                        AORE AND ANR                    RAJASHREE VIPIN KAMBLE          
                                                        DC/PD NAUKARKAR,                
                                                        GP/R-2.R-1  AND  2 SERVED       
                                                        SP WATKAR/R-1                   

8.   WP/3916/2003       SHARDCHANDRA LAXMAN MULEY       SC/AS MEHADIA.                  
                          AND  OTHERS.                  AS MEHADIA/P-3(A) TO (C)        
                        V/S GOVIND GANPATRAI CHHA       SC MEHADIA/LRS OF P-1 (
                        VCHHARIYA  AND  OTHERS.         TO 3)                           
                                                        R-1 TO 8 SERVED.                

2. AND  4 TO 6.                 
                                                        RS AGRAWAL,GB LOHIYA/R-1,       
                                                        BN MOHTA, PS MALVE, GB  A       
                                                        ND  AG LOHIYA/R-1,2,4 TO        

                                                        U. J. DESHPANDE                 
                                                        LRS. OF R.NO.7 (1 TO 4)         

9.   WP/4436/2003       THE REGIONAL MANAGER  AND       VR NAIR                         

2.OTHERS.                     MS. TAJWAR KHAN                 
                        V/S SHRI KRUSHNA SADUJI S       FOR/P                           
                        ONONE  AND  ANOTHER.            RAJASHREE VIPIN KAMBLE          
                                                        DC/PD NAUKARKAR FOR R-1         
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
     WP/3542/2003       THE REGIONAL MANAGER AND        MP BADAR,V NAIR                 

2.OTHERS                        MS. TAJWAR KHAN                 
                        V/S KRISHNA SADUJI SONWAN       FOR/P                           
                        E AND ANR                       RAJASHREE VIPIN KAMBLE          
                                                        SP WATKAR,DC NAUKARKAR          
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        FOR R-1                         

10.  WP/4679/2003       VISHWESHWARYA NATIONAL IN       SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                        STITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY           MI DHATRAK/P                    
                        V/S BHASKAR JANARDHAN RAS       AR/MRS.UA PATIL,                
                        EKAR  AND  2 OTHERS.            VG BHAMBURKAR,SM BURADKAR       
                                                        R-2  AND  3 SERVED ON MER       

11.  WP/5032/2003       THE AMRAVATI MERCHANTS CO       MM AGNIHOTRI,PS SAHARE.         
                        -OPERATIVE BANK LTD.            RS SUNDARAM,UR TANNA            
                        V/S THE ASSISTANT PROVIDE       R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                        NT FUND  AND  ANOTHER.          IT                              
                                                        FOR R-1  AND  2                 

                        DE                              S PATIL                         
                        V/S UTKRANTI MANDAL, JARU       ANJAN DE/PETITIONER             
                        D  AND  ORS.                    GP/R-3                          
                                                        SA GORDEY,PA RAJURKAR/R-1       
                                                         AND 2.                         
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
     WP/2759/2007       UTKRANTI MANDAL BY SECTY.       AM GORDEY, AR INGOLE/P          
                          AND  ANOR.                    RD RASKAR/P                     
                        V/S THE HONOURABLE SCHOOL       GP/R-1  AND  3                  
                         TRIBUNAL  AND  2 ORS.          PS PATIL FOR CAV/R-2.           
                                                        VA KOTHALE/R-2                  
                                                        ROSHAN K DHANDE, SV BHUTA       

13.  WP/4920/2005       SAMADHAN S/O SHIVRAM POHA       NB BARGAT, ARCHANA RAMTEK       
                        RKAR                            E, MANJUSHA JOGI                
                        V/S SHARADA BAHUUDDESHIYA       BELKHODE                        
                         MAHILA VIKAS MANDAL , NA       GP/ R1 - 4                      
                                                        RM BHONGADE/CAV/R-1  AND        


14.  WP/5756/2005       KEWAL S/O BABURAO KHOBRAG       PC  AND  VP MARPAKWAR, AT       
                        ADE  AND  ORS.                  UL MAMDALWAR                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P./R-1 TO 4                   
                         AND  ORS.                                                      

                         AND  ANOTHER                   A, ARSHAD ALI                   
                        V/S JOINT DIRECTOR OF SOC       SYED OWAIS AHMED                
                        IAL FORESTRY, AKOLA  AND        FOR/P-1 AND 2                   
                                                        SR DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
                                                        SR DESHPANDE/R-1  AND  
     WP/837/2004        AGARCHAND SHESHRAO CHAVHA       FIRDOS MIRZA,SS ADKAR,          
                        N YVT.                          AJAY SOMANI                     
                        V/S THE INDUSTIRAL COURT        SYED OWAIS AHMED                
                        YVT  AND  2 OTHERS.             FOR/P                           
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
                                                        SATISH RANGNATHRAO DESHPA       
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   
     WP/2286/2009       DY. DIRECTOR OF  SOCIAL F       GP                              
                        ORESTRY, YAVATMAL ANDANR        A.S.SHAIKH/R/CAV                
                        V/S TAJUDDIN AMIZUDDIN KH       RJ MIRZA/R-SOLE                 
                        WAJA                            SYED OWAIS AHMED                
                                                        SATISH RANGNATHRAO DESHPA       

16.  WP/6169/2005       ABDUL RAHIM KHAN S/O HAJI       AMOL MARDIKAR, NIKHIL LAP       
                         MOHD. MASOOD KHAN  AND         ALIKAR                          
                        V/S TAJ BAGH COMMITTEE, N       AMOL AMRDIKAR/P-1               
                        AGPUR                           R-SOLE SERVED                   
                                                        AS JAISWAL/R-SOLE               

17.  WP/6353/2005       DEVANAND S/O BAPUJI WADHA       PD MEGHE, AK WAGHMARE, DN       
                        I                                MATHUR                         
                        V/S CHANDRAPUR DISTRICT C       BM KHAN, MRS  RB KHAN, RA       
                        ENTRAL COOP. BANK LTD.  A       EES B KHAN/ R 2                 
                                                        RS PARSODKAR, RP MARCHATW       

18.  WP/6405/2005       DADA S/O KONDBAJI THUTE         RM AHIRRAO/P                    
                        V/S RAMABAI W/O VITTHALRA                                       
                        O KOLHE  AND  ANOTHER                                           

19.  WP/6408/2005       MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TUMSAR       JS MOKADAM                      
                        , THR. ITS CHIEF OFFICER        MI DHATRAK/P                    
                        V/S KU. SHAKUNTA D/O HARI       FI KHAN FOR RESP.               
                        JI BHEDE AND ANOTHER            DR/AD RAMTEKE/CAV/R-1.          
                                                        KR LAMBAT, VP THAKARE, CM       
                                                        VD AND AV MULEY/R-1             
                                                        AR CHUTAKE/R                    

20.  WP/6421/2005       LAXMIBAI GANGANE SHMIKSHA       RL KHAPRE, AS DESHPANDE,        
                        N PRASARAK MANDAL, AKOT         VK PALIWAL                      
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER       ANIL MARDIKAR/R-3               
                        , SCHOOL TRIBUNAL  AND  O       GP/R-1  AND  2.                 
                                                        PN TIWARI/CAV/R-3.              

21.  WP/6430/2005       DR. PANJABRAO SHETKI SAHA       AR  AND  MRS UA PATIL, KA       
                        KARI GINNING AND PRESSING        PATIL                          
                        V/S DNYANOBA S/O VITHOBAJ       GP/R-2  AND  3.                 
                        I SHETHE AND 2 OTHERS           AV BAND/R-1                     

22.  WP/6479/2005       PUSHPA BAI WD/O RAMESH KU       FT MIRZA, AK SOMANI             
                        MAR  AND  ORS.                  DS SHRIMALI, OK MASURKE,        
                        V/S NARENDRAKUMAR S/O SHY       RC  AND  VV NARWADIYA/R         
                        AANDAS RAGHANI                                                  

23.  WP/6550/2005       DEPUTY ENGINEER, GROUND W       DA  AND  VICTOR BASTIAN         
                        ATER SURVEY  AND  DEVP. A       AP THAKARE, AR BHISE/P          
                        V/S CHANDRAPRAKASH JAGO S       PD MEGHE, AK WAGHMARE/R-S       
                        HENDE                           OLE.                            

24.  WP/6559/2005       SHRI RIYAZUDDIN AHMED S/O       AS JAISWAL, DV SIRAS, VA        
                         HAFIZ MOHD. SAYEED             BRAMHE                          
                        V/S SHRI ABDUL RUB S/O HA       GP/R-4,5,6                      
                        JI ABDUL KADAR AND 5 OTHE       KB  AND  NK AMBILWADE/R-1       
                                                         TO 3                           

25.  WP/6601/2005       SHIV VAIBHAV, WARDHA (REG       RS PARSODKAR/P/1,2              
                        D. PUBLIC TRUST)  AND  AN       R.M.AHIRRAO                     
                        V/S RASHTRASANT TUKADOJI        TD KHADE/R-1                    
                        MAHARAJ NAGPUR UNIVERSITY       ADWAIT SHASHANK MANOHAR         
                                                        ABHIJIT DESHMUKH, NA GAIK       
                                                        JAYANT MOKADAM                  

                        E                               A                               
                        V/S GRAMIN VIKAS SHIKSHAN       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI, LM        
                         AND KRIDA PRASARIKA MAND       PORANDWAR/R-1  AND  2           
                                                        GP/R-3 AND 4                    

27.  WP/6646/2005       DEFENCE ESTATES OFFICER         PH GULHANE                      
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED                   
                        V/S NARENDRA KUMR KAMPANI                                       

28.  WP/101/2007        TULSABAI MAHADEORAO RAGHU       M ANIL KUMAR, S SHIVHARE        
                        RTE                             BD CHUTE, RD KHOBRAGADE/R       
                        V/S GANGUBAI BABANRAO SAR       -SOLE                           
                        VE THRU. POWER OF ATTORNE                                       

29.  WP/158/2007        BISMILLABI ABDUL JABBAR (       SD DESHPANDE                    
                        DEAD) THRL LRS. MOH. IQBA       MS V RINKE                      
                        V/S ABDUL HAQUE ABDUL RAZ       MD SAMEL, KD MULEY/R-SOLE       

30.  WP/178/2007        VIJAYA VISHWANATH KINKHED       AS JAISWAL,VA BRAMHE,A. M       
                        E.                              ADIWALE, DV SIRAS.              
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        DV SIRAS/LRS OF P               
                        AND  5 ORS.                     GP/R-1 TO 4.                    
                                                        AK BANGADKAR, RS BUTLE, B       
                                                        K PAL/R-5                       

31.  WP/264/2007        THE MANAGING DIRECTOR AND       NEETA JOG, N PATIL, VG KH       

2.ORS.                         ADEKAR                          
                        V/S MAROTI VITHOBA SAYAM        SK TAMBDE, CP CHANDURKAR/       

32.  WP/265/2007        SANJAY PRAHLADRAO PACHGHA       AR/UA/AR/KA PATIL               
                        RE                              AA NAIK/P                       
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER, SC       ATUL,JAYSHREE MAHAJAN,MAN       
                        HOOL TRIBUNAL  AND  3 ORS       OJ KARIYA/R-2  AND  3           
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  4.                 
                                                        SV MANOHAR, AA NAIK/R-2         
                                                        AND  3                          

33.  WP/335/2007        YUSUFBHAI MUKHTAR AMIR VA       AA NAIK                         
                        RAWALLA                         VS DHOBE/R                      
                        V/S RAMESH S/O DANCHAND V       NIRBHAY A CHAUHAN, S RUHI       
                        ASWANI                          KAR/R-SOLE                      
                                                        DILIP N. DANI                   
                                                        B.M. TAYADE                     
                                                        C.B. INGOLE                     

34.  WP/394/2007        EMPRESS MILLS, NAGPUR THR       RB PURANIK, SG CHOPKAR, S       
                        U. CONSTUTANT GEN. ADMN.        G ZINJARDE                      
                        V/S JANARDHAN BALAJI BHAI       AP WACHASUNDAR/R-1, 2           
                        SARE AND 2 ORS.                 SG NIGHOT/R-1  AND  2           
                                                        SG NIGOT/R-2                    

35.  WP/428/2007        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY,AA UMAK,RV KALI       
.LTD. NAGPUR                    A                               
                        V/S SMT KALPANA VILAS VAR       VJ DHARKAR, V BHAGAT/R-
                        HANE AND 6 OTHERS               TO 3                            
                                                        R-1 TO 7 ARE SERVED             
                                                        AM RIZWY, MONICA ARLAND,        
                                                        HITESH KATEKAR/R-6              
                                                        PA TENI/R-6                     

36.  WP/458/2007        NATWARLAL RATANLAL GANDHI       VN MESHRAM, AM WANKHEDE,        
                                                        RD DHOTE                        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       SA JAISWAL, P JAISWAL/R-2       
                        RU. COLLECTOR  AND  3 ORS       G.P. FOR R-1, 3  AND  4                                                        RT ANTHONY, VM KITEY/R-

37.  WP/562/2007        MERRY OF IMMACULATE CONVE       PS/AP SADAWARTE                 
                        NT THRU. CHIEF SISTER INC       PC/K MARPAKWAR/R-SOLE           
                        V/S SAMADHAN NAMDEO DONGA                                       

38.  WP/596/2007        SUB DIVN. OFFICER, P.W.D.       GP                              
                         AND ANOR.                      SV/VS KHONDALAY, HJ BHISE       
                        V/S KISAN RAMA KUTE (DEAD       /R-SOLE                         
                        ) THR. LRS. NIRMALABAI KI                                       

39.  WP/623/2007        SHANKARANAND EDUCATION  A       HA DESHPANDE, HA PANDE          
                        ND  CULTURAL SOCIETY THR.                                       
                        V/S ASHOK S/O NARAYAN DHA                                       
                        PODKAR  AND  ORS.                                               
     WP/625/2007        SHANKARANAND EDUCATION  A       HA DESHPANDE, HK PANDE          
                        ND  CULTURAL SOCY. NAGPUR       GG MISHRA/R-1                   
                        V/S RAJESH S/O JAGDISH NA       GP/R-2                          
                        RAYANE  AND  ORS.               AA NAIK/R-3                     

40.  WP/654/2007        THE C.E.O. BHANDARA  AND        MP MUNSHI                       

2.ORS.                         FI.KHAN S.GAJBHIYE/R-SOLE       
                        V/S SADASHIV ADKU RAMTEKE                                       
                         (DEAD) THROUGH LRS SMT.                                        

41.  WP/664/2007        THE CONSERVATOR OF FOREST       GP                              
                         AND ANOR.                      SV BHUTADA, SD GARAD/R-SO       
                        V/S YASHWANT DAYARAM GAIK       LE.                             

42.  WP/723/2007        NANDKUMAR S/O PANNALAL FA       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        LODIYA                          S DEO                           
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1,3 A       
                        S SECRETARY AND 3 OTHERS        ND 4.                           
                                                        SS NANDANWAR,SD JOGEWAR,T       
                                                        IDKE/R-2,5,6 TO 9               

43.  WP/1053/2007       RAJENDRA S/O INDRADEO           NK DWIVEDI                      
                                                        RAMESH DARDA/R-1 TO 4.          
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICE  AND                                       


44.  WP/1118/2007       M.I.D.C., THRU ITS EXECUT       MM AGNIHOTRI, AS ATHALYE,       
                        IVE ENGINEER                     PD DAGA                        
                        V/S ANAND LAXMAN RAMTEKE        JL BHOOT, BG CHAUDHARY/R-       
                                                        JL BHOOT, BG CHAUDHARY/R-       
                                                        SOLE LRS                        

45.  WP/1287/2007       7 STAR DISTILLIERIES THRU       R DHORE,  S KHADSE.             
. PARTNER                       G.P./R-1                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        VV/RM BHANGDE/R-3               
                        MINISTER  AND  2 ORS.           R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                

46.  WP/1308/2007       THE DEAN, GMC,                  N JOG, N PATIL, VG KHADIK       
                        V/S MS. SUCHEETA D/O MANI       ANAND PARCHURE/R-SOLE           
                        KLAL MUTHA                      ANAND PARCHURE/R-1              

47.  WP/1426/2007       SHIKSHAN PRASARAK SAMITI,       MY WADODKAR, MY PATIL           
                         THRU ITS VICE PRESIDENT        MD.PATIL                        
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER  AND       AL/AL DESHPANDE/R-2             

3.ORS.                        GP/R-1.                         
                                                        SD SIRPURKAR/INTERVENOR         
                                                        R-3  AND  4 ARE SERVED          

48.  WP/1444/2007       MAHA. STATE CO-OP. BANK L       MV SAMARTH, SN DOLIKAR          
                        TD., THRU. MANAGER              R-3 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA TH       RS SUNDARAM/R-1  AND  2                        RU. SECTY.  AND  2 ORS.         RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA/R-2       

49.  WP/1515/2007       BHASKAR DAULATRAO SAKHRE        SD THAKUR, DS THAKUR, ST        
                        AND 55 ORS.                     MOON                            
                        V/S M/S. AMRAVATI GROWERS       GOVT. PLEADER/R-1               
                         CO-OP. MIL LTD., THRU. L       DP DAPURKAR,CB PACHLORE/R       
                                                        R-2 SERVED,AGP/R-2              
                                                        MA KADU/R-SOLE                  

50.  WP/1516/2007       SUNFLAG IRON  AND  STEEL        SD /DS THAKUR, ST MOON          
                        MAZDOOR SABHA THRU. G.S.        RN SEN  AND  SHWETA GAJBH       
                        V/S M/S. SUNFLAG IRON  AN       IYE FOR PETITIONER              
                        D  STEEL CO. LTD., THRU.        HN VERMA, RB PURANIK, S                                                        ZINJARDE                        
                                                        R-2 SERVED                      
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              

51.  WP/1575/2007       BIPINCHANDRA S/O DATTATRA       NB KALAMKAR                     
                        YA RUIKAR                       SR CHANDEKAR                    
                        V/S PRAKASH S/O GOVIND BU       CJ DUMANE,BS PIMPLAPURE/R       
                        RBURE  AND  2 ORS.              -1 TO 3                         
                                                        GOVT. PLEADER/R-4               

52.  WP/1606/2007       DIVN. CONTROLLER, M.S.R.T       VG WANKHEDE, SN GAIKWAD         
.C.                             DCR MISHRA/R-SOLE               
                        V/S VAKIL SHAIKH TANUMIYA       SANDEEP R.JAIS/R                
     WP/1558/2008       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER, MS       VG/SV WANKHEDE, SN GAIKWA       
                        RTC                             D                               
                        V/S SHAIKH VAKIL SHAIKH T       DCR MISHRA/R-SOLE               

53.  WP/1621/2007       KARBHARI HARISINGH RATHOD       JB KASAT,V.DAHAT                
                                                        RAMESH DARDA, VILAS DONGR       
                        V/S SMT.ANNAPURNABAI W/OF       E/R-1  AND  2                   
                         RAMCHANDRA ANDHALE  AND        R-3 SERVED                      

54.  WP/1627/2007       C.E.O. M.I.D.C. MUMBAI  A       MM AGNIHOTRI, AS ATHALYE        
                        ND  ANOR.                       ML BHURE/R-1                    
                        V/S PREMDAS TUKARAM HUMAN       R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                        E AND 2 ORS.                    NA LAPALIKAR/R-2                
                                                        NIKHIL LAPLIKAR/R-3             

55.  WP/1666/2007       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER MAH       VG WANKHEDE,SN GAIKWAD          
                        V/S RIAYZ MOHD.BAKSHI            CAV/R-SOLE.                    

56.  WP/1781/2007       R.R. LAHOTI EDUCATION SOC       MA VAISHNAV, SB KASTURIWA       
                        IETY, THRU ITS PRESIDENT        LA                              
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER, SC       AS.RODGE,AU.VAISHNAV            
                        HOOL TRIBUNAL  AND  2 ORS       PS PATIL FOR CAV/R-2.           
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  3                  

57.  WP/1808/2007       RASHTRIYA MAZDOOR MANCH T       SP BHANDARKAR, M LAKHE          
                        HRU. G.S.                       VD  AND  AV MULEY/R-1           
                        V/S M/S. ELLORA PAPER MIL       R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        LS LTD, THRU. EXECUTIVE D                                       

58.  WP/1878/2007       VILAS SAKHARAM MUDE             PS KHUBALKAR                    
                                                        MM SHESH/R-2                    
                        V/S DR. SURESH SAKHARAM M       R-1 SERVED                      
                        UDE AND ANOR.                   MM SHESH/R                      

59.  WP/1908/2007       MANCHAKRAO YADAVRAO  JADH       SK TAMBDE, CP CHANDURKAR        
                        AV                              V.K. PALIWAL/R-1                
                        V/S ANANT NAGRI CO-OP. CR       R-2  AND  3 SERVED.             
                        EDIT SO. LTD., THRU. MANA                                       

60.  WP/1935/2007       BABASAHEB SONBAJI WASADE        RS PARASODKAR/PD RANE P-2       
                         AND  7 ORS.                      AND  8, 3, 4, 6, 7            
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       RM AHIRRAO/R-5                  
                        RU. PRINCIPAL SECTY.  AND       GP/R-1 TO 4.                    
                                                        SP BHANDARKAR/INT.              

61.  WP/1984/2007       AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE MARK       RAHUL TAJNE                     
                        ET COMM. THRU. SECTY.           AS JAISWAL, VA BRAMHE, R        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        TAJNE                           
                        SECTY.  AND  2 ORS.             ANJAN/APURV DE, A DHORE/R       
                                                        O.N. RAUT/CAV/R-3 (IN PER       
                                                        G.P./R-1  AND  2.               

62.  WP/2214/2007       NARENDRA MAHADEORAO NILE        NS BADHE                        
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE/R-3              
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       A PARCHURE, R JOSHI/CAV/R       
                        U. ADDL. COLLECTOR  AND         -3.                             
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                                                        R-4 SERVE ON MERIT              

63.  WP/2243/2007       MAHA. STATE ROAD TRANSPOR       SC / AS MEHADIA, YB SHARM       
                        T THRU. DIVN. CONTROLLER        A                               
                        V/S KAWDU LAXMANRAO NAWAL       COPY SERVED TO AM KADUKAR       
                        E                               ,SV SHIKARE/CAV./R-SOLE                                                        CV JAGDALE, MM WANKHEDE/R       

64.  WP/2427/2007       THE PRINCIPAL MUNGSAJI MA       RL KHAPRE, VK PALIWAL, AP       
                        HARAJ MAHAVIDYALAYA  AND         CHORGHADE                      
                        V/S TULSHIRAM JANUJI RAUT       NR SABOO/CAV/R-SOLE             

65.  WP/2444/2007       PARWA EDUCATION SOCIETY         DP CHAMBHARE,V TANNA            
                        AND ANOTHER                     GP/R-1, 2                       
                        V/S THE ADDL.COMMISSIONER       VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR/R       
                        ,TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT AMRAV       -3                              
     WP/3343/2007       SURESH GOVINDRAO BHURE          VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR         
                                                        MP GULHANE                      
                        V/S THE PARWA EDUCATION S       DP CHAMBHAR, V. TANNA/R-1       
                        O. THRU. SECTY.  AND  3 O       , 2                             
                                                        GP/R-3  AND  4                  
                                                        AS ATHALYE, DP CHAMBHARE/       

66.  WP/2448/2007       CHHAYA SHANKARRAO REKHE         ANAND PARCHURE, PRASHANT        
                                                        P THAKARE                       
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDUCATIO       S SAOJI                         
                        N SOCIETY THRU. ITS SECY.       A.S. KILOR/R-1 AND 2            
                                                        V.A. KOTHALE, D.P. DAPURK       
                                                        AR, S.N. KADU/R-4               
     CAW/2378/2012      CHHAYA SHANKARRAO REKHE         ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDUCATIO                                       
                        N SOCIETY THRU. ITS SECY.                                       

                                                        VK PALIWAL                      
                        V/S SAVITRABAI SHIKSHAK S       RM AHIRRAO/R-1,2,3              
                        ANSTHA WARDHA AND 9 OTHER       AGP FOR R/5,6,9  AND  10.       
                                                        PC MARPAKWAR, VP MARPAKWA       
                                                        R-4, 6, 8 AND 9 ARE SERVE       
                                                        MR RAJGURE, SK SABLE/R-
                                                        TO 3                            
                                                        RAJNISH VYAS/R-4                

68.  WP/2496/2007       THE JR. SCIENTIFIC OFFICE       GP                              
                        R  AND  ANOR.                   R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S RANJANA ASHOK MASKE         PC MARPAKWAR, VP MARPAKWA       

69.  WP/2509/2007       SHRIRAM BANDHE  AND  2 OR       A PARCHURE, S KHANDEKAR         
                        S.                              G.P./R-3                        
                        V/S MODEL EDUCATION SOCIE       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-3.          
                        TY THE. SECY.  AND  ORS.        R-1  AND  R-2 SERVED ON M       
                                                        HK PANDE/R-1                    

                        DAL AND ANOTHER                 ,N BHISHIKAR                    
                        V/S RAVINDRA RAMESHRAO SA       AS MARDIKAR/CAV/R-1.            
                        MBARE AND ANOTHER               R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            

71.  WP/2579/2007       ANANT VASANTRAO NIMKAR          MA BAPAT,PA ABHYANKAR           
                                                        BS HATMODE, CF BHAGWANI/R       
                        V/S LATE PATIL GRAMIN VIK       -5                              
                        AS PRATISHTHAN,YEOTMAL,TH       DG PATIL, SV INGOLE/R-1 T       
                                                        O 3.                            

72.  WP/2608/2007       REGIONAL PROVIDENT FUND C       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        OMMISSIONER  AND  ANOR.         PS KHUBALKAR/R                  
                        V/S M/S. MAHA. HYBRID SEE       R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        D CO. LTD.,                                                     

73.  WP/2756/2007       PRINCIPAL, TAKSHASHILA MA       AS PALSODKAR                    
                        HAVIDYALAYA  AND  2 ORS.        GP/R-2  AND  3                  
                        V/S KISHOR LAXMANRAO GAYD       SW DESHPANDE/CAV/R-1.           
                        HANE  AND  2 ORS.               BHANUDAS GOPALDAS KULKARN       
                                                        S. W. DESHPANDE                 

74.  WP/2775/2007       KU.INDIRA D/O BHAGWANJI H       MY WODADKAR,RG PANDY.           
                        UKARE                           RD MURKUTE/P                    
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER       ML BHURE, BM DAFALE/R-2 T       
                        ,ADDL.SCHOOL TRIBUNAL AND       O 4                             
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  5                 
                                                        MP MUNSHI /R-5                  

75.  WP/2792/2007       ASHA RAMRAO SHIWANKAR AND       ST HARKARE                      

4.ORS.                         SD GHATOLE                      
                        V/S THE C.E.O. ZILLA PARI       GP / 3  AND  4                  
                        SHAD  AND  3 ORS.               VD RAUT, SA RADKE/R-1  AN       
                                                        D  2                            

76.  WP/2804/2007       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER, M.       VG WANKHEDE, SANTOSH GAIK       
                        S.R.T.C.                        WAD                             
                        V/S MANOHAR MAROTRAM DHOM       NK VARMA,HN VERMA/R-SOLE        
                        ANE                             MR PILLAI/R-SOLE.               

77.  WP/2807/2007       DIVISIONAL CONTROLER,MAH.       VG WANKHEDE,SN GAIKWAD          
                        STATE ROAD,TRANSPORT CORP       CV JAGDALE/R-2.R-1 DELETE       
                        V/S AZIZ KHAN SULTAN KHAN       D.                              
                         PATHAN AND ANOTHER                                             

78.  WP/2809/2007       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER, M.       VG WAKHEDE, SN GAIKWAD          
                        S.R.T.C                         NK,HN VERMA,MR PILLAI/R-S       
                        V/S VASANT KISAN GAJBHIYE       OLE                             

79.  WP/2810/2007       THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, M       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
.I.D.C. AND  ANOR.              JL BHOOT, BG CHAUDHARY, S       
                        V/S HON'BLE MEMBER, INDUS       H BARBATKAR/R-2                 
                        TRIAL COURT  AND  ANOR.                                         

80.  WP/2815/2007       SUDHAKAR S/O VISHNUPANT B       VINAY DAHAT,VS KALE             
                        OBADE                           V. DAHAT, VS KALE/P             
                        V/S VANITA SAMAJ SOCIETY,       VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR/R       
                        THR.ITS PRESIDENT  AND  2       -3                              

81.  WP/2827/2007       MAHA. JEEVAN PRADHIKARAN        DM KAKANI, MM NAWATHE, GK       
                        THRU.MEMBER  AND  2 ORS.         BHUSARI                        
                        V/S NANDLAL JAGLAL VERMA        SE RATHORTE, VV DHANDE          
                        AND ANOR.                       CS KAPTAN/R-1, 2                
                                                        PS PATIL/CAV/R-1  AND  
                                                        DM SURJUSE/R-1  AND  2          

82.  WP/2830/2007       MAHA. STATE BOARD OF SEC.       PB PATIL, BM DAFALE/P           
                          AND  HIGH. SEC. EDUCATI       PB PATIL                        
                        V/S SHRIKANT AMBADAS JOSH       CA  AND  RC JOSHI/R-1           
                        I  AND  2 ORS.                  GP/R-2.                         
                                                        R-3 SERVED                      

83.  WP/2866/2007       VIAJAY RAMCHANDRA DAKSHIN       SP HEDAOO, G BELSARE,KV D       
                        DAS AND ANOTHER                 ESHMUKH                         
                        V/S SHRI RAJESH BHUSARI A       RB PENDHARKAR                   
                        ND 5 OTHERS                     GP/R-4                          
                                                        SS/SW GHATE/R-1,2,5  AND        

                                                        R3 SERVED.                      
                                                        S.Y. DEOPUJARI/R-5              
                                                        G VENKATRAMAN, P BADWAIK/       
                                                        SY DEOPUJARI FOR R-10(I)        
                                                        TO (III).                       
                                                        G.P./R-1, 4, 9, SHRI GHAT       
                                                        E/R-2, 3, 5, 6                  

84.  WP/2877/2007       P.M. RUIKAR TRUST YAVATMA       US DASTANE ,G BAMBLANI          
                        L AND ANOTHER                   ABHAY SAMBRE/R-2                
                        V/S DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION                                       
                         PUNE AND ANOTHER                                               

85.  WP/2881/2007       SHRI ASHOK PANDHARINATH C       CF BHAGWANI                     
                        HAMBHARE                        HM BOBADE/P                     
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER,ADD       R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI                        L SCHOOL TRIBUNAL CHANDRA       PC/VP/K MARPAKWAR/R-2 TO        


86.  WP/2940/2007       GENERAL LABOUR AND EMPLOY       MPM PILLAI                      
                        EES UNION                       MP BADAR/R-1.                   
                        V/S DEPUTY CONSERVATOR OF       MP BADAR/CAV/R-1 TO 4.          
                         FORESTS CHANDRAPUR AND 3       SR DESHPANDE/R-1 TO 3           
                                                        RAJ DAMODAR WAKODE              
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 4                    

87.  WP/2961/2007       M.S.R.T.C. THRU. DIVN. CO       SC  AND  AS MEHADIA             
                        NTROLLER                        NR SABOO/R-1  AND  2            
                        V/S NARENDRA RAMCHANDRA G                                       
                        UPTA AND ANOR.                                                  

88.  WP/2993/2007       SUBHAN SHAH GULAM ALI SHA       S.W . DESHPANDE                 
                        H                               SS PATIL, P KADU, BB MESH       
                        V/S GAJANAN TUKARAM YERON       RAM/R-1 TO 3.                   
                        E  AND  2 ORS.                                                  

89.  WP/2999/2007       RAJESH PUNDLIKRAO JADHAO        RL KHAPRE, VK PALIWAL           
                        V/S JAGRUT NAVAYUWAK EDUC       R-1,3  AND  4 SERVED.           
                        ATION SOCIETY THRU. SECTY       R-1 TO 4 ARE SERVED             

90.  WP/3012/2007       NARESH S/O SHANKARRAO PAT       CN FUNDE,AA KATHANE             
                        HODE                            RR MENDHE/R-3                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.ITS        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1  AN       
                        SECY  AND  3 ORS.               D  2.                           
                                                        R-4 IS SERVED.                  

91.  WP/3021/2007       THE CHIEF OFFICER, MUNICI       M.I. KHAN, SJ KADU, SZ QA       
                        PAL COUNCIL                     ZI                              
                        V/S THE ADDL. COMMISSIONE       A.D. MOHGAONKAR, M.M. DES       
                        R OF LABOUR  AND  2 ORS.        HMUKH/R-3                       
                                                        G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            

92.  WP/3056/2007       THE MAHA. STATE DIST. CO.       RE  AND  PR MOHARIR             
                         LTD., THRU. SECTY.  AND        PRASHANT/ANAND GODE/CAV/R       
                        V/S MAHA. RAJYA APPRENTIC       -2.                             
                        E UNION THRU. G.S.  AND         R-1 SERVED ON MERIT.            

93.  WP/3065/2007       AJAY LAXMAN JATYKAR             AJ THAKKAR                      
                                                        AS KILOR, SS ZINGARDE/R-2       
                        V/S SHRI LAXMANAPPA YESHW       R-1 AND 2 ARE SERVED            
                        ANTAPP JATKAR AND ANOTHER                                       

94.  WP/3105/2007       M/S. TANIA INDUSTRIES PVT       CV KALE,UK BISEN,M JAISWA       
. LTD. THR. REPT.               L                               
                        V/S SECY. REVENUE  AND  F       GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        OREST DEPT. STATE OF MAH.                                       

95.  WP/3110/2007       KAMLAKAR MAHADEO GARAD          PD MEGHE, AK WAGHMARE, PS       
                        V/S THE JT. DIRECTOR (SUG       GP FOR R/1 AND 2.               
                        AR)  AND  ANOR.                                                 

96.  WP/3137/2007       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       JT GILDA, MP JAJU               
                         CORPN. THRU. SUPTD. ENGI       PS TEMBHARE                     
                        V/S MEMBER, INDUSTRIAL CO       S.G. JAGTAP                     
                        URT, BHANDARA  AND  2 ORS       FOR/P                           
                                                        S.S. GODBOLE                    
                                                        S.D. MALKE, A.B. POTDAR/R       
                                                        G.P.FOR R-2.                    
     WP/3138/2007       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       JT GILDA, MP JAJU               
                         CORPN. THRU. SUPTD. ENGI       S.G. JAGTAP                     
                        V/S MEMBER, INDUSTRIAL CO       FOR/P                           
                        URT, BHANDARA  AND  2 ORS       S.S. GODBOLE                    
                                                        S.D. MALKE, A.B. POTDAR/R       
                                                        R-1 SERVED, GP/R-2              
     WP/3139/2007       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       JT GILDA, MP JAJU               
                         CORPN. THRU. SUPTD. ENGI       S.G. JAGTAP                     
                        V/S MEMBER, INDUSTRIAL CO       FOR/P                           
                        URT, BHANDARA  AND  2 ORS       S.S. GODBOLE                    
                                                        S.D. MALKE, A.B. POTDAR/R       
                                                        G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            
     WP/3140/2007       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       J.T. GILDA, MP JAJU             
                         CORPN. THRU. SUPTD. ENGI       S.G. JAGTAP                     
                        V/S MEMBER INDUSTRIAL COU       FOR/P                           
                        RT, BHANDARA  AND  2 ORS.       S.S. GODBOLE                    
                                                        S.D. MALKE, A.B. POTDAR/R       
                                                        G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            

97.  WP/3178/2007       SHIVRAM SHANKAR PADGHAN         ANIL S MARDIKAR,AMIT G JO       
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER       HA DESHPANDE/CAV/R-4.           
                        ,SCHOOL TRIBUNAL,AMRAVATI       R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED             
     WP/2391/2001       RATAN RAJARAM AGHAMKAR...       PB PATIL,JR KIDILAY             
..                              GP/R-2, AP TATHOD/R-3 AND       
                        V/S SHIVRAM SHANKAR PADGH        4.                             
                        AN AND 3 OTHERS                 R-1 TO 4 ARE SERVED ON ME       
                                                        G G MISHRA, S R GAIKEE/R-       

3.AND 4                         

98.  WP/3180/2007       VAISHALI BHASKAR BHOYAR         AZ  JIBHKATE, S. TAMBULKA       
                        V/S PRESIDENT, GRIEVANCE        PP THAKARE/R-2,3                
                        COMMITTEE  AND  3 ORS.          GOVT. PLEADER/R-4               
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON MERI
99.  WP/3193/2007       VITTHAL UTTAM LUTE              S.U. BHUYAR, M KUKADE           
                                                        SG JAGTAP                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       AV GAWANDE/CAV/R-6).            
                        ECTY.  AND  9 ORS.              GP/R-1 TO 5.                    
                                                        R-7,8 AND 10 ARE SERVED,R       
                                                        -9 DELETED                      

100. WP/3201/2007       RAMRATAN JAGANATH WAWRE         SV SIRPURKAR, NB JAWADE         
                                                        RS SIRPURKAR                    
                        V/S AMRAVATI DISTRICT SUP       G. VENKATRAMAN/R-2              
                        ERVISION CO-OP. SOCIETY,        DP DAPURKAR,VA KOTHALE/CA       
                                                        R-2  AND  3 SERVED.R-3 SE       
                                                        RVED ON MERIT.                  

101. WP/3227/2007       STATE OF AH. REVENU  AND        SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                         FOREST DEPT. MUMBAI AND        SR DESHPANDE/P-1 TO 4           
                        V/S VIKAS MADHAVRAO DEOTA       RAJ DAMODAR WAKODE              
                        LE                              FOR/P                           
                                                        KALPANA,SA PATHAK/R-1           

102. WP/3313/2007       MSRTC,THR. ITS DIVISIONAL       AS MEHADIA, YB SHARMA           
                         CONTROLLER,AKOLA               A. PARCHURE/R-1                 
                        V/S BHASKAR RAAMRAO WANJA                                       
     WP/3653/2007       M.S.R.T.C. THRU DIVISIONA       AS MEHADIA, YB SHARMA           
                        L CONTROLLER,                   BM KHAN/R-SOLE                  
                        V/S RAMDAS S/O KISANRAO K       R-SOE SERVED.                   

103. WP/3325/2007       NARESH WASUDEORAO PENDHEK       N.R. SABOO                      
                        AR                              G.P./R-1, 2                     
                        V/S THE DY. DIRECTOR OF V                                       
                        OCATIONAL EDN.  AND  TRAI                                       

104. WP/3374/2007       VIMAL RAMPRASAD THAKUR          R.V. SHIRALKAR                  
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, BA                                       
                        LLARPUR THRU. C.O.                                              

105. WP/3390/2007       YUVRAJ SHRIRAM DUDHKAWRE        F.I. KHAN                       
                                                        SC MEHADIAR-SOLE.               
                        V/S THE DIVN. CONTROLLER                                        

106. WP/3405/2007       TULSIRAM GANPATRAO WADEKA       SACHIN S DESHPANDE              
                        R                               SR DESHPANDE.                   
                        V/S ABDUL SATTAR ABDUL NA       DR RUPNARAYAN/R                 

                        V/S GURUKRIPA SAMAJSEWI S       AR/UA/KA PATIL/R-1 AND 
                        ANSTHA  AND  2 ORS.             R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED             
                                                        RETURN OF BEHALF/R-1  AND       


108. WP/3431/2007       PRABHAKAR SADASHIORAO PAT       S.K. DESHPANDE, S. MOHARI       
                        IL                              R                               
                        V/S SIDDHARTH SHIKSHAN SA       SM GHODESWAR/R-2                
                        HAYYAK SANSTHA THRU. SECT       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-3. SM       
                                                        SM GHODESWAR/R-5                
                                                        R-1 AND 2 ARE SERVED            

109. WP/3469/2007       SMT MEHARUNNISA RAHMAN KH       NS/SN BHATTAD                   
                        AN AND ANOTHER                  AM NABIRA                       
                        V/S MOTOR ACCIDENT CLAIMS       NR SABOO/R-2  AND  3            
                         TRIBUNAL AMRAVATI AND 6        GN KHANZODE,PG SALUNKE,AB       
                                                        R-1,4,6  AND  7 SERVED.         

110. WP/3549/2007       SHRI RAVI MADAN SAWAI           R.M. AHIRRAO                    
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER, SC       R-1 TO 6 ARE SERVED             
                        HOOL TRIBUNAL AMRAVATI  A       RAHUL TAJNE/R-2                 
        REMARK : ... [A/W CONNECTED MATTER] ... 
     WP/3974/2007       PRIYADARSHINI GRAMIN  AND       AM GHARE,LH KOTHARI             
                          AADIWASI UTKARSHA FOUND       GP/R-4                          
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER,AMR       R.TAJANE FOR CAV/R-2.           
                        AVATI  AND  4 ORS.              R-1,3 AND 5 ARE SERVED          

111. WP/3553/2007       STATE OF MAHA. THRU. JT.        GP                              
                        DIRECTOR  AND  2 ORS.           RJ KANKALE, SA RADKE,A DA       
                        V/S SHEIKH GULAM DASTAGIR       GA/R-1                          
                         SH. RAMZAN  AND  ANOR.         COPY SERVED TO COUNSEL FO       
                                                        R R-1.                          
                                                        R-2 SERVED                      
                                                        RJ KANKALE AND SA RADKE F       
                                                        OR R.NO.1                       

112. WP/3557/2007       PURUSHOTTAAM S/O MAHADEO        AP LAKHNIKAR, VL SOMALWAR       
                        BHOYAR                          , SM PURI                       
                        V/S RAJE SAMBHAJI MAHARAJ       VA SAWARKAR, P THAKRE/P         
                         SHIKSHAN SANSTHA, THRU I       GP/R-3                          
                                                        AS KILOR/R-1  AND  2.           

113. WP/3573/2007       KU. JYOTI D/O SHRIPAT UKE       YD SHUKLA, SD SHUKLA, A M       
                        Y                               AMDALWAR                        
                        V/S THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE O       MP MUNSHI/R-1,2,3               
                        FFICER  AND  2 ORS.                                             

114. WP/3603/2007       KAMPTEE CITIZEN EDUCATION       A.D. MOHGAONKAR, MM DESHM       
                          AND  CULTURAL SOCIETY T       UKH                             
                        V/S QUAZI AZHAR ALI S/O A       G.P.FOR R-2.                    
                        KBAR ALI  AND  ANOR.            PRASHANT SHENDE/CAV/R-1
115. WP/3616/2007       BADRIDAS KANHAIYALAL CHAN       DR. R. POHARKAR, MS WAGHM       
                        DAK                             ARE                             
                        V/S THE MEMEBER, INDUSTRI       COPY SERVED TO SURESH  AN       
                        AL COURT  AND  3 ORS.           D  MS.A.DHOLE FOR CAV/R-2       
                                                        R-1,3  AND  4 ARE SERVED        
                                                        WG PAUNIKAR/R-2,3,4             

116. WP/3621/2007       VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD.,       RE MOHARIR                      
                                                         AND  PR MOHARIR.               
                        V/S VOLTAS REFRIGERATORS        BM KHAN/R-1 TO 6                
                        EMPLOYEES UNION,  AND  6        SS MAJUMDAR/R-7                 

117. WP/3627/2007       DURGA WD/O NANDAN DEOGADE       MP JAISWAL                      
                                                        SG LONEY/R-SOLE                 
                        V/S AMRAOTI UNIVERSITY TH                                       
                        RU. REGISTRAR                                                   

118. WP/3628/2007       MALIK ABDUL QAYYUM              DR.AH JAMAL, JH JUMDE           
                                                        AD/NA VYAWAHARE/R-1,2  AN       
                        V/S SUBHANIA HIGH SCHOOL,       D  4.                           
                         THRU THE PRESIDENT SUBHA       G.P. FOR R-3.                   

119. WP/3629/2007       SHRI SHIVAJI NIGHT HIGH S       P.   AND  H. P. MARPAKWAR       
                        CHOOL THRU. H.M.                RS PARSODKAR/R-1.               
                        V/S THE NAGPUR MUNICIPAL        COPY SERVED TO R-1.             
                        CORPN. THRU. MUNICIPAL CO       SM PURANIK                      

120. WP/3632/2007       SMT. ASHABAI W/O DEOKISAN       MK PATHAN                       
                         BAJAJ  AND  6 ORS.             NR SABOO/R-SOLE                 
                        V/S DR.SAU. PUSHPA W/O RA                                       
                        MBILAS MALANI                                                   

121. WP/3638/2007       SANTOSH RAJARAMJI THAWARE       HD DANGRE, AN ANSARI            
                                                        ANKUSH DANGRE                   
                        V/S M/S. ANMOL CONSTRUCTI       NB BARGAT, M JOGI/R             
                        ONS THRU. PROPRIETOR            R-SOLE SERVED.                  

122. WP/3640/2007       MRS LEELABAI MANIRAM KOSA       MP JAISWAL                      
                        RE                              MI DHATRAK/R                    
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL BHA       -SOLE.                          

123. WP/3641/2007       MAROTI S/O SHIVRAM PADOLE       NS TALMALE, NG SOLAO            
                                                        VP MEGHARE, HG GHUMDE.          
                        V/S MANAGING DIRECTOR, BH       MAHESH RAI, ANAND DESHPAN       
                        ANDARA ZILLA DUGDHA UTPAD       DE.                             
                                                        SUBHASH PALIWAL/R               
                                                        AR PATIL, UA PATIL, KAUSH       
                                                        UBH A PATIL                     
                                                        AR PATIL, KA PATIL, AND U       
                                                        A PATIL / FOR RESPONDENT        

124. WP/3643/2007       MRS NIRMALA DASARAM MULEY       MP JAISWAL                      
                        V/S CIVIL SURGEON,CIVIL                                         
                        AND  GENERAL HOSPITAL ,BH                                       

125. WP/3647/2007       M/S. PUROHIT  AND  CO. TH       SV BHUTADA                      
                        RU. PARTNER                     A HUSSAIN/R-1 AND 2             
                        V/S KHATONBEE ABDUL AZIZ        ASGHAR HUSSAIN/R-1  AND         
                         AND  ANOR.                     2                               

126. WP/3651/2007       MAMTA RAMDHAN RATHOD            N.S. BADHE, A.M. GEDAM          
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1TO
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. M       PS PATIL FOR CAV/R-4.           
                        INISTER FOR FOOD  AND  3                                        

127. WP/3667/2007       SHEIKH ISMAIL SHEIKH RAZZ       ANIL S MARDIKAR/P               
                        AK                              AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI/R-
                        V/S PRESIDENT ZILLA PRISH       R-1 AND R-3 ARE SERVED.         
                        AD PRIMARY  AND  2 ORS.                                         

128. WP/3677/2007       ANAND PANNA PAWAR               DCR MISHRA, S. JAIS             
                        V/S DIVN. CONTROLLER, M.S       SC/AS MEHADIA/R-1               
.R.T.C.  AND  ANOR.                                             

129. WP/3681/2007       M/S ANAND GLASS CO.THR.IT       RR SHRIVASTAVA,VB PALORKA       
                        S PROPREITR,SMT.ACHALA C        R,SK CHINCHKHEDE                
                        V/S PRAKASH S/O GOVINDRAO       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

130. WP/3694/2007       SUNITA SHAMRAO MESHRAM          AP LAKHNIKAR, VL SOMALWAR       
                                                        , SM PURI                       
                        V/S RAJE SAMBHAJI MAHARAJ       VA SAWARKAR, P THAKRE/P         
                         SHIKSHAN SANSTHA THRU. P       AS KILOR,VB MOHANT FO CAV       
                                                        /R-1 AND 2.                     
                                                        R-3 SERVED                      
                                                        ON MERIT.                       
     CAW/2839/2013      SUNITA SHAMRAO MESHRAM          PP THAKARE                      
                        V/S RAJE SAMBHAJI MAHARAJ                                       
                         SHIKSHAN SANSTHA THRU. P                                       

131. WP/3726/2007       SOMA CHANDRABHAN SAKHARE        PRASHANT SHENDE                 
                        V/S TATHAGAT EDUCATION TR       S.BORKAR,M GHATODE/R-1 TO       
                        UST, LAKHANDUR, THRU. SEC        3.                             

132. WP/3752/2007       ASHOK JAGANNATHSINGH RATH       VD RAUT, SA RADKE, A DAGA       
                        OD                              MV SAMARTH/R                    
                        V/S NAGPUR MUNCL. CORPN.        R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                        THRU. MUNCL. COMMISSIONER       RS PARSODKAR/R-1                
                                                        SS JACHAK/R-1                   
     WP/2279/2005       CITY OF NAGPUR CORPORATIO       MV.SAMARATH                     
                        N                               RS PARSODKAR/P                  
                        V/S ASHOK RATHOD                SS JACHAK/P                     
                                                        VD RAUT, ALOK DAGA, SA RA       

133. WP/3817/2007       YESHAWANT KESHAORAO NIRWA       G.S. LAHOTI                     
                        N                               G.P.FOR R-1 TO 3.               
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        MEMO OF APPEARANCE AWAITE       
                        SECTY.  AND  2 ORS.             D                               
                                                        GP/R- 1 TO 3                    

134. WP/3837/2007       MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, GONDIA       ANOOP  AND  ABHIJIT PARIH       
                         THRU. C.O.                     AR                              
                        V/S DEEPAKSINGH PURANSING       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        H KELCHURI                                                      

135. WP/3838/2007       VASANT DATTATRAYA DESHMUK       R.S. CHARPE, RS NAKTODE         
                        H  AND  3 ORS.                  SV DANGORE                      
                        V/S RAJANIBAI BHIMRAO DES       RS CHARPE,SR CHARPE/P-1 L       
                        HMUKH  AND  4 ORS.              RS                              
                                                        MV MOHOKAR, VB DESHPANDE/       
                                                        R-2 TO R-5 ARE SERVED/          

136. WP/3911/2007       VILAS SUKHDEORAO WANKHADE       S.D. CHOPDE                     
                        V/S ADDITIONAL COMMISSION       PS PATIL,GS TAMBATKAR/R-7       
                        ER, AMRAVATI DIVN.  AND         /CAV                            
                                                        R-4 SERVED                      
                                                        PS PATIL/R-5 TO 9               

137. WP/3936/2007       KALAMESHVAR TEXTILE MILLS       R.B. PURANIK, S.G CHOPKAR       
                         LTD.,                          S/SMT JS KALBANDE/R-1  AN       
                        V/S RATNAKAR BABURAO CHIM       D  2                            
                        OTE AND 2 ORS.                  R-3 SERVED                      

138. WP/3938/2007       SANTRAM S/O TULARAM BARET       CA JOSHI, RC JOSHI, MS SA       
                        HIA                             MABARE, MG SARDA                
                        V/S M.S.R.T.C., THRU THE        VG WANKHEDE/R                   
                        DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER,          R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            

139. WP/3944/2007       PRAKASH VASATNRAO BHARADW       A.D. MOHGAONKAR, MM DESHM       
                        AJ                              UKH                             
                        V/S THE INDIRA EDUCATION        GP/R-4                          
                        SOCIETY THRU. SECTY.  AND       AA NAIK/R-1,2                   
                                                        BG KULKARNI, SN SHENDE/R-       


140. WP/3945/2007       OMPRAKASH JAGANNATH SHARM       R.B. UPADHYAY, DILMAN MIN       
                        A                               J, DR RUPNARAYAN                
                        V/S RUBY KHAN WD/O M.K. K       CV JAGDALE/P                    
                        HAN                             M SHAREEF, KV THOMAS,MA R       

141. WP/3982/2007       DAYARAM PURNAJI GAWAI           SYED OWAIS AHMED                
                        V/S DY.CONSERVATOR OF FOR       MS DESHPANDE.                   
                        EST  AND  2 ORS.                                                

142. WP/4094/2007       HARIDAS S/O VIKRAMJI MESH       GM BAGADE                       
                        RAM                             VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR/R       
                        V/S SHRI VIVEKANAND SEWA        -4                              
                        SANGH, AND 3 ORS.               R-1TO4 SERVED ON MERIT.         
                                                        PS PATIL/R-2                    
                                                        VA KOTHALE/R-5                  
                                                        GR SADAR/R-1                    
                                                        R-3 SERVED ON MERIT.            

143. WP/4112/2007       DY. CONSERVATOR OF FOREST       S. SAMBRE                       
                        S, PUSAD                        PRASHANT ANAND GODE             
                        V/S SHAUKAT SK. AMIR            FOR/P                           
                                                        NN MOTHGHARE CAV/R-SOLE         
                                                        BHARAT KULKARNI/R               

144. WP/4149/2007       JITENDRA R. MADHANI             M.A VAISHNAV                    
                                                        ,S.MARATHE,SB KASTURIWALE       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        .                               
                        HON'BLE MINISTER  AND  3        NS DESHPANDE FOR R/4.           
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1 TO        


145. WP/4175/2007       CHHABU RANGDEO UMATE  AND       V.G. DHAGE                      
                          ANOR.                         G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            
                        V/S THE DIVN COMMISSIONER       SN BHATTAD/R-3.                 
                         NAGPUR  AND  3 ORS.            R-4 SERVED ON MERIT.            

146. WP/4185/2007       DIGAMBAR TUKARAM NARE           AJ THAKKAR, SB PATIL            
                                                        COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1.          
                        V/S ASST. REGISTRAR OF MO       R-2 SERVED.                     
                        NEY LENDERS  AND  ANOR.                                         

                          AND  2 ORS.                   SWAL                            
                        V/S PADMAKAR WASUDEORAO K       LA MOHTA, RB AGRAWAL/R          
                        ULAT                            R-SOL SERVED.                   

148. WP/4468/2007       DY. CONSERVATOR OF FOREST       SACHIN SAMBRE                   
                        S, PUSAD                        PRASHANT ANAND GODE             
                        V/S SHANKAR SUBA @ KHUBA        FOR/P                           
                        RATHOD  AND  7 ORS.             RR RATHOD,AS DESHPANDE/R-       

1.TO 9                          
                                                        P NAIDU, H DEKATE/CAV/R-1       
                                                         TO 8.                          
                                                        BHARAT KULKARNI, KL ZALKE       
                                                        /R-1,2,3  AND  8                

149. WP/4502/2007       RAMABAI MAHADEORAO SATHON       KV  AND  SV DESHMUKH            
                        E                               SV SIRPURKAR/R-4                
                        V/S ATMARAM DHONDBAJI NAT       SD DESHPANDE/R-1,3              
                        KAR  AND  6 ORS.                R-2(A) TO 2(C) , 5  AND         

6.SERVED ON MERIT.              

150. WP/4619/2007       M.S.E.B. THRU. ITS CHAIRM       RE/PR.  MOHARIR                 
                        AN  AND  ANOR.                  PC/K MARPAKWAR/CAV/R-SOLE       
                        V/S MAH. RAJYA MAGASVARGI                                       
                        YA VIDYUT KARMACHARI SANG                                       
     WP/4618/2007       M.S.E.B. THRU. CHAIRMAN         R.E.  AND  P.R. MOHARIR         
                        AND  3 ORS.                     PC/VP MARPAKWAR, K DESHPA       
                        V/S KARYALAYEEN KARMACHAR       NDE/CAV/R-SOLE.                 
                        I SANGHATANA THRU. PRESID                                       
     WP/4620/2007       M.S.E.B. THRU. CHAIRMAN         R.E.  AND  P.R. MOHARIR         
                        AND  2 ORS.                     PC/VP MARPAKWAR, K DESHPA       
                        V/S SUBORDINATE ENGINEERS       NDE/CAV/R-SOLE.                 
                         ASSOCN. THRU. JOINT SECT                                       
     WP/4621/2007       M.S.E.B. THRU. CHAIRMAN         R.E.  AND  P.R. MOHARIR         
                        AND  3 ORS.                     PC/VP MARPAKWAR, K DESHPA       
                        V/S GRADUATE ENGINEERS AS       NDE/CAV/R-SOLE.                 
                        SOCN. THRU. VICE PRESIDEN                                       
     WP/4622/2007       M.S.E.B. THRU. ITS CHAIRM       RE/PR MOHARIR                   
                        AN  AND  2 ORS.                 PC/VP MARPAKWAR, K DESHPA       
                        V/S MAH. RAJYA VIDYUT MAN       NDE/CAV/R-SOLE.                 
                        DAL KAMGAR SENA THRU. ITS                                       
     WP/4642/2007       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY BO       RE/RR MOHARIR,                  
                        ARD,MUMBAI   AND 2 OTHERS       PC/VP MARPAKWAR, K DESHPA       
                        V/S MAH. RAJYA MAGASAVRGI       NDE/CAV/R-SOLE.                 
                        YA VIDYUT KARMACHARI SANG                                       

151. WP/4646/2007       RAJU BHAURAO NANDANWAR  A       NR SABOO,A. PARIHAR,RK TA       
                        ND  3 ORS.                      IWALE                           
                        V/S THE CHIEF OFFICER  AN       AR/KA/UA PATIL/R-1              
                        D  ANOR.                        GP/R-2.                         

152. WP/4710/2007       DR PRAMOD KESHAORAO KOLWA       M SHAREEF, KV THOMAS            
                        DKAR THRU. POA                  A PARCHURE/R-1  AND  2          
                        V/S PUNDLIK RAOJI LIMANE                                        
                         AND  ANOR.                                                     

153. WP/4729/2007       SANJAY RAJARAM JOSHI            S.R.  AND  S.S. DESHPANDE       
                                                        AGP/R-1 AND 3.R-2 SERVED.       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S                                       
                        URPLUS LAND DETERMINATION                                       
     WP/416/2007        MANISHKUMAR S/O KRISHNAKU       SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                        MAR JAMADAR                     GP/R- 1  AND  2                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R-3 SERVED                      
                        THR. SECY. REVENUE DEPART                                       
     WP/5232/2007       KRISHNAKUMAR VITHALRAO JA       SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                        MADAR                           G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            
                        V/S STATE OF MAH THRU  SE       R-3 SERVED                      
                        CTY.  AND  ANOR.                                                

154. WP/4762/2007       MOHAMMAD ALI SARAI THRU.        FG/R ISAAC                      
                        ITS SECTY.                      SB DHANDE,HS DHANDE/R-SOL       
                        V/S MOHAMMAD HARUN ABDUL        E                               

155. WP/4767/2007       MOHAMMAD ALI SARAI              F.G. ISAAC, RITESH ISAAC        
                                                        SH/HS DHANDE/R-SOLE             
                        V/S MOHAMMAD HARUN ABDUL                                        

156. WP/4778/2007       WASU TUKARAM MASKE....          RS PARSODKAR, IJ DAMLE,         
                                                        BN JAIPURKAR/P                  
                        V/S BHARATLAL S/O GENDLAL       PA ABHYANKAR                    
                         SHRIVASTAV                     PD RANE.                        
                                                        SHRIKANT JOSHI FOR R-SOLE       
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
                                                        UA GOSAVI,SN KHANDELWAL/        

157. WP/4779/2007       SHYAMLAL HANUMANBAX AGRAW       MG/VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWA                        AL........                      NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE/R-1       
                        V/S SAU DR. PUSHPA RAMBHI       R-3 DELETED                     
                        LASJI MALANI  AND  OTHERS       R-2 DEAD.                       

158. WP/4812/2007       DEEPAL GANESH ZOD               N.R. SABOO                      
                                                        SK TAMBDE, CP CHANDURKAR/       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       R-4                             
                        ECTY.  AND  3 ORS.              G.P./R-1 TO 3.                  
                                                        SK TAMBDE/R-4.                  
     WP/3366/2007       SAU.KUSUMTAI SAMBHAJI WAD       SK TAMBDE,CP CHANDURKAR         
                        IBHASME                         NR SABOO/R-4                    
                        V/S GOVT.OF MAH.THR.HON'B       COPY SERVED TO GP/R-1 TO        
                        LE MINISTER AND   ORS.          3.                              

159. WP/4814/2007       VINAYAK CHINTAMAN GAWANDE       C. JAGDALE, M.M. WANKHEDE       
                          AND  4 ORS.                   RS GIRIPUNJE/R-3,1  AND         
                        V/S MANAGING DIRECTOR, F.       3                               
                        D.C.M. LTD.,  AND  2 ORS.       R.S.GIRIPUNJE/R-1 TO R-

160. WP/4818/2007       SURESH MURLIDHAR MURDIV         CHANDRAKANT JAGDALE, MM W       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. P       GP/R-1                          
.W.D. SECTY.  AND  4 ORS.       R.NOS.1 TO 5 ARE SERVED         

161. WP/4825/2007       DHANRAJ S/O BANSI CHAUHAN       MY WADODKAR  AND  MD PATI       
                        V/S THE ADDITIONAL COMMIS       KS NARWADE, GP GUHE/R-7         
                        SIONER, AMRAVATI DIVISION                                       

162. WP/4827/2007       THE SHRIRAM SHIKSHAN SANS       SS ADKAR, SJ KADU, MI KHA       
                        THA THRU ITS SECY.  AND         N.                              
                        V/S NARESH WAMANRAO KALE        PS PATIL/R-1                    
                         AND  ANOR.                     GP/R-2                          

                        R SHIKSHAN SANSTHA THRU.        , VK PALIWAL, SA MOHTA          
                        V/S GANESH GANGARAM BODAD       LH KOTHARI, AM GHARE/R-
                        E  AND  2 ORS.                  R-2  AND  3 ARE SERVED          

164. WP/4833/2007       SHIV SAHAKARI PRAKRIYA SA       SR DESHPANDE                    
                        NSTHAN, KARANA GHADGE THR       SS DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S GHANSHYAM S/O NAMDEO        JL BHOOT/R-1  AND  R-2  A       
                        GHADGE  AND  OTHERS             ND  R-3 SERVED ON MERIT
165. WP/4836/2007       VISVESVARAYA NATIONAL INS       A.R.  AND  U.A.  AND  K                        TITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY THRU       . PATIL                         
                        V/S REGIONAL LABOUR COMMI       SK.MISHRA/R-1  AND  2,R-1       
                        SSIONER (C)  AND  2 ORS.         TO 3 SERVED                    

166. WP/4901/2007       DNYANESHWAR BHAGWANJI BHO       D. B. WALTHARE, P.S. GAJB       
                        SKAR                            HIYE                            
                        V/S BABAN RAGHOBAJI PARAD       VD/AV MULEY/R-1-3               
                        KAR  AND  2 ORS.                R-1 TO R-3 SERVED.              

167. WP/5012/2007       RAMRAUTAR LAXMINARAYAN DU       SP PALSHIKAR                    
                        BE (DEAD  THRU LRS  AND         GP/R-3                          
                        V/S SUSHMA KUNJBIHARILAL        COPY SERVED TO AR SAMBRE/       
                        DUBE  AND  2 ORS.               R-1                             
                                                        ABHAY SAMBRE/R-2                
     CAW/14/2013        RAMRAUTAR LAXMINARAYAN DU       SP PALSHIKAR                    
                        BE (DEAD  THRU LRS  AND                                         
                        V/S SUSHMA KUNJBIHARILAL                                        
                        DUBE  AND  2 ORS.                                               

168. WP/5209/2007       PRALHAD ASHRU PATOLE            A PARCHURE, SS PATIL            
                        V/S SHRI SHIVAJI EDU. SOC       G.P.FOR R-3.                    
. LONAR THRU SECTY.  AND        PB PATIL/CAV/R-2.               
                                                        R-1,4  AND  5 ARE SERVED        

169. WP/5217/2007       DR PANJAB DESHMUKH KRISHI       AR/UA/KA PATIL                  
                         VIDYAPETH, AKOLA THRU IT       VG WANKHEDE/P                   
                        V/S MOHAN SHRAWAN BAMBORD       AC RAMTEKE/R-1A                 
                        E (DEAD) THRU LRS.  AND         GP FOR R-2,3,4,5  AND  
                                                        PS KHUBALKAR, SD INGOLE/R       
                                                        -1(A)  AND  1(B).               
                                                        PC MADKHOLKAR, KV DESHMUK       
                                                        SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                                                         SD KHATI/FOR INTERVENER        

170. WP/5227/2007       THE SDO  AND  ANOR.             GP                              
                                                        PM CHANDEKAR/R-SOLE             
                        V/S MANIKRAO GODAJI ATHAW       RM CHANDEKAR/R                  
     CAW/2194/2011      THE SUB DIVSNL OFFICER, I       PM CHANDEKAR                    
                        RRIGATIOIN SUB DIVSN, AKO                                       
                        V/S MANIKRAO GODAJI ATHAW                                       

171. WP/5270/2007       BHARTI VINAYAKRAO KARONDE       M.H. SHAMS, V. TANNA, H                          AND  2 ORS.                   MAMTANI                         
                        V/S LILABEN LABHSHANKAR J       JM GANDHI, AP GUPTA, SR G       
                        OSHI                            HATE/R-SOLE                     

172. WP/5425/2007       CHIEF CONSERVATOR OF FORE       G.P.                            
                        ST  AND  2 ORS.                 KK/SA PATHAK, SN DORLIKAR       
                        V/S JAHIRUDDIN TARESAHAB        /CAV/R-SOLE.                    

173. WP/5440/2007       MSRTC THRU. ITS DIVN .CON       RS CHARPE                       
                        TROLLER  AND  ANOR              SV DONGRE                       
                        V/S DAMODHAR MAHADEORAO D       MAHESH JOSHI/R-SOLE.            
                        UF                              R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

174. WP/5469/2007       PANCHWATI VRUDHASHRAM           P.C.  AND  K.P.  AND  VP        
                        V/S ALKA W/O ASHOK DHOLE        R-SOLE SERVED                   

175. WP/5471/2007       7 STAR DISTILLERIES THRU.       AR SAMBRE, S. KHADSE            
                         ITS PARTNER                    GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. I       PC/KP/VP MARPAKWAR/CAV/R-       
                        TS MINISTER  AND  2 ORS.        3.                              

176. WP/5501/2007       THE SECTY, DEPT OF AGRI,A       GP                              
                        NIMAL HUSB.  AND  8 ORS.                                        
                        V/S DNYANESHWAR KACHRUJI                                        
                        KAMBALE  AND  8 ORS.                                            

177. WP/5505/2007       ASHOK RAMA PALWAND              MI DHATRAK, SP JOG, SA SA       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            
                        OMMISSIONER  AND  4 ORS.        KS NARWADE/R-3  AND  4          
                                                        R-5 IS SERVED.                  

178. WP/5511/2007       M/S PRASAD ENGG. THRU. IT       AR  AND  UR PATIL               
                        S SUPERVISOR                    AR/UA/KA PATIL                  
                        V/S MADANLAL BHAGAT  AND        R-2  AND  R-3 SERVED/PETI       

2.ORS.                         TION DISMISSED AGAINST R-       


179. WP/5527/2007       SHRIRAM KISAN PAJAI             SR  AND  SS DESHPANDE           
                                                        SD CHOPDE/R-9 TO 16             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       R-6 TO 8 SERVED.                
                        ECTY.  AND  15 ORS.             G.P.FOR R-1 TO 5.               
                                                        R-6 TO 8 SERVED ON MERI
180. WP/5554/2007       RAVENDRA BABURAO CHIMANE        A PALSODKAR, A MESHRAM          
                                                        AH JAMAL, AS PALSODKAR/P        
                        V/S CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFIC       VISHAL ANAND                    
                        ER, AND ANOTHER                 FOR/P                           
                                                        R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          
                                                        JS MOKADAM/R-1                  

181. WP/5557/2007       ATAULLAHKHAN LATIFULLAHKH       FT MIRZA, AI SHAIKH             
                        AN                              AJ,PA KADU/R-2                  
                        V/S THE DIVISIONAL COMMIS       G.P.FOR R-1.                    
                        SIONER  AND  2 ORS.             GG MISHRA, IL BODADE/R-

182. WP/5559/2007       CHANDRAPURI MAHARAJ SHIKN       AA NAIK, R. JOSHI, SA SAI       
. PRASARAK MANDAL, THRU.        NIS                             
                        V/S THE MAH. STATE INFORM       G.P.FOR R-1.                    
                        ATION COMMISSION  AND  AN       R-2 SERVED                      

183. WP/5565/2007       HARISCHANDRA DOMAJI NAKHA       N SABOO                         
                        TE                              GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH THRU ITS                                       
                         SECTY.   AND  2 ORS.                                           

184. WP/5584/2007       RANGE FOREST OFFICER, FOR       GP                              
                        EST RANGE  AND  ANOR.           LR'S OF R-SOLE ARE SERVED       
                        V/S RAKHMA CHANDRABHAN MA       .                               

185. WP/5585/2007       RAMSINGH SOMLALSINGH SHIV       O.Y. KASHID                     
                        ANDE                            NP DHOTE/R-4                    
                        V/S DIVN. DY. DIRECTOR GR       DM KALE/R- 3  AND  4            
                        OUND WATE RSURVEY  AND  3       R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          

186. WP/5589/2007       STATE OF MAH. THRU. ITS S       GOVT. PLEADER                   
                        ECRETARY  AND  22 ORS.          R-SOLE SERVED                   
                        V/S AROGYA SEVA THRU. ITS                                       

187. WP/5610/2007       THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, P       GP                              
.W.D.                           RV GAIKWAD/R-SOLE (I.E. R       
                        V/S ANANDA MAHADEO UIKE         -A TO R-F)                      

188. WP/5615/2007       THE WARDHA NAGRI SAHAKARI       A. PALIKUNDWAR                  
                         BANK LTD. THRU. ITS CHIE       SS GHATE                        
                        V/S THE WARDHA DIST. CO-O       SD/DS THAKUR, ST MOON/CAV       
                        P. BANKS EMPLOYEES UNION        /R-1.                           

189. WP/5765/2007       UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       B. LAHIRI                       
. LTD. THRU ITS MANAGER         VT.BANGARE                      
                        V/S CHAIRMAN, M.A.C.T.  A       BB DHAWAD, A HUSSAIN/R-
                        ND  3 ORS.                      AV,AA BHIDE/R-4                 
                                                        R-1,3,  AND  4 SERVED ON        

190. WP/5773/2007       NAGPUR ZILLA SAH. KRUSHI        GN KHANZODE, A.B. MOON, P       
                        GRAMIN BAHUUDESHIYA THRU.       G SALUNKE                       
                        V/S SAH. BANK KARMACHARI        SN DANDEKAR/CAV/R-SOLE.         
                        SANGHTANA THRU. PRESIDENT                                       

191. WP/5791/2007       SHALU LAXMANRAO THAKRE          AS KILOR, NG KHOBRAGADE         
                                                        SC SAGARKAR.                    
                        V/S VITTHAL MANDIR DEOSTH       G.P.FOR R-3.                    
                        AN KHARDA (GAWANDI) THRU.       DR.ANJAN DE,APURV DE/R-
                                                        AND 2.                          

192. WP/5799/2007       MUNICIPAL COUNCIL THRU. I       MI DHATRAK, SP JOG, SA SA       
                        TS CHIEF OFFICER                HU                              
                        V/S YUNUS HUSEN KHAN SUBH       R-SOLE SERVED                   
                        AN KHAN                         GM SHITUT/R                     

193. WP/5840/2007       MAHA. RAJYA VANRAKSHAK VA       KALPANA PATHAK, SA PATHAK       
                        NKAMGAR UNION THRU. PRESI       GP/R-1                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       MP BADAR/R-2 TO 5               
                        ECTY.  AND  4 ORS.                                              

194. WP/5925/2007       DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL FOREST       G.P.                            
                        RY  AND  2 ORS.                 DC NAUKARKAR/R- 1  AND 
                        V/S KAUSHAL DEVIDAS RANGA       R-1 TO 2 ARE SERVED             
                        RI  AND  ANOR.                                                  

195. WP/5969/2007       GOKULDAS JHITRUJI MOHURLE       GN KHANZODE, AB MOON AB K       
                          AND  12 ORS                   HANZODE, PG SALUNKE             
                        V/S GOVT. OF MAH. THRU IT       GP/R-1 TO R-3                   
                        S SECTY  AND  2 ORS.                                            

196. WP/5993/2007       DY. CONSERVATOR OF FORES        M.P. BADAR                      
                         AND  2 ORS.                    R-SOLE SERVED                   
                        V/S UTTAM SINGU RATHOD                                          

197. WP/5995/2007       BHASKAR MANGAL MOHURLE          MP JAISWAL                      
                                                        RA GUPTA, SS KHEDKAR, RB        
                        V/S AGRICULTURE PRODUCE M       HINGNEKAR/R-1,2                 
                        ARKET COMMITTEE THRU ITS        R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                

198. WP/6005/2007       SHANKAR SANTOSHRAO BARANG       DT SHINDE                       
                        E  AND  ANOR                    G.P.FOR R-1  AND  2.            
                        V/S STATE OF MAH THRU THE       R-3  AND  4 ARE SERVED          
                         COLLECTOR, WARDHA  AND                                         

199. WP/6008/2007       M.S.R.T.C. THRU. THE DIVI       SC/AS MEHADIA, YB SHARMA        
                        N. CONTROLLER                   R-1TO 5 ARE SERVED              
                        V/S SULEMAN UMAR USMAN KA                                       
                        CHHI (DEAD) THRU. 5 LRS.                                        

200. WP/6034/2007       BABBU BABULAL MISHRA            SA KALBANDE, JS KALBANDE        
                                                        PD MEGHE, AK WAGHMARE/R-1       
                        V/S Z.P. WARDHA THRU. ITS       R-2 SERVED                      
                         CHIEF EXE. OFFICER  AND                                        

201. WP/6044/2007       VANITA MARUTI MORE              AJ/PA KADU                      
                        V/S MAHATMA MUMGSAJI EDN.       R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED.            
                         SOCIETY THRU. PRESIDENT                                        

                        R                                AS DHORE                       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH, THR       VA KOTHALE/R-2  AND  4          
                         ITS SECRETARY  AND  3 OR       GP/R-1  AND  R-3                
                                                        YP KASLIKAR/CAV/R-2             
     WP/3492/2008       VIJAY NEMAJI DHOBE              YP KASLIKAR                     
                                                        VA KOTHALE, DP DAPURKAR/P       
                        V/S GOVT.OF MAH.THR ITS S       DR. ANJAN DE, ANUP DE/R-4       
                        ECRETARY  AND  4 ORS.           GP/R-1,3,5                      

203. WP/170/2009        SHRI NARENDRA S/O RAMCHAN       NB BARGAT, HB BARGAT            
                        DRA SHAHANE, NAGPUR             GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA THR. SECTY, MUMBAI  A                                       

204. WP/368/2009        BHANU S/O PIRU PATEL  AND       SR, SS DESHPANDE                

2.OTRS                        SR DESHPANDE/P                  
                        V/S THE CHAIRMAN, M.S.E.B       YV LAGHATE                      
., MUMBAI  AND 2 OTRS           RE MOHARIR FOR CAV/R-1 TO       


205. WP/369/2009        RAJU SHRIVALLABHADAS LADD       GOPAL LAHOTI,                   
                        HA, AMRAVATI                    VR MUNDRA, JS WANKHEDE/R-       
                        V/S DHAMANGAON EDUN SOCIT       1  AND  2.                      
                        Y., THR. PRESIDENT, AMRAV       GP/R-3                          
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                                                        VR MUNDRA/R-1  AND  2           

206. WP/479/2009        SHRI VIJAY S/O PURUSHOTTA       IS CHARLEWAR                    
                        M JOSHI                         GP/R-2.                         
                        V/S SHRI RAMCHANDRA S/O S       MP LALA/R-1                     
                        URENDRAJ DOYE  AND ANR                                          

207. WP/844/2009        SHESHRAO LAXMAN UIKE (DEA       MPM PILLAI, HC NAIDU            
                        D) THROUGH LRS. SMT. NARM       GP-R-SOLE                       
                        V/S SUPDT. ANIMAL HUSBAND       MS. TAJWAR KHAN/R-1             
                        RY DEPT., WARDHA                                                

208. WP/951/2009        SAU. DWARKABAI W/O NAMDEO       NR SABOO, A PARIHAR             
                         JAGTAP  AND  2 OTRS            SS DESHPANDE, Y LAGHOTE/R       
                        V/S DY. VAN SAURAKSHAK VA       -1,2  AND  4                    
                        NVIBHAG, AMRAVATI  AND  3       GP/R-3                          
                                                        SR DESHPANDE/R- 1, 2  AND       

     WP/1808/2009       SECTY., WATER CONSERVATIO       GP                              
                        N DEPT. AND 3 ORS               NR SABOO/R-1,2                  
                        V/S SMT. SUMAN MAROTRAO R       NR SABOO/R-3A TO 3C             
     CAW/446/2013       SAU. DWARKABAI W/O NAMDEO       NR SABOO                        
                         JAGTAP  AND  2 OTRS                                            
                        V/S DY. VAN SAURAKSHAK VA                                       
                        NVIBHAG, AMRAVATI  AND  3                                       
     CAW/444/2013       SAU. DWARKABAI W/O NAMDEO       NR SABOO                        
                         JAGTAP  AND  2 OTRS                                            
                        V/S DY. VAN SAURAKSHAK VA                                       
                        NVIBHAG, AMRAVATI  AND  3                                       
     CAW/445/2013       SAU. DWARKABAI W/O NAMDEO       NR SABOO                        
                         JAGTAP  AND  2 OTRS                                            
                        V/S DY. VAN SAURAKSHAK VA                                       
                        NVIBHAG, AMRAVATI  AND  3                                       

209. WP/996/2009        DEOMAN SAKHARAM TAYDE, BU       AR PATIL, UA, KA PATIL          
                        LDANA                           PRADEEP SHANTARAM KSHIRSA       
                        V/S TILAK RASHTRIYA VIDYA       GAR                             
                        LAYA, KHAMGAON THR. PRESI       FOR/P                           
                                                        MA VAISHNAV FOR CVTR.           
                                                        M. A. VAISHNAV/CAV/R-1          
                                                        R-3 IS SERVED.                  

210. WP/1050/2009       GOPIKISAN S/O JETHAMAL KA       MP KHAJANCHI                    
                        LANTRI                          RS.MAHASHABDE FOR RESPDTS       
                        V/S SMT. INDUBAI WD/O MAD       .(POWER AWIATED)                
                        HUKAR DESHMUKH AND 3 ORS        CS KAPTAN/R-1 TO 4.             
                                                        VS KUKDAY, WILSON MATHEW,       
                                                         VIBHAS NYLEWAR/R-1 TO 

211. WP/1297/2009       SHYAMLAL S/O SATYANARAYAN       GL BAJAJ                        
                         SAHU                           KH DODANI/R-1                   
                        V/S VASANTLAL S/O JAMNADA       M ANILKUMAR, S AGRAWAL/R-       
                        S SURTI AND 2 ORS               2                               

                                                        , MA REHMAN                     
                        V/S SHRI MAROTRAO PIMPLE        NA VYAWAHARE. SV SAKHARE/       

                         THR. PARTNER N.H. HASSON        ATEEQUE                        
                        V/S SMT. POONAM W/O N. KU       HD DANGRE/R-SOLE                

214. WP/1782/2009       PATIL PATWARI SARAYA SANS       KN DADHE                        
                        THAN, THR. ITS SECTY            SV SIRPURKAR/R-SOLE             
                        V/S TRIMBAK S/O BAPUJI UM                                       

215. WP/1969/2009       MANISH S/O RAMESHRAO ATKA       JB KASAT, JJ KASAT, VINAY       
                        RE AND 2 ORS                     DAHAT                          
                        V/S SMT. KAUTIKABAI RANGI       SMT.SW DESHPANDE/R-1  AND       
                        LAL PARDHE AND 3 ORS              2.                            
                                                        R-3  AND  4 ARE SERVED ON       

216. WP/2026/2009       TUKARAM MADHAV JADHAV           MP KARIYA                       
                                                        R.M.AHIRAO FOR R-SOLE/CAV       
                        V/S SHESHRAO MADHAV JADHA       SJ KHANDALKAR, RD MORE/R-       
                        V                               SOLE                            

217. WP/2052/2009       NANDLAL RAMBHAU KHANDRE         MR JOHARAPURKAR, PA DAHIW       
                        V/S THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEE       RE MOHARIR/R-1  AND  2          
                        R, HIGH TENSION ELECTRIC        RE MOHARIR/RESPONDENTS          

218. WP/2287/2009       ALMAS  WELFARE SOCITY. TH       DR. ANJAN, APURVA, ANUP D       
                        R. ITS SECTY.,                  E                               
                        V/S RAHAT AFROZ D/O SALIM       S.RAISUDDIN/CAV/R-1             
                        ULLAH KHAN AND ANR              MA VAISHNAV/R-1                 
        REMARK : ........ [A/W CONNECTED MATTERS] ...... 
     WP/2288/2009       ALMAS WELFARE SOCITY., TH       ANJAN, ANUP, APURVA DE          
                        R. ITS SECTY.,                  R. RAISUDDIN/CAV/R-1            
                        V/S AFROZ SHAHIN D/O RAUF       MA VAISHNAV/R-1                 
                         KHAN AND ANR                                                   
     WP/4031/2008       ALMAS WELFARE SOCIETY THR       DR.ANJAN,APURV,ANUPAM DE        
                         ITS PRESIDENT                  MV VAISHNAV/CAV/R-1.            
                        V/S JAWED AHMED UBEDULLAK       MA VAISHNAV/R-1                 
                        HAN  AND  ANOR.                                                 

219. WP/2368/2009       VINODKUMAR S/O BALIBHADRA       MP KHAJANCHI                    
                         DIXIT AND ANR                  RAHUL, JYOTI, DL DHARMADH       
                        V/S BHAYYAJI S/O  YASHWAN       IKARI/R-SOLE                    
                        TRAO AMBEKAR                                                    

220. WP/2422/2009       WAMAN S/O VITHOBAJI BHADA       AR, UA , KA PATIL               
                        DE                              PB PATIL/R-2 TO 5.              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP FOR R-1 (MEMO AWAITED)       
                        S SECTY., AND 3 ORS             GP/R-1                          
     WP/2428/2009       DURYODHAN S/O KASHIRAM RA       AR, UA, KA PATIL                
                        GHORTE                          PB PATIL/R-5                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. DEPT OF       PB PATIL/R-2 TO 4               
                         IRRIGATION, THR. ITS SEC       PB PATIL/R-2 TO 5.              
     CAW/2105/2012      WAMAN S/O VITHOBAJI BHADA       AR PATIL                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT                                       
                        S SECTY., AND 3 ORS                                             

221. WP/2423/2009       GANESH KISANDAS LASHKARE        RS PARSODKAR, PD RANE, PA       
                        V/S MAHABIRPRASAD CHAURAS       AM BALPANDE                     
                        IA (DED) THR. LRS RLM. CH       BN  AND  SB MOHTA, GB SHA       

222. WP/2625/2009       PRASHANT S/O PANJABRAO SH       DR. ANJAN, ANUP, APURVA D       
                        INDE AND ANR                    E                               
                        V/S SMT. KAMLABAI TUKARAM       ROHIT DEO  AND  A.A.GUPTA       
                        JI WANKHEDE                     /R-SOLE                         

223. WP/2714/2009       MAROTI S/O BALAJI TAYADE        A SHELAT                        
                        AND 4 ORS                       GP/R-2                          
                        V/S MAHADEO S/O KASHINATH       AB PATIL/R-1                    

224. WP/2853/2009       RUCHIRAM S/O GULABRAO ASW       NA VYAWAHARE, S SAKHARE         
                        ANI                             MV MASODKAR  AND  M PATHA       
                        V/S MORESHWAR S/O RAGHUNA       K/RESPONDENTS                   
                        TH BARDE AND 2 ORS                                              

225. WP/2921/2009       MOHANLAL BALURAM TANK           BN,SB MOHTA,SM LADDHA           
                                                        PM CHANDEKAR, RR DESHPAND       
                        V/S SANDEEP UPHARGRAH, PR       E/R-SOLE                        
                        OPRIETOR BABULAL MAHADEO                                        

226. WP/2938/2009       RAMRAO ATMARAM GADGE AND        M.M.DHANDEKAR                   
                        ANOTHER                         M M DHONDEKAR/P                 
                        V/S KISAN SADASHIV TALOKA       S.A.MOHTA R-1 TO 4/CAV          
                        R AND 3 OTHERS                  CA JOSHI/R-SOLE                 

227. WP/2949/2009       ASHOK S/O NAGORAO DHAMORE       AP TATHOD                       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       DR ANJAN DE, APURV DE AND       
                        TRA  THR ITS SEC REVENUE         ANUPAM DE/P                    
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                                                        PS PATIL/R-6  AND  7            

                        ATION OF MAH. LTD               E, T DARDA                      
                        V/S M/S GANGA GODAVARI TR                                       
                        ADING COMPANY THR. PARTNE                                       

229. WP/3198/2009       SIKANDARALIKHAN YUSUFKHAN       NR SABOO                        
                        V/S SMT. RABIABI WD/O MIY       DS DHARASKAR/R-1 TO 6           
                        A KHAN AND 6 ORS                                                

230. WP/3349/2009       GANGADHAR S/O KRISHNARAO        NH SHAMS                        
                        POTEY  (DECEASED)  THR. L       RD RASKAR, AM GORDEY, AR        
                        V/S M/S UMA TRADING COMPA       INGOLE/R- 1  AND  2             
                        NY AND ANR                                                      

231. WP/3785/2009       WESTERN COALFIELDS LTD. T       SC AND AS MEHADIA, RA JAI       
                        HR. THE CHIEF GENERAL MAN       N                               
                        V/S KHANDU NAMDEO AGALAWE       COPY SERVED TO GP FOR R-2       
                         AND ANOTHER                    RS CHARPE, RS MOHOD, BS N       
     WP/3819/2009       WESTERN COALFIELDS LTD. T       SC AND AS MEHADIA, RA JAI       
                        HR. THE CHIEF GENERAL MAN       N                               
                        V/S RAMESH VISHWANATH UPA       COPY SERVED TO GP FOR R-2       
                        GANLAWAR AND ANOTHER            RS CHARPE, RS MOHOD, BS N       

                        I AND 3 ORS                     ND KHAMBORKAR/P                 
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL CHA       M.I. DHATRAK, S.A.SAHU/CA       
                        NDRAPUR THR. ITS CHIEF OF       V/R-SOLE                        

233. WP/4241/2009       TARAMANIDEVI W/O LATE PUR       MM AGNIHOTRI, AS ATHALYE        
                        USHOTTAMDAS MOHTA AND ANR       M.G.SARDA/CAV/R-1               
                        V/S GHANSHYAMDAS S/O GOPA                                       
                        LDAS MOHTA AND ANR                                              

234. WP/4269/2009       SMT. SANDHYA W/O SANJAY K       AM RIZWY, SK. SABAHATULLA       
                        HAPARDE                         H AND POONAM MOON/R-SOLE        
                        V/S SANJAY S/O NARHARI KH                                       

235. WP/4432/2009       GANSHYAM S/O WASUDEO TARA       MP JAISWAL                      
                        RE                              GP/R-2                          
                        V/S M.S.R.T.C. (THR. ITS        SC, AS MEHADIA, RA JAIN/R       
                        DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER) BH       -1                              
                                                        SHRI. CHARPE/R-1 (POWER A       

236. WP/4469/2009       LAXMAN S/O GULABRAO CHIDA       SAC KASHYAP, NK AMBILWADE       
                        M                               , VJ DHARKAR                    
                        V/S RAMBHAU S/O GULABRAO        P.P. PANCHOLI/P                 
                        CHIDAM                          NA VYAWAHARE. SV SAKHARE/       

237. WP/4477/2009       ZP, GONDIA, THR C.E.O.          AY KAPGATE                      
                                                        M.R. RAJGURE/CAV/R-SOLE         
                        V/S RAMBHAU KISANJI MENDH                                       

238. WP/4542/2009       MAH.  STATE COOPERATIVE C       MV SAMARTH                      
                        OTTON GROWERS MARKETING F       MM BANDEBUCHE                   
                        V/S THE APPELLATE AUTHORI       G.P./R-1 AND 2                  
                        TY UNDER PAYMENT OF GRATU                                       

239. WP/4554/2009       SHRI. SURESH S/O VITHALRA       CN FUNDE, KD SAWALE  AND        
                        O MESHRAM AND ANR.               AA KATHANE.                    
                        V/S BHAVIK S/O NATHUJI RA       AJ KHAN, RG SHAHU/R             

240. WP/4596/2009       RAJESH S/O NATTHUJI NAGPU       SV BHUTADA                      
                        RE                              IS CHARLEWAR, RK BORKAR/R       
                        V/S SMT. SARIKA W/O RAJES                                       
                        H NAGPURE                                                       

241. WP/4701/2009       SHRI. NAMDEORAO S/O MAROT       SA KASHYAP, KB AMBILWADE        
                        RAO DESHMUKH AND ANR.           AK WAKODKAR, NK AMBILWADE       
                        V/S M/S GANDHI BUILDERS,        .                               
                        THR ITS PARTNER SHRI ND G       AM GHARE/R-1                    
                                                        PS KHUBALKAR/R-3                
                                                        R-2  AND  4 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        RAVI R. SRIVASTAVA              
                                                        FOR/R-1 AND 2                   
                                                        S.H. BHATIA                     
                                                        FOR/R-1 AND 2                   
     WP/485/2010        M/S GANDHI BUILDERS AND D       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI            
                        EVELOPERS THR. ITS PARTNE       SAC KASHAP/R-1,2                
                        V/S NAMDEORAO MAROTRAO DE       RAVI R. SRIVASTAVA              
                        SHMUKH AND 3 ORS                FOR/P-1 AND 2                   
                                                        S.H. BHATIA                     
                                                        FOR/P-1 AND 2                   
                                                        PS KHUBALKAR/R-3                
                                                        K.B.AMBILWADE/R-1  AND 

242. WP/4939/2009       THE JAWAHAR CO-OPERATIVE        NR SABOO, A PARIHAR             
                        PRAKRIYA SANSTHA                KN, SK DUDHE/R-2                
                        V/S SUB-DIVISIONAL OFFICE       SP HEDAOO, G BELSARE/R-
                        R, MORSHI, AMRAVATI AND 2       GP/R-1                          
                                                        K. N. DADHE/R-2                 
        REMARK : [WITH WP/1334/1996 DEC FOR REFERENCE.] 

243. WP/4959/2009       KU. ARUNA D/O DOMAJI SHIN       PN SHENDE                       
                        DE                              VK UMRE/R-1                     
                        V/S PRIYADARSHINI SHIKSHA                                       
                        N PRASARAK MANDAL THR. IT                                       

244. WP/4992/2009       SHRI MOIZBHAI S/O IBRAHIM       JUNAIK AHMED, H AHMED           
                        BHAI SABIR                      JUNAID AHMED, H AHMED/P         
                        V/S SK. IQBAL MIYA S/O IS       RS  AND  V DEO, MM SABIR/       
                        RAIL MIYA AND ANR               PETITIONERS                     
                                                        DEEPAK G PAUNIKAR  FOR R        
                                                        DEEPAK G PAUNIKAR  FOR R        

                        RY AND ANR.                     MA REHMAN                       
                        V/S SMT. GEETA W/O VASANT       RAJU DHOBLE, T BHARADWAJ/       
                        RAO DAMBHARE AND ANR.           R-1                             
                                                        PM KHARWADE, MG REDDY/R-2       

246. WP/5012/2009       RAMESH S/O MAROTI KALPAND       SV SIRPURKAR, NB JAWADE,        
                        E ANDANR                        KC BHATE, PD PARDESHI           
                        V/S SAU. JANKABAI MAROTI        SM BHAGDE/R-1 TO 3              
                        KALPANDE AND 2 ORS                                              

247. WP/5367/2009       SATISH PURUSHOTTAM KOLHAT       PD WAKODE                       
                        KAR                             RD WAKODE/P                     
                        V/S BHARTIYA KANYA VIDYAL       COPY SERVED TO G.P. FOR R       
                        AYA, THR ITS H.M. AMRAVAT       -2,3,4                          

248. WP/5368/2009       MANGESH S/O LATE D.D. PAT       PV VAIDYA                       
                        HAK                             R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
                        V/S RAJA S/O SHARDA PRASA                                       
                        D UPADHYAY                                                      

249. WP/5447/2009       M/S BANSILAL KOCHAR, THR        SP PALSHIKAR                    
                        ITS PARTNER, SHRI S.B. KO       SS GHATE, A PALIKUNDWAR,        
                        V/S SHARAD S/O RADHESHYAM       A GIRHE/R                       

250. WP/5605/2009       BHIMRAO S/O LAKSHMAN TELA       RV GAIKWAD, DR RUPNARAYAN       
                        NG                              ABDUL BASHIR/R-SOLE             
                        V/S SMT.  KAVITA W/O SHAN                                       
                        KAR RAO KHOBRAGADE                                              

251. WP/136/2013        THE JT. DIRECTOR OF HEALT       GP                              
                        H SERVICES (LEPROSY)  AND       SHRI CHANDRAKANT JAGDALE,       
                        V/S SHAILENDRA PRABHAKARR        KULDEEP JAGDALE/R-SOLE         
                        AO BHOYAR                                                       
     WP/137/2013        THE JT. DIRECTOR OF HEALT       GP                              
                        H SERVICES (LEPROSY)  AND       SHRI CHANDRAKANT JAGDALE,       
                        V/S MAHESH VASANTRAO SURY        KULDEEP JAGDALE/R-SOLE         
     WP/351/2013        THE JT. DIRECTOR OF HEALT       GP                              
                        H SERVICES (LEPROSY)  AND       SHRI CHANDRAKANT JAGDALE,       
                        V/S SHARAD PANDURANG ATHA        KULDEEP JAGDALE/R-SOLE         
     WP/102/2013        THE JOINT DIRECTOR OF HEA       G.P.                            
                        LTH SEVICES (LEPROSY)  AN       CHANDRAKANT JAGDALE, KULD       
                        V/S NARENDRA ANANTRAO UMB       EEP JAGDALE/R                   

252. WP/320/2013        M/S UNIVERSAL FERRO AND A       HITESH N VERMA                  
                        LLIED CHEMICALS LTD THR.        RB PURANIK                      
                        V/S SHRI JOGISAHU MADHUSA       FOR/P                           
                        HU AND OTHERS                   MIHIR R PURANIK                 
                                                        KV KOTWAL/R-1                   
                                                        GP/R-2  AND  3.                 
                                                        SA KALBANDE FOR R.NO.1          
                                                        SUNIL G. CHOPKAR                
     WP/6516/2013       SHRI JOGI SAHU S/O MADHU        SA KALBANDE, JS KALBANDE        
                        SAHU                            ADV. VERMA/R-SOLE               
                        V/S M/S UNIVERSAL FERRO A                                       
                        ND ALLID CHEMICALS LTD TH                                       

253. WP/4455/2013       MURLIDHAR S/O TAUBA MEHTR       NB KALWAGHE                     
                        E AND 2 OTHERS                  GP/R-1,2                        
                        V/S THE SUB-DIVISIONAL OF       RAMESH DARDA, TUSHAR DARD       
                        FICER, MEHKAR AND 2 OTHER       A/R-3                           
                                  COURT NO. 6
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE S.B. SHUKRE
C.R. NO. 0        APPELLATE SIDE-CIVIL           27/10/2014

1.   FA/164/1987        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA.....       GOVT.PLEADER                    
...                             CS KAPTAN/APPL.                 
                        V/S KRISHNA AWATAR DAULAT       CS KAPTAN/APPL.                 
                        SINGH MADAN                     VR.MANOHAR FOR R-SOLE.          
                                                        SV.MANOHAR,AA NAIK/R-SOLE       
                                                        VG WANKHEDE FOR R-SOLE          
                                                        D.A. SAHASTRABUDHE/R-SOLE       
                                                        A PARCHURE, DA SAHASRABUD       

2.   FA/514/1990        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                                                        SV BHUTADA/R.                   
                        V/S BHASKAR VIRAPPA POGAK       SS/KS JOSHI/R                   
                        WAR                             SS/KS JOSHI/R                   
                                                        VC DAGA/R-SO.                   

3.   FA/918/1991        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA  AND       GOVT.PLEADER                    
                          OTHERS                        DG MANKAR FOR CAVEATOR          
                        V/S SOU.SUSHILABAI W/O GU       A PARCHURE R1TO4                
                        LABRAO MANKAR                                                   

4.   FA/588/1993        RAMESH KRISHNARAO PANDE.        CAVEATOR/RESP.3(POWER NOT       
                        V/S JOINT CHARITY COMMISS       PV  AND  AV KHARE               
                        IONER NAGPUR REGION,NAGPU       SYED OWAIS AHMED                
                                                        RR  AND  RM JOHARAPURKAR/       
                                                        CAVEATOR/R-2 TO 8               
                                                        R/-1 SERVED ON MERIT.           
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              

5.   FA/293/1994        SMT.USHA WD/O MADAN DUBE        SP.DHARMADHIKARI,BG.KULKA       
                        AND OTHER                       RNI UDAY DASTANE                
                        V/S RAJENDRA S/O GARGISHA       BH DANGRE FOR RESPONDENT        
                        NKAR MISHRA                     NO. 1 TO 6                      
                                                        RA DESHPANDE/P-4                

6.   FA/297/1994        State of Maharashtra  AND       G.P.                            
                          anr.                          BN MOHTA, PS MALVE, GB LO       
                        V/S Kailas s/o Rambilas B       HIYA/RESPONDENT                 

7.   FA/700/1994        State of Maharashtra  AND       G.P.                            
                          ors.                          SU NEMADE/R-1  AND  2.R-1       
                        V/S Devrao Kondba Tayde           AND  2 SERVED ON MERI                        AND  anr.                                                       

8.   FA/350/1995        THE STATE OF MAH.               GP                              
                                                        AP TATHOD/R-1  AND  2           
                        V/S A.RAZAK  S/O HAJI ALI       AI SHEIKH /R-1                  
                         MOHD.                          AI SHEIKH, OWAIS AHMED/R-       


9.   FA/390/1995        STATE OF MAH. BY THE COLL       GP                              
                        ECTOR, YAVATMAL  AND  ANR       B.N.MOHTA/RESPONDENT            
                        V/S VALLABHA RAMKISAN DHO                                       

10.  FA/472/1995        DATTATRYA                       AM DESHMUKH                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.               GOVERNMENT PLEADER              

11.  FA/535/1995        STATE OF MAH.  AND  ANR.        GP                              
                        V/S SMT. SHALINIBAI WD/O.                                       
                         BABABHAU PADGILWAR  AND                                        

. GILANI                        ASTANE                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH., THR. C       BG KULKARNI                     
                        OLLECTOR, YAVATMAL AND AN       DV CHAUHAN/P                    
                                                        G.P./R-1  AND  2.               
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED              

13.  FA/588/1996        THE M.S.E.B., THR. ITS EX       D.K.DUBEY                       
                        E. ENGG.                        PS LAMBAT/R-1.                  
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA, A       RG AGRAWAL/R                    
                        ND ANR.                         NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
     FA/590/1996        THE M.S.E.B., THR. EXE. E       D.K.DUBEY                       
                        NGG.,                           R-1 SERVED.                     
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA AN       RG AGRAWAL/R                    
                        D ANR                           RG AGRAWAL/R-1                  
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
     FA/589/1996        M.S.E.B....                     DK DUBEY                        
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA..        RG AGRAWAL/R                    
                                                        NITIN LAMBAT, AA PANNASE/       
                                                        RG AGRAWAL/R- 1 TO 2            
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 

14.  FA/751/1996        MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DE       JD.UTTAMANI,S.SANYAL,MM                        VELOPMENT CORPORATION,THR       GNIHOTRI                        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.,THR       MN.INGLEY/CAV.,GP/R-1  AN       
                        O ITS SPECIAL LAND ACQUIS       D  2                            
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 

15.  FA/55/1997         Shri Bhaurao s/o Janardha       V.A.MASODKAR, V.T.BHOSKAR       
                        n Kale                          MV MASODKAR, M JAWALKAR         
                        V/S State of Maharashtra        GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                         AND  anr.                                                      

16.  FA/102/1997        Narayandas Harnath Biyani       SV PUROHIT, UN ANDHARE, M       
                                                        D LAKHEY/P                      
                        V/S State of Maharashtra        R-SOLE SERVED.                  

17.  FA/151/1997        Union of India  AND  anr.       P.S.LAMBAT                      
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S The Mah. State Electr       FOR/P                           
                        icity Board                     DK DUBEY/R-SOLE.                

18.  FA/152/1997        Union Of India  AND  anr.       P.S.LAMBAT                      
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S The Mah.State Electri       FOR/P                           
                        city Board                      DK DUBEY/R-SOLE                 

19.  FA/329/1997        Union of India                  P.S.LAMBAT                      
                                                        DK AND  HD DUBEY/R-SOLE         
                        V/S M.S.E.B. thr.Ex. Engr                                       
., Koradi                                                       

20.  FA/378/1997        Union of India                  P.S.LAMBAT                      
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S M.S.E.B.                    FOR/P                           
                                                        DK  AND  HD DUBEY, RJ DES       
                                                        HPANDE, NA SOLANKI/R            
                                                        SR JIDDEWAR/R-SOLE.             
     FA/374/1997        UNION OF INDIA THRO.GENER       PS.LAMBAT                       
                        AL MAMAGER,GENERAL RAILWA       NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S M.S.E.B.THRO.EXECUTIV       FOR/P                           
                        E ENGINEER KORADI,TAH. AN       R-SOLE SERVED                   
                                                        HD, DK  AND  GD DUBEY/RES       
     FA/378/1997        Union of India                  P.S.LAMBAT                      
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S M.S.E.B.                    FOR/P                           
                                                        DK  AND  HD DUBEY, RJ DES       
                                                        HPANDE, NA SOLANKI/R            
                                                        SR JIDDEWAR/R-SOLE.             
     FA/312/1998        UNION OF INDIA                  PS.LAMBAT.                      
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S M.S.E.B.KORADI              FOR/P-1 TO 10                   
                                                        R SOLE SERVED                   
                                                        HD DUBEY (ON DELAY)             
                                                        SR JIDDEWAR/R-SOLE.             

21.  FA/440/1997        Smt.Saraswatibai wd/o T.        A.M.  AND  W.M.QAZI             
                        Bhure                           SV KHONDALAY  AND  HG BHI       
                        V/S State of Maharashtra        SE/R-2, R-1 SERVED.             
                                                        VH KEDAR, HR DHUMALE/R-
                                                        AND 2                           

22.  FA/31/1998         UNION OF INDIA,CENTRAL RA       PS. LAMBAT                      
                        ILWAY,MUMBAI.                   NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S M.S.E.B,THR.EXECUTIVE       FOR/P                           
                         ENGINEER.                      DK DUBEY FOR R-SOLE.            

23.  FA/74/1998         UNION OF INDIA,CENTRAL RA       P.S. LAMBAT                     
                        ILWAY, MUMBAI AND ANOTHER       NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S M.S.E.B., KORADI.           FOR/P                           
                                                        NOTICE/R-SOLE SERVED            

24.  FA/178/1998        CENTRAL MINE PLANNING  AN       SC  AND  AS MEHADIA             
                        D  DESIGN INST.LTD.  AND        G.MUSTAGA AND MP BADAR.         
                        V/S M/S.ANUPAM RAI, A REG       SAMUDRA CHAITANYA SHRIKAN       
                        ISTERED PARTNERSHIP FIRM        T                               
                                                        SV.MANOHAR FOR R-SOLE.          
                                                        DEVENDRA V CHAUHAN              
                                                        NIKHIL BHAIYYA KIRTANE          
                                                        NIKHIL ANIL PADHYE              
                                                        RADHIKA GAURAV BAJAJ            
                                                        FOR/P-1 TO 3                    

25.  FA/315/1998        YURAJ S/O. JANYA MADAVI(        G.D. VAIDYA                     
                        TIRANKAR)                       M.W. CHARDE.                    
                        V/S SPECIAL TRIBUNAL OF T       M ANIL KUMAR/R                  
                        HE COAL BEARING AREAS, NA       J. MOKADAM/R-2                  

26.  FA/318/1998        UNION OF INDIA,                 SHRI P.S.LAMBAT                 
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S M/S.JAINSUPARI CENTRE       FOR/P                           

27.  FA/458/1998        M/S NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       DN KUKDEY,BY VYAWAHARE          
                        O.LTD.                          VJ SAIKHEDKAR                   
                        V/S DWARKABAI W/O HARIBHA       A.J. POPHALY                    
                        U CHOPADE  AND  OTHERS          VG LOHIA/R-1                    
                                                        KS MALOKAR/R-1 TO 9             
                                                        APURVA DE/R-10                  

28.  FA/520/1998        SMT.KAMALABAI WD/O MADANG       B.N.MOHTA  AND  S.B.MOHTA       
                        OPALJI BOOB,  AND  4 OTHE       .                               
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       R1AND 2 SERVED                  
                        TRA  AND  ANOTHER.                                              
     FA/164/1999        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA  AND       GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                          ANOTHER.                      SR.SARDA,BN. AND  SB.MOHT       
                        V/S SMT.KAMALABAI MADANGO       A/R.                            
                        PAL BOOB  AND  OTHERS.                                          

29.  FA/529/1998        MISS RENU D/O RAJENDRAPRA       AM GORDEY,BJ AGRAWAL            
                        SAD AGRAWAL  AND  2 OTHER       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.MD       
                        V/S CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA        SAMEL,MRS.MULEY/R-SOLE                        , BR.DHARAMPETH NAGPUR.                                         

30.  FA/551/1998        M/S. HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM        MW.HARSULKAR,BR.BHAGWAT                        CORPORATION LTD.                R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THR.GE       NP LAMKAT, NR MANKAR, AND       
                        NERAL MANAGER,CENTRAL RAI        AA PANNASE                     
                                                        FOR RESPONDENT                  
                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 

                        E  AND  ANOTHER                 ND                              
                        V/S NARAYAN DAYARAM THAUK       HUSAINI MOHAMMED BHAI           
                        AR  AND  OTHERS                 VA DHABE/R-1  AND  2            

32.  FA/41/1999         SPECIAL LAND ACQUISITION        GOVT.PLEADER.                   
                        OFFICER  AND  ANOTHER.          MG RATHI,PS PATIL/R-SOLE.       
                        V/S SAU.GITABAI BULAKIDAS                                       
        REMARK : FOR REF. FA/22/98 (D). 

33.  FA/110/1999        UNION OF INDIA.                 PS LAMBAT, NITIN LAMBAT                                                        NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM C       FOR/P                           
                        ORPORATION LTD.                 MW HARSULKAR                    

34.  FA/181/1999        ARUNABAI WD/O VIJAYKUMAR        RS AGRAWAL,GB LOHIYA,ADVS       
                        RAMAVAT  AND  OTHERS            BN MOHTA, GB LOHIYA, PS M       
                        V/S MUNNA MANKU GIRI  AND       ALVE/P-1  AND  2                
                          ANOTHER                       NB BANTHIA,PK KATARIA/R-2       

35.  FA/202/1999        PRAKASH AMRUTRAO DESHMUKH       AZ  AND  NM JIBHKATE            
.                               GP/R . (R-1 TO R-3 ARE SE       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN       RVED).                          
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    
     FA/203/1999        ANIL AMRUTRAO DESHMUKH.         AZ  AND  NM JIBHKATE            
                                                        JL.BHOOT, BG.CHOUDHARI          
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  3 OTHERS.                                                    
     FA/204/1999        SUDHIR AMRUTRAO DESHMUKH.       AZ  AND  NM JIBHKATE            
                                                        G.P/R-1 TO 3/MEMO.              
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    
     FA/205/1999        SHRI ASHOK AMRUTRAO DESHM       AZ  AND  NM JIBHKATE            
                        UKH                             GP/RESPONDENTS                  
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. AND                                       


36.  FA/209/1999        SMT.BHAWANA WD/O D.KULKAR       SC  AND  AS MEHADIA             
                        NI  AND  OTHERS                 R-1 SERVED                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        R-2 SERVED                      
                         AND  ANOTHER                   GP/R-1                          
     FA/210/1999        SMT.BHAWANA WD/O D.KULKAR       SC  AND  AS MEHADIA             
                        NI  AND  OTHERS                 R-1 SERVED ON MERIT, APPE       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        AL DISMISSED AGAINST/R-
                         AND  ANOTHER.                                                  

37.  FA/228/1999        QAMAR BANO WD/O HAIDER AL       NH SHAMS,ASGHAR HUSSAIN         
                        I KHAN  AND  4 OTHERS           VL SOMALWAR/R-3.                
                        V/S MAHARASHTRA STATE ROA       VH KEDAR, HR DHUMALE/R-
                        D TRANSPORT CORPN. AND  2                                       

38.  FA/260/1999        NARESH RAMPURI GOSAWI AND       RL KHAPRE  AND  VK PALIWA       

18.ORS.                        L                               
                        V/S JT.CHARITY COMMISSION       GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                        ER,NAGPUR                       OMPRAKASH YASHWANTRAO KAS       
                                                        A.M. GHARE                      
                                                        FOR R-3 TO R-7                  
                                                        S.N. RAJANKAR                   
                                                        FOR R-3 TO R-7                  

39.  FA/314/1999        DEORAO KONDBA TAYADE.           S.U. NEMADE.                    
                                                        R-1 TO R-3 SERVED ON MERI       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN       T.Y                             
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

40.  FA/325/1999        SUNIL KUMAR JANARDHAN PIL       ANJAN DE,VG MOGRE               
                        LAI.                            CB PANDE,GN KHANZODE/R-
                        V/S THE RAJESH BHADUJI SA                                       
                        LAME  AND  OTHERS.                                              

41.  FA/354/1999        GOVERNMENT OF MAH.  AND         AMIT M. KUKDAY                  

3.OTHERS.                       FOR/P                           
                        V/S ASIF HUSSAIN S/O.ALTA       ANJAN DE,B.MAHAJAN,R-SOLE       
                        F HUSSAIN.                      R-SOLE SERVED                   
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

42.  FA/374/1999        KISAN DHARAMSINGH CHAVAN        SU NEMADE.                      
                         AND  ANOTHER.                                                  
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.  AN                                       
                        D  2 OTHERS.                                                    

                        HI.                             NS/SN BHATTAD/P                 
                        V/S THE COLLECTOR,NAGPUR        PG MIRASHE, NS  AND  SH B       
                         AND  ANOTHER.                  HATTAD                          
                                                        AGP/R-1, R-2 IS SERVED ON       
                                                        CHINMAY S. DHARMADHIKARI        
                                                        SIDDHARTH A. DHARMADHIKAR       
     FA/363/1999        AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE MARK       ROHIT DEO, A JOSHI              
                        ET COMMITTEE.                   RJ KANKALE  AND  DJ KEDAR       
                        V/S NANDKISHOR GOPALDAS G       CHINMAY S. DHARMADHIKARI        
                        ANDHI.                          FOR/P                           
                                                        SIDDHARTH A. DHARMADHIKAR       
                                                        NS/SN BHATTAD/R-1               

44.  FA/392/1999        EMPLOYEES STATE INSURANCE       MPM PILLAI,SMT.J.PILLAI                         CORPN.NAGPUR                   R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                        V/S M/S FIRE END ENTERPRI       IT.                             
                        SES  AND  ANOTHER                                               

45.  FA/415/1999        ABDUL RASHID ABDUL RAHIM.       CS KAPTAN,MOHD.ABRAR,SP I       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. AND  AN       R.NOS.1  AND  2 ARE SERVE       
                        OTHER.                          D.                              

46.  FA/5/2000          SUNITA WD/O SHRIDHAR AGRA       AM GHARE,SD CHOPDE,             
                        WAL  AND  OTHERS                JB GANDHI/P                     
                        V/S MOHD.HAYAT ABDUL RAHM       R-1 IS SERVED.                  
                        AN  AND  2 OTHERS               AR GODBOLE                      
                                                        NS WARULKAR, VB DESHMUKH/       

47.  FA/87/2000         NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO.LT       AJ POPHALY,VJ SAIKHEDKAR.       
                        D.  AND  ANR.                   ASGAR HUSSAINR-2 TO R-4,        
                        V/S MAH.STATE ROAD TRANSP       RS CHARPE/R-1                   
                        ORT CORPN.  AND  3 ORS.                                         

48.  FA/102/2000        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA  AND       G.P.                            
                          ANR.                          AY KAPGATE/R-SOLE               
                        V/S PARBATBHAI MAOJIBHAI                                        

49.  FA/104/2000        STATE OF MAH.  AND  ANR.        GOVT.PLEADER                    
                                                        MD LAKHEY, VU WAGHMARE/R-       
                        V/S KAVISHWAR S/O LAXMANJ       3                               
                        RAO BOBDE  AND  2 ORS.          SP BHANDARKAR/R-1  AND 

50.  FA/112/2000        THE STATE OF MAH.THR.COLL       G.P.                            
                        ECTOR,YAVATMAL  AND  ANOT       MG GAWANDE,PA DESHMUKH/         
                        V/S SAU.HANIFA BEGUM W/O                                        
                        ALI HASAN MAMDANI.                                              

51.  FA/116/2000        BHASKAR ATRAM PANDE  AND        UP DEOPUJARI,PV VAIDYA.         
                         ANR.                           RR JOHARPURKAR/R-2 TO 7         
                        V/S CHARITY COMMISSIONER        MR.JOHARAPURKAR/R-1 TO 
                         AND  6 OTHERS                  R-1 SERVED                      

52.  FA/133/2000        SMT.SHANTABAI VASUDEORAO        UP.DEOPUJARI,PV VAIDYA          
                        DAWLE.                          MR,RR JOHRAPURKAR/CVTR.         
                        V/S CHARITY COMMISSIONER,       R-1 SERVED,MR.JOHRAPURKAR       
                        MAH.STATE  AND  OTHERS.         /R-2 TO 7                       

53.  FA/177/2000        THE DEPUTY CHIE EXECUTIVE       MM.AGNIHOTRI                    
                         OFFICER,NAGPUR                 ANJAN DE,V.DAS/R.1/CAVTR.       
                        V/S M/S MODERN POTTERY IN       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        DUSTRIES,CHANDRAPUR  AND        R-1  AND  2,3 SERVED            

54.  FA/202/2000        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  2 OTHERS                  PR PATIL/R.                     
                        V/S SHRI MANOHAR BHAURAO        SANJEEV DESHPANDE, S. KHA       
                        PURKAR                          N/R                             

55.  FA/206/2000        THE STATE OF MAH.  AND  A       G.P.                            
                        NOTHER.                         AP KALMEGH, RS SURYAWANSH       
                        V/S SK.MOHAMMAD SHAIKH LA       I/R-1                           
     FA/208/2000        THE STATE OF MAH.  AND  A       G.P.                            
                        NOTHER.                         APPEAL ABATES AGAINST R-1       
                        V/S HAJI MOHAMMAD IBRAHIM                                       
                         S/O.HAJI SHEIKH HASNU.                                         
     FA/251/2000        THE STATE OF MAH.  AND  A       G.P.                            
                        NOTHER.                         AP KALMEGH, RS SURYAWANSH       
                        V/S SEWALAL PANCHAM YADAO       I/R-1                           

56.  FA/207/2000        THE STATE OF MAH.  AND  A       G.P.                            
                        V/S SAU.KAMAL AJABRAO SUR                                       

57.  FA/221/2000        MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DE       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        VELOPMENT CORPN.NAGPUR          ANJAN DE,V.DAS,S.SATPUTE        
                        V/S SHRI SHYAMRAO S/O KAW       GP/R-2,                         
                        ADU TONGE  AND  ANOTHER                                         
     FA/223/2000        MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DE       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        VELOPMENT CORPN.NAGPUR          ANJAN DE,K.SATPUTE,V.           
                        V/S BAPU SHANKAR WARKHADE       DASS, SUCHITA SATPUTE           
                         (DEAD) THR. LRS. SMT. RA       GP FOR R-2.                     
     FA/224/2000        MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DE       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        VELOPMENT CORPORATION,NGP       ANJAN DE,V.DASS,S.SATPUTE       
                        V/S SHRI ISHWAR GOMAJI UR       KIRTI SATPUTE /CAVEATOR         
                        ADE  AND  OTHERS                APPEAL DISMISSED AGAINST        
                                                        R-3,R-4 SERVED ON MERIT         
     FA/234/2000        MAH.INDUSTRIAL DEVP.CORPO       MM AGNIHOTRI.                   
                        RATION,NAGPUR.                  ANJAN DE,PM/S.SATPUTE,          
                        V/S RAMBHAU SHIVRAM PISE        SMT. VICTORIA DAS/R-1, KI       
                         AND  ANOTHER.                  RTI SATPUTE/CAV/R-1             
                                                        GP/R-2, R-1  AND  2 SERVE       

58.  FA/240/2000        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  ANOTHER                   NOTICE OF R-SOLE SERVED         
                        V/S SHAMRAO S/O RAMCHANDR                                       
                        A BOBDE                                                         
     FA/249/2000        THE STATE OF MAH.  AND  2       G.P.                            
                         OTHERS.                        NOTICE/R-1,2,4,5 SERVED         
                        V/S SHAMRAO RAMCHANDRA BO       R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        BADE  AND  4 OTHERS.                                            
     FA/250/2000        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  2 OTHERS                  NOTICE OF R-SOLE SERVED         
                        V/S RAJESHWAR HARI MANDHA       R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        

59.  FA/262/2000        ANNAJI PAIKUJI SHENDE           SW DESHPANDE                    
                                                        SW DESHPANDE/P                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA.THR.COL       R-1  AND  2 SERVED              
                        LECTOR,AMT  AND  ANOTHER                                        

60.  FA/265/2000        SAU. PRAMILABAI W/O KRUSH       MI KHAN, S KADU/P               
                        NARAO DESHMUKH                  AGP/R-1  AND  2                 
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       
                        TRA  AND  ANOTHER                                               

61.  FA/278/2000        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA            G.P.                            
                                                        UK MUNDHADA,AHIRE/R.            
                        V/S KAMALKISHOR HEMRAJ MU                                       
                        NDHADA  AND  ANOTHER                                            

62.  FA/1/2001          THE STATE OF MAH.THR.SPL.       G.P.                            
                        L.A.O.(GEN.)NAGPUR  AND         RAJKUMARI RAI  AND  MS.SH       
                        V/S SANJAY GANGADHAR AAND       OBHA                            
     FA/296/2000        STATE OF MAH.THR SPL.L.A.       GOVT.PLEADER.                   
                        O.  AND  ANOTHER                MRS.R.RAI,S.KASHYAP,CAV                        V/S ASHOK MADHUKAR DABBIW                                       
                        ALE  AND  2 OTHERS                                              
     FA/306/2000        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GOVT.PLEADER.                   
                         AND  ANOTHER                   R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S SMT.INDIRA W/O WAMANR                                       
                        AO DESHPANDE                                                    
     FA/297/2000        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  ANOTHER                   R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        V/S GIRISH S/O RAMESHWAR                                        
     FA/339/2000        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                        THR.SPL.L.A.O.NAGPUR            MRS.R.RAI.MISS.S.KASHYAP        
                        V/S GYANESHWAR S/O NATHHU                                       

63.  FA/152/2001        EXECUTIVE ENGINEER,MINOR        VG PALSHIKAR/P                  
                        IRRIGATION DN. NAGPUR           RD NAJBILE,BR DHAMGAYE,         
                        V/S RANGABAI WD/O KESHAO        R-1 TO 8.                       
                        DAWARE AND OTHERS               GP/R-9,10.                      

64.  FA/156/2001        EXECUTIVE ENGINEER,MINOR        VG PALSHIKAR/P                  
                        IRRI.DN.,NAGPUR.                RD.NAJBILE/R-1,2.               
                        V/S VACHAPAL S/O. SAMPAT        GP/R-3.                         
                        SARKALE  AND  2 ORS.                                            

65.  FA/157/2001        THE EXE.ENGG.MINOR IRRI.D       JT GILDA,MR JOSHI               
                        N.,NAGPUR.                      VG PALSHIKAR/P                  
                        V/S DAULAT S/O. MAROTRAO        RD NAJBILE/R-1                  
                        CHARJAN  AND  3 ORS.            R.NOS.1 TO 4 ARE SERVED O       
                                                        N MERIT                         
                                                        GP/R-2 TO 4                     

66.  FA/211/2001        SANTOSHKUMAR G.MOHATA           MG SARDA/P                      
                                                        HM MOHTA, MG SARDA/P            
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL THR       KS MALOKAR/R-1                  
.CHIEF OFFICER AND ANOTHE                                       

67.  FA/317/2001        BHAGABAI W/O ARJUN SHINDE       SV SOHONI,VM KEDAR              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THROUGH        GP FOR R-SOLE                   
                        COLLECTOR,AKOLA                 GP/R-SOLE                       

68.  FA/337/2001        MAH.INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN       SS SANYAL,MM AGNIHOTRI          
                        T CORPORATION.                  AS/ANJALI JOSHI/P GAWANDE       
                        V/S SHEIKH IBRAHIM SHEIKH       /R-1  AND  2                    
                         SULEMAN  AND  7 OTHERS.        R-3,5 TO 9 ARE SERVED ON        

69.  FA/338/2001        MAH.INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN       SS SANYAL,MM AGNIHOTRI          
                        T CORPORATION.                  AZ JIBHKATE/R-SOLE              
                        V/S PUNJAB KESHO RAUT  AN       SS SAHARE/R                     
                        D  ANOTHER.                     R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          
                                                        ON MERIT.                       

70.  FA/339/2001        MAH.INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN       MM AGNIHOTRI,SS SANYAL          
                        T CORPN.                        AZ JIBHKATE, VN PATRE/R-S       
                        V/S GAJANAN KESHAO RAUT         OLE                             
                        AND  ANOTHER                    R/1  AND  2 ARE SERVED ON       
                                                        SS SAHARE/R-1                   

71.  FA/349/2001        UNION OF INDIA AND ANOTHE       PS. AND  NP. LAMBAT             
                        R                               NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S THE MAHARASHTRA STATE       FOR/P                           
                         ELECTRICITY BOARD              DK DUBEY R-SOLE./ON DELAY       
                                                        DK, HD DUBAY/R                  
                                                        AP NILAJKAR, SM JIDDWAL,        
                                                        NA SONANKI, RJ DESHPANDE        

72.  FA/368/2001        MADHUSUDAN DAMODHAR KABRA       MILIND SAGDEO, MS. SD MAN       
                          AND  2 ORS.                   JARKHEDE, SMT. TG DHOTE         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.THR.       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        COLLECTOR,AMRAVATI  AND         GP/R-1                          

73.  FA/370/2001        LEKHIRAMJI NILKANTH PILLO       JJ KATARIA                      
                        NDARE                           J. J. KATARIA                   
                        V/S SHRI SAHID HUSSAIN SH       FOR APPELLANT LRS. 1 TO
                        ABBIR HUSSAIN  AND  ANOTH       PN KHADGI/R-2                   
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       

74.  FA/437/2001        STATE OF MAH.  AND  ANOTH       G.P.                            
                        ER.                             P.MAHALLE, AN KAKDE,            
                        V/S MR DEEPAK S/O. KASHIR       FOR R-SOLE.                     
                        NATH KOKATE .                                                   

75.  FA/472/2001        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO.LTD       VD SATHE,ADV.                   
.                               WS PAUNIKAR/P                   
                        V/S CHAITRAM GANGARAM JAM       ASHISH WAMANRAO PAUNIKAR        
                        BHULKAR  AND  OTHERS            WAMAN GOVINDRAO PAUNIKAR        
                                                        PS PATIL/R-3TO5                 
                                                        JT GILDA, MR JOSHI/R-1,

76.  FA/478/2001        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO.LTD       VD SATHE                        
.                               WS PAUNIKAR/P                   
                        V/S UMESH DASHRATH BHAISA       JT GILDA, MR JOSHI/R-1.         
                        RE  AND  OTHERS                 PG KHEOLE, YD SHUKLA/R-

77.  FA/11/2002         SHRI GANPATRAO CHITMALWAR       RL KHAPRE,VK PALIWAL            
                          AND  4 OTHERS                 AR/UA PATIL/MI DHATRAK/         
                        V/S JT.CHARITY COMMISSION       AGP/R-1                         
                        ER,NAG.  AND  3 ORS.            R-2 TO 4                        

78.  FA/19/2002         STATE OF MAH. THR. COLLEC       G.P.                            
                        TOR                             ANJAN DE/R-SOLE                 
                        V/S VISHWAS VIJAY GEDAM                                         

79.  FA/56/2002         NARAYANDAS JAMNADAS AGRAW       SV PUROHIT                      
                        AL                              SB BHANGDE,SH THAKKAR           
                        V/S SMT JYOTSNA @ NILANJA       SP CHANDURKAR,N GAJBHIYE/       
                        NA W/O RAMESH MATKAR            P                               
                                                        GR AGRAWAL/R-1.                 

80.  FA/67/2002         THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  ANOTHER                   DS DHARASKAR FOR R.NO.1         
                        V/S DWARKAPRASAD S/O NEDH                                       
                        ANI CHAPARIYA  AND  ANOTH                                       

81.  FA/72/2002         STATE OF MAHARASHTRA,THR.       G.P.                            
                         COLLECTOR,CHANDRAPUR           R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        V/S TATOBA DAMAJI ZADE          RS CHARAPE, TS KUDE, SP C       
.....                           HARAPE/R                        

82.  FA/80/2002         SMT. KASHIBAI JADAOJI RAT       AM GORDEY/DC DAGA/              
                        HOD NAGPUR  AND  3 OTHERS       SV BHUTAADA,SV MANOHAR.         
                        V/S SMT. NEELA PRABHULAL        ROHIT JOSHI/PETITIONERS         
                        RATHOD NAGPUR  AND  ANOTH       SP/AC DHARMADHIKARI/R-1                                                        NR RODE/R-1                     
                                                        R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            

83.  FA/148/2002        SYED RIYAZUL HASAN S/O SY       CS KAPTAN/P-1                   
                        ED ZAHURUL HASAN  AND  OT       JJ.CHANDURKAR                   
                        V/S ANANDRAO NARAYANRAO B       A DESHPANDE, PA MAHASHABD       
                        ORODE AMRAVATI  AND  ANOT       E/P-1                           
                                                        RAHUL S. KALANGIWALE            
                                                        FOR/P-1,2,4 AND 7               
                                                        PRUTHVIRAJ SHYAM CHAWHAN        
                                                        FOR/P-1,2,4 AND 7               
                                                        AM,MA BAPAT/R-2                 
                                                        MG/VG BHANGADE/R-1              

84.  FA/154/2002        DILIP ANANTRAO NIMBHORKAR       MR JOSHI                        
                         WARDHA                         R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU CO       BT  AND  AB PATIL/R-3           
                        LLECTOR WARDHA  AND  2 OT                                       

85.  FA/181/2002        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                        THR.SPL.L.A.O.NAGPUR  AND       R RAI,S KASHYAP-CAV-R-SOL       
                        V/S SHRI BAPURAO S/O SHIV                                       
                        AJI BHENDE                                                      

86.  FA/185/2002        USMANKHAN DAULATKHAN BULD       ANJAN DE/ZA RAAJA               
                        HANA  AND  ANOTHER              AGP/R-SOLE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU CO                                       
                        LLECTOR BULDHANA                                                
        REMARK : [FA/239/02 (D), FA/234/02 (D) FOR REF.] 
     FA/187/2002        MEHMOOD YUSUFKHAN BULDHAN       DR. ANJAN DE/V DASS             
                        A  AND  2 OTHERS.               GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU CO       /R-SOLE                         
                        LLECTOR BULDHANA                                                
     FA/192/2002        SADARKHAN AFZALKHAN.            ANJAN DE,V.DASS.                
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.COLL       /R-SOLE                         
     FA/206/2002        MOHAMMAD SHAFIQUE MOHD. I       DR.ANJAN DE/V DASS              
                        KRAM BULDANA  AND  ANOTHE       ZA RAJA                         
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU CO       GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        LLECTOR BULDHANA                /R-SOLE                         
     FA/634/2006        SHAFFIULLAKHAN ATAULLA KH       DR.AANJAN DE/V DASS             
                        AN BULDHANA                     GP/R                            
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        THRU COLLECTOR BULDHANA                                         

87.  FA/201/2002        HASANKHAN NAWAJKHAN BULDH       DR. ANJAN DE/V DASS             
                        ANA                             GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU CO       /R-SOLE                         
                        LLECTOR BULDHANA                                                

88.  FA/212/2002        RAMESHWAR ANANDRAO LANDE        SD CHOPDE                       
                        AKOLA  AND  ANOTHER             P.KHANZODE,SP KHANZODE/R2       
                        V/S SK. AMOS S/O SK. KARI       R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED             
                        M  AND  OTHERS.                 R-3                             
                                                        CB PANDEY,GN KHANZODE           

89.  FA/220/2002        RAMKUMAR DEVIKISAN BHOTAD       NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                        A DIST. WASHIM  AND  ANR.       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI, PP        
                        V/S BABY SHRIKRISHNA AGAD       KOTHARI, /R-1 TO 4              
                        E AND 5 OTHERS                  AM  AND  WM QUAZI, PN CHA       

90.  FA/221/2002        PRADIP PANDHURANGJI BAMBA       SMT SW DESHPANDE                
                        L AMRAVATI                      P R AGRAWAL                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        FOR/P                           
                        THR.COLLECTOR AMT. AND  A       P. S. BHONSLE                   
                                                        SW DESHPANDE, SO TAPADIYA       
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2                 

91.  FA/229/2002        SMT. SHOBHANA WD/O SHANTI       MP KHAJANCHI                    
                        LAL SURANA  AND  OTHERS         RM DAGA                         
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU CO       R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                        LLECTOR CHANDRAPUR  AND         IT                              

92.  FA/259/2002        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA THR.       G.P.                            
                         COLLECTOR  AND  ANOTHER        AMOL MARDIKAR/R-1  AND 
                        V/S ANIL RAMDASJI UMATE                                         
                        AND  ANOTHER                                                    

93.  FA/282/2002        HARIBHAU SADASHIV KOKATE.       BS DESHPANDE,VV BHADANG         
                                                        AL DESHPANDE/PETITIONERS        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        AP TATHOD/R-3                   
                         AND  OTHERS.                   SK PASHINE,RJ KANKALE/R-2       
                                                        R-1 SERVED,VD.RAUT/R-2          
                                                        SC/AS MEHADIA, DB SURYAWA       

94.  FA/299/2002        THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER          VG/AV PALSHIKAR/P               
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                        V/S DHANRAJ S/O GULABRAO                                        
                        NAGPURE AND ANOTHER                                             
                        GPUR                            SHIKAR.                         
                        V/S PURUSHOTTAM S/O NATHU       R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                         SAO KATALE AND ANOTHER         IT                              
     FA/479/2003        THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER,NA       JT GILDA  AND  MR JOSHI/P       
                        GPUR                            VG/AV  PALSHIKAR/P              
                        V/S ARJUN S/O SHIVA NAGPU       R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED.         
                        RE AND ANOTHER                  RAJKUMAR RAI,D VERMA FOR        

95.  FA/305/2002        VIJAY NARAYAN VITHALKAR         VR CHAUDHARI                    
                                                        NOTICE/R-1 AND 2 SERVED                        V/S STATE OF MAHA.THR.COL                                       
                        LECTOR,YAVATMAL  AND  1.                                        

                        ODE NAGPUR  AND  ANOTHER        CANT                            
                        V/S SMT. SHANTABAI WD/O M       HB GAIKWAD                      
                        AROTRAO DHAWALE  AND  OTH       SJ KHANDALKAR/P-2               
                                                        SA RADKE                        
                                                        ABDUL BASHIR.                   
                                                        AM/SA GORDEY/R-5                
                                                        NITIN VYAWAHARE.                
                                                        R-1 TO 5 SERVED.                
                                                        RD RASKAR, AR INGOLE/R-

97.  FA/313/2002        BASANT AGRO TECH.(I) LTD.       RB AGRAWAL                      
                        AKOLA                           RL KHAPRE.                      
                        V/S GENERAL MANAGER, SOUT       PS LAMBAT/R-1                   
                        H CENTRAL RLY. AND  2 ORS       PS/NP LAMBAT/R-1                
                                                        R-3 SERVED                      
                                                        PS LAMBAT/R-1 TO 3              
                                                        PS LAMBAT/R                     

98.  FA/324/2002        BABURAO S/O. JIWLANG WAHA       AP THAKRE                       
                        NE.                             R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        V/S KAMLESH S/O. GANGARAM                                       
                         KANOJE  AND  ANOTHER.                                          
        REMARK : FOR REF. FA/322/02 (D) 

99.  FA/356/2002        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       AJ POPHALY,                     
                        O.LTD. NAGPUR                   VJ.SAIKHEDKAR                   
                        V/S SHESHRAO JANBA KALE         VR CHOUDHARI/R-1.               
                        AND  2 OTHERS                   PK DHOMNE,SD KHATI/R-2          
                                                        SP KSHIRSAGAR,DT LODHI          
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 

100. FA/385/2002        SHREE LAXMI COTTON TRADER       JJ.CHANDURKAR                   
                        S LIMITED                       RL KHAPRE, SA MOHTA             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        MRS.KHADE/R-SOLE WAIVES         
                        THR.COLLECTOR                   SERVICES.                       

101. FA/400/2002        VISHWANATH GOPAL PALSHIKA       PG/SP.PALSHIKAR                 
                        R                               SMT TD KHADE/R                  
                        V/S SURESH SEVAKARAM  ADM       SR PATHAK/R-2                   
                        ANE .                                                           

102. FA/405/2002        SRIRAM KRISHNARAO NIMBHOR       MR JOSHI                        
                        KAR WARDHA                                                      
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR                                       
                        U COLLECTOR WARDHA  AND                                         

103. FA/437/2002        SURAJ S/O MADHUKAR RODE         SM GHODESWAR                    
                        AND  OTHER                      FIRDOS MIRZA, A DESHPANDE       
                        V/S COLLECTOR  AND  ANOTH       /PETITONERS                     
                        ER                              R-1 AND 2 SERVED ON MERIT       
                                                        GP/R-1 AND 2.                   

104. FA/466/2002        UNION OF INDIA  AND  ANOT       RS SUNDARAM,UR TANNA            
                        HER                             KP JAIN ( IN PERSON)            
                        V/S M/S KAMAL JAIN ASSOCI       VN MORANDE FOR R-SOLE           
                        ATES                            SMT.KV SIRPURKAR,               

105. FA/474/2002        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA THR.       G.P.                            
                        SPL.L.A.O.,AKOLA                RA KHAN,RB UPADHAYAY            
                        V/S SHRI LAXMAN S/O RAMAJ       AK NANDANWAR/R-SOLE             
                        I DHAYGUDE                                                      
        REMARK : [FOR REF. FA/475/02, 476/02, 477/02, 480/02, 481/02 ALL DECIDED] 

106. FA/487/2002        THE BRANCH MANAGER,NATION       DN KUKDAY,BY VYAWAHARE          
                        AL INSURANCE, LTD.              VR CHOUDHARY/R-1                
                        V/S MUKESH BABURAOJI BOWA       PB BHAGAT/R-2                   
                        DE  AND  ANOTHER                RA PANWATKAR/R-1                

107. FA/504/2002        SMT. BHARTI WD/O RASIKLAL       SG LONEY,VL ACHLIYA,            
                         RAICHURA.                      MRS. S.S.LONEY.                 
                        V/S RUPSING SUMERSING UIK       R-1,3  AND  4 SERVED.           
                        E  AND  5 OTHERS.               BT  AND  AB PATIL/R-3           
                                                        GN KHANZODE FOR R-4.            
                                                        VD SATHE, CB PANDE,             

108. FA/507/2002        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                                                        R-1 TO4 SERVED ON MERIT                        V/S PURUSHOTTAM S/O NATHU       ANAND PARCHURE/R-1 TO 4         
                        JI GANORKAR  AND  4 OTHER                                       

109. FA/515/2002        ANNA VITHALRAO PATEKAR.         P.P. PENDKE                     
                        V/S JAGDISH KACHRUJI KAMB       DN KUKDEY/(ON DELAY)            
                        LE  AND  OTHERS.                R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED             
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                                                        PV KASLIKAR/R-1  AND  2                                                        DN KUKDAY/R-3                   

110. FA/523/2002        TANABAI SITARAM WAKODE AN       BS DESHPANDE,VV BHADANG         
                        D 2 ORS.                                                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR.COL                                       

111. FA/551/2002        ISWARLAL NANDLAL JAISWAL.       GULAM ABBAS QUBBAWALA           
                                                        STEPHEN LOUIS CALEB             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. ....  .       GP/R-SOLE                       

112. FA/555/2002        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        O.LTD. THR.R.M.                 AH PATIL/P/                     
                        V/S SMT.KAMALA ISHWAR ATR       R-4 IS SERVED                   
                        AM AND 3 OTHERS                 KS DHOTE FOR R-2                
                                                        R-3 DELETED                     
                                                        R-1 DELETED                     

                        Y LTD. NAGPUR                   BD VORA/R-1 (ON DELAY)          
                        V/S SAU. SUDHATAI MAHADEO       AMOL MARDIKAR  AND  B KHA       
                        RAO WAVARE YAVATMAL  AND        RKATE/R-2 (ON DELAY)            

114. FA/571/2002        SMT.MAYADEVI KANOCHEDILAL       AJ THAKKAR,SD GADHIA            
                         JAIN  AND  2 ORS.              FA DISMISSED AGAINST R-
                        V/S MAKHANLAL MOTILAL AGR        AND  2                         
                        AWAL  AND  2 ORS.                                               

115. FA/595/2002        UNION OF INDIA NEW DELHI        DR.R.S.SUNDARAM,UR TANNA        
                         AND  ANOTHER                   PS PANDEY/CAV.                  
                        V/S DILIP GANPATRAO THAKA       PS/KP PANDEY, MR JOHARAPU       
                        RE NAGPUR                       RKAR/R.                         
                                                        PA DAHIWADE/RSOLE.              

116. FA/640/2002        EMPLOYEES STATE INSURANCE       BP MALDHURE                     
                         CORPN.NGP.                     NR SABOO/R.                     
                        V/S ASHOK DHANRJA OJHA ..                                       
     FA/395/2007        ASHOK DHANRAJ OJHA              NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                                                        BP/VP MALDHURE/R                
                        V/S THE EMPLOYEES STATE I                                       
                        NSURANCE CORPN.THR.JT.REG                                       

117. FA/654/2002        PUSHPADEVI WD/O MADANLAL        R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED             
                        BAGADIYA                        PN KHADGI/R-1                   
                        V/S THE ORIENTAL INSURANC       PK KATARIYA/R-1                 
                        E CO.LTD. AND 2 ORS.                                            

118. FA/671/2002        KAKABABU @ VISHWANATHSING       CA/RC JOSHI,MS SAMBARE,         
                        H NARAYANSINGH LAHARIYA/1       GK SARDA,V PANPALIA             
                        V/S BALDEOSINGH SUKHRAMSI       R-5 TTO 8 SERVED BY RPAD.       
                        NGH RAJPUT  AND  9 ORS.         R-10 SERVED ON MERIT.           
                                                        NS BHATTAD FOR R-9,             
                                                        R-1 TO 4(SERVICE WAIVES)        
                                                        VK PALIWAL/R-1 TO 4             

119. FA/687/2002        LAXMAN SITARAM WAKODE           AJ POPHALY                      
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       VJ.SAIKHEDKAR  AND  VV.BH       
                        TRA                             ADAN                            

120. FA/701/2002        DNYANDEO SITARAM WAKODE.        AJ POPHALY,VJ SAIKHEDKAR,       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.COLL       G.P./R                          

121. FA/702/2002        SMT.RAMLABAI WD/O BAPURAO       RS CHARPE,PS KANERE             
                         KANGALE AND ANR.               VV ARYA                         
                        V/S RAJESH GETRAM GODHANI       MR/PM KALAR,SF LALL/R-3         
                         AND 3 ORS.                     R-1 TO 4 SERVED                 
                                                        BB RAIPURE/R-4                  

122. FA/707/2002        NAMDEO SITARAM WAKODE           AJ POPHALY, VJ SAIKHEDKAR       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH                                       

123. FA/709/2002        NAMDEO RATHOJI CHORE(D) T       SU NEMADE                       
                        HR.L.RS.                        A.G.P./RESPDT.                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAHARASHTRA                                        
                        AND 2 OTHERS                                                    

124. FA/41/2003         THE BRANCH MANAGER,UNITED       MR/PM KALAR                     
                         INDIA INSURANCE,NGP.           ASGHAR ALI,MOHD.IQBAL/R-1       
                        V/S MOHAMMAD SHAKEEL PYAR       SD KHATI FOR R-1.               
                        E MOHAMMAD  AND  ANR.           SA/PS JAISWAL/R-2               
                                                        AD VYAWAHARE, NA VYAWAHAR       

125. FA/154/2003        SMT.SHOBA WD/O SHIVDAS JA       SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE,        
                        NBANDHU  AND  4 ORS.            SD KHATI,BR DHAMGAYE/APPL       
                        V/S GURUMUKHSINGH BACHANS       SD KHATI                        
                        INGH TOOR  AND  ANR.            DN KUKDAY/R-2                   
                                                        PS  AND  AP SADAVARTE/R-1       
                                                        VJ GUPTA,KP SADAVARTE/R-1       
                                                        K MANDAL,RD BHUIBHAR            
                                                        A  AND  ADD. REQD.              
                                                        NOTICE/R-1 UNSERVED,BHATT       

126. FA/266/2003        BABULAL RAMJILAL MEHADIA        NK/CN DESHPANDE,                
                         AND  ANOTHER                   RN DESHPANDE,SB PADEER          
                        V/S DESHRAJ BASANT SINGH        SR PATHAK.                      
                         AND  ANOTHER                   /R-2.                           

127. FA/296/2003        LAXMANRAO BONDRAJI NANDUR       NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE.          
                        KAR  AND  ANR.                  AD MOHGAONKAR, M DHANDEKA       
                        V/S MAH.STATE ELEC.BOARD.       R/R-2                           

128. FA/334/2003        IDRIS BEG S/O ISMAIL BEG        JN/JJ CHANDURKAR                
                        AND 7 OTHERS                    JT GILDA, MR JOSHI, SS KH       
                        V/S CHHUGARAM LAHAORIMAL        ANDEKAR/R-1                     
                        KHATRI AND ANR                  AM/MV DESHPANDE/R-2             
     FA/517/2003        SAU LEELABAI GULABRAO KUB       R-1,4A,6 TO 19 SERVED.          
                        DE  AND  OTHERS.                                                
                        V/S CHUGARAM LAHORIMAL KH                                       
                        ATRI  AND  OTHERS.                                              
     FA/526/2003        RAJENDRA PURUSHOTTAM KHAT       M.ILKAR                         
                        WADE AND ANR                    P BHELANDE                      
                        V/S CHUGARAM LAHORIMAL KH       R-1,2,4 TO 7,10,11,12A,         
                        ATRI  AND  ORS.                 R-12C UNSERVED ON MERIT                                                        R-3 UNSERVED AS DEAD  AND       
                                                        SS KHANDEKAR/R-1                
                                                        SR SARDA,JT GILDA,M.JOSHI       
                                                        12B,12D,12E,R-15  AND  
                                                        SERVED ON MERIT.                

129. FA/336/2003        SMT.RAMMURTI WD/O RAMPRAK       ZA HAQ,SS ADKAR,U.ALONI         
                        ASH MISHRA  AND  3 ORS.         S.CHOUBE                        
                        V/S RUDRESH B. TIWARI  AN       GIRISH J. CHAUBEY               
                        D  ANR.                         FOR/P                           
                                                        SURENDRA KUMAR MISHRA           
                                                        PRAKASH A SHENDRE               
                                                        NH SHAMS,PUJA MURARKA/R-2       
                                                        R-3 SERVED.                     
                                                        R-1 AND 2 SERVED ON MERIT       
                                                        AGP/R-3 MEMO AWAITED.           
                                                        R-2  AND  3 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        NEERJA CHAUBEY, S CHAUBEY       
                                                        /R-1A TO 1C                     

130. FA/350/2003        NARAYAN SHESHRAO WANKHEDE       NEETA JOG, RM AHIRRAO, N.       
                          AND  ANR.                      PATIL/P-1, 2                   
                        V/S PRAKASH KRUSHNARAO CH       JS MOKADAM.                     
                        ITRAKAR  AND  3 ORS.            NEETA JOG, SA CHOUDHARI/P       
                                                        -1  AND  2                      
                                                        SAURABH A. CHAUDHARI            
                                                        AVINASH GUNWANT GHAROTE         
                                                        PRAVIN PRAKASHRAO DESHMUK       
                                                        HD DANGRE,HS BHALCHANDRA,       
                                                        R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON MERI                                                        R.MEHADIA/R-1 TO 3.             

131. FA/373/2003        STATE OF MAH.THR.SPL.L.A.       G.P.                            
                        O.(GEN.)NAGPUR  AND  ANOT       R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S SHRI BHADU KAVDU JUNG                                       

132. FA/418/2003        THE MANAGER,UNITED INDIA        SN DHANAGARE                    
                        INSURANCE CO.LTD                GN KHANZODE,CB PANDE/R-
                        V/S SMT.ANUSAYABAI WD/O V       .                               
                        AIKUNTHA WADBUDHE  AND  7       PA SHENDRE,VK DEOTALE/R-4       
                                                        VG BHAMBURKAR, SP DHOTRE,       
                                                         VJ RAUT/R-6                    
                                                        PS AND SMT KP PANDEY/R-
                                                        TO 3.                           
                                                        APPEAL ABATED AGAINST R-8       
.R-1, 3 TO 6 SERVED.            
        REMARK : [FOR REFERENCE F.A. 368/03 (D)]. 
     FA/366/2003        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       SN DHANAGARE                    
                        MPANY LTD.                      CB PANDE,GN KHANZODE/R-
                        V/S SMT.HALIMBEE WD/O LAT       RADKAR/R-5.                     
                        E SHEIKH ISMAIL  AND  ANR       VG BHAMBURKAR,SUCHITRA BU       
     FA/367/2003        THE MANAGER,UNITED INDIA        SN DHANAGARE                    
                        INSURANCE CO.LTD                GN KHANZODE,CB PANDE/R-
                        V/S SMT.ANUSAYABAI WD/O V       VG BHAMBURKAR, SUCHITRA B       
                        AIKUNTHA WADBUDHE  AND  6       URADKAR, MD AWACHAT/R-6                                                        CHOUBE/R-4.                     
                                                        PA SHENDRE,VK DEOTALE,PI        
                                                        PS.,KP PANDE/R-1 TO 3           
                                                        PS.,KP PANDE/R-1 TO 3           
     FA/386/2003        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       SN DHANAGARE                    
                        MPANY LTD.THR.D.M.              CB PANDE,GN KHANZODE/R-
                        V/S NILKANTH RAMROAJI FUK       VG BHAMBURKAR/R-5               
                        E AND 4 ORS.                    ASGHAR HUSSAIN FOR R-1,
                                                        R-1 TO 4 ARE SERVED.            
                                                        PS.,KP PANDE/R-1 TO 3           
     FA/387/2003        THE MANAGER,UNITED INDIA        SN DHANAGARE                    
                        INS.CO.LTD                      CB PANDE,GN KHANZODE/R-
                        V/S SMT.ANUSAYABAI WD/O V       .                               
                        AIKUNTHA WADBUDHE AND 6 O       PA SHENDRE,VK DEOTALE/R-4       
                                                        VG BHAMBURKAR, SP DHOTRE,       
                                                         VJ RAUT/R-6                    
                                                        PS.,KP PANDE/R-1 TO 3           

133. FA/448/2003        MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DE       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        VELOPMENT CORPORATION           R.NO.1 TO 3 ARE SERVED          
                        V/S KANTABHAI AKHABHAI PA       GP FOR R-2  AND  3.             
                        TEL  AND  OTHERS.               M.ELKAR/R-1                     
                                                        P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        FOR R-SOLE                      
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        FOR R-SOLE                      

134. FA/48/2004         THE STATE OF MAH.AND ANOT       G.P.                            
                        HER.                            SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        V/S ZIBAL TANBA SHENDRE(D        SD KHATI/R-1 TO 5              
                        EAD)LRS.MANIKRAO  AND  4        B DHANGAYE/R-1 TO 5.            

135. FA/123/2004        GIRISH RAMASHANKAR UPADHA       MM AGNIHOTRI,PS SAHARE          
                        YAY  AND  2 ORS                 NN AGNIHOTRI/P                  
                        V/S ANANTRAI RAMASHANKAR        MRS.A.JOSHI/R-1.                
                        UPADHAYAY AND 8 ORS.            S.S.GHATE/R-5                   
                                                        RB, KR LULE, AA NAIK/R-4,       
                                                        GJ AGRAWAL/R5                   
                                                        M. B NAIDU                      
                                                        SV GHATE/R-5                    

136. FA/227/2004        MAH INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        T CORPORATION.                  PS SAHARE                       
                        V/S BALIRAM CHANDU RATHOD       DG PATIL/SP KANKALE/SV IN       
                          AND  2 OTHERS.                GOLE/R-1                        
     FA/719/2004        MAH.INDUSTRIAL DEVL.CORP.       MM AGNIHOTRI,PS SAHARE          
                        AMRAVATI                        AGP/R-2,3,DG PATIL/R-1          
                        V/S DHARMENDRA NMERAM RAT       R-1 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        HOD AND 2 OTHERS                                                
     FA/723/2004        MAHARASHTRA INDSTRIAL DEV       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        ELOPMENT CORPORIATON..          R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        V/S MOHAN SHAMA CHAVHAN         DG PATIL,SV INGOLE,SP KAN       
                        AND  OTHERS..                   KALE FOR R-1.                   
     FA/732/2004        MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DE       M AGNIHOTRI                     
                        VELOPMENT CORPORATION           DG PATIL,SP KANKALE,            
                        V/S HARIDAS RAJUSINGH RAT       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        HOD AND 2 OTHERS                SV INGLE/R-1.                   
     FA/749/2004        MAH INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        T CORPORATION..                 FA ABATED AGAINST R-2.R-1       
                        V/S BALIRAM CHANDU RATHOD       ,3 AND 4 SERVED ON MERI                          AND  OTHERS..                 R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI            WITH        
     FA/143/2005        MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DE       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        VP. CORP.,AMRAVATI THR. C       DG PATIL,SP KANKALE,SV IN       
                        V/S PIMPLIBAI MOTIRAM JAD       GOLE/CAV.LRS' 1TO8 OF R-        
                        HAV  AND  ORS.                  TO I) OF R-1.R-2  AND  
                                                        SERVEDON MERIT.                 
                                                        SV INGLE/R-1.                   

137. FA/237/2004        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DINKAR KUKDAY                   
. LTD NAGPUR.                   R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                        V/S ANIL RATIRAM CHOUDHAR       R-3.                            
                        Y NAGPUR. AND  2 OTHERS.        APPEAL DISMISSED AGAINST        
                                                        SA BANIK,S.GHODESHWAR/R-1       

138. FA/241/2004        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. LT       SMITA P DESHPANDE               
                        D NAGPUR.                       V MARPAKWAR,A MAMDALWA/R3       
                        V/S SHASHIKANT SADASHIVRA       P MARPAKWAQR,K MARPAKWAR,       
                        O CHIMURKAR  AND  OTHERS.       VJ SAIKHEDKAR/R-1.              
                                                        AJ POPHALY,SM PALDHIKAR         

139. FA/260/2004        NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPAN       DN KUKDAY                       
                        Y LTD.                          AMIT KUKADAY/P                  
                        V/S SHRI MANOHAR VALLABH        MR JOHARAPURKAR  AND  A S       
                        ZANWAR AND 2 ORS.               HELAT/R-1                       

140. FA/266/2004        M.I.D.C.THR.C.E.O.NAGPUR.       MM AGNIHOTRI, PS SAHARE         
......                          RS CHARPE, BS NAIK, RS MO       
                        V/S SMT SAKHUBAI LAHU MES       HOD/R-1                         
                        HRAM AND ANOTHER                R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       

141. FA/270/2004        SMT PUSHPA PRADEEP CHANDA       NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE           
                        K  AND  2 OTHERS.               KN.SABOO                        
                        V/S PRASHANT KHUSALRAO PA       DN KUKDAY/R-2.                  
                        CHAGARE  AND  ANOTHER.          AM GORDEY/R-1.                  
                                                        SA.GORDEY/R-1,R-1  AND 
                                                         ARE SERVED                     
                                                        RD RASKAR, AR INGOLE/R-

142. FA/289/2004        M/S S CONSTRUCTION..            DN KUKDEY                       
                        V/S NAMDEO..                    SUMEET BODALKAR/R-1,R-2         
                                                        AND  3 SERVED                   
                                                        MRS. SP DESHPANDE, P DHON       
                                                        E, V PRARANJPE/R-2              
                                                        SACHIN W SAMBRE                 

143. FA/301/2004        SHESHRAO SAKARU RATHOD YV       SP KANKALE, SV INGOLE.          
                        T.                              DG PATIL                        
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH  AND       AGP FOR R-1 TO 3.               


144. FA/306/2004        NAMDEO SAMBHU BOBHATE YVT       OW GUPTA,MW CHARDE              
.                               SC/AS MEHADIA/R.                
                        V/S GENERAL MANAGER CHAND                                       

145. FA/335/2004        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO.LTD       RAHUL KHARDE/P                  
.THR.DIV.MANAGER                R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERIT        
                        V/S KESHAORAO MAHADEORAO        P.G. ANANDIKAR                  
                        KAMATKAR(PATIL)  AND  4 O       FOR R-1 TO R-4                  
                                                        SM KOTHALIWAL FOR R-1 TO        

146. FA/343/2004        SACHIN KRUSHNARAO HANDE         ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                                                        MA BARABDE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  AN       G.P./R-1  AND  2                
                        OTHER.                          R-1 AND 2 SERVED ON MERIT       
     FA/1248/2008       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       BT  AND  AB PATIL               
                         CORPN. THRU. EXECUTIVE E                                       
                        V/S ASHA RAMESHRAO FALKE                                        
                        AND 2 ORS.                                                      
     FA/345/2004        SARITA KRUSHNARAO HANDE         ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                                                        MA BARABDE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  AN       MRS.DANGRE/AGP FOR RESPDT       
                        OTHER.                          R-1 AND 2 SERVED ON MERIT       
     FA/346/2004        SAMID KRUSHNARAO HANDE          ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                                                        MA BARABDE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH  AND  AN       AGP FOR RESPDTS.,R-1  AND       
                        OTHER.                            2 SERVED ON MERIT             
                                                        R-1 AND 2 SERVED ON MERIT       
     FA/297/2009        VIDARBHA IRRIGATION CORPO       BT/AB PATIL                     
                        RATION YAVATMAL                 AGP/R-2  AND  3                 
                        V/S SHRI VIJAY RAMKRUSHNA       SMT. SW DESHPANDE/R-1           
                         YENDE AND 2 OTHERS             R-1 AND 2 SERVED ON MERIT       
     FA/1552/2008       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVEL       BT  AND  AB PATIL               
                        OPMENT CORPORATION, THRU        SMT. SW DESHPANDE/R-1           
                        V/S PADMAKAR SHESHRAO THA       AGP FOR R/2 TO 4                
                        KRE  AND  3 ORS.                R-1 AND 2 SERVED ON MERIT       
     FA/1054/2008       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVEL       BT  AND  AB PATIL.              
                        OPMENT CORPORATION, THRU        S.W. DESHPANDE/R-1              
                        V/S PANDURANG RAMKRISHNA        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        YENDE  AND  23 ORS.             R-2 TO 4                        
     FA/1074/2009       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       AB PATIL/A                      
                         CORPN. THRU. EXECUTIVE E       SW DESHPANDE/R-1                
                        V/S NILKANTH MADHAVRAO KO       A.G.P./R-2  AND  R-3            
                        MBE  AND  2 ORS.                R-2 TO 4                        
     FA/1039/2007       GUJABRAO GULABRAO THAKRE        SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        THR. LR'S SMT. SUNANDA GU        SD KHATI                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA REPRESE       SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        NTED BY COLLECTOR AND 2 O        SD KHATI/LRS OF P              
                                                        BT/AB PATIL/R-3(POWER ON        
                                                        CA).R-1 TO 3 SERVED.            
                                                        R-2 TO 4                        
     FA/151/2008        SMT. SUNANDA GUJABRAO THA       SP KSHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE,S       
                        KRE                             D KHATI                         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.THR.       SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        COLLECTOR YAVATMAL AND 2         SD KHATI/P/LRS.                
                                                        BT/AB PATIL/R-3                 
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2.                
     CA/5245/2007       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       BT/AB PATIL/P                   
                         CORPN. THRU. EXECUTIVE E       A.S.BANG/A                      
                        V/S RUPRAO DADAJI NAGPURE       AGP/R-5 AND 6.                  
                         AND 5 ORS.                     R/1 TO 4 SERVED                 

147. FA/351/2004        GAJANAN MAROTI PANPATE.         RR DESHPANDE,                   
                                                        SA AJAMAHIWALE.                 
                        V/S MULLA DADAPIR DADASAH       PARIMALA KULKARNI,              
                        EB MUSALMAN  AND  2 ORS.        PM CHANDEKAR,SK KEOLE,          
                                                        R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED,MR/PM       

148. FA/377/2004        DAMODHAR MAHADEO SURKAR         SA/JS KALBANDE                  
                                                        AD MOHGAONKAR/R-1.              
                        V/S THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEE                                       
                        R,C.C.O.  AND  M.DIVN.                                          

149. FA/395/2004        THE UNITED INDIA                DN KUKDEY                       
                                                        VD MULEY, MISS A SONARE/R       
                        V/S SMT PAYDAFUBAU              -1 TO 4                         
                                                        R-5 SERVED.                     

150. FA/458/2004        SAU.ZIPRABAI SURATSINGH C       ANIL S.MARDIKAR                 
                        HAVAN AND 2 ORS                 GH INGLE,VV BHADANG             
                        V/S DIVISIONAL MANAGER,OR       AS KILOR,YG KHOBRAGADE/R-       
                        IENTAL INS.CO.LTD.  AND         PN KHADGI/R-1.                  

151. FA/463/2004        SMT.MANDABAI WD/O DASHRAT       SA/JS KALBANDE                  
                        H GAN  AND  2 ORS.              AD MOHGAONKAR/R-SOLE            
                        V/S THE EXE.ENGINEER,MSEB                                       

152. FA/469/2004        THE MANAGER UNITED INDIA        SN.DHANAGRE                     
                        INSURANCE COM.                  DS CHATTERJEE,SB SHEADE/        
                        V/S SHRI BABURAO S/O PAIK                                       
                        AN KAMBLE AND 2 OTHERS                                          

153. FA/509/2004        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY,                     
                        NY LTD.                         VJ SAIKHEDKAR                   
                        V/S BABY NANDA WD/O DEVID       CA/RC JOSHI,MS SAMBARE,         
                        AS SALUNKE  AND   7 ORS.        ANIL S MARDIKAR/R-1,4,5         
                                                        RN ATAL ,SR ATAL                
                                                        AJ THAKKAR/R-8                  
                                                        AS MARDIKAR/R-1,4,5             
                                                        SN SARODIYA/R-6.                

154. FA/560/2004        M.S.R.T.C AKOLA....             SC/AS MEHADIA                   
                                                        R.NOS.1 TO 4 ARE SERVED         
                        V/S SMT CHANDRAKALBAI  AN       ON NBA.                         
                        D  OTHERS.....                  MRS AA JOSHI/RESP-1             

155. FA/561/2004        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY                      
                        NY LTD NAGPUR.                  VJ SAIKHADE                     
                        V/S SHRAWAN PARSHRAM CHET       NS TALMALE,SJ BAGADE,NG         
                        ULE  AND  ANOTHER.              R-1 TO 4 SERVED ON MERI                                                        SALAOO,NICHAKAWADE/R-1  A       
                                                        ND 2                            
                                                        ASGHAR HUSSAIN/R- 3 TO 

156. FA/568/2004        THE BRANCH MANAGER NAGPUR       DINKAR N KUKDAY                 
......                          R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        V/S SHIVBODHANSINGH KESHA       GOPAL MISHRA/R-1  AND  
                        V SINGH  AND  2 OTHERS.                                         

157. FA/582/2004        PUSHPALATA HARIBHAU GAWAN       BHARAT VORA,B GANVIR            
                        DE WASHIM...                    BR GANVIR                       
                        V/S GANESH AJABRAO INGOLE       SC MEHADIA/R-1  AND  2.         
                          AND  ANOTHER..                                                

158. FA/640/2004        DASHRATH DEWAJI SATPUTE..       KIRTI SATPUTE                   
.                               N PARATE                        
                        V/S THE WESTERN COALFIELD       SC/AC MEHADIA                   
                        S LTD....                                                       

159. FA/641/2004        SANJAY JAGANNATH PAMPATTI       KIRTI SATPUTE                   
                        WAR CHANDRAPUR...               N PARATE                        
                        V/S THE WESTERN COALFIELD       SC/AC MEHADIA                   
                        S LTD...                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          

160. FA/642/2004        SAU SUSHILA KESHAVRAO DET       KIRTI SATPUTE , N PARATE        
                        HE YVT.                         SC/AC MEHADIA/R-SOLE            
                        V/S THE WESTERN COALFIELD                                       
                        S LTD...                                                        

161. FA/643/2004        PRAKASH N SATPUTE ..            KIRTI SATPUTE                   
                                                        NANDITA PARATE                  
                        V/S THE WESTERN COALFIELD       SC/AC MEHADIA R-SOLE            
                        S LTD... CHANDRAPUR...                                          

162. FA/645/2004        SMT USHATAI UTTAMRAO SHEL       PM CHANDAKER                    
                        KE  AND  OTHERS.                RR DESHPADE                     
                        V/S SUDHIR PANDURANG TALO       PG PHATAK/R-2.                  
                        KAR  AND  OTHERS...             AR GODBOLE/R-2                  
                                                        RL KHAPRE/R-1                   
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERIT        
     FA/658/2005        SUDHIR @ SUDHAKAR PANDURA       RL KHAPRE,VK PALIWAL, A D       
                        NG TALOKAR                      ESHPANDE A CHORGHADE            
                        V/S SAU. SHEELA KESHAV BA       CA JOSHI, MRS.RC JOSHI, M       
                        NKAR  AND  ANOTHER              S SAMBARE/R-1                   
                                                        AR GODBOLE/R-2                  
                                                        AR GODBOLE, DA SONOLE, /        
     FA/657/2005        SUDHIR @ SUDHAKAR PANDURA       RL KHAPRE,VK PALIWAL,A DE       
                        NG TALOKAR                      SHPANDE,                        
                        V/S SMT. USHATAI WD/O UTT       AR GODBOLE/R                    
                        AMRAO SHELKE  AND  OTHERS       AR GODBOLE/R-2                  

163. FA/646/2004        SAU CHHAYA ANANDRAO BOBAD       MS KIRTI SATPUTE                
                        E......                         N PARATHE                       
                        V/S THE WESTERN COALFEILD       SC/AC MEHADIA /R-SOLE           
                        S LTD......                                                     

164. FA/648/2004        SAU TARA WASUDEORAO MATE.       KIRTI SATPUTE,N PARATE          
....                            SC/AS MEHADIA/R-SOLE.           
                        V/S THE WESTERN COALFIELD                                       
                        S LTD.CHANDRAPUR                                                

165. FA/657/2004        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY                      
                        NY LTD NAGPUR                   VJ SAIKHEDKAR                   
                        V/S AJANDEVO SUKHADEO TAW       GG MISHRA, PS MIRACHE FOR       
                        ADE AND 5 ORS.                   R/1 TO 5.                      

166. FA/662/2004        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY                      
                        NY LTD...                       VJ SAIKHEDKAR                   
                        V/S DOMAJI RAGHUNATH NAGP       CB.PANDE,GN.KHANZODE, MIS       
                        URE  AND  OTHERS..              S.SALUNKE                       

167. FA/665/2004        THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       SN DHANAGARE                    
                        E COMPANY LTD NAGPUR..          AS MARDIKAR FOR R-1.            
                        V/S KU SNEHAL SUDHIR WATE       MR.A JOSHI/R WAIVES SERVI       
                          AND  OTHERS..                 CE                              
                                                        AJAY SOMANI/R-2  AND  3
168. FA/673/2004        DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER M.S       SC/AS MEHADIA                   
.R.T.C. NAGPUR                  TD KHADE,RD KHADE/R-5.          
                        V/S SMT ROSA CLEMENT MOSE       MV.JAIN, V.B.PALORKAR           
                        S AND 4 OTHERS                  R-1 TO 3  AND  5 SERVED
169. FA/684/2004        SUDARSHAN DADAJI BODHE  A       MS KIRTI SATPUTE                
                        ND  ANOTHER...                  PM SATPUTE,KIRTI                
                        V/S THE WESTERN COALFIELD       SATPUTE/P-2.                    
                        S LTD CHANDRAPUR...             M ANIL KUMAR FOR RESP.          

170. FA/697/2004        SMT.SUDHA WD/O SHANKAR RA       BH SONTAKKE, AC WASNIK          
                        MTEKE  AND  4 ORS.              VD SATHE/R                      
                        V/S SHYAMRAO BHADUJI SHAH       R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          
                        ANE  AND  ANOTHER               AK SOMANI/R-2                   

171. FA/703/2004        VENKATRAMAIAH TIRUPATIAH        SMITA P DESHPANDE               
                        RAIDU.......                    SATISH GADE                     
                        V/S MANJULABAI LATE ASHOK       AH POPHALY/R-8                  
                         CHOUDHARY..   AND  OTHER       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK/ RE 
                                                        DN KUKDEY/R                     
                                                        BN MOHTA/X.OBJ.                 

172. FA/727/2004        LAXMAN GYANBA KALBANDE...       A.PANDE                         
......                          MR JOHARAPURKAR,AW KHAN/R       
                        V/S SMT SHAKUNTALA PRABHA       -1 TO 3                         
                        KAR WAYALKAR AND 2 OTHERS                                       

173. FA/758/2004        THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER MI       GOPAL G MISHRA                  
                        NOR AKOLA....                   MP KHAJANCHI                    
                        V/S GORAKSHAN SHANSTHA  A       I BODADE                        
                        ND  ANOTHER..                   RL KHAPRE/CAV                   
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       

174. FA/763/2004        UNITED INSURANCE CO.LTD.        MR/PM KALAR,SB SHENDE           
                                                        PS MIRACHE/CAV                  
                        V/S REKHA HARICHAND TANDA       PS MIRACHE,GG MISHRA            
                        LE AND ANOTHER                  R-1 TO 7 ARE SERVED             
                                                        PS MIRACHE  AND  MN PATHA       
                                                        DE FOR R.NO. 2                  
                                                        K.S. ANASANE ( PATAIT)          
                                                        /R-1 TO 6                       

175. FA/792/2004        MAH INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        T CORPORATION..                 PS SAHARE                       
                        V/S MANGILAL DEVA RATHOD        DG PATIL, SV INGOLE/R-1         
                         AND  OTHERS...                 R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 
                                                        ON MERIT.                       
                                                        AGP FOR R/2  AND  3 (MEMO       
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   

176. FA/801/2004        TEKCHAND MOTIRAM SAWARKAR       SA GORDEY                       
..                              RD RASKAR, MRS VS GORDEY/       
                        V/S THE MEMBER MOTOR ACCI       PETITIONER                      
                        DENT CLAIMS TRIBUNAL NAGP       NOTICE/R-1 DELETED              
                                                        KK PILLAI,MK NAIDU R-4          
                                                        SK SABLE/R                      
                                                        SW DESHPANDE FOR R-1,2.         
                                                        R-4 SERVED                      
     FA/553/2008        KISAN MAHADEORAO ZATALE         SW DESHPANDE                    
                        AND  ANOTHER                    SA GORDEY/R-3.                  
                        V/S BABUBUKHA S/O NABUKHA       APPEAL DISMISSED AGAINST        
                         PATHAN  AND  ORS.              R-2                             
                                                        RD RASKAR, MRS VS GORDEY/       

177. FA/805/2004        NARENDRA NATHUJI HARODE.        SR DAPKE,OW KAKDE  AND          
                                                        SR NARNAWARE.                   
                        V/S KAILASH NATHUJI HAROD       SPSKHIRSAGAR,PK DHOMNE.         
                        E.                              PN KENDURKAR,SC SANGAMNER       

178. FA/811/2004        MAH INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMEN       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        T CORPORATION ..                PS SAHARE                       
                        V/S VASANTRAO DEVIDAS PEN       GP/R-5 TO 7                     
                        DSE  AND  OTHERS..              S DESHPANDE/R,AGP/R             
                                                        S. DESHPANDE FOR R-1 TO
        REMARK : . 

179. FA/1/2005          FOOD CORPN.OF INDIA             SR DESHPANDE                    
                                                        SS DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S GANESH TRANSPORT            R                               
                                                        R-1 SERVED                      
                                                        VR MUDRA,SS GODBOLE/R-2 T       
                                                        O 5.                            

180. FA/77/2005         SAYEEDABI D/O MOHD.             CA JOSHI                        
                                                        CA/MRS RC JOSHI,MS SAMBAR       
                        V/S SK. AMIR.SK MUNNA           E                               
                                                        RR RAIPURE/R                    
                                                        RR RAIPURE/R-3.                 

181. FA/91/2005         THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       DN.KUKDAY,RD.FADNAVIS           
                        E CO.LTD.,                      SC/AS MEHADIA,B SURYAWANS       
                        V/S SMT.KIRTI WD/O PANDHA       HI/R                            
                        RINATH SHINDE AND OTHERS        AS MARDIKAR,AL CHINCHOLKA       
                                                        R/R-1,2 AND 3                   
     FA/125/2005        THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       DN KUKDAY,RD FADNAVIS           
                        E COMPANY LTD.                  AS MARDIKAR/R-1 AND 2.AMO       
                        V/S SMT.MANISHA WD/O KISH       L S.MARDIKAR/R-6 AND 7.SC MEHADIA
                        ORE BHAVE  AND  7 ORS.          R-1 TO 8 ARE SERVED             
     FA/110/2005        THE UNITED IN INS. CO. LT       DN KUKDAY, RD FADNAVIS          
                        D YAVATMAL                      A MARDIKAR/R-6 TO 8             
                        V/S VASANT S/O NILKANT SH       R-4 TO 8 SERVED ON MERI                        AHSTRABUDHE AND ORS.            AMOL MARDIKAR/R-6 TO 8.SC       
                                                        /AS MEHADIA/R-4.                
                                                        AS MARDIKAR,RM MARDIKAR/R       
                                                        R-1 IS DELETED                  
     FA/115/2005        THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       DN.KUKDAY,RD.FADNAVIS           
                        E CO.LTD.,                      BY VYAWHARE                     
                        V/S SHRI ANIL MADANLAL CH       BD VORA,BR GANIVR/R-1           
                        AMEDIYA AND OTHERS              AMOL MARDIKAR/R-5 TO 7          
                                                        SC/AS MEHADIA FOR R-2,3                                                        R-1 IS DELETED                  
     FA/799/2007        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY, RITU KALIA           
                        V/S SHARDAPRASAD R. TIWAR       -4 TO 6                         
                        I  AND  OTHERS                  SC MEHADIYA, A SHISH MEHA       
                                                        AKSHAY A NAIK                   
                                                        HRISHIKESH S CHITALEY           

182. FA/96/2005         THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       SN DHANAGARE                    
                        E COMPANY LTD                   KS NARWADE/R-6                  
                        V/S ZUBEDABEE W/O SHAIKH        R-1 TO 4  AND  6 SERVED O       
                        MAULA AND ORS                   N MERIT.                        

183. FA/142/2005        THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       SN DHANAGARE.                   
                        E COMPANY LTD.                  MANGESH BHAGWAT, SANJEEV        
                        V/S BHUJANGRAO BALAJI JAD       DESHPANDE/R-1 AND 2             
                        HAV  AND  ANOTHER.              DR KULKARNI,                    

184. FA/169/2005        MAH. IND. DEVELP. CORP. T       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        HR. ITS CHIEF EXE. OFF.         SC BHALERAO, MR JOSHI/R-1       
                        V/S PANDURANG S/O MAHADEO       R-1 TO 3 SERVED.                
                         KALE AND 2 ORS.                GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR R-2  AND  3                 

185. FA/204/2005        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       VJ SAIKHEDKAR                   
                        NY LTD. THR. REGIONAL MAN       AJ POPHALY                      
                        V/S SHAFI SHAIKH, S/O RAM       RS CHARPE, RS NAKTODE, SV       
                        JANBHAI SHEIKH  AND  ORS.        DANGORE/R-1                    
                                                        VD SATHE/R-5                    
                                                        RS CHARPE/R-2                   
                                                        GN KHANZODE/R-5                 

186. FA/207/2005        M/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO       S BORKAR/P                      
.LTD.                           KK PILLAI,RK PILLAI, MK N       
                        V/S SHANKAR DEVSHARAM MIS       AYUDU/R                         
                        HRA  AND  OTHES.                1 TO 4.                         

187. FA/208/2005        MAHARASHTRA STATE ROAD TR       SC.MEHADIA                      
                        ANSPORT CORN.                   AS MEHADIA, DB SURYAWANSH       
                        V/S SMT.LEELABAI WD/O BAP       I                               
                        URAOJI SAMARTH                  GG MISHRA,PS MIRACHE/R-
                                                        SR PATHAK FOR R-4.              
                                                        AJ POPHALY,LALIT LIMAYE/R       
                                                        AJ POPHALY/R-3                  
                                                        OD KAKDE, SH SUDAME/R-2         
                                                        GN KHANZODE/R-5                 

188. FA/224/2005        KISANA SADASHIV NAGRALE W       BHARAT VORA,BG GANVIR.          
                        ARDHA.                          DR ANJAN DE, APURV DE, AN       
                        V/S VITTHAL TANBAJI KHODE       UP DHORE/R-1                    
                          AND  ANOTHER.                 MRS MRUNAL NAIK/R               
                                                        AM/WM QUAZI, MS WAKIL/R-2       

189. FA/237/2005        BHANUDAS S/O NATHUJI KAMB       BHARAT VORA                     
                        LE                              MRUNAL NAIK/R-2                 
                        V/S VITTAL S/O  TANBAJI         DR ANJAN DE, APURV DE, AN       
                        KHODE AND OTHER.                UP DHORE/R-1                    
                                                        R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED          

190. FA/249/2005        M/S.KRISHNAGANGAA CONSULT       VS.KUKDAY                       
                        ANTS                            DN KUKDAY/R                     
                        V/S COMMISSIONER AND OTHE       M. ANILKUMAR,JYOTI KURANI       
                        RS                              /R                              
                                                        A PARCHURE/R-3 TO 5.            

191. FA/267/2005        GOSUJI S/O WAKTUJI DONGAR       RD BHUIBHAR                     
                        WAR  AND  ANR.                  NH SHAMS, MS.V TANNA, MRS       
                        V/S LALITA WD/O BHAUDAS G       .R AGRAWAL, MR.H MAMTANI        
                        OSWAMI  AND  ORS.               R-1 TO R-4 ARE SERVED.          

192. FA/277/2005        SHRI KRISHNAJI GANPATRAO        HN BHONDGE                      
                        KHAPRE AND ANOTHER              DC NAUKARKAR, PD NAUKARKA       
                        V/S SMT SARIKA CHANDRAKAN       RAA RANDIVE/R                   
                        T KHAPRE AND 2 OTHERS                                           

193. FA/317/2005        SHRI AMRITSINGH S/O SEVAS       SUMAN CHOKHARE, REHANA  A       
                        INGH DONGI                      HMAD                            
                        V/S THE UNITED INDIA INSU       L. NIMKHEDKAR/A                 
                        RANCE,CO.  AND  ANOTHERS.       SS VODITEL, AS SAMARTHA,        
                                                        TS PINJARKAR/R-2                
                                                        B. LAHIRI, N. SHRIVASTAVA       

194. FA/345/2005        MAH.INDUSTRIAL DEVL.CORP.       MM AGNIHOTRI,PS SAHARE          
                        ,AMRAVATI                       SC BHALERAO, MR JOSHI/R-1       
                        V/S DEVIDAS RAMBHAU NINGU       AGP/R-2  AND   3                
                        RKAR AND 2 OTHERS                                               

                        NSPORT CORP.YAVATMAL            SHI                             
                        V/S BALAJI SHIRPATRAO DES       C JAGDALE,MM WANKHEDE FOR       
                        HPANDE                           RESP.                          

196. FA/386/2005        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AH PATIL,AJ POPHALY,MRS V       
                        NY LTD.                         J SAIKHEDKAR                    
                        V/S SUDAM RAMCHANDRA HARI       RS KUREKAR FOR 15               
                        P AND 4 OTHERS                  RS KUREKAR, AMIT UPLAPWAR       
                                                        AMOL MARDIKAR, NA LAPALIK       
                                                        AR FOR R-5                      

197. FA/392/2005        THE MATHADI AND UNPROTECT       RR PILLAI, M RAJAN              
                        ED BOARD                        SV BHUTADA,AS TARAR/R           
                        V/S PRABHAKAR S/O BISANJI                                       

198. FA/396/2005        PRAMOD PRASHRAM PENDHARKA       PM CHANDEKAR                    
                        R AKOLA.                        MS SA ASOLKAR                   
                        V/S MAH STATE ROAD TRANSP       SC  AND  AS MEHADIA/R-1         
                        ORT  AND  2 OTHERS.             AND  2                          
                                                        DB SURYAWANSHI/R-1 AND R-       
                                                        2, R-3 DELETED.                 
                                                        R-1 IS SERVED.                  

199. FA/411/2005        MURLIDHAR @ DHARMRAO RAMC       PM/KIRTI SATPUTE                
                        HANDRA TAJANE AND ANOTHER       AGP/R-1. R-2 SERVED ON ME       
                        V/S THE STATE OF GOVT.OF        RIT.                            
                        MAH.AND ANOTHER                                                 

200. FA/443/2005        BALDEO @ BALYA S/O REVTIR       PY KHANDPASOLE, OW GUPTA        
                        AM KURZEKAR AND ANOTHER         CB PARDE, GN KHANZODE/R
                        V/S KUNDALIK S/O BISAN JA       ANAND PARCHURE/R-1  AND         
                        MBHORE AND 2 OTHERS             2                               

201. FA/447/2005        VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVEL       BT  AND  AB PATIL/P             
                        OPMENT CORP. THR. EXECUTI       BHARAT VORA, BR GANVIR/R        
                        V/S MAYUR KRISHNARAO AGHA       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        M  AND  ORS.                    GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   

202. FA/458/2005        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY,LV LIMAYE            
                        NY LTD.AMRAVATI AND ANOTH       SHASHIKANT BORKAR, DS KAT       
                        V/S SMT ULKA MANGESH RAMT       ORE/R-4                         
                        EKE AND 4 OTHERS                SK URADE/R                      
                                                        R-1 TO 5 SERVED.                
                                                        ST GODBOLE, MH AWODE, NJ        
     FA/483/2005        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY, LV LIMAYE           
                        NY LIMITED, THR. DIVISION       SHASHIKANT BORKAR, DS KAT       
                        V/S SMT. POOJA W/O LATE D       ORE/R-4                         
                        R. RAJU KRISHNARAO MOHOD        SK URADE                        
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                                                        VG BHAMBURKAR,MS BHELKAR/       
                                                        ST GODBOLE, MH AWODE/R          
     FA/482/2005        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY, LV LIMAYE           
                        NY LIMITED, THR. DIVISION       SHASHIKANT BORKAR, DS KAT       
                        V/S SMT. PRATIBHA WD/O LA       ORE/R-5                         
                        TE DR. VIJAY EKNATH MANE        SK URADE,PY KHANDPASOLE/R       
                                                        -1 TO 4                         
                                                        SK URADE                        
                                                        ST GODBOLE, MH AWODE/R          
                                                        VG BHAMBHURKAR  AND  NS B       
     FA/461/2005        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY,LV LIMAYE            
                        NY LTD.AMRAVATI AND ANOTH       SHASHIKANT BORKAR, DS KAT       
                        V/S SMT LAHANABAI LATE DR       ORE/R-4                         
                         VASANTRAO RAMCHANDRAKHOB       SK URADE                        
                                                        VG BHAMBURKAR, MS BHELKAR       
                                                        ST GODBOLE, MH AWODE/R          
     FA/460/2005        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       AJ POPHALY, LV LIMAYE           
                        NY LIMITED, THR. DIVISION       SHASHIKANT BORKAR, DS KAT       
                        V/S SMT. KALPANA WD/O LAT       ORE/R-2                         
                        E DR. MOHAN RAMBHAU MANTH       OD KAKDE, SH SUDAME, VS R       
                                                        SK URADE                        
                                                        FOR CAV/R-1.R-3 SERVED BY       
                                                        ST GODBOLE, MH AWODE/R          
                                                        VG BHAMBHURKAR, NS HELKAR       
     FA/315/2004        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       AJ POPHALY, V SAIKHEDKAR/       
                        OMPANY LTD.                     A                               
                        V/S BHIKRAM VISHWANATH TA       CA/RC JOSHI,SN SARODIYA/R       
                        LOT AND 2 ORS.                  5                               
                                                        SK URADE                        
     FA/313/2004        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       AJ POPHALY,VJ SAIKHEDKAR        
                        OMPANY LTD.                     CA/RC JOSHI, MS SAMBRE, S       
                        V/S BHIKARAM VISHWANATH T       N SARODIYA/R                    
                        ALOT AND 5 ORS                  5                               
     FA/88/2010         THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       AJ POPHALY, NP NIMBALKAR        
                        OM. LTD. THR MANAGER, AMR       SHASHIKANT BORKAR/R-8           
                        V/S KIRAN WD/O KISHOR MES       KIRTI SATPUTE/R-1 HERSELF       
                        HRAM AND OTHERS                   AND  R-2 TO 5                 
                                                        SK URADE                        
     FA/99/2010         KIRAN WD/O KISHOR MESHRAM       KIRTI SATPUTE                   
                         AND OTHERS                     AJ POPHALY, SP KULKARNI,        
                        V/S THE NEW INDIA ASSURAN       NP NIMBALKAR/R-1                
                        CE COM. LTD THR ITS MANAG       SHASHIKANT BORKAR, S SELO       
                                                        SK URADE                        

203. FA/518/2005        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY                       
                        MPANY LTD.NAGPUR                ATUL  AND  JAYSHREE MAHAJ       
                        V/S RAGHUNATH DOMAJI SAHA       AN, VV ASOLE/R-1                
                        RE AND ANOTHER                  AK CHOUBE/LR'S 2(I) TO 2(       
                                                        III) OF R-2.                    

204. FA/532/2005        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY.                      
                        MPANY LTD.                      AG GHAROTE, AA SAMBARAY/R       
                        V/S VANASHRI BABARAO AMBE                                       

205. FA/571/2005        OM S/O ABHAY KSHIRSAGAR         SV MANOHAR, AA NAIK             
                        AND  ANOTHER                    TD KHADE FOR RESP.              
                        V/S THE NEW INDIA ASSURAN       MRUNAL NAIK FOR NA-4            
                        CE COMPANY LTD.  AND  OTH       R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI
206. FA/620/2005        SMT. KAMLABAI NATHUJI SHE       KR LAMBAT, VIJAY THAKRE,        
                        NDEAND 3 OTHERS                 BK GAWANDE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. TH       NIKHIL LAPALIKAR/R-4            
                        E COLLECTOR, WARDHA AND 3       MM AGNIHOTRI/R-3                
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2                 

207. FA/677/2005        THE ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO       SR GODBOLE, DA SONONE           
                         LTD., BRANCH AT KHAMGAON       GH INGLE, AS MARDIKAR/R
                        V/S SHRI GANESH JAGANNATH       NR SABOO/R2                     
                         ZADOKAR AND ANOTHER                                            

208. FA/707/2005        SHAHENAZ PARVIN WD/O SK.        JB KASAT, VINAY DAHAT           
                        ISMAIL AND 6 OTHERS             DN KUKDE, AA UMAK/R 1           
                        V/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO                                       
                        MPANY LTD., AKOLA AND 2 O                                       

209. FA/65/2006         DEONATH KONDUJI DAWALE          PC/MP KHAJANCHI                 
                                                        C.S. KAPTAN/R-SOLE              
                        V/S NAVNATH DHONDUJI MORE       CS KAPTAN/R                     
                                                        PRUTHVIRAJ SHYAM CHAWHAN        
                                                        RAHUL S. KALANGIWALE            

210. FA/119/2006        SHRIKANT S/O VASANT MUDHO       BG KULKARNI, SG JOSHI           
                        LKAR                            RR DESHPANDE,SMT.PM CHAND       
                        V/S SMT. ANURADHA WD/O AS       EKAR,RS MOHADIKAR/              
                        HOK MUDHOLKAR AND 6 OTHER       KL DHARMADHIKARI/R-5(A),6       
                                                        (A)  AND  7.                    
                                                        R-1 TO 4.                       
                                                        SA MOHTA/R-6 A                  

211. FA/166/2006        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. LT       SP DESHPANDE                    
                        D., THR. DIVISINAL MANAGE       PB/RA DESHMUKH/R-1. FIRDO       
                        V/S NALINI HARIBHAU GOGAT       S MIRZA/R-5.                    
                        E  AND  OTHERS                                                  
     FA/681/2008        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. LT       SP DESHPANDE                    
                        D. THR. DIVISIONAL MANAGE       PB DESHMUKH,ATUL MAHATME/       
                        V/S VANITA CHANDRASHEKHAR       R-7                             
                         NISTANE  AND  OTHERS           PS PATIL /R-1 TO 4 ; RA D       
                                                        ESHMUKH/R-7 DN KUKDAY/R-9       
                                                        CA, RC JOSHI/R-8                
                                                        PS PATIL/R1 TO 4                

212. FA/171/2006        KESHAO THAORA CHAVAN            PB PATI, MR GUPTA, AD DAN       
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA., THR.        AGP/R-SOLE                      
                        COLLECTOR, BULDANA                                              
     FA/370/2007        SHANTABAI W/O UKANDA CHAV       PB PATIL,MR GUPTA,AD DANG       
                        AN  AND  ANOTHER                ORE                             
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA., THR C       SP PAWAR                        
                        OLLECTOR, BULDANA               R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

213. FA/174/2006        UNITED INDIA INS.CO.LTD.,       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
                        DIV.OFF.THRG.REG.MANAGER,       BHARAT VORA/R-1  AND  2         
                        V/S SAU.SAKRI SHEKANBABU        R-3 SERVED.                     
     FA/618/2008        SAU. SAKRI W/O SHEKANBABU       BHARAT KUMAR VORA, BR GAN       
                         PAWAR  AND  ANOTHER            VIR                             
                        V/S JAYESH BALU PIMPALKAR       B. LAHIRI/R-3                   
                          AND  2 OTHERS                                                 
     FA/687/2008        SAU. SAVITA W/O VINOD MIL       BHARAT KUMAR VORA, BR GAN       
                        KHE  AND  ANOTHER               VIR                             
                        V/S JAYESH BALU PIMPALKAR       SN DHANGARE/R-3                 
                          AND  2 OTHERS                                                 
     FA/1060/2008       SAU. SAKRI W/O SHEKANBABU       BHARAT KUMAR VORA, BR GAN       
                         PAWAR  AND  ANOTHER            VIR                             
                        V/S JAYESH BALU PIMPALKAR       B. LAHIRI/R-3                   
                          AND  2 OTHERS                                                 
     FA/632/2010        SAU. SAKRI W/O SHEKANBABU       BHARAT KUMAR VORA               
                         PAWAR  AND  ANOTHER            B.R.GANVIR/A                    
                        V/S JAYESH BALU PIMPALKAR       D.N.KUKDAY/R-3                  
                          AND  2 OTHERS                                                 
     FA/247/2007        UNITED INDIA INS.CO.LTD.,       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
                         DIV.OFF.THRG.REG.MANAGER       BHARAT VORA/R-1                 
                        V/S SAU.CHABUBAI W/O PRAL       D.N.KUKDAY/R-3                  
                        HADRAO MILKHE  AND  OTHER                                       
     FA/200/2007        UNITED INDIA INS.CO.LTD.,       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
                        DIV.OFF.THRG.REG.MANAGER        B VORA  AND   CH SHARMA/R       
                        V/S SMT.ARCHANA WD/O DHAN       -1 TO 3                         
                        RAJ MILKHE  AND  OTHERS         D.N.KUKDAY/R-3                  
     FA/205/2007        UNITED INDIA INS.CO.LTD.,       DN KUKDY, AA UMAK               
                        DIV.OFF.THRG.REGI.MANAGER       BD VORA, /R-1 TO 4              
                        V/S SMT.URANSHA WD/O SUNA       R-6 SERVED BY PAPER PUBLI       
                        NBABU PAWAR  AND  OTHERS        CATION                          
     FA/83/2007         UNITED INDIA INS.CO.LTD.,       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
                        DIV.OFF.,AMRAVATI THROUGH       BHARAT KUMAR D VORA/R-1         
                        V/S SMT.MALU WD/O VINAYAK       AND  2                          
                        RAO INGOLE                      R-6 SERVED BY PAPER PUBLI       
     FA/207/2007        UNITED INDIA INS.CO.LTD.,       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
                        DIV.OFF.AMRAVATI THRG.REG       BD VORA/R-1,2                   
                        V/S SMT.MALU WD/O VINAYAK       R-6 SERVED BY PAPER PUBLI       
                        RAO INGOLE  AND  OTHERS                                         
     FA/172/2006        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
                        V/S SAU.INDUBAI W/O PRAKA       ND  2                           
                        SH INGOLE  AND  ORS.            R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                
                                                        BD VORA/R-SOLE                  
     FA/161/2006        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
.LTD., DIV.OFF.,AMRAVATI        BD VORA/R-1                     
                        V/S SMT.SHANTABAI DEORAOJ       R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED ON       
                        I WARKHEDE  AND  ORS.            MERIT                          
                                                        BHARAT D VORA/R-1               
     FA/186/2007        UNITED INDIA INS.CO.LTD.,       DN KUKDAY, AA UMAK              
                        DIV.OFFICE, AMRAVATI THRG       BD VORA/R-1                     
                        V/S SMT. LALITA WD/O BHAV       BD VORA/R-1 TO 8 (POWER A       
                        ARILAL BHOSE  AND  OTHERS       WAITED)                         
                                                        BHARAT VORA/R-7 AND 8           

214. FA/319/2006        UNITED INDIA INSURACNE CO       DN KUKDAY, AY VYAWAHARE,        
. LTD. THR. REG.MANAGER         AA UMAK                         
                        V/S SMT. PANSHEELA INDRAR       NR BORKAR/R-3                   
                        AJ BORKAR  AND  ORS.            KIRAN ANASANE, AD TIMANDE       
                                                        /R-1 AND 2.                     

215. FA/336/2006        FATIMABEGUM D/O MIRZA HAM       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        ID BAIG                          A.RAMTEKE                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  O       AGP/R                           
     FA/334/2006        SMT. NURUNNISABEGAM W/O M       ABHAY SAMBRE, MRS. MA BAR       
                        IRZA HAMIDBEG THR. LRS. M       ABDE, A.RAMTEKE                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  AND  O                                       

216. FA/363/2006        SMT. SHALINI VITTHAL SARD       MRS.BR GANVIR, KU SM BELK       
                        AR  AND  ROS.                   HODE                            
                        V/S JAGDEO SUKHDEO KURHAD       BHARAT VORA                     
                        E  AND  ORS.                    AH PATIL/R 3                    
                                                        AB MIRZA, MA ADIL, A MATE       
                                                        EN/R-1  AND  2                  
                                                        SN DHANAGARE/R-6.               
                                                        SN DHANAGARE/R                  
                                                        R-1 TO 6 SERVED ON MERI                                                                                        

217. FA/396/2006        MUNICIPAL COUNCIL BHADRAW       MI DHATRAK                      
                        ATI THR CO AND ANOTHER          NN MOTHGHARE/R                  
                        V/S ASHOK BISEN MESHRAM         SN PATIL/R-SOLE                 

218. FA/422/2006        THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER,LO       JT GILDA,MR JOSHI               
                        WER PUS PROJECT                 PB PATIL/P                      
                        V/S VAHIDA PARBEEN WD/O A       S. CHANDEKAR, KR SINCHE                        BDUL TAHIR AND 5 ORS            FIRDOS MIRZA/R-1,2  AND         


219. FA/431/2006        RUKHAMINA VITHAL SHINDE         BHARAT D VORA                   
                        AND  OTHERS.                    BABITA R GANVIR                 
                        V/S ASHOK SHINDE  AND  2        VN MORANDE/R-1                  
                        OTHERS.                         GM HEMKE/R-2                    
                                                        CH SHARMA, MP SURYAWANSHI       
                                                        DN KUKDAY, R KALIYA/R-3         

220. FA/440/2006        SURYANARAYAN S/O VISHWANA       MR PILLAI, KJ RAWANDHE, A       
                        TH SINGH                        NISH KHADATKAR                  
                        V/S JAIWANTABAI WD/O SADH       K.S. ANASANE/R-1                
                        U PATLE  AND  ANOTHER           R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       

221. FA/629/2006        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY.                      
.LTD.                           DN KUKDAY/P                     
                        V/S RAMBAI DNYANDEO MORE        NB KALWAGHE, AS DESHPANDE       
                         AND  6 ORS.                    /R-1 TO 6                       
                                                        ANJAN DE/R-7                    

222. FA/635/2006        RAMESH DEORAOJI ADMANE...       MR JOHARAPURKAR .               
....                            ARIF W KHAN                     
                        V/S KISHORE BHIKAMCHAND R       CB PANDE, GN KHANZODE/R-2       
                        ATHI  AND  ANOTHER.             A GODBOLE/R-2                   
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        AA BADE, RG CHICHGHARE  A       
                                                        ND  NITIN HIWASE/R-1            

223. FA/644/2006        THE BRANCH MANAGER, THE N       SN DHANAGARE                    
                        EW INDIA ASSURANCE CO.LTD       SV SIRPURKAR, PW LOHEY/R-       
                        V/S CHANDRABHAN KASHIRAM        5                               
                        LANJEWAR AND 4 ANOTHER          PS MIRACHE, MH PATHADE/R-       

1.TO 4                          

                        NT CORPORATION, THR. ITS        ALYE                            
                        V/S HARI NARAYAN DANDE AN       ABHAY SAMBRE/R-1                
                        D 2 OTHERS                      GP/R-2  AND  3                  
     FA/341/2008        HARI NARAYAN DANDE              ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE        
                                                        AGP/R-1  AND  2                 
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHA. TH       MM AGNIHOTRI/R-3                
                        RU. COLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS                                       

225. FA/681/2006        WCL, THR CHIEF GM AND ANO       SC/AS MEHADIA                   
                        THER                            PD MEGHE, DN MATHUR/R           
                        V/S ABDUL KAYYUM KHAN                                           

226. FA/704/2006        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       AJ POPHALY, LV LIMAYE, AA       
                        O. LTD, THRU. THE REGIONA        BISANE                         
                        V/S RESHMABAI MADAN GAWAI       AM DEO, AR WAGH/R-1,2           
                          AND  ANOR.                                                    

227. FA/719/2006        KISHOR MADHUKARRAO THAOKA       SUMAN CHOKHARE                  
                        R                               BM LONARE/R-1                   
                        V/S CHIEF EX. OFFICER  AN       DN KUKDEY/R-3                   
                        D 2 ORS.                        RK THAKKAR/R-2                  

228. FA/742/2006        HARIBHAU S/O. MAROTRAO DE       SR,SS DESHPANDE ADV.            
                        HANDKAR  AND  ORS..             SD ABHYANKAR /R-1 TO 7          
                        V/S PRAHLAD S/O. BHAURAO        IN PERSON/CAV.                  
                        KURALKAR  AND  ORS.                                             
     FA/743/2006        HARIBHAU MAROTRAO DEHANKA       SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                        R AND 3 ORS.                    SD ABHYANKAR/R-1 TO 7.          
                        V/S PRAHLAD BHAURAO KURAL       R- 8  AND  9 SERVED.            
                        KAR AND 8 ORS.                                                  

229. FA/768/2006        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO. L       AJ POPHALY, AA BISANE, L        
                        TD., THRU DIVN. MANAGER         LIMAYE                          
                        V/S SHANKARRAO RAMAJI SAL       ASGHAR HUSSAIN/R-1,2            
                        AM AND 2 ORS.                   HUSSAIN/R-1,2                   

230. FA/823/2006        MAH. INDUSTRIAL DEVP. COR       MM AGNIHOTRI, AS ATHALYE,       
                        PN. THRU. C.E.O.                 NN KSHIRSAGAR                  
                        V/S RAMBHAU JDHORAM GHUGU       G.P./R-8 TO 10                  
                        SKAR AND  9 ORS.                SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                                                         SD KHATI/R-1 TO 7              

231. FA/11/2007         DIWAKAR S/O TEJRAM BHURE        BG KULKARNI, SN SHENDE          
                         AND  ANOR.                     AGP/R-1 TO R-3, R-1 TO R-       
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       3 ARE SERVED.                   
                        TRA THR. COLLECTOR  AND                                         

232. FA/36/2007         THE ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO       MRUNAL NAIK                     
                        M THR DIVN MANAGER              RS CHARPE/R-1                   
                        V/S KAILASH VIKRAMA DHALE       R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED             
                         AND 2 ORS                      R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI            WITH        
     FA/271/2008        THE ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO       MRUNAL NAIK                     
                        M THR DIVNB MANAGER             DN KUKDAY/R-5                   
                        V/S KISAN JANARDHAN GAIKW       DN KUKDAY  AND  R KALIA/R       
                        AD AND 4 ORS                    -5 (POWER FILED IN CA)          
                                                        UN VYAS/R-1                     
                                                        RS CHARPE, SR CHARPE/R-

233. FA/37/2007         GAJANAN SHALIGRAM CHINCHO       AP TATHOD,VS DHOTE              
                        LKAR                            O.Y.KASHID                      
                        V/S RAMDIN VIJAYSINGH RAT       AJ POPHALY/R-3 ON CA FOR        
                        HORE AND 2 OTHERS               DELAY                           

234. FA/66/2007         BAJAJ ALLIANZ INSURANCE C       AJ POPHALY.                     
                        O.LTD.                          S.M.PALDHIKAR,LALIT LIMAY       
                        V/S VIJAY S/O. MANIKRAO G       E                               
                        ANGAWANE  AND  ORS.             P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    

235. FA/78/2007         THE ASSISTANT MANAGER, UN       DN KUKDAY, R KALIA              
                        ITED INDIA INSURANCE CO.                                        
                        V/S SMT. SITABAI WD/O MAD                                       
                        HUKARRAO MANDHALKAR  AND                                        

236. FA/139/2007        MAH. INDUSTRIAL DEVP. COR       MM AGNIHOTRI, AS ATHALYE,       
                        PN. THRU. C.E.O.                 NN KSHIRSAGAR                  
                        V/S TUKARAM DOMAJI GHUGUS       SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE/       
                        KAR AND 5 ORS.                  R-1,2,3                         
                                                        PK DHOMNE FOR LR'S 1(I) T       
                                                        O 1(VI)                         
                                                        AGP/R-4 TO 6                    

237. FA/145/2007        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       SN DHANAGARE                    
                        V/S PRAMILABAI ARUNRAO SU         AND  3                        
                        PALE AND 4 ORS.                                                 

238. FA/185/2007        M.I.D.C., AMRAVATI.             MM AGNIHOTRI.                   
                                                        MK PATHAN/R-1                   
                        V/S TREMBAK S/O. WASUDEO        DM UPADHYE/CAVEAOR/R-1          
                        CHOUDHARI  AND  2 ORS.                                          

239. FA/190/2007        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO.         AJ POPHALY, L LIMAYE            
                                                        DN KUKDAY, R KALIYA/R-8         
                        V/S KAMALABAI KAILASHCHAN       ANAND M. DESHPANDE              
                        DRA AGRAWAL  AND  7 ORS.        FOR/R-1,2,3                     
                                                        P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  

240. FA/197/2007        GAJANAN MAHADEO GULHANE         BD VORA, BR GANVIR              
                                                        BHARAT DHARNIDHAR VORA          
                        V/S BHARAT TRADING CO. AN       FOR APPELLANT                   
                        D 2 ORS.                        MRS. SONALI SAWARE GADHAW       
                                                        FOR APPELLANT                   
                                                        AH PATIL/R-2                    
                                                        KRISHNA S. MOTWANI              

241. FA/236/2007        DR RAMESHWAR ONKAR TAYADE       A PARCHURE                      
                                                        DN KUKDAY, R KALIY FOR R-       
                        V/S UNITED INDIA INSURANC       1                               
                        E COMPANY LTD. AND ANOTHE       HD MARATHE/R-2                  

242. FA/239/2007        M/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO       BB RAIPURE/P                    
. LTD NAGPUR.                   FIRDOS MIRZA  AND  A SOMA       
                        V/S SMT SHAMABI WD/O SHEI       NI/R-1 TO 8                     
                        KH NIJAM  AND  OTHERS.                                          

243. FA/244/2007        GOVINDA DAMADU DEODHE AND       A PARCHURE                      

3.OTHERS                       SMT NEETA JOG,N PATIL/R-1       
                        V/S DILIP MANIKRAO BHONSA                                       

244. FA/297/2007        EMPLOYEES STAT E INSURANC       BP/VP MALDHURE                  
                        E CORPN. THRU. J.R.D.           VR  AND  HV THAKUR/R-SOLE       
                        V/S HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD.,                                       

245. FA/341/2007        THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       DN KUKDAY, RITU KALIYA          
                        E CO. LTD. THRU ITS REGIO       SS DESHPANDE/R-3                
                        V/S SHRI TULARAM S/O NATH       VM LAGHVE, RS NAKTODE, SV       
                        UJI MESHRAM   AND  2 ORS.        DANGORE/R-1, 2                 

246. FA/352/2007        GOWARDHAN MADANLAL AGRAWA       RD WAKODE, SP BODALKAR          
                        L  AND  ANOR.                   AK SOMANI/CAV/R-1 TO 3          
                        V/S RAMKUMAR @ MUNNILAL P       ST HARKARE/R-1  AND  2          
                        RAJAPATI  AND  ORS.             FA DISMISSED AGAINST/R-
                                                         AND  5.                        
                                                        R-3 MINOR THR.HIS NATURAL       
                                                         GUARDIAN R-1.                  

247. FA/375/2007        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       SS SANYAL,SM UKEY,ND SAO        
                        OMPANY LTD.NAGPUR               M ANILKUMAR/R-4                 
                        V/S MADHUKAR ZITRU CHINCH       D HAZAREY, A GOWARDIPE  A       
                        ULKAR AND 3 OTHERS              ND  OD KAKDE/R-1 (POWER O       
                                                        N CA                            
                                                        M. ANILKUMAR/R-4                
                                                        B.B. RAIPURE                    
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 3                    

248. FA/387/2007        NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPAN       SP DESHPANDE                    
                        Y LTD.                          FT MIRZA/R-1 TO 3 (ON CA)       
                        V/S IRFANA BEGUM WD/O SK.                                       
                        NABI NAKVI  AND  5 ORS.                                         

249. FA/389/2007        THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER BH       AD MOHGAONKAR                   
                        ANDARA.                         SA KALBANDE/R-SOLE(ON CA)       
                        V/S DAMODAR MAHADEO SURKA                                       

250. FA/408/2007        STATE OF MAHARASHTRA THR.       GP                              
                        THE COLLECTOR AND ANR                                           
                        V/S RAMRAO MADHAORAO LOHA                                       

251. FA/433/2007        DILIP DESHAVRAO KARIYA          MANOJ KARIYA                    
                                                        MANOJ PILLAI                    
                        V/S JANARDHAN MAROTI SHEG       MY WADODKAR/R2 AND 4            
                        OKAR AND 3 ORS.                 MY WADODKAR,RG PANDEY/R
                                                        AND 3                           

252. FA/595/2007        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. LT       SMITA DESHPANDE, MANISHA        
                        D., THR. DIVNL.MANAGER, N       ALSUNDEKAR                      
                        V/S VIMAL WD/O DILIP MUNJ       AP TATHOD/R-1                   
                        E  AND  ORS.                    TO 7.                           
                                                        PRADEEP SHANTARAM KSHIRSA       
                                                        VS DHOTE                        

253. FA/693/2007        SHAHID MOHAMMAD AYYUB  AN       KS ANASANE, IA SIDDIQUE         
                        D  3 ORS.                       AR GODBOLE, DM NAWALKAR/R       
                        V/S A.S. AYYER  AND  CO.        -5                              
                        THRU. PROPRIETOR  AND  4        MR/PM/MM KALAR, SB SHENDE       

254. FA/784/2007        DHIRAJ MAHAVEERSINGH CHAN       A. MARDIKAR, NM KOLNE, NA       
                        DEL  AND  ANOR.                  LAPALIKAR                      
                        V/S USHA KISHOR BINGEWAR        M ANILKUMAR/R                   
                         AND  3 ORS.                    AK SOMANI/R-4                   
                                                        M.ANILKUMAR/R-1 AND 3           
                                                        ARPANA JANSHULKAR/R-1  AN       
                                                        D  3.                           

255. FA/888/2007        ANWARBAIG S/O AHMADBAIG         PRAVIN S PATIL                  
                                                        AR GODBOLE, DM NAWALKAR/R       
                        V/S SHARAD SUKHDEORAO CHA       -3                              
                        VAN   AND  2 ORS                                                

256. FA/919/2007        QAMARJAHAN HABIBKHAN AND        ASGHAR HUSSAIN                  

4.ORS.                          B. LAHIRI/R-2                   
                        V/S SAYYAD WAZIR SAYYAD L       D.P.SHOUCHE/R-2                 
                        AL  AND  ANOR.                                                  

257. FA/967/2007        SMT. SNEHALATA WD/O ARUNK       GE MOHARIR, U GANVIR            
                        UMAR PANDYA                     AR GODBOLE,DA SONONE,DM N       
                        V/S PREMCHAND ABHYAKUMAR        AWALKAR/R-3                     
                        MISHRIKOTKAR  AND  2 ORS.       DS DHARASKAR/R-2                
     FA/1627/2008       SMT. SNEHALATA WD/O ARUNK       GE MOHARIR, ULHAS GANVIR        
                        UMAR PANDYA                     ARVIND R GODBOLE/R-3            
                        V/S PREMCHAND ABHYAKUMAR                                        
                        MISHRIKOTKAR  AND  2 ORS.                                       

258. FA/1018/2007       ASHOK B SHAHDADPURI             SHYAM DEWANI, RAJESHREE D       
                                                        EWANI, VINAY SHARMA,            
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THRU T       R.S.SUNDARAM, U.R. TANNA/       
                        HE CHIEF ENGINER  AND  AN       R-1 AND 2                       

259. FA/1077/2007       MIDC THRU REGIONAL OFFICE       MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                        R                               AS ATHALYE, ADV.                
                        V/S PRADEEP VISHWASRAO VI       PS PATIL/R-1                    
                        DHALE  AND  2 ORS.              AA JUNGHARE FOR CAV/R-1                                                        GP/R-2  AND  3.                 

                        R                               E                               
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       MM AGNIHOTRI/R-2                
                        OLLECTOR  AND  ANOR.            R-1  AND  2 ARE SERVED ON       

261. FA/1130/2007       CHIEF GEN. MANAGER, W.C.L       MP BADAR, DN BAGHEL             
.                               CS SAMUDRA/P                    
                        V/S KESHAVRAO BHOLAJI AGR       SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        E  AND  2 ORS.                   SD KHATI/R-1                   
                                                        SP KSHIRSAGAR, BR DHAMGAY       
                                                        E, PK DHOMNE, SD KHATI/R        
     FA/1136/2007       CHIEF GEN. MANAGER, W.C.L       MP BADAR, DN BAGHEL             
.                               CS SAMUDRA/P                    
                        V/S UMRAO NARAYAN MIRE  A       SP KSHIRSAGAR, BR DHAMGAY       
                        ND  2 ORS.                      E, PK DHOMNE, SD KHATI/R        
     FA/786/2006        CHIEF GEN MANAGER, WCL          MP BADAR                        
                                                        VR NAIR                         
                        V/S BAPURAO UMRAO LANDAGE       CS SAMUDRA/P                    
                         AND 2 ORS                      SP KSHIRSAGFAR, BR DHAMGA       
                                                        YE, PK DHOMNE/R-1               
                                                        AGP/R-2  AND  3                 
                                                        SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                                                         SD KHATI/R-1.                  
                                                        R-1 TO 3 SERVED                 

262. AA/3/2008          PRABHUBHAI JADHAVJI RATHO       P.A. ABHYANKAR                  
                        D                               SHANTANU KHEDKAR                
                        V/S THE UNION OF INDIA TH       FOR APPELLANT                   
                        RU. SECTY.  AND  3 ORS.         NP LAMBAT, SMITA MENDHE/R       

263. FA/50/2008         RUKHAMABAI GANESH JADHAO        N.A. VYAWAHARE                  
                                                        GP/R.NOS.1 TO 3                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C                                       
                        OLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.                                           
     FA/57/2008         RAMU RAJU GANESH JADHAO         NITIN VYAWAHARE                 
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       AGP/R                           
                        OLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.                                           
     FA/52/2008         VIJAY GANESH NAIK               N.A. VYAWAHARE                  
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       AGP/R                           
                        OLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.                                           
     FA/569/2008        VASANT SURA CHAVHAN             N VYAWAHARE                     
                                                        AGP/R.NOS. 1 TO 3               
                        V/S STATE OF MAH THRU COL       AGP/R                           
                        LECTOR, YAVATMAL  AND  2                                        
     FA/62/2008         HANUMANT LAXMAN ADAGALE         NA VYAWAHARE                    
                        AND  ANOR.                      AGP/R-1 TO 3                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       AGP/R                           
                        U. COLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.                                       
     FA/313/2008        DIGAMBER CHUNNILAL RATHOD       N.A. VYAWAHARE                  
                                                        AGP/RESPONDENTS (MEMO AWA       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       ITED)                           
                        OLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.           AGP/R                           
     FA/602/2008        DATTA HASANRAO KAVADE           N.A. VYAWAHARE                  
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3.                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       AGP/R                           
                        OLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.                                           
     FA/603/2008        NAMDEO SURA CHAVHAN             N.A. VYAWAHARE                  
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3.                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       AGP/R                           
                        OLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.                                           
     FA/276/2008        LALITABAI DEVIDAS RANVIR        N VYAWAHARE                     
                                                        AGP/R-1 TO 3                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH THRU COL       AGP/R                           
                        LECTOR, YAVATMAL  AND  2                                        
     FA/604/2008        KALURAM CHANDU JADHAO (NA       N.A. VYAWAHARE                  
                        IK)                             GP/R-1 TO 3.                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       AGP/R                           
                        OLLECTOR  AND  2 ORS.                                           

264. FA/197/2008        THE STATE OF MAHA. THRU.        GP                              
                        COLLECTOR AND 2 ORS.            AB DAREKAR, A. DAGA, KP S       
                        V/S ASHOK PANDURANG MAHAL       ADAVARTE/R-SOLE                 
                        LE                              AR PATIL, A DAREKAR, AH D       

265. FA/204/2008        MIDC THRU ITS REG OFFICER       MM AGNIHOTRI, PD DAGA           
                                                        AA JUNGHARE FOR R-SOLE ON       
                        V/S PRADEEP VISHWASRAO VI        CA.                            
                        DHALE  AND  2 ORS.              AGP/R-2  AND  3                 
                                                        PS PATIL/R-1                    
     FA/1093/2007       M.I.D.C. THRU. REGIONAL O       A.S. ATHALYE, MM AGNIHOTR       
                        FFICE                           I                               
                        V/S AJAY VISHWASRAO VIDHA       PS PATIL/R-2                    
                        LE (DEAD) THRU. 4 LRS.          AA JUNGHARE FOR CAV/R-2                                                        GP/3  AND  4                    

266. FA/224/2008        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       A.J. POPHALY                    
                        O. LTD., THRU. REGN. MANA       PURSIS/P/A.J.POPHALY            
                        V/S HARIPRASAD @ HARISCHA       LV LIMAYE                       
                        ND S/O NARAYANPRASAD SHAR       AK SOMANI/R-5                   
                                                        ANJAN DE, KG  MUTTEMWAR/R       
                                                        ANJAN DE/R-1                    
                                                        SC  AND  SS BHALERAO/R-

267. FA/268/2008        ANUSAYABAI CHANDRABHANJI        CA  AND  RC JOSHI, MS SAM       
                        DUDHE                           ABARE, M.G. SARDA               
                        V/S TULSABAI GANESHRAO CH       ABHAY V. BHIDE/R-SOLE           

                        E                               ARAD                            
                        V/S BR MANAGER, NATIONAL        PS MIRACHE, MH PATHADE, N       
                        INSU. CO LTD., NAGPUR  AN       S KOTGIRE/R-2                   
                                                        PV BANSOD, M SHARMA, I AH       
                                                        MED, SB DIGAHADE/R-1            

269. FA/296/2008        SURAJ CHHEDILAL GUPTA           VR MUNDRA                       
                                                        SR DESHPANDE/R-SOLE             
                        V/S FOOD CORPORATION OF I                                       
                        NDIA THRU. ITS SR. REG. M                                       

270. FA/302/2008        MANGESH MADHUKAR KARMAKAR       ANAND PARCHURE, P.P. THAK       
                          AND  ANOR.                    ARE                             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       ANAND PARCHURE/P-7              
                        OLLECTOR  AND  6 ORS.           RR VYAS/R-4                     
                                                        C.A. ANTHONY/R-6                
                                                        SV SHRIKARE, NJ PACHARE/R       

271. FA/304/2008        MEHARUNNISA IBRAHIM KHAN        AP CHAWARE, NL DHANDE           
                         AND  3 ORS.                    S. ZIA QAZI                     
                        V/S M/S. SAJID CONSTRUCTI       FOR/P-1 TO 4                    
                        ON THRU. ITS. PARTNER           SHARAD THAKARE                  
                                                        FOR/P-1 TO 4                    
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED                   
                                                        SM UKEY/R-SOLE                  
                                                        SUNIT D. GHODESWAR              
                                                        FOR R.NO.1                      

272. FA/322/2008        PREMRATAN LAXMINARAYAN DA       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        MANI                            NS TALMALE,NG SOLAO/R-4         
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       GP/R-1  AND  2                  
                        U. THE COLLECTOR  AND  3        V G / A V PALSHIKAR/R-4 /       
                                                         X - OBJECTOR.                  
     XOB/23/2008        PREMRATAN LAXMINARAYAN DA       VG PALSHIKAR                    
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH.THR                                        
                        THE COLLECTOR  AND  3 ORS                                       

273. FA/327/2008        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPA       SS SANYAL, SM UKEY              
                        NY THRU. ITS DIVISIONAL M       V.THORAT                        
                        V/S RAMKRISHNA BHATKAR  A       SC BHALERAO/R- 1  AND  
                        ND  3 ORS.                      MR JOSHI/R-1  AND  2            

274. FA/329/2008        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       G. CHATTARJEE                   
                        O. LTD. THRU. ITS. CHIEF        JAGVIJAY SINGH BABUSINGH        
                        V/S ANAND PURUSHOTTAM AGR       GANDHI                          
                        AWAL  AND  ORS.                 FOR/P                           
                                                        MA ADIL/R-2                     
                                                        P.B. REDE/R-1-A, 1-B            
                                                        UN VYAS/R-3                     
                                                        ZAKIR ALI/R-2.                  
                                                        JB GANDHI/R-3                   

275. FA/334/2008        VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVP.       BT  AND  AB PATIL               
                         COR. THR. EX. ENGINEER         RM AHIRRAO/R-1                  
                        V/S DR. DEEPAK NARAYANRAO       AGP/R-3  AND  4 /  APPEAL       
                         DHOLE AND 3 ORS                 DISMISSED AGAINST R-2          
                                                        DG PATIL, SV INGOLE, JS W       
                                                        ANKHEDE/R-1 AND 2               

276. FA/387/2008        UNITED INDIA INSU CO LTD.       DN/AM KUKDAY, R KALIYA, S       
                         THRU REG. MANAGER               TIDKE                          
                        V/S DEVIDAS @ DEVILAL RAM       R/NO. 2 SERVED                  
                        CHANDRA BAWANTHADE  AND         KIRAN S ANSANE/R-1              
     FA/388/2008        UNITED INDIA INSU CO LTD.       DN/A KUKDAY,R KALIYA, S T       
                         THRU REG MANAGER               IDKE                            
                        V/S DEVIDAS @ DEVILAL  RA       SHASHIKANT BORKAR, MM GHA       
                        MCHANDRA BAWANTHADE  AND        TODE/R-2                        
                                                        KIRAN S ANSANE/R-1              
                                                        ABHA TIMANDE/R-1                
     FA/386/2008        UNITED INDIA INSU CO LTD.       DN KUKDAY, R KALIYA,S TID       
                         THRU REG MANAGER               KE, A KUKDAY                    
                        V/S RAMCHANDRA DHONDU BAW       SHASHIKANT BORKAR,MM GHAT       
                        ANKHADE  AND  ANOR              OLE/R-2                         
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                                                        S BORKAR, MM GHATODE/R-
                                                        NB KALAMKAR/R-SOLE              
                                                        KIRAN S ANSANE/R-1              
     CA/2842/2008       UNITED INDIA INSU CO LTD.       DN KUKDAY                       
                         THRU REG. MANAGER                                              
                        V/S DEVIDAS @ DEVILAL RAM                                       
                        CHANDRA BAWANTHADE  AND                                         

277. FA/455/2008        THE DIVISIONAL MANAGER, U       DN KUKDAY                       
                        NITED I. INSU. CO. LTD.         SR, SS DESHPANDE/R-1  AND       
                        V/S SMT. VIJAYA CHATRAPAL         2                             
                         VISHWAKARMA  AND  3 ORS.                                       

278. FA/484/2008        VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVEL       VG  AND  AV PALSHIKAR           
                        OPMENT CORPORATION, THRU        DG PATIL,SV INGOLE FOR CA       
                        V/S ANNA S/O PAIKAJI SHEN       V/R-SOLE.                       
                        DE  AND  2 ORS.                 RAJNISH  VYAS/R-1B TO 1G        
                                                        (POWER NOT FILED FOR R-1A       

279. FA/512/2008        PRAMILABAI UTTARWAR             DR. ANJAN / APURV DE, ANU       
                                                        P DHORE                         
                        V/S SUNIL BHAURAO YELMULE       T.D. KHADE/R-3                  
                          AND  2 ORS.                   TD KHADE/R-3                    

280. FA/544/2008        MAGANLAL DADDUMAL PAIGWAR       SM/AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI         
                                                        M.R. PILLAI/R-SOLE              
                        V/S RICHARDSON  AND  CRUD       MK SINGH/R-SOLE.                
                        DAS LTD. THRU. ITS. M.D.                                        

281. FA/594/2008        SMT ANITA AVINATH @ RAJU        MADHAV M PATHAK                 
                        KARANJKAR  AND  OTHERS...       MM PATHAK/P-5  AND  6.          
                        V/S JAYA PURUSHOTTAM BAJA       AA SAMBRE                       
                        J                               HG KOLARKAR                     
                                                        ANITA SINGH/R-6                 
                                                        KS MALOKAR/R- 4  AND  5         
                                                        ANITA SINGH/R-6                 
                                                        ANITA SINGH/R-6                 

282. FA/640/2008        SMT SUMANBAI MARUTI WIHIR       DA SONWANE                      
                        E  AND  6 ORS                   AGP/R-1 TO 3.                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU CO                                       
                        LLECTOR, YAVATMAL  AND  2                                       

283. FA/646/2008        THE DIVN. MANAGER, THE NE       A.J. POPHALY, L.V. LIMAYE       
                        W INDIA ASURANCE CO. LTD.       R-1.3,4 TO 8 SERVED.            
                        V/S SUSHILA JAGDISH CHORE       ASGAR HUSSAIN/R-2 TO R-
                          AND  7 ORS.                                                   

284. FA/673/2008        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO. L       SS SANYAL, SM UKEY,  VV T       
                        TD. THU ITS DIVN. MANAGER       HORAT                           
                        V/S SUKHDEO KASHINATH LOH       PS MIRACHE, MH PATHADE, S       
                        KARE  AND  2 ORS.                THAKUR/R-3.                    
                                                        CR GANDHI,MP KARIYA FOR R       
                                                        NS KATGIRE, SMITA DANGRE/       

285. FA/675/2008        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO LT       SS SANYAL, SM UKEY, VV TH       
                        D. THRU ITS DIVN. MANAGER       ORAT                            
                        V/S ARCHANA ANANTA DONGE        PS MIRACHE, MH PATHADE, S       
                         AND  2 ORS.                     THAKUR/R-3.                    
                                                        CR GANDHI,MP KARIYA/R-1         
     CA/4444/2008       NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO LT       S SANYAL                        
                        D. THRU ITS DIVN. MANAGER                                       
                        V/S ARCHANA ANANTA DONGE                                        
                         AND  2 ORS.                                                    

286. FA/706/2008        M/S NARESHCHANDRA AND CO.       SV GOLWALKAR, RM PURANIK        
                                                        S.V. GOLWALKAR                  
                        V/S EMPLOYEES STATE INS.        FOR/P                           
                        CORP.  AND  ONE ANTHR THR       NINAD W. ALMELKAR               
                                                        MPM PILLA/R-1  AND  2           

287. FA/738/2008        SUBHASH GANESHMAL LODHA         PB PATIL, MR GUPTA, BM DA       
                        V/S PRAMOD BANSIRAM DESHM       DCR MISHRA, HD MADNE/R-1A       
                        UKH THR LEGAL HEIRS  AND          AND  1B                       

288. FA/743/2008        BABURAO S/O DINKAR GAIKAW       ,BN,SB MOHTA,BK TIWARI          
                        AD                              JB KASAT, ZAKIR ALI/R-1         
                        V/S DINESH SAHEBRAO INGLE       AND  2                          
                          AND  2 ORS.                                                   

289. FA/746/2008        VIJAYKUMAR MANIKCHAND LUL       ANAND M. DESHPANDE              
                        LA  AND  1 ANOR                 FOR/P                           
                        V/S UDDHAVRAO MAROTRAOJI        P R AGRAWAL                     
                        MANKAR  AND  1 ANOR             FOR/P                           
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        MR KALAR/R-1                    
                                                        DP DAPURKAR/R-2                 

290. FA/825/2008        DATTATRAY HANMANTRAO DESH       AS JAISWAL, VA BRAMHE, NH       
                        MUKH                             JOSHI                          
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. C       AGP/R-SOLE.                     
                        OLLECTOR,                       PB PATIL/R-2                    

291. FA/827/2008        WESTERN COALFIELDS LTD.,        S.C.  AND  A.S. MEHADIA         
                        THRU. GEN. MANAGER              D.A. SONWANE/R-1, 2             
                        V/S ABAJI TANBA KAMBLE  A       AGP/R-3  AND  4                 
                        ND  3 ORS.                      DA SONAWANE/R-1 AND 2/CRO       
                                                        SS OBJECTOR                     

292. FA/831/2008        ANIL S/O BHAGWANDAS GANGW       SHYAM  AND  RAJESHREE DEW       
                        ANI                             ANI, NITIN LALWANI              
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THRU.        VM GADKARI/R-SOLE               
                        G.M.  AND  ANOR.                VM GADKARI/R-1                  
     CAF/1410/2010      ANIL S/O BHAGWANDAS GANGW       SHYAM DEWANI                    
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THRU.                                        
                        G.M.  AND  ANOR.                                                

293. FA/859/2008        PARASHRAM VITHOBA NAGRE         S.J. KHANDALKAR, R.N. MES       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       AGP FOR RESPONDENTS             
                        PECIAL LAND. ACQN. OFFICE                                       
     FA/860/2008        DAGDUBA GANGARAM ARMAL          S.J. KHANDALKAR, R.N. MES       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THRU. S       AGP FOR RESPONDENTS             
                        PECIAL LAND ACQN. OFFICER                                       

294. FA/929/2008        THE NEW INDIA INSU CO LTD       AJ POPHALY,LV LIMAYE            
. THE ITS BR MANAGER            BHARATKUMAR D. VORA/R-4         
                        V/S SMT SUREKHA DILIP RAT       DCR MISHRA/R                    
                        HOR  AND                                                        

                        VELOPMNENT CORPORATION          AB NAKSHANE/R-1  AND  2         
                        V/S SUDHAKAR S/O TUKARAM        AB NAKSHANE/R-1  AND  2 (       
                        PILLARE                         POWER ON DELAY)                 
                                                        AB, BN NAKSHANE/R-1 AND

296. FA/955/2008        DEVIDAS S/OHANUMANTRAO WA       UN VYAS                         
                        THURKAR  AND  3ORS.             UN VYAS/P-2                     
                        V/S DADARAO S/O KISANRAO        VG WANKHEDE/R-2                 
                        CHAWAT  AND  ANOR.              BG KULKARNI,MR FADNAVIS/R       

297. FA/971/2008        SANJAY SUKHDEO MANKAR           AS MARDIKAR, PM TIWARI, A       
                                                        G JOSHI                         
                        V/S DADARAO MADHUKAR MANK                                       
                        AR AND 3 ORS.                                                   

298. FA/979/2008        SHAMRAO CHIRKUTRAO GHORMA       SR/SS DESHPANDE                 
                        DE  AND  2 ORS.                 SR/SS DESHPANDE/P-1 TO 
                        V/S SANJEEV  KUMAR  RAJIN       AK SOMANI/R-2                   
                        DER SINGH  AND  ANOR.           DM TOTEY, A ALI, N LALWAN       

299. FA/1063/2008       SMT.SHANTADEVI WD/O ARJUN       MS DESHPANDE, MG MOHTA          
                        DAS CHHATWANI AND 3 ORS         SN.SARODIYA,RC.JOSHI/R-
                        V/S ABDUL SHAKIL S/O ABDU       AR.GODBOLE/R-3                  
                        L KADAR AND 3 OTHERS            AJ POPHALY, SP KULKARNI/R       
                                                        MS SAMBRE, RC JOSHI, MI S       

300. FA/1064/2008       THE MANAGER,M/S BAJAJ ALL       AJ POPHALY                      
                        AINZ GENERAL INSURANCE CO       AP WACHASUNDER,VR MALVIYA       
                        V/S SMT.ANURADHA WD/O DNY       ,SS MUNDADA/R-1 TO 4            
                        ANDEORAO DHORE  AND  4 OR       M LAPKALE FOR R-1 TO 4          

301. FA/1154/2008       SUNIL SOLVENT PVT LTD. KA       PN MEHTA                        
                        TANGI KALA THR. PROPRIETO       NM JIBHKATE, VN PATRE/R-S       
                        V/S KAWANLAL RAMPRASAD NA       OLE                             

302. FA/1199/2008       THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       SN DHANGARE                     
                        O. LTD. THR. BRANCH MANAG       MANOJ P KARIYA/R-3              
                        V/S KRISHNARAO S/O RAMRAO       ABHAY SAMBRE, VD AWCHAT,        
                        JI ONKAR  AND  2 OTRS           MA BARBADE/R 1  AND  2          

303. FA/1213/2008       THE UNION OF INDIA,THR TH       PS LAMBAT                       
                        E GM.CENTRAL RLY                NITIN P. LAMBAT                 
                        V/S DIVISIONAL MANAGER, O       FOR/P                           
                        RIENTAL INSURANCE               SC MEHADIA/R-2                  

304. FA/1240/2008       MOHAN WAMANRAO BAKHADE          JB KASAT, SJ KASAT, V DAH       
                        V/S ABDUL GANI SHEIKH LAL       V.G.WANKHEDE/R-2                
                        A AND ANOR.                                                     

305. FA/1261/2008       JUSTICE COOPERATIVE HOUSI       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI            
                        NG SOCTY. LTD THR. CHIEF        S MISHRA, M ANODE/R-SOLE        
                        V/S SADASHIV DURGAJI AMBH       VYAVAHRE/R-SOLE                 
                        ORE                             M. ANODE/R-SOLE                 

306. FA/1294/2008       THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       G CHATTERJEE,                   
                        O. LTD. THR. BRANCH MANAG       SP PANDITKAR, ATUL MAHATM       
                        V/S SMT. MAYABAI WD/O DNY       E,RA DESHMUKH/R-1,2   AND       
                        ANESHWAR ,  AND  3 OTRS           3                             

307. FA/1319/2008       OMPRAKASH NATHMALJI RATHI       NS/SN BHATTAD                   
                                                        AH LOHIYA, V KAPSE              
                        V/S MEHARUNNISA MUZAFFAR        NR SABOO/R-1                    
                        KHAN  AND  2 ORS.                                               

                        ASKAR                           ,HD THOMBARE                    
                        V/S SMT.ANITA WD/O MANIKR       SN KUMAR, Y RAMANI, B ANI       
                        AO PARATE  AND  5 ORS.          TA/R-1                          
                                                        MR/PM KALAR/R-4.                
                                                        AJ POPHALY, SP KULKARNI/R       

309. FA/1495/2008       SHRI SATISH S/O RAJENDRA        R.D. BHUIBHAR                   
                        KALE, AMRAVATI                  SW DESHPANDE/R-SOLE             
                        V/S SHRI SHYAMRAO @ BALAS                                       
                        AHEB S/O BAPURAO WAKODE,                                        
     CA/8153/2008       SHRI SATISH S/O RAJENDRA        R.D. BHUIBHAR                   
                        KALE, AMRAVATI                                                  
                        V/S SHRI SHYAMRAO @ BALAS                                       
                        AHEB S/O BAPURAO WAKODE,                                        

310. FA/1512/2008       SMT. ANNAPURNABAI W/O YAD       B.G. KULKARNI, M.R. FADNA       
                        AVRAO VINCHURKAR  AND  AN       VIS                             
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.  THR. C       A.G.P./R-1                      
                        OLLECTOR, AMRAVATI  AND         P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        P. S. BHONSLE                   

311. FA/1574/2008       ABDUL SALIM ABDUL SATTAR        RS PARSODKAR,PD RANE,DY K       
                        V/S RANA TILAKRAJ KHURANA       AK SOMANI FOR R2.R-1  AND       
                         AND ANOTHER                      2 SERVED ON MERIT.            

312. FA/1610/2008       THE BRANCH MANAGER,ORIENT       DN KUKDAY                       
                        AL INSURANCE CO.LTD.            SI KHAN, MRS. S. TAKSANDE       
                        V/S SMT.SAHEDA PARVEEN WD       /R-1 TO 4                       
                        /O MOH.SHAFI AND 5 ORS                                          

313. FA/1641/2008       ISRATH GAJANAN HUKARE, BH       S.B.  AND  H.S. DHANDE          
                        ANDARA                          SN DANDEKAR/R-1                 
                        V/S THE MANAGER, M/S CHAN       B LAHIRI, DP SHOUCHE/R-
                        VIM ENGINEERING (INDIA) P       SN DANDEKAR/R-2                 

314. FA/1669/2008       NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO.LT       MB JOSHI                        
                        D.AKOLA THR.ITS REGIONAL        CA JOSHI, MS SAMBRE/R-1         
                        V/S MOHD.RAFIQUE S/O ABDU       SA MOHTA FOR R.NO.2             
                        L GAFFR,  AND  ANOR.                                            

315. FA/4/2009          SMT. PRATHIBARAJE W/O LAT       DK, HD DUBEY, NA SOLANKI        
                        E PRATAPKUMAR MANE, NAGPU       RJ.DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S SAU. CHARULATA W/O SU       B LAHIRI/R-4                    
                        NIL BHOSLE  AND  3 OTRS         WG PAUNIKAR/R-3                 
     FA/2/2009          SMT.PRATHIBARAJE W/O LATE       DK DUBEY,NA SOLANKI,RJ DE       
                         PRATAPKUMAR MANE               SHPANDE                         
                        V/S SAU CHARULATA W/O SUN       B LAHIRI/R-4                    
                        IL BHOSLE  AND  4 ORS.          WG PAUNIKAR/R-3                 
     FA/1221/2009       NAMRATA WD/O JASWANT SONO       DK  AND  HD DUBEY, NA SOL       
                        LE  AND  ANOR. THRU. N.S.       ANKI                            
                        V/S CHARULATA SUNIL BHOSL       RJ DESHPANDE                    
                        E  AND  5 ORS.                  JA ANTHONY/R-4,5(A)  AND        
                                                         6(A), WG PAUNIKAR/R-3          
                                                        B LAHARI  DP SHOUCHE VT B       
                                                        ANGARE FOR R4                   
                                                        JA, RT ANTHONY/R-5-6A           

316. FA/14/2009         SHRI PURUSHOTTAMBHAI MULJ       AN VASTANI, R THAKKAR           
                        IBHAI KOTHARI, GONDIA  AN       NS  VASTANI                     
                        V/S SMT. RAJASHRI WD/O RA       DCR MISHRA, HD MADNE/R-SO       
                        JENDRA RATHOD  AND  ANR         LE                              

317. FA/71/2009         LAXMANRAO TULSIRAMJI TIGH       RM SHARMA, NB RAMTEKE           
                        ARE  AND  6 ORS                 HD MARATHE/P                    
                        V/S SHYAMRAO S/O TULSIRAM       NK, CN DESHPANDE, SB PADE       
                         TIGHARE                        ER/R-SOLE                       
                                                        HD MARATHE/PROPOSED RESPD       

318. FA/95/2009         THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       GAUTAM CHATTERJEE               
                        O. LTD., THRU. DIVN. MANA       RJ, AJ MIRZA/R-5  AND  
                        V/S ALPANA ANAND KANNURKA       RAHUL DESHMUKH, AP DEVAST       
                        R  AND  5 ORS .                 HALE/R-1 TO 4                   
                                                        P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 4                    
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 4                    
                                                        P. S. BHONSLE                   
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 4                    

319. FA/107/2009        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. LT       S BORKAR                        
                        D. THRI TS BR. MANAGER          BD VORA/R-1                     
                        V/S BALKRUSHNA MAHADEORAO                                       
                         SHENDE  AND  2 ORS.                                            

320. FA/121/2009        GANGARAM S/O HANMANNU SID       SD KHATI,                       
                        AM (DEAD) SHRIMATI VITHAB       NR BHISHIKAR/R-1                
                        V/S SHARAD SADASHIV KOLET                                       
                        TIWAR, GADCHIROLI  AND  A                                       

321. FA/132/2009        PRASHANT S/O V. GANMUKULW       SD MALKE, A POTDAR              
                        AR, GADCHIROLI                  SN DHANGARE/R-1                 
                        V/S MANAGER , UNITED INDI       KS MOTWANI/R-2,3                
                        A NEW ASSURANCE COMPANY L                                       

322. FA/197/2009        VASANTA S/O MAHADEO ASOLE       RD NAJBILE                      
                        , NAGPUR                        AGP/R-1 TO 3                    
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. RE                                       
                        VENUE SECTY., BOMBAY  AND                                       
        REMARK : FOR REF. 480/08 (D) 
     FA/249/2010        BHOJRAJ GOVINDRAO GHUGAL        RD NAJBILE,                     
                        THR. LRS, R.G.GHUGAL, NAG                                       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. RE                                       
                        VENUE SECTY.,  BOMBAY AND                                       
     FA/1464/2008       SEWAKRAM NATHU GUGUL, NAG       RD NAJBILE                      
                        PUR                             G.P.FOR RESPDTS.                
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. RE                                       
                        VENUE SECTY., MUMBAI  AND                                       
     FA/1489/2008       VITHOBA NATHU MOHATKAR, T       RD NAJBILE                      
                        HR. POA NAGPUR                  GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. REVENUE                                       
                         SECTY.,  BOMBAY  AND  2                                        

323. FA/242/2009        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       G CHATERJEE                     
                        OL. LTD. THR ITS REGIONAL       VG WANKHEDE/R-3                 
                        V/S RAMESH S/O MURLIDHAR        SHRI.DAPURKAR/R-1.              
                        JADHAO   AND  2 ORS.                                            

324. FA/250/2009        SMT. VANITA WD/O DEVIDAS        HN POTBHARE,DR WARGHANE,N       
                        RAUT  AND  4 ORS.               P KANDHARI                      
                        V/S THE ORIENTAL INSURANC       ANIL S. KILOR, SS SHINGAN       
                        E CO LTD. THRU BRANCH MAN       E, PS TIWARI/R-2  AND  
                                                        MRUNAL NAIK/R-1                 
                                                        PA MISHRA/R-4                   

                        DE  AND  3 ORS.                 S.M.PURI                        
                        V/S SYED MIR ABIDALI S/O        PG ANANDIKAR , SM PURI/P        
                        WAHIDALI  AND  2 ORS.           DIPIKA GANDHI                   

326. FA/276/2009        SHRIKRISHNA S/O BABANRAO        AM GARDEY, AR INGOLE/P          
                        PALASPAGAR                      AD CHOUBEY                      
                        V/S FATIMABI WD/O NAZIRKH       RD RASKAR, AR INGOLE/P          
                        AN PATHAN                       AGP/R-6  AND  7                 
                                                        NITIN LALWANI/R-1,3 TO 

327. FA/280/2009        MANSARAM TANUJI MENDHE          H.I. KOTHARI                    
                                                        KR LAMBAT/R-2,3                 
                        V/S THE MANAGER, NATIONAL       MRS TD KHADE/R-4                
                         INSURANCE CO.  AND  3 OR       SN DHANAGARE/R-1.               

328. FA/284/2009        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       AJ POPHALY, LV LIMJE            
                        OMPANY LTD. THR. ITS BRAN       L.M.LIMAYE/A                    
                        V/S JYOTI WD/O PRAKSH MOH       ABHAYSAMBRE, MA BARABDE/R       
                        ITKAR AND 3 ORS                 -1 TO 3                         
                                                        R-1 TO 4  SERVED ON MERIT       
                                                        VM KANADE, ANPAM DESAI/R-       

     CAF/2042/2009      THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                        OMPANY LTD. THR. ITS BRAN                                       
                        V/S JYOTI WD/O PRAKSH MOH                                       
                        ITKAR AND 3 ORS                                                 

329. FA/292/2009        SHRI SURESH KASHIRAM MAPA       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI, NL        
                        RI                              JAISWAL                         
                        V/S SAU. VIMALABAI VIJAY        AG AGRAWAL, SG SHUKLA/R-1       
                        AGRAWAL  AND  3 OTRS            AG AGRAWAL, SG SHUKLA/R-4       

330. FA/308/2009        SHANKARLAL BABULAL KHATAL       N VYAWAHARE,S SAKHARE           
                        E                               RR JOHRAPURKAR,MR JOHARAP       
                        V/S GAJMUKH COOPERATIVE H       URKAR,A RAMTEKE/R-2             
                        OUSING SOCIETY LTD, THR I       RL KHAPRE, MP SADEKAR, RG       
                                                         KAVIMANDAN, SA MOHTA/R-1       
                                                        AK CHOUBE, S SINGH,             
                                                        KD SHUKLA, SMT. SK SHUKLA       
                                                        /FOR INTERVENER                 
     FA/894/2009        MUNNALAL BABULAL KHATELE        AR AKRE, VU OKE, SN SINGH       
                                                        J. M. GANDHI                    
                        V/S GAJMUKH CO-OP. HOUSIN       FOR/-(INTERVENER)               
                        G SOC. LTD.  AND  ANR.          H.J. SANGAWAR                   
                                                        NA VYAWAHARE, SV SAKHARE/       
                                                        PV BANSOD/INT.                  
                                                        RL KHAPRE, MP SADEKAR, PP       
                                                         PATIL, SA MOHTA/R-1            
                                                        MR JOHARAPURKAR, A RAMTEK       
                                                        KD  AND  SK SHUKLA, M RAT       
                                                        HOD/FOR INTERVENERS             
                                                        S.R. GHATE                      
                                                        MISS. A. P. GUPTA               
                                                        N. A. GODE                      

331. FA/316/2009        KRISHNARAO NARAYANRAO MUN       DK DUBEY, NA SOLANKE, R D       
                        JE                              ESHPANDE                        
                        V/S TEJRAM S/O JAIRAM KUL       A.NALAJKAR                      
                        LARKAR                          HD DUBEY                        
                                                        RAVINDRA LAXMANRAO KHAPRE       
                                                        RAGHAV GANESH KAVIMANDAN        
                                                        S.S. MURTHY (POWER AWTD)        

332. FA/332/2009        INDAL BABANJI RATHOD, YAV       P.D. MEGHE, A.K. WAGHMARE       
                        ATMAL                           , GYANENDRA KUSHWAHA            
                        V/S SUBHASH S/O PUNJARAM        PRAJAKTA LAPLIKA                
                        RATHOD, YAVATMAL  AND  2                                        

333. FA/371/2009        SHESHRAO LAXMAN PAWAR           AP TATHOD, GR PARMA             
                                                        UN VYAS, SK INGOLE/R-7          
                        V/S MEERABAI GANGILAL RAT       RAHUL GHUGE/R-1 TO 4            
                        HOD  AND  6 ORS.                                                

334. FA/381/2009        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY, RV KALIYA            
                        V/S SMT. MEENA AMRUT MESH       DE /R-1 TO 3                    
                        RAM  AND  8 ORS.                SO TAPDIYA/R-4 TO 8             

335. FA/415/2009        SUNANDA WD/O GOVIND KHOBR       B LAHIRI,VT BANGARE,DP SH       
                        AGADE  AND  3 ORS.              OUCHE                           
                        V/S SUDHAKAR S/O BALAJI H       AK SOMANI/R-2                   
                        ARDE  AND  ANOR.                RR VYAS, K BAKAL/R-1            
                                                        ANAND DESHPANDE,/R-1, SWA       
                                                        PNIL A GIRI/R-1                 

336. FA/431/2009        SMT MANORAMABAI PRABHAKAR       NB RAUT, SS PATIL,NG GULH       
                         JISKAR  AND  ANOR.             ANE                             
                        V/S SMT LEENA KISHORE VID       SANJAY RAJAK                    
                        HALE   AND  3 ORS.              SN DHANAGARE/R4                 

337. FA/439/2009        ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO. LT       AM QUAZI,DM QUAZI, SUNIL        
                        D. THR ITS DIVISIONAL MAN       BHARDE,                         
                        V/S CHAMBRU S/O DASHRATH        RA GUPTE/R-3,4                  
                        BHURE  AND  3 ORS.              RB HINGANEKAR/R                 

338. FA/448/2009        ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO. LT       SUNIL BHARDE, AM, WM QUAZ       
                        D. THR. ITS DIVSNL MANAGE       I                               
                        V/S SMT. RADHABAI W/O ARJ                                       
                        UN JADHAV  AND  5 OTRS                                          

339. FA/449/2009        RAJESHKUMAR MOHANLAL AMAN       SR SARDA, JT GILDA, MM BH       
                        AHA (JAISWAL)                   UTADA                           
                        V/S SAU. SUNITA SURESH MA       MA KADU/CAVEATOR R-SOLE         
                        LAVIYA                          NB RAUT, S RAJAK/R-SOLE         
                                                        VV  AND  RM BHANGDE, GR A       
                                                        GRAWAL, NB RAUT/R               

340. FA/500/2009        THE UNITED INDIA INSURANC       DN KUKDAY                       
                        E CO. LTD. THRU. ITS REGI       RL KHAPRE, SA MOHTA/R1  A       
                        V/S SAU. PRABHAWATI UDAYB       ND  2                           
                        HAN ALLAHAT  AND  ANOR.                                         

341. FA/503/2009        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       B LAHIRI, VT BANGARE            
                        MPANY LTD.                      KJ KHANORKAR/4 (ON DELAY)       
                        V/S ANITA GHANSHAM UKEY A                                       
                        ND 3 ORS                                                        

342. FA/524/2009        NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. LT       SR PATHAK                       
                        D., THRU. MANAGER               MRS. S.P.DESHPANDE/A            
                        V/S PRABHUDAS DAMDUJI SAT       S.G.ZINJAREDE FOR R-1           
                        ONE AND 3 ORS.                  SHREYAS ZINJARDE/R-1            

343. FA/526/2009        NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO.LT       SS SANYAL,SM UKEY               
                        D. THR ITS DIVISIONAL MAN       AS MARDIKAR/R-1 TO R-3          
                        V/S HAMIDABI WD/O MOHAMMA       SA MOHTA, RM CHANDAK/R-1,       
                        D AKHTAR  AND  3 ORS            2  AND  3                       
                                                        CA, RC JOSHI, MS SAMBRE,        
                                                        MI SHEKHANI/R-4                 

344. FA/542/2009        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       AJ POPHALY, SP KULKARNI         
. LTD., THRU. BR. MANAGER       AJ KHAN, SA KHAN/R-1            
                        V/S AMBADAS MAYARAM CHOPK                                       
                        AR  AND  2 ORS.                                                 

345. FA/547/2009        UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       DN KUKDAY,RITU KALIYA           
.LOTD.THR THE RM,NAGPUR         PS PATIL/R-1 AND R-2            
                        V/S SHRIRAM SHANKARRAOJI                                        
                        DESHMUKH  AND  6 ORS.                                           

346. FA/556/2009        VIDC THRU EXECUTIVE ENGIN       BT/AB PATIL                     
                        EER                             AP TATHOD, ASHISH GIRDEKA       
                        V/S SMT SARASWATIBAI MAHA       R/R-2                           
                        DEO AGARE  AND  2 ORS.          AGP/R-3                         
                                                        APPEAL ABATES AGAINST R-1       

347. FA/562/2009        ORIENTAL INSURANCE  CO.LT       DN KUKDEY,RV KALIA              
                        D.,AMRAVATI,THR THE DIVIS       VIVEK KALE, RAJ D WAKODE        
                        V/S PANDURANG S/O GOPALRA       /R-1                            
                        O POKALE  AND  4 ORS.                                           

348. FA/586/2009        KETAN S/O VITHALRAO WANDA       RR VYAS                         
                        NDRE                            MS. ANITA MATEGAONKAER SI       
                        V/S RAJESH S/O HARISCHAND       NGH/R-2                         
                        RA GARDE AND ANR                                                

349. FA/587/2009        M.I.D.C. THR. ITS C.E.O.        MM AGNIHOTRI                    
                                                        MA VAISHNAV/R-1,2               
                        V/S ATUL HARIBHAU PANDE A                                       
                        ND 3 ORS                                                        

350. FA/588/2009        VASANT GRAMIN SHIKSHAN SA       SW SAMBRE,GI INGOLE,SS KH       
                        NSTHA LTD.BY ITS PRESIDEN       ADSE                            
                        V/S SMT. NASEEMBEGUM WD/O       RB DHORE                        
                         KARIMUDDIN  AND  5 ORS.        NR SABOO/R-1 TO 4.              

351. FA/645/2009        IFFCO-TOKIO GENERAL INSUR       SACHIN JAISWAL                  
                        ANCE CO.LTD.                    SV JAISWAL/P                    
                        V/S SUMAN W/O. SHRAVAN RA       PS MIRACHE, MH PATHADE/R-       
                        UT AND 2 ORS.                   1,2                             
                                                        NG KOTGIRE/R-3                  

352. FA/727/2009        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       SS SANYAL, SM UKEY              
                        O. LTD. BR. AT YAVATMAL T       SN WAKHARE/R-1                  
                        V/S TEJRAO S/O JAGDEO NAW                                       
                        ALKAR  AND  ANOR.                                               

353. FA/728/2009        SMT.VARSHA MOHAN DOLAS  A       VA,SV DHAWAS                    
                        ND  ANOR.                       A.SOMANI/R-1.VR CHOUDHARY       
                        V/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO       /R-2.AV BHIDE/R-6  AND 
. LTD. THR ITS DIVISIONAL       .                               
                                                        MM DESHMUKH/R-2 TO R-5          
     FA/129/2011        SHRI SHAMRAO VITHUJI DOLA       AV,AA BHIDE                     
                        S  AND  ANOR.                   VA DHAWAS/R-6  AND  7           
                        V/S SMT. JAYASHRI WD/O SU       VR CHOUDHARI/R-1                
                        DHAKAR NAKSHINE  AND  6 O       AK SOMANI/R-4.AGR-8 MEMO        
                                                        AK SOMANI/R5                    
     CAF/1502/2009      SMT.VARSHA MOHAN DOLAS  A       VA DHAWAS                       
                        ND  ANOR.                                                       
                        V/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO                                       
. LTD. THR ITS DIVISIONAL                                       
     CAF/2491/2009      SMT.VARSHA MOHAN DOLAS  A       SHITAL V DHAWAS                 
                        ND  ANOR.                                                       
                        V/S NATIONAL INSURANCE CO                                       
. LTD. THR ITS DIVISIONAL                                       

354. FA/737/2009        SMT. PRAFULLA W/O LAXMIKA       AP LAKHNIKAR, SV BISAN          
                        NT GIRADKAR                     AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI/P          
                        V/S SMT. RADHA W/O YELLYA       AP LAKHNIKAR (BHANDARKAR)       
                         KOMRELLIWAR AND 5 ORS          DV CHAUHAN/R-1 TO 4             
                                                        SL KOTWAL, NS KHOPE, KP D       
     FA/1072/2009       VISHNU S/O DHANRAJ ADWANI       SL KOTWAL, SV MANOHAR, MA       
                                                        NISHA SAHARE                    
                        V/S SMT. RADHA W/O YELLYA       DV CHAUHAN/R-1 TO 4             
                         KOMRELLIWAR AND OTHER          PADHYE/R-5                      
                                                        SK DESHPANDE, ND THOMBARE       
                                                        AM GHAR, HR GADHIA, AR DE       
     CAF/128/2010       SMT. PRAFULLA W/O LAXMIKA       AM GHARE                        
                        NT GIRADKAR                                                     
                        V/S SMT. RADHA W/O YELLYA                                       
                         KOMRELLIWAR AND 5 ORS                                          
     CAF/1691/2010      SMT. PRAFULLA W/O LAXMIKA       AM GHARE                        
                        NT GIRADKAR                                                     
                        V/S SMT. RADHA W/O YELLYA                                       
                         KOMRELLIWAR AND 5 ORS                                          

355. FA/771/2009        THE ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO       ARVIND R GODBOLE, DA SONO       
. LTD. THR. THE DIVSNL MA       NE, DM NAVALKAR                 
                        V/S SHRI WASUDEO MUKAJI S       SC BHALERAO/R-1  AND  2         
                        AMBHALKAR  AND  2 ORS                                           

356. FA/823/2009        SMT. MEENA AJAY SINGH WD/       NEELAM A BIALA                  
                        O LATE SEARGENT AJAY SING       RS CHARPE/R-1.                  
                        V/S THE REGIONAL MANAGER,       B LAHIRI, DP SHOUCHE, A M       
                         M.S.R.T.C. NAGPUR  AND         AJUMDAR/R-2                     
                                                        RS CHARPE/R3                    
     FA/1260/2009       THE REGIONAL MANAGER, MSR       RS CHARPE,NR CHOUDHARY          
                        TC, NAGPUR                      B LAHIRI/R-3                    
                        V/S SMT. MEENA AJAY SINGH       NEELAM A BIALA/R                
                         WD/O SEARGENT AJAYKUMAR        B LAHIRI, DP SHOUCHE, A M       
                                                        NEELAM BIALA/R-1  AND  

357. FA/865/2009        SMT. PRAMILATAI UTTARWAR        DR. ANJAN DE, APURVE, ANU       
                                                        PAM DE                          
                        V/S RAWJI S/O. JIMANAJI D                                       
                        HANDARE AND 5 ORS.                                              

358. FA/878/2009        UNION OF INDIA,  SOUTH CE       NP LAMBAT, PS LAMBAT            
                        NTRAL RLY, THR. GENERAL M       MW HARSULKAR, AB BAMBAL,        
                        V/S PRABHAKAR  S/O VENKAT       VA PATAIT/RESPONDENTS           
                        RAO TADKALSKAR,  AND  1 A                                       

359. FA/1081/2009       ZILLA PARISHAD BULDHANA,        LEELA VARSADE                   
                        THR CHIEF EXE. OFFICER          LEELA VARSADE/P                 
                        V/S SAU. MAYA W/O NARESHP       SUMAN CHOKHARE.                 
                        URI GOSAVI AND TWO OTHERS       SN GAIKWAD/R-2                  
                                                        AL DESHPANDE/R-1.               
                                                        ABHIJIT DESHPANDE               
     FA/1062/2009       ZILLA PARISHAD BULDHANA,T       LEELA VARSADE                   
                        HR CHIEF EXE. OFFICER ZP,       LEELA VARSADE/P                 
                        V/S NARESHPURI S/O RAMPUR       SN GAIKWAD/R-2                  
                        I GOSAVI AND 2 OTHERS           ABHIJIT DESHPANDE               

360. FA/1090/2009       USHA RAJKUMAR SHAHU             PS MIRACHE, MH PATHADE          
                                                        NG KOTGIRE FOR R-3.             
                        V/S MAMTA SURESH GUPTA  A       B LAHIRI, DP SHOUCHE, A M       
                        ND  2 ORS.                      AJUMDAR/R-2                     
                                                        SMT. NG KOTGIRE/R-3             

361. FA/1095/2009       V.I.D.C. THR. EXE  ENGINE       AV, NA, VG PALSHIKAR            
                        ER,                             SP KURHEKAR, RS KULKARNI/       
                        V/S SMT. ASHABAI WD/O UMR       R-1 TO 3.                       
                        AO BHAISWAR AND 3 ORS           AGP/R-4, RS KUREKAR/R-1 T       
                                                        O 3                             
     FA/1109/2009       V.I.D.C. THR. EXECUTIVE E       AV, VIVEK G PALSHIKAR           
                        NGINEER                         SP KURHEKAR, RS KULKARNI/       
                        V/S KESHAVDEO S/O KHEMDEO       R-1                             
                         BHAISWAR AND ANR               SP KURHEKAR, RS KULKARNI/       
                                                        R-1 TO 3.                       
                                                        RS KUREKAR                      

362. FA/1100/2009       ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO. LT       AM, WM QUAZI, SD BHARDE         
                        D. THR. DIVSNL MANAGER          HD MADNE, DCR MISHRA/R-
                        V/S SHAMLAL S/O KISAN DHU                                       
                        RVE AND ANR                                                     

363. FA/1164/2009       SHAQUIB AHMED S/O MUSHTAQ       ROHIT JOSHI                     
                         AHMED AND ANR.                 ABDUL BASHIR/P-2                
                        V/S SMT. JANKABAI DATTU C       SV MANOHAR, AA NAIK             
                        HOUDHARI AND OTHER              JT GILDA/R-1  AND  2            
                                                        PS TEMBHARE/R-3  AND  4         

364. FA/1170/2009       THE MAHA. HOUSING AREA DE       PC MADKHOLKAR, KV DESHMUK       
                        V. AUTHORITY, MUMBAI AND        H                               
                        V/S M/S S.S. DAVE  AND  C       AS MARDIKAR, SG JOSHI/CAV       
                        OM. ENG.  AND  CONTRACTOR       EATOR/R-SOLE                    
                                                        ANIL S MARDIKAR, SG JOSHI       

365. FA/1179/2009       UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO       TD KHADE                        
                        V/S KAMRUNNISA SHEIKH IBR       M ANILKUMAR/R                   
                        AHIM  AND  2 OTRS                                               

366. FA/1201/2009       THE UNION OF INDIA, GENER       SV SALWANKAR                    
                        AL MANAGER SOUTH CENTRAL        PS  AND  NP LAMBAT.             
                        V/S SMT. PRATIBHA W/O PRA       MW HARSULKAR/R-1 TO 3           
                        BHAKAR NIGADKAR AND OTHER                                       

367. FA/1202/2009       THE UNION OF INDIA, GENER       SV SALWANKAR                    
                        AL MANAGER SOUTH CENTRAL        PS LAMBAT/A                     
                        V/S PRAVIN S/O BHAGWANRAO       MW HARSULKAR, VA PATAIT/R       
                         DESHMUKH                       -SOLE                           

368. FA/1298/2009       NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO. L       MB JOSHI                        
                        TD. THR. ITS REGIONAL MAN       R-1 TO 4 SERVED  ON MERIT       
                        V/S SOU. BABY W/O SURESH        .                               
                        GHORPADE AND 4 ORS              RA DESHMUKH/R-1 TO 4            
                                                        CA BABREKAR/RESPONDENTS         
     CAF/535/2013       NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO. L       CA BABREKAR                     
                        TD. THR. ITS REGIONAL MAN                                       
                        V/S SOU. BABY W/O SURESH                                        
                        GHORPADE AND 4 ORS                                              

369. FA/1308/2009       UNION OF INDIA, THROUGH T       SV SALWANKAR                    
                        HE GENERAL MANAGER, SOUTH       PS LAMBAT                       
                        V/S VITHAL S/O PURBHAJI L       MW HARSULKAR, VA PATAIT,        
                        ANDGE AND 2 OTHERS              AB BAMBAL/R-SOLE                
                                                        MW HARSULKAR, VA PATAIT,        
                                                        AB BAMBAL/R-1 TO 3              

370. FA/1309/2009       THE U.O.I., GEN. MANAGER,       PS  AND  NP LAMBAT              
                         SC RLY                         SK SABLE/R                      
                        V/S SMT. SHANTABAI GANPAT       SA LAVTAWAR/R                   
                        RAO POTE                                                        
     CAF/2483/2013      UNION OF INDIA THROUGH IT       SA LAVTAWAR                     
                        S GENERAL MANAGER, SOUTH                                        
                        V/S SMT. SHANTABAI GANPAT                                       
                        RAO POTE                                                        

371. FA/1431/2009       THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       MRS. TD KHADE                   
                        O. LTD, THR ITS MANAGER,        POONAM PALI                     
                        V/S ABDUL AHMED @ ABDUL K       JAMIL REHMAN ANSARI/R-1         
                        ADIR AND OTHERS                 AND  2                          
                                                        BHARAT VORA/R-3                 

372. FA/1443/2009       NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO. L       SN DHANAGARE                    
                        TD, CHANDRAPUR, THR ITS B       R-1 TO 4 SERVED.                
                        V/S MAROTI VITHOBA DHOLE        SMITA V TAKSANDE, SI KHAN       
                        AND OTHERS                      , S ANJANKAR/R-3                
                                                        SA DEO, VJ RANGWANI/R-4         
                                                        AF FULZELE, R BODE/R-1  A       
                                                        ND  2                           
     FA/1456/2009       SHARDA BHAURAO CHANNE           SHRIKANT DEO, A KUKDAY, V       
                        V/S MAROTI VITHOBA DHOLE        SN DHANAGARE/R-3                
                        AND 3 ORS                       SMITA V TAKSANDE, SI KHAN       
                                                        , VV INGLE/R-4                  
                                                        AF FULZELE, RP BODE/R-1         
                                                        AND  2.                         

373. FA/4/2010          THE UNION OF INDIA, THR G       NP LAMBAT                       
                        ENERAL MANAGER, SECUNDERA       NP LAMBAT, SV SALWANKAR/P       
                        V/S SMT. HEMA WD/O SUNIL        SK SABLE/RESPONDENTS            
                        LADH AND OTHERS                 SK SABLE, BM VALONDIKAR/R       
                                                        SK SABLE AND BM VALANDIKA       
                                                        R/R-1 AND 4                     

374. FA/193/2010        THE UNION OF INDIA, GENER       NP LAMBAT                       
                        AL MANAGER, SECUNDERABAD        NP LAMBAT, SV SALWANKAR/P       
                        V/S PARVEEN BEGUM WD/O LA       SK SALBE/R                      
                        TE SAYED NAZIR AND ANR.         VILAS DESHPANDE/R               
                                                        SURESH K. SABLE                 
                                                        FOR/R-1 AND 2                   

375. FA/475/2010        THE UNION OF INDIA THR. T       NITIN P LAMBAT, PS LAMBAT       
                        HE GEN. MANAGER                 MR MANKAR                       
                        V/S SMT. GIRJABAI W/O DIG       SK SABLE, DS LATEY/RESPON       
                        AMBARRAO SISODIYA AND ANR       DENTS                           
                                                        SV SALWANKAR FOR R.NOS.
                                                          AND  2                        

376. FA/670/2010        NIHALCHAND S/O WAGHIBHAI        ANAND PARCHURE, BN MOHTA        
                        SHAH AND ORS                    JJ CHANDURKAR/R-SOLE            
                        V/S SHYAMLAL S/O GYASILAL                                       

377. FA/766/2010        CHANDRAPRABHA W/O VISHNUP       KR LAMBAT, VP THAKRE            
                        ANT MANKAR AND ORS              PM CHANDEKAR,MS BHUSARI F       
                        V/S MADHUKAR S/O SAMPATRA       OR CAV/.R-SOLE.                 
                        O WARULKAR                      NS WARULKAR/R-SOLE              
                                                        RL KHAPRE/R                     

378. FA/866/2010        UNION OF INDIA THR. THE G       NP  AND  PS  LAMBAT, NR M       
                        EN. MANAGER                     ANKAR                           
                        V/S SITABAI W/O RAMA BELE       SABLE/R-1  AND  2 [MEMO A       
                         AND ANR                        WAITED].                        
                                                        SK SABLE  AND  AV NANDEDK       
                                                        AR FOR R.NOS. 1  AND  2         

379. FA/1012/2010       THE UNION OF INDIA,GENERA       N.P.LAMBAT                      
                        L MANAGER CENTRAL RLY.          N. R. MANKAR/A                  
                        V/S RAJENDRASINGH JHABBUR       R. AHMAD, RIYAZ AHMAD/R-1       
                        SINGH TOMAR (THAKUR)              AND  2                        

380. FA/1244/2010       ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO. LT       AM  AND  WM QUAZI, SD BHA       
                        D. THR. ITS REG. MANAGER        RDE                             
                        V/S ANAND S/O LAXMAN BHAG       PS MIRACHE, MH PATHADE, C       
                        AT AND ANR                      S AMBARTE/R-1                   

381. FA/192/2011        DINESH KUMAR KUNJBHIHARIL       UA GOSAVI AND NM RAUT           
                        AL JAKHOTIYA AND ANR            SD ABHYANKAR/R-21  TO 2
                        V/S JAYAWANT @ BABASAHEB        RANJIT SARDEY/R-15              
                        S/O VISHWANATH UTTARWAR A       PRASHANT  AND  ANAND GODE       
                                                        PS TIDKE/R-18                   
                                                        PRASHANT  AND  ANAND GODE       

382. FA/480/2011        THE BRANCH MANAGER, ORIEN       SN DHANAGARE  AND  VG PAL       
                        TAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. GO       SHIKAR                          
                        V/S NISHANT RAMDAS GABHAN       PA SHENDRE, SB BANGDE, DW       
                        E AND ANOTHER                    KHOBRAGADE/R-1                 

383. FA/738/2011        DIVSNL CONTROLLER, MAH. S       VH KEDAR, HR DHUMALE            
                        TATE ROAD TRANSPORT CORPO       AV BHIDE,AA BHIDE/R01 TO        
                        V/S HARIDAS UDDHAORAO GAW       6.                              
                        AI FROM ORIGINAL DECEASED                                       

384. FA/995/2011        RAMESH S/O TOTARAM RAIPUR       VK PALIWAL                      
                        E AND ANR                       UN VYAS,YD NAWGAJE/R-SOLE       
                        V/S SUBHASH S/O GOKULDAS        .                               

385. XOB/21/2012        THE COLLECTOR,AMRAVATI  A       VG BHAMBURKAR                   
                        ND  ANR.                        G.P.                            
                        V/S POPATLAL KISAN BHAGAT       AY.THORAT, A.DONGRE/R           
                        PURE                            VG BHAMBURKAR.                  

386. FA/70/2012         THE MANAGER, NATIONAL INS       CA  AND  CC ANTHONY             
                        URANCE CO. LTD. THR. ITS        SK SABLE, DW KHOBRAGADE/R       
                        V/S MANOHAR S/O MAHADEV D       -1  AND  2                      
                        HOTRE AND 2 ORS                 R/3 SERVED ON MERIT             

387. FA/110/2012        DAYARAM S/O PREMCHAND CHA       R RAISUDDIN, R AHMAD            
                        NDRAVANSHI                      NP LAMBAT, A PANNASE/R          
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THR. T                                       
                        HE GENERAL MANAGER, SOUTH                                       

388. FA/395/2012        THE MANAGER, ORIENTAL INS       ASHISH W PAUNIKAR               
                        URANCE COMPANY, LTD,            P S MIRACHE, MONALI PATHA       
                        V/S WASUDEO S/O GOVINDRAO       DE/R-1                          
                         YELORE AND ANOTHER             PS PIRACHE, MH PATHADE/R-       


389. FA/574/2012        THE ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO       AR GODBOLE  AND  DA SONWA       
. LTD., THROUGH ITS T.P.        NE                              
                        V/S SHRI FOGAL S/O DADUJI       KS MOTWANI, AD TIMANDE/R-       
                         NAGDEVE AND ANOTHER            1                               

390. FA/645/2012        V.I.D.C. THR ITS EXE. ENG       AB PATIL                        
                        V/S HARIBHAU WAMANRAO TON       SUDHIR G. LONEY                 
                        EY AND OTHERS                   FOR/R-1                         
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        FOR R/2  AND  3                 
        REMARK : (SENIOR CITIZEN) [FA/782/10 (D) FOR REF.] 
     FA/707/2011        V.I.D.C. THR. EXE. ENGINE       AB PATIL                        
                        ER, BEMBLA PROJECT DN. YA       KS NARWADE/R-1. AGP/R-2         
                        V/S NIVRUTTIN DEORAO TONE       AND  3.                         
                        Y AND OTHS                                                      
     FA/644/2012        V.I.D.C. THR ITS EXE. ENG       AB PATIL                        
. BEMBLA PROJECT DIVISION       RS NAGPURE/R-1                  
                        V/S BHANUDAS AMRUTRAO TON       SUDHIR G. LONEY                 
                        EY ANDD OTHERS                  FOR/R-1                         
     FA/608/2010        THE UNION OF INDIA, GENER       NP LAMBAT                       
                        AL MANAGER, CENTRAL RLY.        SV SALWANKAR, NR MANKAR         
                        V/S SMT. KUSUMBAI GAJANAN       VILAS DESHPANDE/R-1 TO 
                         AHIR AND OTHERS                FOR/R-1                         
     FA/1092/2013       VIDARBHA IRRIGATION DEVEL       SG JAGTAP, JB KASAT  AND        
                        OPMENT CORPORATION, THROU        VINAY DAHAT                    
                        V/S BHANUDAS AMRUTRAO TON       RS NAGPURE, ADV. FOR R.NO       
                        EY AND 2 OTHERS                 .1                              
                                                        AGP FOR R.NOS. 2  AND  
     FA/897/2010        V.I.D.C. THR ITS EXE. ENG       AB PATIL                        
. BEMBLA PROJECT DIVISION       KS NARWADE/R-1                  
                        V/S SOPAN DEVRAO TONEY AN       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        D OTHERS                        FOR/R-1                         
     FA/687/2012        V.I.D.C. THR. ITS EXE. EN       AB PATIL                        
                        GINEER                          KS NARWADE/R-1  AND  2          
                        V/S ANIL WASUDEORAO TONE        AGP/R-3  AND  4                 
                        AND 3 ORS                       FOR/R-1                         

391. FA/929/2012        THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       MS. ANITA SINGH (MATEGAON       
                        OMPANY LTD. THR. MANAGER        KAR)                            
                        V/S TEJRAO DATTATRAYA SAW                                       
                        ALE AND ORS                                                     
                        MPANY LTD., THROUGH ITS L       FRANCIS KARAYIL, M RAWLAN       
                        V/S SMT. KIRAN WD/O SUNIL       I, S JAMBHULKAR/R-4             
                         POPTANI AND 3 OTHERS                                           

392. FA/1250/2012       THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE C       G. CHATTERJEE                   
                        O.LTD., PRESENTLY THROUGH       AR RISHI, RA GUPTE/R-1  A       
                        V/S GIRISH NARAYAN SURJUS       ND  2                           
                        E                               SP KADWE/R-3                    

393. FA/33/2013         THE ORIENTAL INSURANCE  C       DN KUKDAY                       
                        O. LTD THR REGIONAL MANAG       NAUKARKAR/R-1,2.                
                        V/S ATUL BHOJRAJ MASKE AN       SN BHATTAD, AM NABIRA, SN       
                        D ANR                            CHICHBANKAR/R-2                

394. FA/65/2013         THE UNION OF INDIA, GENER       PS LAMBAT, NP LAMBAT, NR        
                        AL MANAGER, SOUTH CENTRAL       MANKAR  AND  ABHINAV PANN       
                        V/S RAMRAO S/O TULSIRAM N       ASE                             
                        AGLE AND ANTOHER                RG BAGUL, DS LATEY/R-1  A       
                                                        ND  2                           

                        AL                              SD DHARASKAR/CAV/R-SOLE         
                        V/S SAU. SUNANDA VIRAJ PA       A. Y. PATHAK                    
                        THAK                            FOR/R                           
                                                        OMPRAKASH WASUDEO GUPTA         

396. CP/110/2013        MRS. SHILPA W/O RAJIV KAP       SHYAM DEWANI, NITIN LALWA       
                        OOR THROUGH POA RAJENDRAK       NI, RAJESHREE DEWANI            
                        V/S SAYYAD AYAJ ALI SO MA       RAJU DHOBLE                     
                        KDUM ALI                        FOR R-SOLE                      
             In                                         G.P.                            
     FA/168/2001                                        AY.THORAT, A.DONGRE/R           
                                                        VG BHAMBURKAR.                  

397. FA/1012/2013       SHRI JAYKUMAR GULABRAO JU       DS LAMBAT                       
                        MADE                            KR LULE, VR MISHRA/R-2          
                        V/S UTTAMRAO NAMDEORAO DA       AV LOKHANDE, K KHANDARE/R       
                        GWAR AND 3 OTHERS               -3                              
                                                        SK BHOYAR/R-1                   
                                                        SK BHOYAR/R-4                   
     FA/5/2014          KISHOR S/O NARAYANRAO MEH       SK BHOYAR                       
                        TA                              DS LAMBAT/R-1  AND  DS AG       
                        V/S JAYKUMAR GULABRAO JUM       NIHOTRI/R2  AND  KR LULE/R-3    
                        ADE AND OTHERS                  KAUSTUBH R LULE                 
                                                        V.R. MISHRA                     
                                                        CHETAN S. DHORE                 

398. FA/1210/2013       GAJANAN NILKHANT RITHE, A       PC MADKHOLKAR, RD KARODE        
                        ND 7 OTHERS                     JB KASAT  AND  VINAY DAHA       
                        V/S HARISH HOLARAM BAJAJ,       T/CAV/RESPDT.                   
                         AND 3 OTHERS                   JB KASAT/R-1 TO 3               

399. FA/142/2014        RAMESHWAR NARSINGDAS MUND       VITTHAL R. MUNDRA               
                        RA DEAD, THROUGH L.RS. VI                                       
                        V/S EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, P                                       
                        UBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, G                                       
                                                 * FOR FINAL HEARING *                                                  

400. AO/142/2007        KRUSHNARAO BAPURAO KALE A       MW HARSULKAR, VA  PATAIT        
                        ND ANOR.                        MW HARSULKAR/P                  
                        V/S UNION OF INDIA THRU.        AB BAMBAL                       
                        GEN. MANAGER                    RG AGRAWAL, A UPASANI/R-1       
                                                        RG AGRAWAL/R-SOLE.              

401. MCA/317/2008       SHAILENDRA KAILASH CHANDR       CP SEN, AK RUDRA                
                        A  AND  2 ORS.                  AMIT BALPANDE/P                 
                        V/S M/S. VIDARBHA DISTILL       RS PARSODKAR, AM BALPANDE       
                        ERS THRU. ITS MANAGING PA       /P-1 TO 3                       
             In                                         NS DESHPANDE/R-1.               
     FA/168/2001                                        SHRI RAI/RESP.                  
                                                        PA ABHYANKAR, PS GAIDHANE       
                                                        , HG KARODE/R-2(I),(II),        
                                                        KN  AND  AK SHUKUL, RK JO       
                                                        SHI, SA DHARMDHIKARI/R-
                                                        AY.THORAT, A.DONGRE/R           
                                                        VG BHAMBURKAR.                  

402. MCA/1124/2009      JAGANRAO TULSHIRAM KALE         DR ANJEN DE                     
                                                        ANOOP DHORE.                    
                        V/S SMT LEELABAI NAMDEORA       R-1(A) TO 1(H) SERVED.          
                        O SHRIRAO  AND  OTHERS.         ANJAN DE,A.AMBEGAONKAR.         
             In                                         SV.MANOHAR,FOR R-1-A TO         
     SA/144/1986                                        1H, 2 SERVED.                   

403. AO/10/2010         CHANDRASHEKHAR S/O CHAMPA       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        LALJI UGHDE                     FOR/LRS OF PETITIONER NO.       
                        V/S CHANDRAKALA W/O PRABH        -1                             
                        UDASJI KIRAD AND 3 ORS          ANAND PARCHURE                  
                                                        FOR/P 1 TO 5                    
                                                        KV BHOSKAR, SO TAPDIYA          
                                                        RAMESH, TUSHAR DARDA/R-
                                                        AS KILOR, SS SHINGANE/R-3       
                                                          AND  4                        
     AO/11/2010         CHANDRASHEKHAR S/O CHAMPA       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        LALJI UGHDE                     FOR/LRS OF PETITIONER NO.       
                        V/S OMPRAKASH S/O CHIRANJ        -1                             
                        ILAL AGRAWAL AND 3 ORS          ANAND PARCHURE                  
                                                        FOR/P 1 TO 5                    
                                                        KV BHOSKAR, SO TAPADIYA         
                                                        RAMESH, TUSHAR DARDA/R-

404. MCA/1144/2011      SHRI ROHIT S/O DILIPBHAI        RD DHARMADHIKARI, MS HIWA       
                        POPAT                           SE ADN RS KALOTI                
                        V/S VIJAY S/O RAMNARAYAN        RL KHAPRE,RB AGRAWAL/R-
                        SHARMA SINCE INSANE THR.        AND 2                           
             In                                         ANJAN DE,A.AMBEGAONKAR.         
     SA/144/1986                                        SV.MANOHAR,FOR R-1-A TO         
                                                        1H, 2 SERVED.                   

405. CRA/14/2012        SMT. MALTI DEORAO CHANKAU       CN DESHPANDE                    
                        RE                              DA MAHAJAN, AV SAMARTH/R-       
                        V/S SMT. KANTABAI WD/O DE       1                               
                        ORAO CHANKAPURE                 SM NAFDE, AY KAPGATE/R-
                                                        BG KHOBRAGADE/R-1               

406. AO/60/2012         JAYASHREE W/O BALIRAM CHA       MM WANKHADE, AJ PATHAK          
                        VAN AND ANR                     BN  AND  SB MOHTA, SB PAT       
                        V/S BALIRAM S/O TULSIRAM        IL/R                            

407. AO/86/2012         HARISH DHIRAJLAL ONDHIYA        ANIL S MARDIKAR, SG JOSHI       
                        V/S MAH. STATE ELECTRICIT                                       
                        Y DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LT                                       

408. AO/88/2012         NARAYAN S/O LAHU DHULE AN       CA, RC JOSHI, MS SAMBRE,        
                        D ORS                           MI SHEKHANI                     
                        V/S SMT. ALKA WD/O SHRIHA       AS MARDIKAR, SG JOSHI, RA       
                        RI DHULE                         MARDIKAR, DI JAIN/R            

409. MCA/296/2012       NANDA DILIP KARUDKAR            SYED OWAIS AHMED                
                        V/S DILIP KISAN KARUDKAR        R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                                                        ANJAN DE,A.AMBEGAONKAR.         
             In                                         SV.MANOHAR,FOR R-1-A TO         
     SA/144/1986                                        1H, 2 SERVED.                   

410. MCA/626/2012       AMAN MORESHWAR TEMURDE          DR. ANJAN, APURVA, ANUPAM       
                        V/S TUTUK COMMERCIAL PVT.       AV KHARE, VIDYA UMALE, BH       
                         LTD.                           ARAT ROKDE/R-SOLE               
             In                                         ANJAN DE,A.AMBEGAONKAR.         
     SA/144/1986                                        SV.MANOHAR,FOR R-1-A TO         
                                                        1H, 2 SERVED.                   

411. AO/12/2013         VIJAYKUMAR S/O HARIKRISHN       AV, VD MULEY                    
                        A VARMA                         NITIN VYAWAHARE/R               
                        V/S ANANT S/O NANAJI PATU                                       

412. CRA/29/2013        SMT. SAROJ WD/O HEMANT MA       DS LAMBAT                       
                        TE AND OTHERS                   MP SAGDEO/P-1,2,3,4             
                        V/S MAHADEO S/O BALIRAMJI       SP PALSHIKAR/R-1                
                         DESHMUKH AND OTHERS            AV BHIDE/R-2  AND  3            
                                                        ABHAY VISHNU BHIDE              
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   
                                                        MRS. ANJALI ABHAY BHIDE         
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   
                                                        SHRIRAM P. PALSHIKAR            
     AO/19/2013         SHRI NARHARI S/O SHAMRAOJ       AV BHIDE, AA BHIDE              
                        I SUPARE AND ANOTHER            R-1 SERVED. MP SAGDEO/R-2       
                        V/S MAHADEO S/O BALIRAMJI        TO 5.                          
                         DESHMUKH AND OTHERS            SP PALSHIKAR, NS WARULKAR       
                                                        MP SAGDEO/R-4  AND  5           
                                                        KS NARWADE/R-2  AND  3          

413. AO/55/2013         SMT. KUMUDINI WD/O NAREND       GOPAL MISHRA, PAWAN RAULK       
                        RA MISHRA                       AR  AND  AG GAWANDE             
                        V/S MISS.AYUSHI @ DEEPSHI       RV GAIKWAD/P                    
                        KSHA D/O DEEPAK MISHRA MI       AV KHARE, AM KUKDAY/R           
                                                        RAJNISH VYAS                    
                                                        AMIT M. KUKDAY                  

414. MCA/68/2013        KISHOR S/O SADASHIV WALDE       MB NAIDU, PRAKASH NAIDU         
                                                        MP KARIYA, SHYAMAL GHODES       
                        V/S SMT. DEEPA W/O KISHOR       WAR/R-                          
                         WALDE                          ANJAN DE,A.AMBEGAONKAR.         
             In                                         SV.MANOHAR,FOR R-1-A TO         
     SA/144/1986                                        1H, 2 SERVED.                   

415. AO/80/2013         SMT. SUMATI W/O DATTATRAY       SS SHARMA, RS SHARMA, MS        
                        A WAZALWAR (D) THR. LR AP       SHARMA, RO SHARMA               
                        V/S SMT. SUDHA W/O BABARA       SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE/       
                        O LOKHANDE                      R-SOLE                          

416. CRA/81/2013        SOU. SHANTI W/O VIJAY MES       GM SHITUT, AA SAMBARAY, P       
                        HRAM                            M SINHA                         
                        V/S NATTHU S/O MAROTRAO D       NG JETHA/R-1                    
                        HARMIK AND ANOTHER              RS KUREKAR/R-2                  

417. CRA/100/2013       ASHOK SHIVKISANJI TAPADIY       BN MOHTA, SB MOHTA              
                        A AND 2 OTHERS                  SHYAM DEWANI, RAJESHREE D       
                        V/S SATYANARAYAN BANKATLA       EWANI, GAJANAN AGRAWAL          
                        LJI MALU AND 2 OTHERS           /R-1 TO 3                       

418. CRA/110/2013       SAU. USHATAI W/O MADHUKAR       CA,RC,SC JOSHI, MS SAMABA       
                        RAO DESHMUKH                    RE, M.ILIYAS SHEKHANI           
                        V/S VITTHALRAO S/O NEELKA       ANZAR BAIG MIRZA                
                        NTHRAO DESHMUKH                 FOR/R                           

419. CP/161/2013        YUWRAJ YASHWANT HUMNE           YY HUMNE (INPERSON)             
                        V/S SMT. T.M. AHMED AND A       GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                        NOTHER                          FOR RESPONDENTS.                
             In                                         ANJAN DE,A.AMBEGAONKAR.         
     SA/144/1986                                        SV.MANOHAR,FOR R-1-A TO         
                                                        1H, 2 SERVED.                   

420. AO/24/2014         HASINABEE WD/O SHABBIR HU       AJ THAKKAR, NK ALI              
                        SAIN CHAUDHARY AND ORS          AP TATHOD, TUSHAR TATHOD,       
                        V/S KALU S/O JUMMA CHAUDH       /R-SOLE (ON DELAY)              
                                  COURT NO. 7
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE Z.A. HAQ
C.R. NO. 0        APPELLATE SIDE-CIVIL           27/10/2014
                                                 * FOR FINAL HEARING *                                                  

1.   WP/433/1998        KASTURBA HEALTH SOCIETY.        S.V.MANOHAR.                    
                                                        R.S.SUNDARAM,UR TANNA/R         
                        V/S REGIONAL PROVIDENT FU       GP/R-2                          
                        ND COMMISSIONER                                                 

2.   WP/1513/1998       PANDURANG LAXMAN NAGMATE.       CS.KAPTAN,N.KHUBALKAR.          
                                                        RS KALANGIWALE, PS CHAWHA       
                        V/S BHAGWANTRAO SHANKARRA       N/PETITIONER                    
                        O SAPKAL  AND  4 OTHERS.        MV MOHOKAR R1,3 AND 4/R1T       
                                                        R-1 TO 5 SERVED ON MERI                                                        RL KHAPRE, RG KAVIMANDAN/       
                                                        R-3(I) TO 3(VIII)               

3.   WP/2258/1998       SMT. KASTURIBAI WD/O VISH       M.P. LALA.                      
                        WANATH DHENGEKAR AND OTHE       YS GORLE/P-1 TO 8               
                        V/S ADDITIONAL COLLECTOR,       JJ CHANDURKAR/R-2.              
                         AKOLA  AND  ANOTHER.           A.G.P. FOR R-1                  
        REMARK : [A/W WP/2259/1998 FOR REF.] 

4.   WP/870/1999        SHRI AMBADEVI SANSTHAN AN       JJ CHANDURKAR                   
                        D 10 ORS.                       G.P./R-1,  R-2,3,5  AND         
                        V/S JT.CHARITY COMMISSION       6 SERVED                        
                        ER AND 4 ORS.                   AC DHARMADHIKARI/RESP.          
                                                        S.S. SHAHANE/R-4                

5.   WP/1883/1999       SHRI SAI SEWA SHIKSHAN MA       VG.DESHMUKH,VB.MATEY            
                        NDAL,RAMTEK  AND  ANOTHER       R-1 TO 3 SERVED ON MERI                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER, SC                                       
                        HOOL TRIBUNAL,NAGPUR  AND                                       

6.   WP/3714/1999       THE UNION OF INDIA  AND         HA DESHPANDE/P                  
                        ANOTHER.                        MRS. ANJALI JOSHI/P             
                        V/S THE ADDITIONAL COLLEC       MB/P NAIDU,MM ILLURKAR,         
                        TOR NAGPUR.                     SANTOSH N. GAIKWAD              
                                                        MB MOHOKAR/R-3                  
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              
                                                        SACHIN W SAMBRE                 
                                                        MANGESH V RAUT                  
                                                        ROSHAN S. SURYAWANSHI           

7.   WP/289/2008        STATE OF MAH. THRU. SECTY       G.P.                            
.  AND  3 ORS.                  DC NAUKARKAR/R-SOLE             
                        V/S ISHWAR DEWAJI MANDAPE                                       
     WP/3360/2010       STATE GOVT. OF MAH. THR.        GP                              
                        ITS SECY. VILLAGE DEPTT.        DC  AND  PD NAUKARKAR/R-S       
                        V/S ISHWAR S/O DEWAJI MAN       OLE                             

8.   WP/23/2010         ASSTT. P.F. COMMISSIONER,       RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA           
                         NAGPUR                         SN KHANDELWAL, SR BHONGAD       
                        V/S R.R. KHENDELWAL STEEL       E/R                             
                          AND  ALLIED INDUSTRIES,                                       

9.   WP/55/2010         BHIKAJI JANUJI BORSE            PB PATIL                        
                        V/S MAH. STATE ELECTRICIT       R-2 SERVED ON MERIT             
                        Y BOARD POWER STATION THR                                       

10.  WP/219/2010        SHANKAR SADHUJI KHEDIKAR        BM KHAN                         
                                                        SC, AS MEHADIA/R                
                        V/S MAH. STATE ROAD TRANS                                       
                        PORT CORPORATION THR. ITS                                       

11.  WP/222/2010        DEORAO KUSHAN GHARGADE AN       AH PATIL                        
                        D 2 ORS                         GP/R-3  AND  4                  
                        V/S D.D. HUKRE, RETD. ASS       P.S.TIDKE/CAV/R-2               
                        T. REGISTRAR, COOP. SOCIE                                       
        REMARK : WITH WP/5361/2009 (D) FOR REF. 
     CAW/1789/2010      DEORAO KUSHAN GHARGADE AN       AH PATIL                        
                        D 2 ORS                                                         
                        V/S D.D. HUKRE, RETD. ASS                                       
                        T. REGISTRAR, COOP. SOCIE                                       
     CAW/2074/2010      DEORAO KUSHAN GHARGADE AN       AH PATIL                        
                        D 2 ORS                                                         
                        V/S D.D. HUKRE, RETD. ASS                                       
                        T. REGISTRAR, COOP. SOCIE                                       

12.  WP/229/2010        ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA           
                        ISSIONER                        SR.BHONGADE,PS.THAWARE/R.       
                        V/S M/S MANAV BEEDI COMPA       R-SOLE IS SERVED ON MERIT       
                        NY THR. ITS PROP.               .                               

13.  WP/231/2010        ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA           
                        ISSIONER                        SN DANDEKAR, AJ PATHAK/R-       
                        V/S M/S MADHAV OIL INDUST       1                               
                        RIES, THR. ITS PARTNER AN       SN DANDEKAR, AJ PATHAK/R-       


14.  WP/353/2010        RAJESHKUMAR OMKARRAO PACH       PA  AND  AJ  KADU               
                        POR                             GP/R-3                          
                        V/S LATE NARAYANRAO BHIHA       AS KILOR, SS SHINGANE/R-1       
                        DE SMRUTI SANSTHA THR. IT         AND  2                        
                                                        R-1 AND 2 ARE SERVED ON M       

15.  WP/373/2010        M/S NOVELTY FOOTWEAR AND        SP KSHIRSAGAR, PK DHOMNE,       
                        OTHS                             SD KHATI, SG RAMTEKE           
                        V/S RAMAKANT S/O SHIVNARA       R.M.SHARMA/R-1/CAV              
                        YAN JAISWAL AND OTHS            PANKAJ DIXIT/R-2                
                                                        A. KUMAR/R-2.                   

16.  WP/382/2010        THE GRAM PANCHAYAT OFFICE       AM GHARE, LH KOTHARI            
                        R, AMRAVATI AND ORS             JB KASAT/R-3                    
                        V/S AVDHOOT BHAJNI MANDAL                                       
                         THR. ITS MEMBERS AS SAMB                                       
     CAW/721/2010       THE GRAM PANCHAYAT OFFICE       AM GHARE                        
                        R, AMRAVATI AND ORS                                             
                        V/S AVDHOOT BHAJNI MANDAL                                       
                         THR. ITS MEMBERS AS SAMB                                       

17.  WP/405/2010        SMT. ANITA WD/O VINOD JAI       A PARCHURE, SHRIKANT SAOJ       
                        SWAL                            I                               
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
. ITS SECTY., AND 5 ORS         J.J.CHANDURKAR/R-6/CAV          
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                                                        DV CHAUHAN/R-4  AND  5          
                                                        SM PURANIK/R-4  AND  5          
     CAW/1709/2012      SMT. ANITA WD/O VINOD JAI       A PARCHURE                      
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR                                       
. ITS SECTY., AND 5 ORS                                         

18.  WP/440/2010        THE SUPERITENDING ENGINEE       GOVT PLEADER                    
                        R PUBLIC WORKS CIRCLE NAG       S.S.MUJUMDAR/RESPONDENT         
                        V/S SURESH MAHADEO  YADAO                                       

19.  WP/464/2010        ONKAR S/O BALIRAM MESHRAM       KV BHOSKAR, SO TAPADIYA         
                         AND 5 ORS                      RAHUL A DESHMUKH, AS AMBA       
                        V/S NARAYAN S/O MOTILAL S       TKAR/R- A TO D                  
                        IKCHI (DECEASED) THR. LR                                        

20.  WP/474/2010        BAPUDAS S/O DEWAJI KARMAN       ND KHAMBORKAR                   
                        GE                              G.P./R-1  AND  8                
                        V/S PRESIDING OFFICER, SC       SM BAHIRWAR, RR RAJKARNE,       
                        HOOL TRIBUNAL, NAGUPUR AN        RP AMBARWALE/R-3  AND 

21.  WP/479/2010        PRALHAD S/O GULABRAO BANG       MV BUTE                         
                        DE                              G.P./R-1  AND  2                
                        V/S EXE. ENG. PUBLIC WORK       GP/R-1,2                        
                        S DEPT (PWD), AMRAVATI AN                                       

22.  WP/481/2010        DIVISIONAL JT. DIRECTOR,        GP                              
                        (EXTN.) AGRICULTURE OFFIC       IS.CHARLEWAR/R.1 AND 2          
                        V/S DHRUPATABAI WD/O PANC       R-1 AND 2 ARE SERVED ON M       
                        HAM BASINE AND ANR              ERIT.                           
                                                        IS CHARLEWAR/R                  

23.  WP/487/2010        SMT USHA  W/O RAMAN DANGR       BN MOHTA , SANJAY B MOHTA       
                        V/S TIRUPATI DEVELOPERS                                         
                        THR ITS PARTNER  SHRI GOP                                       
     CAW/1374/2010      SMT USHA  W/O RAMAN DANGR       BN MOHTA                        
                        V/S TIRUPATI DEVELOPERS                                         
                        THR ITS PARTNER  SHRI GOP                                       

24.  WP/497/2010        SYED MUMTAZ SYED MOOSA          BM KHAN                         
                                                        RS CHARPE, RS MOHOD, BS N       
                        V/S THE DIVISIONAL CONTRO       AIK/R                           
                        LLER, MAH. STATE ROAD TRA                                       

25.  WP/509/2010        OMPRAKASH S/O GANESHRAM L       GM SHITUT                       
                        AHOTI                           RL KHAPRE, AP CHORGHADE/R       
                        V/S MANOJ S/O GOVINDPRASA       AP WACHASUNDAR FOR RESPON       
                        D AGRAWAL                       DENT                            

26.  WP/582/2010        DAMODHAR S/O ATMARAMJI CH       ML SOMALWAR, DK GAWALI          
                        IMOTE AND 4 ORS                 ND JAIN, PU NANDANWAR, PP       
                        V/S MULAMCHAND S/O SHYAML        KOTWAL/R                       
                        AL JAIN                         R-SOLE IS SERVED ON MERIT       

                        ALE                             A.Z.JIBHKATE/R-3/CAV            
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER       GP/R-1                          
                         (SECONDARY)  ZILLA PARIS       PN SHENDE/R-2                   
     CAW/1210/2012      DINESH  S/O CHINDHUJI KOH       IN CHOUDHARI                    
                        V/S THE EDUCATION OFFICER                                       
                         (SECONDARY)  ZILLA PARIS                                       

28.  WP/613/2010        KONDIRAM MOHANRAO KADAM         PN VARMA                        
                        V/S DIVISION CONTROLLER,        VG WANKHEDE/R                   
                        M.S.R.T.C. AKOLA DN                                             

29.  WP/619/2010        SMT. TILOTTAMA WD/O DASHR       NA VYAWAHARE, AP MOHARIL,       
                        ATH DHARMIK AND 5 ORS            SV SAKHARE                     
                        V/S SHIVSHANKAR S/O AATMA       SV PUROHIT, ST MADNANI/R-       
                        RAM SABOO                       SOLE                            
     CAW/3054/2011      SMT. TILOTTAMA WD/O DASHR       NA VYAWAHARE                    
                        ATH DHARMIK AND 5 ORS                                           
                        V/S SHIVSHANKAR S/O AATMA                                       
                        RAM SABOO                                                       
     CAW/1652/2013      SMT. TILOTTAMA WD/O DASHR       NITIN VYAWAHARE                 
                        ATH DHARMIK AND 5 ORS                                           
                        V/S SHIVSHANKAR S/O AATMA                                       
                        RAM SABOO                                                       

30.  WP/622/2010        TULSHIRAM SUKHDEO GAWANDE       MA VAISHNAV                     
                                                        KS MALOKAR/R-1                  
                        V/S ZP, AKOL THR. ITS CHI       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        EF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                            

31.  WP/631/2010        LAXMI RAMCHANDRE UPRRE          AMOL R BHISE, SG BARBATE        
                                                        N. W. ALMELKAR/R-1 AND 2,       
                        V/S BAL VIKAS PRAKALP ADH        G.P./R-3                       
                        IKARI, EKATMIK BAL VIKAS        R-1 AND 2 ARE SERVED ON M       

32.  WP/640/2010        RAMBHAU S/O LAXMAN GURUMU       JC, RAHUL SHUKLA                
                        KHI                             M.V.SAMARTH/ADV./R-1  AND       
                        V/S BHARTIYA JAGRUT SHIKS         2                             
                        HAN SANSTHA THR. ITS SECT       R-3 IS SERVED                   
                                                        MV SAMARTH, MM BANDEBUCHE       

33.  WP/670/2010        MRS. SHAKUNTALA W/O PANDH       MP JAISWAL                      
                        ARI GAJBHIYE                    MS. MP MUNSHI/R-1               
                        V/S ZP, THR ITS C.E.O., B       GP/R-3                          
                        HANDARA AND OTHERS                                              

                        ANI                             NI, KAILASH DODANI              
                        V/S KIRANKUMAR S/O LATE P       MASOOD SHARIF,K.THOMAS/R.       
                        ANNALAL DESHRAJ AND 5 ORS       1 TO 5                          

35.  WP/871/2010        NAGPUR MUNICIPAL CORPORAT       JB KASAT                        
                        ION THR. ITS COMMISSIONER       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        V/S VIJAY S/O WASUDEORAO                                        
        REMARK : WITH WP/866/2010 
     WP/866/2010        NAGPUR MUNICIPAL CORPORAT       JB KASAT                        
                        ION THR. ITS COMMISSIONER       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        V/S VISHWANATH CHINTAMAN                                        

36.  WP/932/2010        UNIVERSAL FERRO AND ALLIE       RB PURANIK                      
                        D CHEMICALS LTD. MUMBAI         R.R.PURANIK, H.N.VARMA, S       
                        V/S MAHA. FERRO ALLOYS MA       UNIL CHOPKAR                    
                        ZDOOR SANGH EKTA BHAVAN,        SD THAKUR/R-1                   

37.  WP/976/2010        SMT. USHATAI RAJESHWARSIN       MA VAISHNAV                     
                        GH KACHVE                       GP/R-1,2                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THR AD       ADITYA DESHPANDE/R-3            
                        DL. COMMISSIONER, AMRAVAT       JB KASAT/R-3                    

38.  WP/1090/2010       ANANT S/O VITTHALRAO DHAN       PS PATIL                        
                        DAR                             MR PILLAI, HN TAWARI/P          
                        V/S THE DEAN, DR. PANJABR       CS KAPTAN/R-SOLE                
                        AO DESHMUKH MEMORIAL MEDI                                       
        REMARK : WITH WP/3120/2010. 
     WP/3120/2010       THE DEAN, DR. PANJABRAO @       CS KAPTAN                       
                         BHAUSAHEB DESHMUKH MEMOR       CS.KAPTAN/PETITIONER            
                        V/S ANANT S/O VITTHALRAO        MR.PILLAI/RESPONDENT            
                        DHANDAR AND ANR                                                 

                        L                               COPY SERVED TO R-1              
                        V/S CHOTABAHI SHIVABHAI P       MM. SUDAME/R.NOS. 1 TO 
                        ATEL AND 2 ORS                  CHANDURKAR FOR R NO-1           

40.  WP/1146/2010       DEPOT OFFICER UMRI DEPOT        SR  DESHPANDE                   
                        , TAH KELAPUR , DIST YAVA       N.R.SABOO/R-1/CAV               
                        V/S BHASKAR GANGARAM JAKK                                       

                        ESHIYA SHIKSHAN SANSTHA,        AK                              
                        V/S KU. RAJASHRI VISHWANA       AC DHARMADHIKARI, NA JACH       
                        TH ADIKANE AND ANR.             AK, AJ PANCHOLI/P-2             
                                                        P.S. PATIL FOR CAVEATOR/R       
     CAW/391/2012       MAHARSHI WALMIKI BAHU-UDD       PS PATIL                        
                        ESHIYA SHIKSHAN SANSTHA,                                        
                        V/S KU. RAJASHRI VISHWANA                                       
                        TH ADIKANE AND ANR.                                             

42.  WP/1198/2010       BAPURAO DAULATRAO KAKDE A       VY WASU, TG DHOTE               
                        ND ANR.                         PP, PN KOTHARI/R                
                        V/S DR. DHIRENDRA BADRIPR                                       
                        ASAD JAISWAL                                                    

43.  WP/1208/2010       MADHUKAR S/O TUKARAM HARD       AA NAIK                         
                        E                               HD DANGRE/R-2                   
                        V/S HEMANT S/O LAXMANBAPU       H.D.DANGRE/R.NO.1               
                         HATNAGAR AND ANR.                                              

44.  WP/1258/2010       KU. KIRAN D/O GOPALRAO WA       CA, RC JOSHI, MS SAMBRE,        
                        NKHEDE (SAU. KIRAN W/O VI       MI SHEKHANI                     
                        V/S AKOLA URBAN EDUN. SOC       G.P./R.NO.3  AND  4             
                        IETY THR. ITS PRESIDENT A       GP/R-3,4                        
                                                        SV SOHONI/R-1  AND  2           
     CAW/1950/2013      KU. KIRAN D/O GOPALRAO WA       CA JOSHI                        
                        NKHEDE (SAU. KIRAN W/O VI                                       
                        V/S AKOLA URBAN EDUN. SOC                                       
                        IETY THR. ITS PRESIDENT A                                       

45.  WP/1316/2010       PARMANAND MAHARAJ BAHU-UD       NB KALWAGHE                     
                        DESHIYA SEWA BHAVI SANSTH       ROHIT DEO, SN GAIKWAD/P-1       
                        V/S GAJANAN S/O ASHOK RAH        TO 3                           
                        ATE                             S.S.SHINGNE/R-SOLE/CAV          
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE/R-SOLE           
     WP/1853/2010       DNYANESHWAR S/O SAHEBRAO        PB PATIL AND SD DESAI           
                        SHELKE                          GP/R-3                          
                        V/S PARMANAND MAHARAJ BAH       SHRI.DEO  AND  KALWAGHE/R       
                        UUDDESHIYA SEVA BHAVI SAN       --1 AND 2(POWER AWAITED)        
                                                        NB KALWAGHE/R-1,2  AND          


46.  WP/1339/2010       SHRI JAYWANT GOVINDRAO SA       AS KILOR, SS SHINGANE           
                        NAP (H.M.) BHAGWAN BABA V       PS TIWARI/P                     
                        V/S JANKI SHIKSHAN PRASAR       GP/R-2                          
                        AK SANSTHA THR. ITS PRESI       ANIL S MARDIKAR, SG JOSHI       
     CAW/1992/2010      SHRI JAYWANT GOVINDRAO SA       PS TIWARI                       
                        NAP (H.M.) BHAGWAN BABA V                                       
                        V/S JANKI SHIKSHAN PRASAR                                       
                        AK SANSTHA THR. ITS PRESI                                       

47.  WP/1341/2010       KHARE AND COMPANY, THR PA       PD MEGHE, NITIN DHAKE, PS       
                        RTNER, SHRI. ARUN KHARE,         KADAM                          
                        V/S PUNDLIK S/O MAHADEO L       S.B. AND H.S.DHANDE/R.SOL       
                        OKHANDE                         E                               

48.  WP/1368/2010       BABASAHEB KEDAR SHETKARI        VD RAUT, SA RADKE, RJ KAN       
                        SAHAKARI SUT GIRNI MARYAD       KALE                            
                        V/S WAMAN S/O KESHAORAO Y       SG NIGOT/P                      
                        ELLURE AND ANR                  AP WACHASUNDAR, SG NIGOT,       
                                                         SD SHIRNATH/R-1                
     CAW/1300/2011      BABASAHEB KEDAR SHETKARI        SG NIGOT                        
                        SAHAKARI SUT GIRNI MARYAD                                       
                        V/S WAMAN S/O KESHAORAO Y                                       
                        ELLURE AND ANR                                                  

49.  WP/1375/2010       SUB DIVISIONAL OFFICER, N       GP                              
                        ATIONAL HIGH WAY SUB DIVI       SS PATIL/R-SOLE [POWER AW       
                        V/S BABULAL HIRAMANJI MET       AITED]                          

50.  WP/1380/2010       CENTRAL PROVINCES CLUB NA       SHYAM  AND  RAJSHREE DEWA       
                        GPUR LTD. THR. ITS EXE. S       NI, RAJ AHUJA, D AHUJA          
                        V/S MR. SUNIL S/O SUNGANA       V.P.MARPAKWAR/R-1/CAV           
                         NAIDU AND ANR                  G.P./R-2                        
     CAW/1992/2012      CENTRAL PROVINCES CLUB NA       VP MARPAKWAR                    
                        GPUR LTD. THR. ITS EXE. S                                       
                        V/S MR. SUNIL S/O SUNGANA                                       
                         NAIDU AND ANR                                                  

51.  WP/1414/2010       MADHAV S/O MAROTI KAKDE         AMOL DESHPANDE                  
                                                        SR DESHPANDE, AP MORDIA,        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       R WAGHMARE/PETITIONER           
                        S SECTY., AND ANR               V.G.WANKHEDE/R-3                
        REMARK : WITH WP/4409/2009. 
     WP/4409/2009       DEORAO S/O RAMPRASAD WABA       VG WANKHEDE, SN GAIKWAD         
                        LE                              R.N.GHANGE/R-4/CAV              
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE       GP/R-1,2,3                      
                        CTY., DEPT. OF FOOD, CIVI       AS DESHPANDE/R-4                

52.  WP/1439/2010       LOKVIKAS SHIKSHAN SANSTHA       BG KULKARNI, SN SHENDE, M       
                         WANI, THR SECRETARY AND        R FADANVIS                      
                        V/S MAYA D/O PRABHUDAS PA       D.P.DAPURKAR/R-1/CAV            
                        RCHAKE AND OTHERS               GP/R-2,3                        
     CAW/463/2012       LOKVIKAS SHIKSHAN SANSTHA       VA KOTHALE                      
                         WANI, THR SECRETARY AND                                        
                        V/S MAYA D/O PRABHUDAS PA                                       
                        RCHAKE AND OTHERS                                               

53.  WP/1440/2010       LAXMAN S/O DHONDBAJI KOKA       JB KASAT, VINAY DAHAT           
                        TE AND ANR                      G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        S SECTY., AND 3 ORS             M.A.VAISHNAV/CAV/R-4            
     WP/1445/2010       LAXMAN S/O DHONDBAJI KOKA       JB KASAT, VINAY DAHAT           
                        TE AND ANR                      G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        S SECTY., AND 3 ORS             M.A.VISHNAV/R-4/CAV             

                         CO OPERATIVE BANK LTD. T        V AWCHAT.                      
                        V/S BHUMANNA S/O ASHANNA        C.V.JAGDALE/R-SOLE/CAV          

55.  WP/1628/2010       DAIRY MANAGER, GOVT. MILK       GP                              
                         SCHEME AND ANR                 KL.DHARMADHIKARI/RESPONDE       
                        V/S ATMARAM S/O SHIVRAMJI       NT                              

56.  WP/1667/2010       EKNATH S/O DEOBA MAKHALE        KS NARWADE                      
                        AND OTHERS                      G.P./R-1  AND  2                
                        V/S THE SUB DIVISIONAL OF       V.N.PARATE/R-3/CAV              
                        FICER, PUSAD AND OTHERS                                         
     CAW/1289/2011      EKNATH S/O DEOBA MAKHALE        VN PATRE                        
                        AND OTHERS                                                      
                        V/S THE SUB DIVISIONAL OF                                       
                        FICER, PUSAD AND OTHERS                                         

57.  WP/1668/2010       THE DIVSNL OFFICER, CLASS       GP                              
                        -I, DIVSNL TUSAR SILK OFF       ST DHURVEY, SC KUMARE/R         
                        V/S VIJAY S/O PARASRAM DA                                       

58.  WP/1678/2010       THE EXE. ENGINEER, SPECIA       GP                              
                        L PROJECT DIVISION, AND A       N.R.SABOO/CAV/R-SOLE            
                        V/S RAMESH KRUSHNARAO DES                                       

59.  WP/1683/2010       BHARTIYA NAGAR PARISHAD K       SS GHATE                        
                        AMGAR SANGH, GADCHIROLI T       SA RADKE FOR CAVEATOR/R-1       
                        V/S THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL       .                               
                         GADCHIROLI, THR CHIEF OF       GP/R-2                          

60.  WP/1717/2010       SHRI. SHAILENDRAKUMAR GOW       SS SANYAL                       
                        ARDANDAS AGRAWAL                SM UKEY.                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAHA. THR SE       GP/R-1.                         
                        CRETARY, DEPT. OF FOREST,       SR  AND  SS DESHPANDE/R-1       
                                                         TO 4                           
                                                        SR DESHPANDE/R-2 TO 4           

61.  WP/1724/2010       UMAKANT S/O SHANKARRAO KA       MB JOSHI                        
                        MBLE                            RS CHARPE, BS NAIK, RS MO       
                        V/S M.S.R.T.C., THR DIVIS       HOD/R                           
                        IONAL CONTROLLER, CHANDRA                                       

62.  WP/1745/2010       THE SECTY., STATE OF MAH.       GP                              
                         PWD AND 3 ORS                  DC  AND  PD NAUKARKAR/R-1       
                        V/S ANIL NAMDEORAO HAJARE        TO 6,8,10 TO15,17-23, 
                         AND 28 ORS                     ,28                             


63.  WP/1768/2010       YASHWANT MANOHARRAO NAIK        MANOJ RAJAN PILLAI, NS RA       
                        V/S THE CHIEF CONSERVATOR       GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                         OF FOREST (TERRITORIAL)                                        

64.  WP/1804/2010       NANDLAL S/O ASARAM BORKAR       AR PATIL                        
                                                        AR/UA/KA PATIL                  
                        V/S FOREST DEVP. CORPORAT       GP/R-4                          
                        ION OF MAHA. THR M.D., NA       MS. TAJWAR KHAN/R               
                                                        T. KHAN/R-1 TO 3 [POWER N       
                                                        OT FILED FOR R-1].              
                                                        KU. TAJWAR KHAN/R-2             
                                                        TH KHAN/R-1                     

                        RE                              MM AGNIHOTRI/P                  
                        V/S THE ELECTION OFFICER,       G.P./R-2                        
                         GRAM PANCHAYAT AND ANR         GP/R-1,2                        
                                                        P MARPAKWAR/R-3                 

66.  WP/1871/2010       SMT. KAMAL W/O SANTOSH KH       VG WANKHEDE, SN GAIKWAD         
                        ARAT AND 2 ORS                  VG WANKHEDE/PETITIONERS         
                        V/S CIVIL SURGEON, GENERA       R-1 AND 2 ARE SERVED ON M       
                        L HOSPITAL, BULDHANA AND        ERIT.                           

67.  WP/1903/2010       NAVALKISHOR S/O SHANKARLA       VR MUNDRA, S KUMARE             
                        L CHANDAK                       VR MUNDRA AND NS POPAT FO       
                        V/S PURUSHOTTAM S/O SHANK       R L.RS. OF PETITIONER           
                        ARLAL CHANDAK                   R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                                                        A. DAGA/R-SOLE[POWER AWAI       
                                                        MD LAKHEY, ALOK DAGA/R          

68.  WP/1911/2010       PRAMOD S/O URKUDA MESHRAM       MV MOHOKAR                      
                                                        G.P. FOR THE R.NOS.1 AND        
                        V/S DY. DIRECTOR OF TECHN       2.                              
                        ICAL EDUCAATION, NAGPUR A                                       

69.  WP/1933/2010       KUNDA MANOHAR BADGE             VA KOTHALE                      
                                                        MP GULHANE                      
                        V/S SHRI. SHANKARLALJI RA       GP/R-3                          
                        THI SHIKSHA SAMITI, WALGA       PRAVIN S PATIL/R-2              
                                                        R-1  AND R-2 ARE SERVED O       
                                                        N MERIT.                        

70.  WP/1956/2010       VAIKUNTHARAO VASANTRAO VY       VG WANKHEDE                     
                        AWAHARE                         SN GAIKWAD                      
                        V/S SUB-DIVISIONAL OFFICE       AB.PATIL/R.SOLE                 
                        R, MINOR IRRIGATION, MALK       R-SOLE IS SERVED ON MERIT       

71.  WP/1982/2010       CHHOTABHAI JETHABHAI PATE       AN VASTANI                      
                        L AND CO. THR P.O.A. SHRI       RK THAKKAR                      
                        V/S VITHOBA RAGHUJI SHEND       MV MOHOKAR/R-1                  
                        E AND OTHERS                    SK MISHRA/R-2  AND  3           
                                                        R-1 TO 3 ARE SERVED.            
                                                        ROHIT BABAN DEO                 
                                                        FOR/R-2 AND 3                   

72.  WP/1988/2010       ZP, GADCHIROLI, THR C.E.O       HA DESHPANDE                    
. AND ANR.                                                      
                        V/S DEOKANYA DEORAO UKEY                                        

73.  WP/2018/2010       GRAM PANCHAYAT WADALA, TH       SR DESHPANDE                    
                        R SECRETARY                     MS. NILAKSHI BHALERAW, MS       
                        V/S GIRDHARILAL S/O SHIVR       .SB MUNGHATE                    
                        AJ SARDA AND ANR.               G.P./R-2                        

74.  WP/2035/2010       ASHOK SHANKARRAO PURI.          PRAVIN S  PATIL                 
                                                        AJ  AND  PA KADU/P              
                        V/S VANITA SAMAJ AMRAVATI       ADITYA DESHPANDE/R-1/CAV        
                        , THR ITS PRESIDENT             ADITYA  AND  ANAND DESHPA       
                                                        MM AGNIHOTRI/R-2                
                                                        C. A. BABREKAR/R-4 [POWER       
                                                        G.P./R-3 [MEMO AWAITED]                                                                                        

75.  WP/2147/2010       MADHUKAR S/O GOVINDRAO WA       MISS. SO TAPDIYA.               
                        KODE AND OTHERS                 M.A.VAISHANV/R-1/CAV            
                        V/S NAGORAO S/O RAMRAO WA                                       
                        KODE AND OTHERS                                                 

76.  WP/2214/2010       ATMARAM S/O BHAVSINGH RAT       CV JAGDALE                      
                        HOD                             GP FOR THE R.NO.1 AND 2         
                        V/S EXE. ENG. P.W.D. PUSA                                       
                        D AND ANR                                                       

77.  WP/2226/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD, MALKAPUR        ABHAY SAMBRE, MRS MA BARA       
                        THR. C.O. AND ANR               BDE                             
                        V/S SUDHAKAR SADASHIV PAT       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        IL AND OTHS                      VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                                                        P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./2 TO 4                     
                                                        RR DESHPANDE, KK  AND  SA       
                                                         PATHAK, PN CHANDEKAR/R-1       
     WP/2227/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD MALKAPUR,        ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                        THR CHIEF OFFICER AND ANR       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        V/S SACHIN RAMBHAU KSHIRS        VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                        AGAR AND OTHERS                 P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./2 TO 4                     
                                                        GP/R-2 TO 4                     
                                                        RR DESHPANDE, KK  AND  SA       
                                                         PATHAK, PN CHANDEKAR/R-1       
     WP/2228/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD MALKAPUR,        ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                        THR CHIEF OFFICER AND ANR       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        V/S DILIP RAMCHANDRA CHAV        VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                        AN AND OTHERS                   P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./R-2 TO 4                   
     WP/2229/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD MALKAPUR,        ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                        THR CHIEF OFFICER AND ANR       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        V/S PRALHAD KASHIRAM HAGE        VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                         AND OTHERS                     P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./R-2 TO 4                   
                                                        GP/R-2 TO 4                     
     WP/2230/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD, MALKAPUR        ABHAY SAMBRE, MRS MA BARA       
                        THR. C.O. AND ANR               BDE                             
                        V/S GAJANAN RAMRAO DESHMU       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        KH AND OTHS                      VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                                                        P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./2 TO 4                     
     WP/2231/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD MALKAPUR,        ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE        
                        THR. ITS CHIEF OFFICER AN       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        V/S DIPAK SAHEBRAO JAGTAP        VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                         AND 3 ORS                      P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./R-2 TO 4                   
     WP/2232/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD, MALKAPUR        ABHAY SAMBRE, MRS MA BARA       
                        THR. C.O. AND ANR               BDE                             
                        V/S UMESH PUNJAHARI KHATA       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        L AND OTHS                       VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                                                        P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        GP/R-2 TO 4                     
     WP/2233/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD MALKAPUR T       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE        
                        HR. CHIEF OFFICER               ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        V/S PRAVINKUMAR PURUSHOTT        VD AWACHAT/P-2                 
                        AM MISHRA AND 3 ORS             P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./R-2 TO 4                   
                                                        GP/R-2 TO 4                     
                                                        RR DESHPANDE, KK  AND  SA       
                                                         PATHAK, PN CHANDEKAR/R-1       
     WP/2234/2010       NAGAR PARISHAD, MALKAPUR        ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE        
                        THR. CHIEF OFFICER AND AN       ABHAY SAMBRE, MA BARABDE,       
                        V/S AJAY MOHANLAL KADAM A        VD AWACHAT/P                   
                        ND 3 ORS                        P.S.  AND  MRS.M.P.KSHIRS       
                                                        G.P./R-2 TO 4                   
                                                        RR DESHPANDE, KK  AND  SA       
                                                         PATHAK, PN CHANDEKAR/R-1       

                        AR                              , PD PUNDGE, SR BENDARKAR       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       GP/R-1,2 , 4                    
                        S MIN. OF REVENUE AND 3 O       HM SAKHARE, SD MALKE, AB        

79.  WP/2259/2010       SHEIKH AMINNUR RASHID S/O       SA ASHIRGADE                    
                         SHEIKH VAZIR AND 2 ORS         G.P./R-1  AND  2                
                        V/S STATE GOVT. OF MAH. T       GP/R-1,2                        
                        HR. ITS SUB DIVSNL OFFICE       MM SHESH/R-3 TO 5               

80.  WP/2313/2010       SAU. NARMADABAI W/O UTTAM       AV  AND  NA  GAWANDE            
                        RAO SHIWANKAR                   G.P./R-1,2,3                    
                        V/S ADDL. COMMISSIONER, A       PR WAGH, AB MOON/R-6,8,9,       
                        MRAVATI AND 13 ORS              10,11,13  AND  14               
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     

81.  WP/2314/2010       M.S.E.B. PARAS THERMAL PO       AD MOHGAONKAR                   
                        WER STATION, THR SUPDT. E       A R PATIL/R-1 APPOINTED B       
                        V/S SMT. SUMANBAI RAMBHAU       Y H.C.L.S.C., NAGPUR            
                         ZINE AND ANR.                                                  

82.  WP/2321/2010       SANJAY S/O VITTHALRAO WAR       HARSHAL D FUTANE                
                        HADE                            HD FUTANE/P                     
                        V/S M/S SHIVA STEEL PARTN       SV PUROHIT/R-1 TO 4             
                        ERSHIP FIRM THR. ITS PART                                       

83.  WP/2361/2010       PRAVIN ISWARDAS KADHI           AP WACHASUNDAR, MM LAPKAL       
                                                        E, SD SHIRNATH                  
                        V/S DETERGENTS INDIA LTD.                                       
                         THR. M.D.                                                      

84.  WP/2364/2010       VASANT SAHAKARI SAKHAR KH       MANOJ RAJAN PILLAI              
                        ARKHANA LTD.                    PA KADU/R-SOLE                  
                        V/S VASANT SAHAKARI KAMGA                                       
                        R UNION                                                         

85.  WP/2433/2010       ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        ISSIONER                        SR BHONGADE, PS THAWRE, S       
                        V/S M/S SUPER CONSTRUCTIO       N KHANDELWAL/R                  
                        N COMPANY                       SN KHANDELWAL  AND  SR BH       
     WP/3722/2010       ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        ISSIONER                        SR BHONGADE, PS THAWARE/R       
                        V/S M/S SURKAN AND COMPAN       SN KHANDELWAL  AND  SR BH       
                        Y THR. ITS PARTNER NK JAI       ONGADE                          
     WP/3534/2010       ASSTT. P.F. COMMISSIONER,       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                         NAGPUR                         SR BHONGADE, SN KHANDELWA       
                        V/S M/S N.N. PUGALIA, ENG       L, PS THAWRE/R                  
     WP/3531/2010       ASSTT. P.F. COMMISSIONER,       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                         NAGPUR                         SR BHONGADE, SN KHANDELWA       
                        V/S M/S ANOJ KUMAR AGRAWA       L, PS THAWRE/R                  
                        L                               SN KHANDELWAL  AND  SR BH       
     WP/3251/2010       ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        ISSIONER                        VIRAT MISHRA, RD KALRA/R-       
                        V/S M/S GUPTA CONSTRUCTIO       SOLE                            
                        N COMPANY                       SN KHANDELWAL  AND  SR BH       
     WP/3494/2010       ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        ISSIONER                        SR BHONGADE/R-SOLE[POWER        
                        V/S M/S VIJAY CONSTRUCTIO       AWAITED]                        
                        N                               SN KHANDELWAL  AND  SR BH       
     WP/3521/2010       ASSTT. P.F. COMMISSIONER,       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                         NAGPUR                         SR BHONGADE, SN KHANDELWA       
                        V/S M/S GEORGE CONSTRUCTI       L, PS THAWRE/R                  
                        ON COMPANY, ENG. AND CONT       SN KHANDELWAL  AND  SR BH       
     WP/3252/2010       ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        ISSIONER                        SR BHONGADE/R-SOLE[POWER        
                        V/S M/S A.B. CONSTRUCTION       AWAITED]                        
                         ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTOR       SN KHANDELWAL  AND  SR BH       
     WP/2674/2010       ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        ISSIONER                        SR BHONGADE, PS THAWRE, S       
                        V/S M/S P.K. CONSTRUCTION       N KHANDELWAL/R                  
                                                        SN KHANDELWAL, SHRIRANG B       
     WP/232/2010        ASST. PROVIDENT FUND COMM       RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA           
                        ISSIONER                        SR  AND  RM BHONGADE, P T       
                        V/S R.K. SANCHETI ENGINEE       HAWARE/R                        
                        RS AND CONTRACTORS              SN KHANDELWAL, SHRIRANG B       
     WP/5221/2009       REGIONAL P.F. COMMISSIONE       RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA           
                        R, NAGPUR AND ANR.              HD DANGRE/R                     
                        V/S LINK HOUSE COMMERCIAL       SN KHANDELWAL, SHRIRANG B       
                        S LTD, THR ITS AUTHORIZED                                       

86.  WP/2448/2010       RANJANABAI W/O RAMESH RAU       AZ AND NM JIBHKATE              
                        T                               G.P./R-1  AND  2, I.N. CH       
                        V/S THE DIVISIONAL COMMIS       AUDHARI/CAV/R-3  AND  4         
                        SIONER, NAGPUR DN. AND OT       GP/R-1,2                        

87.  WP/2457/2010       DR. SRIRANG CHANDRABHANJI       SP,PY,VP DESHPANDE, AH PA       
                         SAWAI AND ANR                  TIL, SP JOSHI                   
                        V/S THE DISTT. DY. REGIST       GP FOR THE R.NO.1.              
                        RAR CO-OP. SOC. AMRAVATI        VR.MUNDRA AND SC.KUMARE/R       
                                                        MA KADU/R-2  AND  3             
                                                        VR MUNDRA/R-4                   

88.  WP/2511/2010       MOHAMMAD BADRUDDIN KHAN         LKH KHAMBORKAR, KJ MAHAJA       
                        V/S SATNAM SINGH KHANDOJA       L. K. KHAMBORKAR/P              
                         AND ANOTHER                    AK SOMANI, N RATHI/R-7          
                                                        PETN DISMISSED AGAINST R-       

1.TO 5, JL BHOOT/R-6-A,B        

89.  WP/2531/2010       ANAND SHANKARLAL TIWARI         AC DHARMADHIKARI, NA JACH       
                                                        AK, TRIPTI JHAVER               
                        V/S GULSHAN SANTRAM SAHAN       RM SHARMA, MS SHARMA FOR        
                        I                               CAVATOR/R-SOLE                  

90.  WP/2592/2010       ASHISH RANJIT DESHMUKH          PB PATIL, SD DESAI              
                                                        R-1 AND 2 ARE SERVED ON M       
                        V/S AUTHORISED PERSON, AP       ERIT.                           
                        POINTED IN MATTER OF NAGP                                       

91.  WP/2648/2010       PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK, NEW       AT PUROHIT                      
                         DELHI, THR POWER OF ATT.       SK.MISHRA,R.1 AND 2             
                        V/S ADDL. DY. MUNICIPAL C                                       
                        OMMISSER [I] N.M.C. NAGPU                                       

92.  WP/2659/2010       SHRI. VISHWANATH NAGORAOJ       PN SHENDE                       
                        I DANDEKAR                      GP/R-3                          
                        V/S CHIMUR EDUCATION SOCI       SP  AND  AS BHANDARKAR, G       
                        ETY, THR PRESIDENT AND OT       S BAPAT, SK ANKAR/R-1           

93.  WP/2701/2010       SHALIK NAMDEORAO DARUNKAR       A.S.CHANDURKAR                  
                                                        NEETA JOG                       
                        V/S SMT.SUMAN CHINDHUJI N       FOR/P                           
                        IRASKAR                         ANITA SHINDE/R.1                
                                                        ANITA SHINDE/R-1                

94.  WP/2741/2010       VITHOBA S/O KISAN WAGHMAR       AS CHANDURKAR, SS ADKAR         
                        E                               G.P./R-SOLE                     
                        V/S THE TAHSILDAR, ELECTI       GP/R.SOLE                       
                        ON OFFICER                                                      

95.  WP/2767/2010       RAVINDRA S/O BHAURAOJI KH       A SHELAT                        
                        EDKAR                           PS JAISWAL, VIJAYA  AND         
                        V/S SMT. VANITA W/O VITHA       ARUNA BALPANDE/R                
                        LRAO LOHAKARE                                                   

96.  WP/2817/2010       VIDYANKETAN SHIKSHAN SANS       UJ DESHPANDE/P                  
                        THA THR. ITS PRESIDENT AN       P.N.SHENDE/CAV/R-1              
                        V/S SUDHAKAR VITHOBA BHAJ       GP/R-2                          
                        E AND ANR                                                       

97.  WP/2843/2010       CHAIRMAN CUM M.D. W.C.L.        RAMESH DARDA, TUSHAR DARD       
                        V/S MUJOO ASHOK KUMAR, EX       S.K.PASHINE/CAV/R-1             
. DY. C.M.E. WCL AND 2 OR       GIRISH CHAUBEY/R-2  AND         


98.  WP/2844/2010       PRADNYA SHIKSHAN SANSTHA,       HA DESHPANDE                    
                         YERANDI, THR SECRETARY A       SHRI S. BORKAR,ADV/CAVR-1       
                        V/S VIJAY WAMAN BHOWATE A       AA NAIK/R-3                     
                        ND OTHERS                       GP/R-2                          

99.  WP/2931/2010       RAVINDRA S/O MAHADEO GADH       SS KHADSE, AM GHOGARE, PA       
                        AVE                              RAJURKAR                       
                        V/S SAMRAT SHIKSHAN PRASA       GP/R-4                          
                        RAK SANSTHA THR. ITS PRES       ANJAN DE/R.1 TO 3               
                                                        DR. ANJAN, ANUP, ANUPAM D       

100. WP/2981/2010       GOWARDHAN GANUJI DONGARDI       SR NARNAWARE                    
                        VE                              CS.KAPTAN/R.1                   
                        V/S AKOLA CITY MUNICIPAL        UN VYAS, SG GAWAI/R-3           
                        CORPORATIN THR. ITS COMMI       R-2 DELETED                     
                                                        CS KAPTAN/R                     

101. WP/3001/2010       DHANRAJ S/O NANKUPRASAD G       VP MARPAKWAR                    
                        UPTA                            GP/R-1,2                        
                        V/S P.W.D. THR CHIEF ENG.                                       
                         NAGPUR AND ANR.                                                

102. WP/3012/2010       NILKANTH GENDBA DAWALE AN       DL, JYOTI, RAHUL D  DHARM       
                        D 2 ORS                         ADHIKARI                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       MD ZOTING/R-2 TO 5/CAV          
                        S SECTY., AND 5 ORS             G.P./R-1 AND 6                  

103. WP/3060/2010       MSEDC  LTD.(MSEDCL),THR.E       S.V.PUROHIT                     
                        X.ENGNR.(R),GORAKHAN RD.        S.B.BHANGALE                    
                        V/S ASHWIN ANUPKUMAR SHRA       Y.B.SHARMA/R.1                  
                        VAGI PRO.ASHWIN OIL MILL,       SV AND  RS SIRPURKAR, NB        
     WP/3061/2010       MAH. STATE ELCTRICITY DIS       SV PUROHIT, SB BHANGDE          
                        TRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. (M       YB.SHARMA/R.1                   
                        V/S SAU. ARCHANA W/O NARE       SV AND  RS SIRPURKAR, NB        
                        SH BHUTADA AND ANR              JAWADE/R-1                      
     WP/3062/2010       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT, SB BHANGDE          
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. (       YB.SHARMA/R.1                   
                        V/S GOKULDAS L CHANDAK PR       SV  AND  RS SIRPURKAR, NB       
                        OP. GOKUL GINNING PRESSIN        JAWADE/R-1                     
     WP/3063/2010       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT                      
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. (       S.B.BHANGALE                    
                        V/S RAJKUMAR SOHANLAL BIL       Y.B.SHARMA/R.1                  
                        ALA AND ANR                     SV.SIRPURKAR/R.1                
     WP/4197/2010       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT                      
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. T       Y.B.SHARMA/CAV/R-1              
                        V/S DEEPAK JAMNADAS KOTAK       ALOK  AND  TRIPTI DAGA/R-       
                         AND ANR                        1                               
     WP/4225/2010       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT                      
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. T       Y.B.SHAMRA/CAV/R-1              
                        V/S VISHNU RAMPRASAD GUJA       ALOK  AND  TRIPTI DAGA/R-       
                        R AND ANR                       1                               

104. WP/3104/2010       ZP, AMRAVATI THR C.E.O.         JB KASAT                        
                        V/S JANARDHAN AWDHUT NANN                                       

105. WP/3146/2010       Z.P.AMRAVATI THR.B LOCK D       J.B.KASAT                       
                        EV ELOPMENT OFFICER,PANCH       R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT          
                        V/S NIRMALA RAMBHAU WANKH                                       

106. WP/3159/2010       RAMDAS S/O RAMRAO PARIKA        MG SARDA                        
                        V/S DIVSNL CONTROLLER, MA                                       
                        H. STATE TRANSPORT CORPOR                                       

107. WP/3248/2010       SHRI. SATISH BRIJLAL AHER       SP DESHPANDE, SP JOSHI          
                        WAR AND ANR.                    SP DESHPANDE, SP JOSHI/P        
                        V/S KISHORBHAI KANJIBHAI        AM. JAMTHIKAR/RESPONDENT        

108. WP/3348/2010       NOOR AHEMAD SK. CHAND           AS.MARDIKAR                     
                        V/S AFROJABI NASIM BAIG         AV.BHIDE/R.1 AND 2              

109. WP/3425/2010       THE SECRETARY  PUBLIC WOR       GP                              
                        KS DEPARTMENT  MANTRALAYA       M.P.KARIA, M.D.GADGE/CAV/       
                        V/S SHRI TUKARAM PANDURAN       R-1 TO 3  AND  5 TO 14          
                        G SARAF AND OTHERS              S.K.TAMBDE/R-1 TO 3, 5 TO       


110. WP/3471/2010       JANA SHAKTI SHIKSHAN SANS       SO TAPADIYA, KV BHOSKAR         
                        THA THR. ITS SECTY., AND        P.R.PUDKE, R.V.GAIKWAD/CA       
                        V/S DR. KU. DURGA D/O HAR       V/R-1                           
                        IBHAU PUTTEWAR AND 3 ORS        GP/R-3                          

111. WP/3527/2010       SMT. SHOBHA JANARDHAN MAS       AC DHARMADHIKARI, TH UDES       
                        RAM                             HI                              
                        V/S GANPAT GULABRAO THAKR       SV BHUTADA, AJ WANKHEDE,        
                        E                               VM NANOTE, AK NEWARE/R          
                                                        NANDESH S DESHPANDE             

112. WP/3562/2010       SHADAB EDUCN. SOCY. OFFIC       G.C.SINGH                       
                        E AT PLOT N O.11, RATHOD        ANAND PARCHURE, SACHIN KH       
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE       ANDEKAR/R-5/CAV                 
                        CY. HIGHER EDUCN. DEPTT.        GP/R-1,3,4                      
                                                        BG KULKARNI/R-2                 

113. WP/3579/2010       SMT. INDIARABAI WD/O SURE       BD  AND  SB  CHUTE              
                        SHRAO SHAHKAR DEAD THR. L       CF BHAGWANI, VA LAGHATE/R       
                        V/S NARENDRAKUMAR S/O MAH       -1                              
                        ENDRAKUMAR JAIN PROP. OF                                        

114. WP/3598/2010       SWAMI SAMARTH , SHIKSHAN        FIRDOS MIRZA                    
                        PRASARAK   AND  SAMAJIK V       A.DESHPANDE                     
                        V/S ADDL. COMMISSIONER TR       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        IBAL DEVELOPMENT, AMRAVAT       FOR/P                           
                                                        G.P./R-1  AND  2                

115. WP/3604/2010       SAU. SHEELA W/O SHANKARRA       PB PATIL                        
                        O ARMAL                         G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                        V/S DISTRICT COLLECTOR, B       AA NAIK/R-4                     
                        ULDHANA AND 3 ORS                                               

116. WP/3614/2010       DNYANESHWAR S/O DEVRAO GH       VP MARPAKWAR                    
                        AYWAT                           KALYANI DESHPANDE               
                        V/S INDIAN EXPRESS NEWSPA       P. C. MARPAKWAR/P               
                        PER (BOM) LTD. THR. DIR4.       RB.AND RR.PURANIK/RESPOND       

117. WP/3626/2010       THE EXE. ENGINEER, PUBLIC       GP                              
                         WORKS DIVISION AND 2 ORS       PN KHADGI/R                     
                        V/S SAHEBRAO S/O HARIBHAU                                       

118. WP/3654/2010       THE ASST. PROVIDENT FUND        ANOOP PARIHAR                   
                        COMMISSIONER AND ANR            HN VERMA/P                      
                        V/S M/S ABHINANDAN URBAN        AP WACHASUNDAR, S SONI, S       
                        CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD.,         D SHIRNATH/R                    
        REMARK : WP/3655/10 (D) & WP/3876/10 (D) FOR REF. 

119. WP/3716/2010       NANDAKUMARI S/O SHRWAN BH       NP HIWASE                       
                        ANARKAR AND OTHERS              MN HIWASE                       
                        V/S SHRWAN S/O RAMKRISHNA       RN SEN, SHWETA GAJBHIYE/R       
                         BHANARKAR                      -SOLE                           

120. WP/3718/2010       SMT. SHEHNAZ BEGUM MOHD.        BM, RB KHAN                     
                        HANIF                           VG.WANKHEDE/R.1 AND 2           
                        V/S DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER       S.N.GAIKWAD                     
                        , M.S.R.T.C. YAVATMAL AND                                       

121. WP/3805/2010       VIDYA BHARATI SHIKSHAN SA       ND KHAMBORKAR                   
                        NSTHA, THR PRESIDENT, HIN       M.G. JOSHI/CAV/R-2              
                        V/S P.O. SCHOOL TRIBUNAL,       JS MOKADAM/R-3                  
                         CHANDRAPUR AND OTHERS          G.P./R-1 (MEMO AWAITED)         
                                                        MG JOSHI, SM GAJBHIYE, RN       

122. WP/3824/2010       BHALCHANDRA DEVIDASRAO KA       RL.KHAPRE                       
                        DAM                             R.G.KAVIMANDAN, D.P.JAISW       
                        V/S SHIVAJI EDUCN. SOCY.,       AL.                             
                         AMRAVATI, THR. PRESIDENT       G.P./R-3                        
                                                        CS.KAPTAN/R.1 AND 2             
                                                        ABHAY SAMBRE/ R .NO. 1 AN       
                                                        D 2                             

123. WP/3865/2010       KU. NISHATAI WASUDEO TEMB       HK.PANDE                        
                        HURNE                           NR BHISHIKAR/CAV/R-2.           
                        V/S JAN SAHANUBHUTI VIKAS       B.J. LONARE/CAV/R-2             
                         SANSTHA,GADCHIROLI,THR.P       NR BHISHIKAR/R-1                

124. WP/3941/2010       DINESH PANJABRAO AGARKAR        VA DHABE                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.,THR.SEC       GG MISHRA, IL   AND  LN B       
                        Y. RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND        ODADE, P RAULKAR/R-3            
                                                        MB  AND  MP NAIDU/R-5           

125. WP/3983/2010       SHRI MAHESH DAYALMAL BHAT       SHYAM DEWANI                    
                        IA                              RAJESHRIEE DEWANI, N. LAL       
                        V/S RAMCHANDRA ATUMAL SHA       WANI                            
                        DIJA                            G.G.MODAK, R.S.SUBHEDAR/C       
                                                        GP/R-2, 3                       
                                                        GG MODAK/R                      

126. WP/4026/2010       MUDRIKAPRASAD LAKHPATI PR       DEEPAK CHUMBHARE                
                        ASAD TIWARI                     A. ATHALYE                      
                        V/S EDUCATION SOCIETY, YA       TEJAS PATIL, RM SHARMA, H       
                        VATMAL, THR PRESIDENT AND       D MARATHE/P                     
                                                        RB  AND  RR PURANIK, SG C       
                                                        HOPKAR/R-1  AND  2              
                                                        SG CHOPKAR/R-3                  

127. WP/4027/2010       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY BO       AD MOHGAONKAR, SA DEOLE         
                        ARD HOLDING COMPANY LTD.        SV  SIRPURKAR, AS AMBATKA       
                        V/S RAJKAMAL SITARAM BANK       R/R                             
                        AR AND 7 ORS                                                    

128. WP/4034/2010       THE WASHIM URBAN CO-OP. B       DM.KAKANI/PETITIONER            
                        ANK LTD. THR. ITS PRESIDE       G.P./R-1, CA JOSHI/R-2          
                        V/S THE INDUSTRIAL COURT,                                       
                         AKOLA AND ANR                                                  

129. WP/4049/2010       M/S MAHADEORAO NAMDEORAO        NR SABOO                        
                        KUBADE                          S.T.HARKARE/CAV/R-SOLE          
                        V/S SHRI. SAHEBRAO PANDUR                                       
                        ANG HARNE                                                       

130. WP/4053/2010       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER,MSR       VG.WANKHEDE                     
                        TC., DIVISION OFFICE, BUL       S.R.KULKARNI, S.N.GAIKWAD       
                        V/S A.G.DEO,ASSTT. TRAFFI       PN VERMA FOR RESPONDENT         
                        C  SUPDTT. MSRTC,KHAMGAON                                       
     WP/4056/2010       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER M.S       VG WANKHEDE, SN GAIKWAD,        
.R.T.C. DN OFFICE BULDHAN       MRS SR KULKARNI                 
                        V/S A.G. DEO, ASSTT. TRAF       PN VERMA FOR RESPONDENT         
                        FIC SUPDT.                                                      

131. WP/4081/2010       SMT. PRITAM KAUR WD/O LAT       AA NAIK AND ROHIT JOSHI         
                        E DR. M.S. MADAN                AS  AND  RA JAISWAL, NA P       
                        V/S ASGAR HUSSAIN NOMANBH       ADHYE, NH JOSHI/P               
                        AI                              BN AND SB MOHTA, GHULAM A       
                                                        BBAS QUBBAWALA/R-SOLE           

132. WP/4227/2010       SAU SHEELABAI W/O DINKAR        IRA P KHISTI, VEENA REDDY       
                        DHAKARE                         GP/R-1                          
                        V/S THE ADDITIONAL COMMIS       SN DESHPANDE/R-2  AND  
                        SSIONER AMRAVATI AND OTHE                                       

133. WP/4289/2010       SAU. SANGITA DILIP AMBHOR       JB.GANDHI                       
                        E                               B.K. GANDHI, J.N.SABLANI        
                        V/S ADDL. COMMR. AMRAVATI       J.B.KASAT/CAV/R-4               
                         DIVN.,AMRAVATI                 GP/R-1,2                        

134. WP/4340/2010       ARUN KISANRAO BANGADE           AD MOHGAONKAR                   
                        V/S LOKVIKAS SHIKSHAN SAN       BG KULKARNI/R-1 TO 3            
                        STHA THR. ITS SECTY., AND                                       

135. WP/4345/2010       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       RE MOHARIR                      
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. T       G.G. BADE/R-1/CAV               
                        V/S VIJAY BAHADUR GUPTA A       GP/R-2                          
                        ND ANR                                                          

136. WP/4416/2010       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER, M.       RS.CHARPE                       
                        S.R.T.C., DIVNL. OFFICE,        B.S.NAIK                        
                        V/S SUDHIR SADASHIV SAWAL       CV  AND  KS JAGDALE/R-SOL       
                        E                               E                               

137. WP/4417/2010       AJIT  SINGH GILL S/O RAKH       ROHAN CHHABRA                   
                        A SINGH GILL                    GP/R-1,2,3                      
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. CO                                       
                        LLECTOR, NAGPUR                                                 

138. WP/4419/2010       MANGO S/O DOLBA MAHAJAN         MB  AND  MP NAIDU               
                                                        R-1 TO 4 ARE SERVED ON ME       
                        V/S SHRIRAM S/O MAHADEO M       RIT.                            
                        AHAJAN AND 3 ORS                                                

139. WP/4454/2010       M.S.E.D.C.L. THR. ITS CHI       AR,KA AND MRS UA PATIL          
                        EF ENGG. NAGPUR URBAN ZON                                       
                        V/S NARAYAN VYANKATESH BA                                       

140. WP/4455/2010       SMT. JYOTI CHANDU KANOJIY       KM.KUTHE,S.K.SHAMBHARKAR        
                        A                               A.M.GHARE, L.R.KOTHARI/R-       
                        V/S SHIRISH MAHADEORAO MA       SOLE/CAV                        
                        HAJAN THR. POWER OF ATTOR                                       

141. WP/4471/2010       MAH.REMOTE SENSING APPLIC       AR.,PATIL  AND  MRS.UA.PA       
                        ATIONS CENTRE (MRSAC),NAG       TIL,KA.PATIL                    
                        V/S DY.REGISTRAR OF TRADE       GP/R-1                          
                         UNION/ASSTT.LABOUR  COMM       AD MOHGAONKAR/FOR R.NO.

142. WP/4503/2010       SOMESHWAR PUNDLIKRAO WARG       NR SABOO, A PARIHAR             
                        ANE                             GP/R-1,2                        
                        V/S THE PRINCIPAL, GOVT.                                        
                        RESIDENTIAL LADIES POLYTE                                       

143. WP/4504/2010       RAMBHAU S/O DASHRATHJI BH       SN DANDEKAR                     
                        OYAR                            GP/R-1,2                        
                        V/S THE DIVISIONAL JT. RE                                       
                        GISTRAR, COOPERATIVE SOCI                                       

144. WP/4538/2010       MADHUKAR VITTHALRAO BHAGA       BM  AND  RB KHAN                
                        T                               VG. WANKHEDE/R.SOLE             
                        V/S THE DIVSNL CONTROLLER                                       
                        , M.S.R.T.C. BULDHANA                                           

145. WP/4587/2010       THE DIVSNL CONTROLLER, MA       VG WANKHEDE                     
                        H. STATE ROAD TRANSPORT C       A.N.VASTANI, R.K.THAKKAR/       
                        V/S CHINTAMAN S/O RAMAJI        CAV/R-SOLE                      

146. WP/4629/2010       DIPAK SADASHIVRAO RINGANE       PA.KADU                         
                                                        A.J. KADU/P                     
                        V/S DNYANGANGECHA BHAGIRA       G.P.FOR THE R.NOS.3 AND
                        TH MAHATMA FULE SHIKSHAN        .                               
                                                        CA, RC JOSHI, MS SAMBRE,        
                                                        MI SHEKHANI/R-1,2               

147. WP/4654/2010       THE DIVSNL CONTROLLER, M.       BP  AND  VP MALDHURE            
                        S.R.T.C.                        CV JAGDALE/R-1                  
                        V/S DEORAO GANGARAM PALAK       AC DHARMADHIKARI/R-3            
                        WAR AND ANR                                                     

148. WP/4805/2010       SURAJLAL HIRAMAN UJAWANE        SHASHIKANT BORKAR               
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. TA       SD KHATI, VV MASARAM/R-
                        HSILDAR, TAHSIL OFFICE, D                                       

149. WP/4872/2010       THE WARDHA DISTT. CO.OP.        SD.THAKUR                       
                        BANKS EMPLOYEES  UNION ,        G.P./R-2                        
                        V/S THE WARDHA NAGRI SAHA       SS GHATE, RV GURNULE, A D       
                        KARI BANK LTD., MADHAV BH       ESAI/R-1                        

150. WP/4876/2010       SENIOR DIVISIONAL MANAGER       PP  AND  PN  KOTHARI, SS        
                        , LIFE INSURANCE CORPORAT       NERKAR                          
                        V/S CENTRAL GOVT. INDUSTR       RN SEN, SHWETA GAJBHIYE/R       
                        IAL TRIBUNAL CUM LABOUR C       -2                              
                                                        RN SEN, SHWETA GAJBHIYE/R       

151. WP/4881/2010       BHARANGRAJ YADAORAO PARUS       SP.BHANDARKAR                   
                        HRAMKAR                         G.S.BAPAT, R.M.PANDE, S                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. PR       .ANKAR                          
                        INCIPAL SECY, DEPTT. OF F       G.P./R-1 TO 5                   
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 5                     
                                                        RD RASKAR, AR INGOLE, S C       

152. WP/4945/2010       RAVINDRA VITHALRAO GAIGOL       AS.KILOR                        
                        E                               G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                        V/S COLLECTOR, AMRAVATI,        IW PATIL/R-4                    
                        DISTT. AMRAVATI                 GP/R-1,2,3                      

153. WP/4972/2010       ASHOK LUNGAJI WANKHADE          PRAVIN S PATIL                  
                                                        CS KAPTAN/R-1  AND  2           
                        V/S PRINCIPAL, RAMKRISHNA       GP/R-3                          
                         JR. COLLEGE AND 2 ORS                                          

154. WP/5111/2010       RAMESH TUKARAM WANKHEDE         SD.THAKUR                       
                                                        R-1 SERVED ON MERIT.            
                        V/S M/S.HINDUSTAN LEVER L       GP/R-2                          
                        TD. UTTARA, PLOT NO. 2, S       H.V. THAKUR/R                   

155. WP/5208/2010       KASHINATH PUNDLIK BHARATK       SR. DESHPANDE                   
                        AR,                             SR DESHPANDE, RP WAGHMARE       
                        V/S RAMCHANDRA DEVASTHAN        /P ( LRS 1 TO 4)                
                        WANI, THR. TRUSTEES             K BHOSKAR, P AGRAWAL/R-
                                                         AND  R-2                       

156. WP/5231/2010       BABURAO SAMBHAJI LAWHATRE       HD.DANGRE                       
                                                        SM GHODESWAR/R-1 TO 3           
                        V/S SHARDA KUNDAN@ CHUNAN                                       
                        D CHAWHAN                                                       

157. WP/5261/2010       KU. WAHIDA SHERMOHAMMAD S       S.P.DESHPANDE                   
                        HAIKH                           ND KHAMBORKAR, AN SHEDAME       
                        V/S TRIRTNA BNAHU UDDESHI       /R-1                            
                        YA SHIKSHAN SANSTHA, THR.       G.P./R-2                        

158. WP/5284/2010       SAU. SHEELA W/O PURUSHOTT       NB  AND  HB  BARGAT             
                        AM RATHOD                       G.P./R-1  AND  2                
                        V/S ADDITIONAL COMMISSION       GP/R-1,2                        
                        ER, AMRAVATI AND 9 ORS          BD VORA, S SAWARE/R-3           
                                                        JB KASAT/R-4  AND  7            
                                                        JB KASAT/R-8                    

159. WP/5294/2010       KOMAL KHETRI SHARNAGAT          SP.BHANDARKAR                   
                                                        G.S.BAPAT, R.M.PANDE, S                        V/S STATE OF MAH., THR. S       .ANKAR                          
                        ECY., DEPTT.   OF CO.OP.        G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                                                        AH PATIL/R-4                    
                                                        AH PATIL/R-5                    

160. WP/5338/2010       JAWAHAR BANSILAL PATEL TH       PRAMOD N VARMA, V SAKHARK       
                        R. L.RS' NANDA J PATEL          AR                              
                        V/S WSHIM ZP PRATHAMIK SH       NG JETHA, VB JAWANJAL/R-1       
                        IKSHAK SAHAKARI PAT SANST                                       

161. WP/5451/2010       M/S MAH. STATE MINING COR       CS KAPTAN (FILED IN COURT       
                        P. BODY CORPORATE THR. IT       )                               
                        V/S SURESH GANGADHAR GHAT       CS SAMUDRA/R                    

162. WP/5474/2010       SOU. NANDA W/O OMPRAKASH        SHRI M.K.KULKARNI AND R                        DAYALWAR                        .SONTAKKE                       
                        V/S THE DISTRICT MAGISTRA       G.P./R-1                        
                        TE, YAVATMAL AND OTHERS         GP/R-1                          
                                                        VJ DHARKAR/R-2  AND  3          

163. WP/5513/2010       M.S.R.T.C.,THR. DIVISIONA       RS.CHARPE                       
                        L CONTROLLER, YEOTMAL DIV       R.S.MOHOD, B.S.NAIK.            
                        V/S SAHEBRAO KISANRAO KHA       CV,  JAGDALE/R-SOLE             

164. WP/5533/2010       SHAMRAO DAYANAND PUNEKAR        RS PARSODKAR                    
                                                        R-1 TO R-3 ARE SERVED ON        
                        V/S FOREST DEVELOPMENT CO       MERIT.                          
                        RPN. MAH. LTD. THR. MANAG       MP BADAR, SM BAHIRWAR/RES       
                                                        TH KHAN/R                       

165. WP/5566/2010       ASSISTANT PROVIDENT FUND        ANOOP PARIHAR                   
                        COMMISSIONER                    HN VERMA                        
                        V/S THE VASANT NAGRI SWHA       AJ THAKKAR/R                    
                        HKARI PAT SANSTHA  MARYDI                                       

166. WP/5568/2010       SHRI RAM MAROTRAO CHAPLE        A.R.PATIL                       
                                                        UA PATIL                        
                        V/S M.S.R.T.C. THR. DIVNL       RS CHARPE, RS MOHOD, BS N       
. CONTROLLER, NAGPUR DIVN       AIK/R                           

167. WP/5576/2010       DR. SUSHIL KUMAR TITUS          AS KULKARNI, N FULSUNGE         
                        V/S THE METHODIST EPISCOP       SM  AND  CS SAMUDRA/R-1
                        AL CHURCH THR. ITS PRESID       KK PILLAI, M NAYADU/R-1 T       
                                                        O 11                            
                                                        RL KHAPRE, SA MOHTA/R-12,       

                                                        R-15  AND  16 SERVED ON M       
     WP/5596/2010       EXECUTIVE BOARD OF THE ME       RL KHAPRE, RG KAVIMANDAN        
                        THODIST CHURCH IN INDIA,        G.P./R-11                       
                        V/S JOHN MATHEW DAVID S/O       KK PILLAI, M NAYADU/R-1 T       
                         MOSES DAVID AND 13 OTHER       O 11                            
                                                        CS  AND  SM SAMUDRA/R-1

168. WP/5626/2010       HEAD MASTER, DINBAI VIDYA       RJ MIRZA, AJ MIRZA              
                        LAYA AND ANR                    NB  AND  HB BARGAT/R-1          
                        V/S SURYAKANT LAKSHMAN MO       G.P./R- 2                       
                        RE AND ANR                                                      

169. WP/5660/2010       TARENDRA S/O PURUSHOTTAM        KD DESHPANDE AND VA PATAI       
                        SHEJPAL                         T                               
                        V/S SHRI ANAND NAGARI SAH       GP/R-2                          
. BANK LTD. THR. ITS MANA       PS TIDKE/R-1                    
                                                        ANIL BAMBAL/INT.                

170. WP/5665/2010       SURESH BALWANTRAO PATIL         AZ JIBHKATE, VN PATRE           
                        V/S DATTA PRASADIK SHIKSH       R.D.RASKAR/R-1/CAV              
                        AN PRASARAK MANDAL THR. I       GP/R-3                          
                                                        MRS. RD RASKAR/R-2              

171. WP/5666/2010       KIRAN UKANDRAO PATIL            AZ JIBHKATE, VN PATRE           
                        V/S DATTA PRASADIK SHIKSH       R.D.RASKAR/R-1/CAV              
                        AN PRASARAK MANDAL, THROU       GP/R-3                          
                                                        MRS. RD RASKAR/R-2              

172. WP/5674/2010       STATE OF MAH. THR. DISTT.       GP                              
                         SEEDS OFFICER, BHANDARA        S.T.BAGADE, S.E.RAGHARTE/       
                        V/S SAU. VIMAL W/O HARIBH       CAV/R-1 TO 13                   
                        AU KHOTELE AND ORS                                              

173. WP/5681/2010       MAHARASHTRA STATE ELETRIC       SHRI S.V.PUROHIT                
                        ITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY        Y. B. SHARMA/R-1/CAV            
                        V/S SHRI CHANDRAKANT LILA       ALOK DAGA, TRIPTI DAGA/R-       
                        DHAR HARKANTH PARTNER OF        1                               
     WP/5682/2010       M.S.E.D.C.L. THR. ITS EXE       SV PUROHIT                      
. ENGG. (RURAL)                 Y.B.SHARMA/CAV/R-1              
                        V/S M/S SHRI RAMDEO COTSP       ALOK DAGA, TRIPTI DAGA/R-       
                        IN INDUSTRIES AND ANR           1                               
     WP/3059/2010       MSED CO.LTD.(MSEDCL),THR.       SV.PUROHIT                      
                        EX.ENGNR.(R),GORAKHAN RD.       S.B.BHANGALE                    
                        V/S MOHD.IDU HAJI SUBRATI       YB.SHARMA/R.1                   
                                                        SV  AND  RS SIRPURKAR, NB       
                                                        SHRI DAGA/RESPDTS.              
     WP/5684/2010       MAHARASHTRA STATE ELECTRI       SHRI S.V.PUROHIT                
                        CITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY       Y.B.SHARMA/CAV/R-1              
                        V/S SHRI AJIT RAMNARAYAN        ALOK DAGA, TRIPTI DAGA/R-       
                        GUPTA, PARTNER OF M/S. RA       1                               
                                                        SV  AND  RS SIRPURKAR, NB       
     WP/5892/2010       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT                      
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. T       ALOK DAGA, TRIPTI DAGA/R-       
                        V/S RAM S/O RAMNARAYAN RA       1                               
                        THI, PROP. RED BRICKS COM       ALOK DAGA, TRIPTI DAGA/R-       

174. WP/5748/2010       KISAN MAHADU KANHEKAR AND       ST HARKARE                      
                         ORS                            GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. SE                                       
                        CTY., AND ORS                                                   

175. WP/5785/2010       KAMALKISHOR S/O RANGNATH        VV AND RM BHANGDE, GR AGR       
                        SARDA AND ANOTHER               AWAL,                           
                        V/S M/S STAR PAPER MART T       SV PUROHIT/R-1 TO 5             
                        HROUGH PROP. SHRI JUGALKI                                       

176. WP/5852/2010       SUB DIVISIONAL OFFICER, P       GP                              
                        UBLIC WORKS SUB DIVISION        RN SEN, SHWETA GAJBHIYE/R       
                        V/S DEVIDAS KISAN SIRSAT                                        

177. WP/5914/2010       M.S.E.D.C.L. THR. EXE. EN       SV PUROHIT                      
                        GG. (RURAL DN.)                                                 
                        V/S DR. MADHUKAR P. MAHAJ                                       
                        AN AND ANR                                                      

178. WP/5934/2010       VIJAY SHESHRAO WAKODE           BM, RB KHAN                     
                                                        RS CHARPE, RS MOHOD, BS N       
                        V/S DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER       AIK/R-SOLE                      
                        , M.S.R.T.C.                                                    

179. WP/5955/2010       PRAMOD S/O SURYABHAN ANDR       NN MOTGHARE                     
                        ASKAR                           GP/R-2                          
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, RA       SV SIRPURKAR/R-1                
                        JURA THR. ITS CHIEF OFFIC                                       

180. WP/5958/2010       SHRI. LAXMAN MADHAORAO BO       PRASHANT SHENDE                 
                        DALE                            DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        V/S NATIONAL EDUCATION SO       /R-2                            
                        CIETY, THROUGH ITS SECRET       G.P./R-3(MEMO AWAITED)          
                                                        NN  AND  YS THENGRE, MM A       

181. WP/5963/2010       BHAGWAN S/O DAULAT DANDAL       AS KILLOR AND SS SHINGANE       
                        E                               SD CHOPDE/R-SOLE                
                        V/S RAHEMKHAN UMARKHAN                                          

182. WP/5966/2010       LOKNATH S/O BHASKAR PUNDE       DL DHARMADHIKARI , JD DHA       
                                                        RMADHAKARI , RD DHARMADHA       
                        V/S THE TAHSILDAR NAGBHID       G. KHAN                         
                         DIST CHANDRAPUR                GP/R-1                          
                                                        HK BHOYAR FOR R.NO.2            
                                                        PD RANE/R-2                     

183. WP/6016/2010       SUNIL S/O RAMCHANDRA MAHA       RM SHARMA                       
                        JAN                             SUDHIR MALODE/R                 
                        V/S BABAN S/O BABURAO LAM                                       

184. WP/6032/2010       SHANKAR S/O GOVINDSAO BHA       VG BHAMBURKAR, VJ RAUT  A       
                        NDARKAR                         ND  MRS SP DHOTRE               
                        V/S PRAKASH S/O RAMBHAU K       RT PAL, SB WALEKAR, VK KO       
                        ARANDE, PROPRIETOR-PRAKAS       LTE/R                           

185. WP/6050/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S BHUJANG S/O PANDHARI        A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6051/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S BAJIRAO S/O SHAMRAO N       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6052/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S RAJKUMAR @ RAJU S/O K       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
                        RISHNAJI KALE                                                   
     WP/6053/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S MANOJ S/O EKNATH SATP       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6054/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S FARID KHAN S/O NOOR K       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
                        HAN PATHAN                                                      
     WP/6055/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S SMT. ALKA W/O SHRIHAR       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
                        I PINDURKAR                                                     
     WP/6056/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S MANGESH S/O NANAJI BA       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6057/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S HARIDAS S/O TANBAJI H       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6058/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S KISAN S/O SADASHIV MO       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6059/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S SURESH S/O MUKINDA PA       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6060/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, BH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ADRAWATI, THR. ITS CHIEF        P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S DEVANAND S/O BHAURAO        A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6061/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, BH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ADRAWATI, THR. ITS CHIEF        P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S DILIP S/O NAGOBAJI PA       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6062/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        R. ITS CHIEF OFFICER            P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S LAXMAN S/O MAHADEO UP       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6063/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S RAMDAS S/O RAMAJI PAC       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6064/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S BHASKAR S/O RAMDAS MA       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6065/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S RAMBHAU S/O LAXMAN SH       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6066/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S RAMESH S/O FAKIRA PAC       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6067/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S RAJU S/O GOVINDA PACH       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6068/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S SHANKAR S/O RAMAJI SH       A/CAV/R-SOLE                    
     WP/6069/2010       THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, TH       MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU             
                        ROUGH ITS CHIEF OFFICER         P.S.TIWARI, VIJAY KUSHWAH       
                        V/S GOKULDAS S/O TATYAJI        A/CAV/R-SOLE                    

186. WP/6145/2010       STATE OF MAHARASHTRA, THR       G.P                             
                        OUGH THE SECRETARY AND 3        S.S.GHATE, A.V.DESAI/CAV/       
                        V/S CHANDRAPRAKASH JAGOBA       R-SOLE                          
                        JI SHENDE                                                       

187. WP/28/2011         STATE OF MAH. THR. ITS SE       GP                              
                        CTY., AND 2 ORS                 KK  AND  SA PATHAK/R-SOLE       
                        V/S RAMESH S/O ANNAJI CHO                                       

188. WP/94/2011         SADHU JONA BAWANE               U.A.PATIL                       
                                                        GP/R-1 TO 3                     
                        V/S S.D.O., PUBLIC WORK S                                       
                        UB DIVN. SAKOLI, TQ. SAKO                                       

189. WP/100/2011        DEVDAS S/O SOVINDA MESHRA       UA, KA, AR PATIL                
                        M                               GP/R-1,2,3                      
                        V/S SUB DIVSNL OFFICER, P                                       
.W. SUB DIVSN. BHANDARA A                                       

190. WP/102/2011        PURUSHOTTAM RAGHO MESHRAM       UA.PATIL                        
                                                        G.P./R-1 TO 3 (MEMO AWAIT       
                        V/S S.D.O., PUBLIC WORK S       ED)                             
                        UB DIVN. SAKOLI, TQ. SAKO       GP/R-1 TO 3                     

191. WP/103/2011        BABURAO S/O KASU KOSARE         UA, KA, AR PATIL                
                        V/S SUB DIVSNL OFFICER, P                                       
.W. SUB DIVSN. AND 2 ORS                                        

192. WP/104/2011        ANANDRAO CHANDRABHAN KOLH       U.A.PATIL                       
                        E                               AR  AND  KA PATIL.              
                        V/S S.D.O., PUBLIC WORK S       GP/R-1,2,3                      
                        UB DIVN. SAKOLI, TQ. SAKO                                       

193. WP/149/2011        JAIRAJ LADHARAM TEHELRAMA       KIRTI SATPUTE                   
                        NI AND 4 OTHERS                 MI DHATRAK, SA SAHU/R-1         
                        V/S MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, BH       UA GOSAVI, N RAUT/R-3           
                        ADRAWATI THR. ITS CHIEF O       F HAIDARI/R-2                   

194. WP/160/2011        ANIL S/O MAHADEORAO THAKU       SS ADKAR                        
                        RWAR                            P.N.SHENDE/CAV/R-1              
                        V/S RAMDAS S/O SONUJI TAK       G.P./R-3                        
                        SANDE AND 2 ORS                 PN SHENDE/R-1                   

195. WP/161/2011        THE ZP, AMRAVATI THR. THE       JB KASAT                        
                         CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER        GP/R-2                          
                        V/S RAMESH S/O HARIBHAU W       PS PATIL/R-1                    
                        ADEKAR AND ANR                                                  

196. WP/206/2011        SURESH S/O KISANRAO BAISK       VG BHAMBURKAR, VJ RAUT          
                        AR                              AR, UA, KA PATIL/R-SOLE         
                        V/S VISVESVARAYA NATIONAL                                       
                         INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY                                        
     WP/2731/2010       VISVESWARAYA NATIONAL INS       AR, UA, KA PATIL                
                        TITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY THR        M.V. MOHOKAR/CAV/R-1 TO
                        V/S MOHAN S/O MARUTI JHUN       GP FOR THE R.NO.8               
     WP/2735/2010       VISVESWARAYA NATIONAL INS       AR  PATIL MRS UA PATIL, M       
                        TITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY THR        R KA PATIL                      
                        V/S KISHORE S/O LAXMANRAO       M.V.MOHOKAR/CAV/R-1  AND        
                         KOMBE                           2                              
                                                        GP FOR THE R.NO.4               
     WP/3624/2011       VISVESWARAYA NATIONAL INS       AR PATIL, MRS. UA PATIL A       
                        TITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, THR       ND KA PATIL                     
                        V/S SURESH S/O SHANKARRAO       GP/R-2,3                        
                         BAISKAR AND 2 OTHERS           GP FOR THE R.NO.4               

197. WP/262/2011        STATE OF MAH. THR. ITS SE       GP                              
                        CTY., AND ORS                   S.D.SHUKLA/CAV/R-SOLE           
                        V/S RAJIV S/O VITTHALRAO                                        

198. WP/396/2011        THE PRESIDENT/SECRETARY D       RD RASKAR AND AR INGOLE         
                        ATTA PRASADIK SHIKSHAN PR       SHRI JIBHKATE/R-1  AND 
                        V/S THE HONBLE SCHOOL TRI        (POWER AWAITED)                
                        BUNAL, AMRAVATI AND 2 OTH       G.P./R-3 (MEMO AWAITED)         
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  3                  

199. WP/397/2011        THE PRESIDENT/SECRETARY D       RD RASKAR AND AR INGOLE         
                        ATTA PRASADIK SHIKSHAN PR       GP/R-3                          
                        V/S THE HONBLE SCHOOL TRI       SHRI JIBHKATE/R-1  AND 
                        BUNAL, AMRAVATI AND 2 OTH        (POWER AWAITED)                
                                                        GP/R-1  AND  3                  

200. WP/419/2011        SEEMA @ ASHIWINI W/O ASHI       NP HIWASE. MN HIWASE            
                        SH SHRAWANKAR                   PS TIWARI, RS OZA/R-SOLE        
                        V/S SHRI. ASHISH S/O DHAN                                       
                        RAJ SHRAWANKAR                                                  

201. WP/424/2011        M/S PAL METAL, THROUGH IT       SHYAM  AND  RS DEWANI, NI       
                        S PARTNER SHRI RAKESH GAN       TIN LALWANI                     
                        V/S SHRI KRISHNA S/O GULA       SR  AND  RM BHONGADE, PS        
                        BRAO SHENDE                     THAWRE/R                        

202. WP/426/2011        JAGDISH S/O MAHANDRA SHAM       M ANILKUMAR, NIRBHAY CHAV       
                        NANI                            HAN                             
                        V/S RADHA MEENA WD/O KISA       SHYAM  AND  RAJSHREE DEWA       
                        N SHAMNANI                      NI, N LALWANI/R-SOLE            

203. WP/436/2011        MATRU SEWA SANGH, THR. IT       PC MARPAKWAR AND VP MARPA       
                        S SECRETARY DR. LATA DESH       KWAR                            
                        V/S SHRI RAMESH S/O WAMAN       HD DANGRE, AN ANSARI/R          
                        RAOJI JUNGHARE                                                  

                        S THR. ITS PERSONNEL MANA       SD THAKUR/R-1,2, GP/R-3                        V/S LOKMAT SHRAMIK SANGHA                                       
                        TANA THR. ITS GEN. SECTY.                                       

205. WP/470/2011        SHIVAJI JAMSINGH DEWARE         PN VERMA                        
                        V/S DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER       VG WANKHEDE/R                   
                        , MSRTC BULDHANA DIVISION                                       
     WP/6004/2010       DIVISIONAL CONTROLLER, MA       VG WANKHEDE                     
                        HARASHTRA STATE ROAD TRAN       SN GAIKWAD                      
                        V/S SHIVAJI JAMSINGH DEWA       R-SOLE/CAV/INPERSON             
                        RE                              PN VARMA/R                      

206. WP/525/2011        SHRI. GAJANAN S/O. SAKHAR       DM SURJUSE                      
                        AM KALE                         M ANILKUMAR/R-1, S N KUMA       
                        V/S THE ASSTT. GEN. MANAG       R/R-1 TO 4                      
                        ER S.B.I. AND 5 OTHERS          M. ANILKUMAR SHANKARLAL         
                                                        FOR/R-1 TO 5                    

207. WP/579/2011        M/S MAH. STATE ELECTRICIT       SV PUROHIT                      
                        Y DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LT       UJ DESHPANDE FOR RESPONDE       
                        V/S MAHESH S/O CHANDURAM        NT NO.1                         
                        MANWANI AND ANR                 AGP/R-2                         
                                                        GOVERNMENT PLEADER              

208. WP/605/2011        M/S V.W.AMBEKAR  AND  COM       JL BHOOT, AJ BHOOT AND BG       
                        PANY, THR. SHRI VILAS AMB        CHAUDHARI                      
                        V/S KU. NISHA B. DESHKAR        SN DANDEKAR/R-1                 

209. WP/642/2011        CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,        JS MOKADAM                      
                        ZP, WARDHA AND ANR              SA KALBANDE/R-1, GP/R-2 T       
                        V/S SMT. SHASHIKALA VITHO       O 5.                            
                        BAJI KURMATE, JR. CARETAK                                       

210. WP/643/2011        CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,        JS MOKADAM                      
                        ZP, WARDHA AND ANR              SA KALBANDE/R-1, GP/R-2 T       
                        V/S SMT. VENU JALANDHAR W       O 4.                            
                        ASEKAR AND 3 ORS                                                

211. WP/650/2011        DNYANESHWAR S/O NARAYANRA       CV JAGDALE, K JAGDALE           
                        O JIBHE                         V.G.WANKHEDE/R-SOLE             
                        V/S MAH. STATE ROAD TRANS       VG WANKHEDE/R                   
                        PORT CORPORATION THR. DIV                                       

212. WP/723/2011        CHETANA VIKAS GOPURI, THR       MM AGNIHOTRI, SK BHOYAR A       
                        OUGH ITS TRUSTEE MURLIDHA       ND AS ATHALYE                   
                        V/S GRAM PANCHAYAT SATODA       PD MEGHE, AD DUBEY/R-4          
                        , THROUGH ITS SECRETARY A       RT ANTHONY, VM KITEY/R-

213. WP/726/2011        UNITED NEWS OF INDIA THR.       GB LOHIA, PS MALVE              
                         ITS VICE PRESIDENT AND A       PC  AND  VP MARPAKWAR/R         
                        V/S DEVRAO SHANKARRAO PRA                                       

214. WP/968/2011        SAU. LAXMI W/O CHANDU PAW       SV SIRPURKAR AND NB JAWAD       
                        AR                              E                               
                        V/S THE ADDITIONAL COMMIS       G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                        SIONER, AMRAVATI DIVISION       AM GHARE, HR GADHIA, AR D       
                                                        ESHPANDE/R-4 TO 6, 8,9          

215. WP/1018/2011       RAJESH S/O NASHIKET DONGR       AK NEWARE                       
                        E                               GP/R-2                          
                        V/S THE COMMISSIONER, STA       AB PATIL/R-1                    
                        TE INFORMATION COMMISSION                                       

216. WP/1028/2011       BABURAO ZIBAL WANKHEDE          SV SIRPURKAR , NEERAJ  B        
                        V/S VITTHAL MAROTI WASADE       SV SIRPURKAR/P-2                
                                                        VR THOTE                        
                                                        RJ KANKALE, SA RADKE/R-

217. WP/1035/2011       SURESH BHIMRAOJI INGALE         NR SABOO                        
                                                        JB KASAT/R-1                    
                        V/S THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE O       JB KASAT/R-2 TO 4               
                        FFICER, ZP, AMRAVATI  AND                                       

218. WP/1058/2011       MRS. STUART DE FIGUEREDO        RS RENU                         
                        AND OTHS                        RS RENU/P                       
                        V/S BASDEOSINGH S/O MUKHT       PK MISHRA/R-SOLE                
                        YARSINGH SOGARWAL                                               

219. WP/1104/2011       SHRI RAMCHANDRA S/O SAKAR       RM SHARMA, MS SHARMAQ           
                        AM MAHAJAN                      MS/RM SHARMA                    
                        V/S HAFEEZ S/O RAHIM BEG,       MB NAIDU/CAV/R-SOLE             
                         M/S SHIBA COLLECTIONS                                          

220. WP/1177/2011       MRS. ARCHANA W/O MURLIDHA       CV JAGDALE AND KS JAGDALE       
                        R WAKODE                        GEETA R, TIWARI                 
                        V/S MURLIDHAR S/O KRUSHNA       FOR/P                           
                        RAO WAKODE                      AM GHARE/R-SOLE                 

221. WP/1268/2011       MAH. STATE COOPERATIVE CO       MV SAMARTH, MM BANDEBUCHE       
                        TTON GROWERS MARKETING FE       RS SUNDARA, UR TANNA/R-
                        V/S THE APPELLATE TRIBUNA       SHRI KOTHARI/R-1 (POWER A       
                        L, EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FU       WAITED)                         
                                                        DR. R.S. SUNDARAM               
                                                        USHA R. TANNA                   

222. WP/1276/2011       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT                      
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. T                                       
                        V/S Y.C. PALIWAL, PARTNER                                       
                         OF M/S LAXMI AGRO INDUST                                       

223. WP/1279/2011       M/S KHEMKA TRAVELS THR. I       AR, UA, KA PATIL                
                        TS PARTNER VINOD KHEMKA         RS SUNDARAM AND UR TANNA        
                        V/S ASST. PROVIDENT FUND        FOR R.NO.1                      
                        COMMISSIONER AND 3 ORS          SHRI KOTHARI/R-4 (POWER A       
                                                        MS. T. KHAN/R-3(POWER AWA       
                                                        DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                                                        MS.  TAJWAR KHAN/R              
                                                        A. PARCHURE/INT.                

224. WP/1334/2011       SHRI GRAM VIKAS SHIKSHAN        SW SAMBRE, MV RAUT AND RS       
                        SANSTHA, THROUGH ITS SECR        SURYAWANSHI                    
                        V/S KU. SEEMA D/O GUNDERA       D DUVVURI/R                     
                        OJI BHINGARE                                                    

225. WP/1335/2011       M/S ALTAF AHAMAD                SS GHATE, RV GURNULE, A P       
                        V/S THE ASST. PROVIDENT F       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        UND COMMISSIONER AND ANR        /R-1                            
                                                        R S SUNDARAM/R-2 (POWER A       

226. WP/1337/2011       SHRI NAVNATH INDUSTRIAL T       SS GHATE AND RV GURNULE         
                        RAINING INSTITUTE               DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        V/S THE ASSISTANT PROVIDE       /R-1                            
                        NT FUND COMMISSIONER AND        DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       

227. WP/1392/2011       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT                      
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. (                                       
                        V/S KISHOR LAKHOTIYA PART                                       
                        NER OF M/S SAI AGRO INDUS                                       

228. WP/1439/2011       INDIAN EXPRESS LOKSATTA S       SD THAKUR AND DS THAKUR         
                        HRAMIK SANGH, THROUGH ITS       G.P./R-2(MEMO AWAITED)          
                        V/S INDIAN EXPRESS NEWSPA       GP/R-2                          
                        PER (BOMBAY) LTD. THROUGH       GP/R-2                          
                                                        RB  AND  RR PURANIK, S CH       

229. WP/1444/2011       SHANKAR GOVINDA DEKATE          AD THAKRE, AP KALMEGH, SS       
                        V/S THE DIVSNL COMMISSION       GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                        ER, NAGPUR AND 5 ORS            NB JAWADE FOR R.NO.5            

230. WP/1456/2011       PRINCIPAL, INDIRA ADHYAPA       OD KAKDE                        
                        K VIDHYALAYA AND ANR            B.L.MESHRAM/CAV/R-1             
                        V/S DNYANESHWAR TULSHIRAM       GP/R-3                          
                         KHUJE AND 2 ORS                                                

231. WP/1457/2011       PRINCIPAL, INDIRA ADHYAPA       OD KAKDE                        
                        K VIDHYALAYA AND ANR            B.L.MESHRAM/CAV/R-1             
                        V/S DEEPAK HARISHCHANDRA        GP/R-3                          
                        PANCHBHAI AND 2 ORS                                             

232. WP/1466/2011       DEPUTY CONSERVATOR OF FOR       SR,SS,YS DESHPANDE              
                        EST, EASTT MELGHAT DIVISI       SR DESHPANDE/P-2                
                        V/S SMT. SHANTABAI KISHOR       DT SHINDE/R-7                   
                        ILAL GUPTA AND 6 OTHERS         DT SHINDE FOR R.NOS. 2 TO       


233. WP/1515/2011       CHINDHU S/O ATMRAM WAGH (       SH SUDAME AND RK DAHAT          
                        DEAD) THR. LRS. NILKANTH        SS GHATE, RV GURNULE/P          
                        V/S SMT. SONABAI SHRIRAM        SHANTANU GHATE, ARUN GIRH       
                        GOMKAR AND OTHERS               E/P- 1 AND 4 TO 9               
                                                        AA KATHANE/R-2,3,10,11          

234. WP/1528/2011       ZP, AMRAVATI THR. ITS C.E       DM KALE, SP KULKARNI, SD        
.O. AND ANR                     ANJANKAR                        
                        V/S TABASSUM NASRIN D/O K       SD  AND  DS DHARASKAR/R         

235. WP/1555/2011       PULGAON URBAN CREDIT CO-O       MM AGNIHOTRI AND SK BHOYA       
                        P. SOCIETY LTD. PULGAON,        R                               
                        V/S THE REGIONAL PROVIDEN       DR. RS SUNDARAM, UR TANNA       
                        T FUNDS COMMISSIONER            /R-1                            

236. WP/1583/2011       VASANT S/O BALIRAM KADAVE       AA NAIK AND NA GAIKWAD          
                                                        MP DHRUV, M PUNAWALA/R-
                        V/S SATYABHAMA BHAURAO WA       , 18  AND  19                   
                        RGHANE AND OTHS                 KR LULE/R-1 TO 4  AND  

237. WP/1746/2011       M/S BAGAI GOLDEN TRANSPOR       DC NAUKARKAR AND PD NAUKA       
                        T COMPANY, THROUGH ITS BR       RKAR                            
                        V/S DURYODHAN MAHADEORAO        M.Y. WADODKAR/R-SOLE            

238. WP/1761/2011       KAMAL DASHRATH BOMBARDE         MP JAISWAL                      
                                                        DV  AND  VN MAHAJAN/R-2         
                        V/S ASHOK SHIKSHAK SANSTH       AND  3                          
                        A THR. ITS PRESIDENT AND        IS  AND  DI CHARLEWAR/R-1       
                                                        AKASH MOON/R-4                  
                                                        D. V. MAHAJAN/R-5               

239. WP/1762/2011       YADAV S/O BUDHAJI BHOGE         AM  AND  WM QUAZI, SD BHA       
                        V/S DHARMENDRA DASHARATH        MI DHATRAK, S SAHU/R-3          
                        NANDARDHANE AND 3 OTHERS                                        

240. WP/1842/2011       KISHOR S/O DNYANESHWAR LA       MP KARIYA                       
                        KHKAR                           G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                        V/S THE ADDITIONAL COMMIS       SHRI S.K. TAMBDE/CAV/R-
                        SIONER, AMRAVATI AND ORS        TO 10                           

241. WP/1861/2011       KAI AABASAHEB TAYADE, GRA       CV  AND  KP JAGDALE             
                        MIN VIKAS BAHUUDESHIYA SA                                       
                        V/S SUNIL S/O PURASING AD                                       

242. WP/1954/2011       VILAS S/O ZANGOJI BAWASKA       BM  AND  RB KHAN, RAEES B       
                        R                                 KHAN                          
                        V/S THE CHIEF MANAGER (AD       SG JAGTAP, SS GODBOLE/R-1       
                        MN.) M.S. SEEDS CORPN. LT       ,2                              

243. WP/1985/2011       PRINCIPAL, B.N. ENGINEERN       CV  AND  KS  JAGDALE            
                        G COLLEGE AND ANR               P.S.KSHIRSAGAR/R-SOLE           
                        V/S SK. AFSAR SK. RAHEMAN       PS KSHIRSAGAR AND MP KSHI       
                                                        RSAGAR FOR R-SOLE               

244. WP/2040/2011       STATE OF MAHARASHTRA, THR       GOVT. PLEADER                   
                        OUGH SECRETARY AND 3 OTHE       J.R.KIDILAY/R-1 TO 4/CAV        
                        V/S SHRI KISHOR S/O JANRA                                       
                        OJI DESHMUKH AND 8 OTHERS                                       

245. WP/2069/2011       SHIV VAIBHAV SOCIETY THR.       PC  AND  VP MARPAKWAR           
                         ITS PRESIDENT AND ANR          RS PARSODKAR/P-1                
                        V/S PRASHANT S/O RAJABHAU       P.D.RANE/R-1/CAV                
                         JACHAK AND ANR                 BG KULKARNI/R-2                 
     WP/2786/2011       RASHTRASANT TUKDOJI MAHAR       BG KULKARNI                     
                        AJ NAGPUR UNIVERSITY THR.       PC MARPAKWAR, VP MARPAKWA       
                        V/S PRASHANT S/O RAJABHAU       R FOR R.NOS. 2  AND  3          
                         JACHAK AND ORS                 G.P./R-4                        
                                                        RS PARSODKAR, AM BALPANDE       
                                                        /R-2 AND 3                      

246. WP/2165/2011       SUMIT S/O LOKESHKUMAR BHA       VR MUNDRA                       
                        LOTIYA AND 2 OTHERS             R.D.RASKAR,A.R.INGOLE, AD       
                        V/S PRAMODKUMAR S/O HARIS       V./CAV/R-1                      
                        CHANDRA AGRAWAL AND 2 OTH                                       

                         SOCIETYS DENTAL COLLEGE        FOR/P                           
                        V/S THE ASST. PROVIDENT F       SHRIKANT AMBADAS DUTONDE        
                        UNDS COMMISSIONER, E.P.F.       FOR/P                           
                                                        ANOOP  AND  ABHIJIT PARIH       
                                                        ABHIJIT PARIHAR/R-1             
                                                        HN VERMA/R-1                    

248. WP/2374/2011       SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER,        GOVT. PLEADER                   
                        PUBLIC WORKS CIRCLE AND 2       BM  AND  RB KHAN/R              
                        V/S KU. USHA MAROTRAO KAT       BM KHAN/CAV/R-SOLE              

249. WP/3050/2011       DEVIDAS S/O DHANAJI SONTA       RN  AND  NS BADHE               
                        KKE                             PRAMOD V KULKARNI               
                        V/S RAMBHAU S/O ANANDA FI       FOR/R-8                         
                        RKE AND ORS                     SURESH K. SABLE                 
                                                        PRAMOD V KULKARNI               
                                                        FOR R.NOS. 1, 2, 3  AND         

                                                        SURESH K. SABLE                 
                                                        FOR R.NOS. 1, 2, 3  AND         


250. WP/3324/2011       MAH. STATE ROAD TRANSPORT       VIVEK H KEDAR, H DHUMALE        
                         CORPORATION THR. DIVSNL        M.B.JOSHI/R-1  AND  2/CAV       
                        V/S ABDUL JAVID ABDUL WAH                                       
                        ID AND ANR                                                      

251. WP/3404/2011       RAVINDRA GOVINDRAO CHACHA       PD MEGHE, ARVIND DUBEY          
                        NE                              A.S.KILOR/R-1/CAV               
                        V/S VIGNHARTA GRAMIN VIKA       GP/R-3,4                        
                        S SANSTHA THR. ITS SECTY.                                       

252. WP/4477/2011       ANAND S/O MADANMOHAN JAIS       RM AND MS SHARMA                
                        WAL                             SV PUROHIT, A THAKRE, VR        
                        V/S ZOHAIR HUSSAIN S/O AB       SHARMA/R-1                      
                        DUL HUSSAIN FIDVI                                               

                        KAR                             GP/R-1,2                        
                        V/S STATE OF MAH. THR. IT       SM UKEY/R-3                     
                        S SECTY., AND 2 ORS                                             

254. WP/5721/2011       MAH. STATE ELECTRICITY DI       SV PUROHIT, AKSHADA THAKR       
                        STRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. T       E                               
                        V/S CONSUMER GRIEVANCE RE       NA PADHYE/R-2                   
                        DRESSAL GORUM, NAGPUR AND                                       
     WP/5389/2008       MAH.STATE ELE DISTRIBUTUO       RE MOHARIR/P.                   
                        N CO. LTD. THR ITS SUPERI       MD LAKHEY, UN ANDHARE, VU       
                        V/S M/S KSL REALTY  AND          WAGHMARE                       
                        INFRASTRUCTUR LTD.              SV PUROHIT/P                    
                                                        NA PADHYE/CAVEATOR/R-SOLE       
                                                        AS JAISWAL, VA BRAMHE,NA        

255. WP/6107/2011       LOKMAT MEDIA LTD. (FORMER       PC  AND  VP MARPAKWAR           
                        LY KNOWN AS M/S LOKMAT NE       SD  AND  DS THAKUR/R-1          
                        V/S MAHESH MANOHARRAO SAK       GP/R-3                          
                        URE AND ORS                                                     

256. WP/98/2012         CHAIRMAN CUM MANAGING DIR       RAMESH DARDA  AND  TUSHAR       
                        ECTOR, WESTERN COALFIELDS        DARDA                          
                        V/S PRAMOD GULABCHAND BAI       M.M.SUDAME, A.M.SUDAME/CA       
                        D                               V/R-1                           

257. WP/1512/2012       DEVIDAS S/O KESHAV SONULE       FG ISAAC                        
                         AND ORS                        GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. DEP                                       
                        T. OF HIGHER AND TECHNICA                                       

258. WP/2540/2012       PANKOR WD/O NARAYAN SURAD       PS WATHORE                      
                        KAR                             C.J.DHUMANE/CAV/R-4             
                        V/S THE MEMBER, MAH. REVE       G.P./R-1 TO 3                   
                        NUE TRIBUNAL, NAGPUR AND                                        

259. WP/2953/2012       KHATIJABI W/O AHEMAD RAJK       FIRDOS MIRZA, S MANIYAR         
                        OTWALA                          G.P./R-4 TO 7                   
                        V/S ABDUL RAUF S/O ABDUL        K.P.MAHALLE/CAV/R-1             
                        SATTAR AND ORS                  JB GANDHI, K MAHALLE/R-
                                                        TO 3                            
                                                        GP/R-4 TO 7                     

                        O DUTONDE AND OTHERS            NDE                             
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAHARASH       GP/R-1 TO 4                     
                        TRA THROUGH ITS SECY RURA       OY  AND  SS KASHID, A DHO       
     WP/488/2012        WASUDEO S/O DEORAO SULTAN       SACHIN W SAMBRE, RR PANDE       
                        E AND 3 ORS                     , MV RAUT, RS SURYAWANSHI       
                        V/S THE DIVSNL COMMISSION       COPY SERVED TO G.P./R-1,        
                        ER, AMRAVATI AND ORS            2, 4                            

261. WP/3334/2012       SAVITRIBAI FULE SHIKSHAN        MR RAJGURE, AB BAMBAL           
                        PRASARAK MANDAL THR. ITS        RAJNISH VYAS, MR RAJGURE,       
                        V/S THE PRESIDING OFFICER        R DEORA/PETITIONERS            
                        , ADDITIONAL SCHOOL TRIBU       PN SHENDE/CAV/R-2               

262. WP/3872/2012       SANDEEP S/O LAXMAN BONDE        PM CHANDEKAR, SMT. KR KUL       
                        V/S NEELAMTAI WD/O MADHUK       SR DESHPANDE/R-1 TO 4           
                        ARRAO BONDE PRESENTLY NEE       JB GANDHI/CAV/R-2 TO 4          

263. WP/5852/2012       SMT. KAMLABAI SURESH PAWA       SS DHENGALE                     
                        R AND ORS                       GP/R-1 TO 6                     
                        V/S THE STATE OF MAH. THR       AMIT BAND/R-7                   
                         SECTY AND ORS                  ANAND PARCHURE                  
                                                        FOR R.NO.7                      
                                  COURT NO. 8
                                  HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE A.S. CHANDURKAR
C.R. NO. 0        APPELLATE SIDE-CIVIL           27/10/2014

1.   WP/1919/1997       HAMIDULLAH KHAN S/O. LATE       CS KAPTAN.                      
                         MOHD.KHAN.                     SM PURANIK, NG KHOBRAGADE       
                        V/S ANJUMAN HARNIE ISLAM        ANJAN DE                        
                         AND  2 ORS.                    FOR/P                           
                                                        APURV DE                        
                                                        SV MANOHAR/R-1.GP/R-3.          

2.   SA/4/2002          RADHESHYAM RAMKARAN CHOUB       RL KHAPRE, AS DESHPANDE         
                        E                               AP CHORGADE.                    
                        V/S A.S.MOGARE...........       D.P.JAISWAL/A                   
....                            MB BADIYE/RESPONDENTS           
                                                        MB BADIYE/LRS OF R              
     SA/16/2002         RADHESHYAM RAMKARAN CHOUB       RL KHAPRE/V. PALIWAL/AS D       
                        E BULDANA                       ESHPANDE/P                      
                        V/S BHANUDAS GANPAT SONON       MB  AND  SADHANA BADIYE F       
                        E BULDHANA                      OR                              
                                                        R-SOLE(SERVED) .                
                                                        MB, SS BADHIYE/RESPONDENT       
     SA/8/2002          RADHESHYAM RAMKARAN CHOUB       RL KHAPRE, AS DESHPANDE,        
                        E                               AP CHORGHADE,                   
                        V/S GANESH NAMDEORAO PATI       MB/SADHANA BADIYE/RES.          
                        L                               LR'S OF R-SOLE SERVED.          
     SA/11/2002         RADHESHYAM RAMKARAN CHOUB       RL KHAPRE/AS DESHPANDE          
                        E BULDHANA                      AP.CHOGHADE                     
                        V/S CHIMANLAL CHHAGANLAL        R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        GUJARATHI BULDHANA              MB/S BADIYE/RESPDT.             
                                                        M.B. BADIYE                     
                                                        FOR/LRS OF RESPONDENT           

3.   SA/15/2002         PILARAM SITARAMJI AMLE          PB PATIL, SP PAWAR,             
                                                        JR KIDILAY                      
                        V/S SMT.LEELABAI W/O MANO       HD DANGRE,FOR R-SOLE.           
                        HAR KHANDAIT                    R-SOLE SERVED.                  

4.   SA/24/2002         GANESH RAMKISAN BAIRAGII        MG/VV BHANGDE,GR AGRAWAL        
                                                        SB RAJAK/R-2 TO 7               
                        V/S PARWATABAI WD/O TUKAR       SHYAM BHIDE/SB RAJAK/           
                        AM APPA LANDGE + 7 OTHERS       R-1  AND  8 DELETED,R-2 T       
                                                        O 7 ARE SERVED                  
                                                        PM SHUKLA/R-1 TO 6              

5.   SA/38/2002         ASODMAL DANNUMAL ARORA  A       GB LOHIYA,RS AGRAWAL,           
                        ND  6 ORS.                      SA BANIK,AG LOHIYA              
                        V/S THE PRESIDENT AGRIL.P       CA JOSHI,SS DHENGALE/R-
                        RODUCE MARKET,AKOLA  AND        SS DHEGALE,                     
                                                        MS SAMBRE/R                     
                                                        RS.R.C.JOSHI/R-1,R-2 IS S       

6.   SA/43/2002         KISHORE BHAURAOJI UTTARWA       AV BHIDE,MM PATHAK              
                        R.                              A.PARCHURE/R-SOLE SERVED.       
                        V/S CHANDRAKANT S/O. BHAI                                       
                        YYAJI CHIMANTRANWAR.                                            

7.   SA/68/2002         BHAWARILAL MISHRIMALJI BH       VR MUNDRA.                      
                        ALGAT  AND  ANOTHER.            ML SOMALWAR FOR R-SOLE.         
                        V/S MANGILAL MEHATABCHAND       (SERVED).REPLY NOT FILED.       
                         BHANDARI.                      ML SOMALWAR/R                   
                                                        ML SOMALWAR/R                   
                                                        R-1 TO R-5 SERVED ON MERI       
        REMARK : . 

8.   SA/73/2002         WAMAN S/O RAMCHANDRA JALT       CA/RC JOSHI, A.SHELAT           
                        ADE  AND  4 OTHERS              MS SAMBARE, SS DHENGALE         
                        V/S MASJID NOORAN MOHALLA       R-1 TO 5 ARE SERVED             
                         JINGARWADI  AND  4 OTHER       AB MIRZA/R-1 TO 5               

9.   SA/81/2002         PRAKASH RAATANLAL TAPADIA       BN/SB MOHTA                     
                         AMRAVATI                       CN ADGOKAR FOR R/1  AND         
                        V/S SANJAY UTTAMRAO CHIMO       2.                              
                        TE AMRAVATI  AND  ANOTHER                                       

10.  SA/82/2002         PANDURANG VITHOBA MORE AN       NS  BADHE, GP NAPHADE           
                        D 3 OTHERS                      R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S SMT.MEERABAI WD/O RAT       NB KALWAGHE/R-SOLE              
                        ANSING MORE                                                     

11.  SA/99/2002         JANTA SHIKSHAN PRASARAK M       CS KAPTAN/HD DUBEY              
                        ANDAL PUSAD  AND  OTHERS.       DA SONWANE/P                    
                        V/S DADARAO NATHA PARADH        KS NARWADE/R-1                  
                        YAVATMAL  AND  ANOTHER.         R-2 SERVED ON MERIT.R-1 W       
                                                        AIVES ON MERIT.                 

12.  SA/107/2002        TULSIRAM LAXMAN BAJAD WAS       RL KHAPRE/VK PALIWAL            
                        HIM                             R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S SADASHIV UTTAMAPPA WA                                       
                        NI WASHIM                                                       

13.  SA/108/2002        PRABHAKAR RAMAJII PUDKE.        SR DESHPANDE.                   
                                                        R-1 SERVED.                     
                        V/S STATE OF MAH.THR.REVE       AGP/R-1 TO 3                    
                        NUE  AND  FOREST DEPT. AN                                       

14.  SA/110/2002        AJABRAO MAAROTRAO RADAKE        RL KHAAPRE/AP CHORGHADE/        
                        AMRAAVATI                       VK PALIWAL                      
                        V/S BHALCHANDRA VITTHALRA       R-1  AND  3 SERVED ON MER       
                        AO DESHPANDE AMT  AND  3        IT.                             
                                                        ANAND M. DESHPANDE              
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        FOR RESPONDENT                  
                                                        SHIVNAG MURTHY                  
                                                        FOR RESPONDENT                  

15.  SA/141/2002        ANIL TUKARAM WANVE  AND         SG BAGADE, NS TALMALE           

3.OTHERS                        NG SOLAO,                       
                        V/S SAU.VIMAL ISHWARJI DH       SN KHARABE/RESPDTS.             
                        UMANKHEDE BHANDARA  AND                                         

16.  SA/156/2002        RAMKRISHNA NARAYAN KHORNE       SY DEOPUJARI, VK UMALE          
                        (DECEASED)THR.HIS LRS           AP TATHOD, VS DHOTE/R-1         
                        V/S NARAYAN KISAN PAYAGHA                                       
                        N DIST. WASHIM.                                                 

17.  SA/183/2002        MOHANLAL SURAJLAL CHOUDHA       TB PANTAWANE.                   
                        RI.                             SP PAWAR, P. MIRACHE/R-1,       
                        V/S SMT.SHAKUNTALABAI JIY        2                              
                        ALAL CHANPATAWE 7 ORS.          R-1A,B,C,2,3 SERVED             
                                                        PG MIRASHE, MB RAMTEKE/RE       
                                                        R-1(B)  AND  3 DELETED.         
                                                        PG MIRASHE FOR R-1(A)  AN       
                                                        D  (C)  AND  2                  

18.  SA/184/2002        SMT. BHURI ARJUN SURPAM         MI  AND  GI DHATRAK             
                        AND  OTHERS                     MP KARIYA, VD DARNE/R-SOL       
                        V/S MAROTI JAIRAM ATRAM Y       E                               

19.  SA/186/2002        SAKHUBAI BHAURAOJI PISE.        CS SAMUDRA.                     
                                                        N.N,, Y.N. THENGRE, Y. TH       
                        V/S DAULATRAO MAHA JOGE         ENGRE/R-3(C)                    
                        AND  ORS.                       ANAND GODE.P.GODE/R             
                                                        PA.GONDE/R.1.A TO 1.G.          

20.  SA/196/2002        SMT.KAUSALYABAI WD/O.PRAK       MRS.KV SIRPURKAR                
                        ASH GADEKAR  AND  2 ORS.        AJ THAKKAR/P.                   
                        V/S DATTATRAYA RAMBHAU GA       PB PATIL/R-1 AND 2              
                        DEKAR  AND  ANOTHER.            SA DISMISSED AGAINST R-2(       

21.  SA/199/2002        RAMESH JAGANNATH MANALKAR       MV MOHOKAR                      
                        , AKOLA                         MS RATHI, AP TATHOD, VS D       
                        V/S SAU. SUMANBAI SAHADEO       HOTE/R                          
                        RAO MANKAR, AKOLA                                               

22.  SA/222/2002        MANGALA ANANT KOLTE  AND        NS BADHE, GP NAPHADE            
                         OTHERS                         BS DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S KUNDANLAL RAMLAL JISW       AS JAISWAL,NA PADHYE FOR        
                        AL, BULDHANA                    CAV/R-SOLE.                     
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

23.  SA/233/2002        M/S HOTEL SEVEN (7 HILLS        R-2 SERVED.                     
                        ANT,  AND  2 OTHERS.            SS KHANDEKAR/R-1                
                        V/S M/S SALIM MOTOR GARAG       JT GILDA,MR JOSHI,              
                        E ANRAVATI                      R-1,2 SERVED                    

24.  SA/236/2002        VITTHAL SHANKAR MANATKAR,       MV MOHOKAR                      
                         AKOLA                          MS RATHI, AP TATHOD, VS D       
                        V/S SAU.SUMANBAI SAHADEOR       HOTE, LAXMI NAYAR/R             
                        AO MANKAR, AKOLA                                                

25.  SA/238/2002        NAMDEO ABAN TELANG, WASHI       A.PARCHURE                      
                        M                               BN  AND  SB MOHTA,RC  AND       
                        V/S RAMESH MAHADEO TELANG         PR                            
                          AND  9 OTHERS                 NOTICE/R-1 TO 10 SERVED         
                                                        BN/SB MOHTA/R-6 TO 8            
                                                        BANG  FOR CAV/R-1 TO 8.         
                                                        BN MOHTA, SB MOHTA, RC BA       
                                                        NG/R-1 TO 6.                    

26.  SA/245/2002        GOPALRAO NARAYANRAO RAJUR       PY/SP DESHPANDE,V.DAHAT         
                        KAR, AMT.                       SD  AND  DS DHARASKAR/P         
                        V/S MUSTAFA KHAN LAL KHAN       SMT SW DESHPANDE FOR CAV        
                        , AMRAVATI                      R-SOLE.                         
                                                        SW DESHPANDE/R-1A-1D.           

27.  SA/252/2002        SMT.GEETABAI NATTHUJI DES       AV BHIDE/HGKOLARKAR             
                        HMUKH BULDHANA                  AV BHIDE/LRS OF APLNT           
                        V/S SUDIP  SHRIKRISHNACHO       AV BHIDE, AA BHIDE/P FOR        
                        UBE  AND  ANOTHER               LRS                             
                                                        R-2 DELETED.                    
                                                        R-1 SERVED.                     

28.  SA/256/2002        LAXMAN VITHOBAJI CHAKOLE,       MR/PM KALAR/PETRN.              
                         NAGPUR                         MM AGNIHOTRI,FOR R-1  AND       
                        V/S BABARAO VITHOBAJI CHA         2                             
                        KOLE  AND  ANOTHER              (SERVED).                       
                                                        LRS.R-1 SERVED ON CA            
                                                        AS KHANDELWAL/R-2.              
                                                        R-1(I),D,E,F SERVED             
                                                        R-1 DEAD                        
                                                        LR'S OF R-1 I.E.(1(A) TO        
                                                        1(I)  AND  R-2 SERVED           

29.  SA/263/2002        SMT. YAMUNABAI WD/O MANOH       CG MADKHOLKAR                   
                        ARRAO JOSHI  AND  5 ORS         KV.DESHMUKH                     
                        V/S KAMALABAI JAGESHWARRA       BG KULKARNI,PA DIWAKAR/         
                        O JOSHI  AND  9 ORS             MB PARATE,PH GULHANE/R-
                                                        R-1 TO 10 SERVED.               
                                                        R-1,2  AND  4                   

30.  SA/275/2002        JANIWAKAR RAGHUNATH MESHR       NS TALMALE,NG SOLAO,            
                        AM  AND  ANR                    PM NICHKAWADE,SJ BAGADE         
                        V/S SMT.PRABHATABAI WD/O        AG/RA GUPTE,SP BHANDARKAR       
                        NATTHU MESHRAM                  SA MARATHE/R-SOLE               

31.  SA/286/2002        HIND FINANACE INDUSTRIES        VG BHONSULE                     
                         AND  INVESTMENT LTD.NAGP       KN  AND  SK DADHE/R             
                        V/S VINAYAKRAO GOPALRAO D       KN  AND  SK DADHE/R-3           
                        ESHMUKH AMT.  AND  2 ORS        NOTICE L.RS.3 (I) TO 3(IV       
                                                        ) RE SERVED                     
                                                        KN/SK DADHE/R                   

                        E                               SY KARADBHAJNE                  
                        V/S SMT.SHALINIBAI W/O RA       V.TONGE/R-1 AND 2               
                        M LANJEKAR  AND  ANR.           AR/UA PATIL,BB PATIL,           
                                                        MI DHATRAK/R-1 AND 2.           

33.  SA/291/2002        ANGNARAM BULRAM AGRAWAL         VR MUNDRA,S.KHANDEKAR           
                                                        VR MUNDRA FOR PETITIONER        
                        V/S VIJAYKUMAR SAMPATRAO        NO. 1 TO 4                      
                        KUTHE                           VR MUNDRA/LRS 1 TO 4 OF A       
                                                        NN MOTGHARE  AND  VNMESHR       
                                                        RG AGRAWAL/R.                   
                                                        FOR R-SOLE.                     
                                                        RL KHAPRE/R-SOLE                
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         

34.  SA/294/2002        SMT.SUKHDEVI WD/O MUNNAR        BN/SB MOHTA                     
                        BHUJWA, WARDHA                  NB BARGAT, ARCHANA RAMTEK       
                        V/S NANDU PIRAJI BHUSARE,       E, MANJUSHA JOGI/R              
                          AND  10 ORS                   AP TATHOD, VS DHOTE/R-10.       
                                                        R-11 DELETED.                   

35.  SA/310/2002        DEVIDAS NATHUJI THAKRE  A       AC DHARAMADHIKARI,              
                        ND  6 ORS.                      SV DESHMUKH                     
                        V/S GANGADHAR BHURAJI BUR       NR RODE,NA JACHAK,              
                        ANGE                            RV SHIRALKAR,SS KHEDKAR,        
                                                        SW DESHPANDE FOR - SOLE         
                                                        (SERVED ON MERIT).              

36.  SA/323/2002        SMT.SUMITRABAI JANGLUJI B       SD DESHPANDE                    
                        HUTE                            SD DESHPANDE, SA DANTALE/       
                        V/S NARAYAN UMAJI MANDLIK       P                               
                                                        ANAND PARCHURE/P                
                                                        NA VYAWAHARE/R-SOLE             

37.  SA/324/2002        HEMANT RAMCHANDRA INGOLE        MG/VV BHANGDE                   
                         AND  4 ORS.                    VR MUNDRA,SS GODBOLE/R          
                        V/S SMT. INDIRABAI WD/O T       VR/MUNDRA/R-1,2  AND  3         
                        RIMBAKRAO INGOLE  AND  3                                        

38.  SA/329/2002        GIRJABAI W/O DAYALJI MESH       ANAND PARCHURE                  
                        RAM                             SP KHANZODE                     
                        V/S WANMALA GANGADHAR THA       AV KHARE, VIDYA UMALE, BM       
                        WRE  AND  ANOTHER                ROKDE/P                        
                                                        AV KHARE/P                      
                                                        R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                                                        VN MORANDI/R-1.                 

39.  SA/330/2002        BALA LAXMAN DAHARE  AND         NW SAMBRE,SM GHODESWAR          

5.ORS.                          SN  AND  AMOL MARDIKAR FO       
                        V/S PANDHARI PAMA GHORMOD       R R-                            
                        E  AND   ORS.                   1 TO 4.(NOTICES SERVED)
40.  SA/333/2002        RAMKRUSHNA KRUSHNAJI HETE       KS DHOTE,AP PATIL/R-1,2.                                                               
                        V/S BANABAI WD/O. VITHOBA                                       
                        JI NIMKAR  AND  ANOTHER.                                        

41.  SA/334/2002        MAHARASHTRA STATE ELECTRI       R, RA GUPTE,RA DESHPANDE        
                        CITY BOARD THR.SUPDT.ENG.       RE MOHARIR/P.                   
                        V/S M/S SHANKAR UDYOG           NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE/R         
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED                   

42.  SA/340/2002        THAKURDAS TARACHAND GUPTA       VV BHANGDE                      
                          AND  ANOTHER                  PC MADKHOLKAR,D GUPTA FOR       
                        V/S PREMJI NARAYAN PATEL         APPL.                          
                         AND  2 ORS.                    J. M. GANDHI                    
                                                        MISS. A. P. GUPTA               
                                                        N. A. GODE                      
                                                        AC DHARMADHIKARI,VIBHA GO       
                                                        SEWADE/R-2 AND 3                
                                                        R-1 SERVED                      
                                                        ON MERIT.                       

43.  SA/349/2002        MANJIT SINGH KULDEEP SING       SY DEOPUJARI,VK UMALE.          
                        H.                              AD SONAK,PD DESHPANDE           
                        V/S ABDUL SATTAR ABDUL KA       KP SHRIVAS SR GANAR/R           

44.  SA/366/2002        RAMDAS TUKARAM MHATRE           KV/SV SIRPURKAR                 
                                                        AV BHIDE/R-1 TO 5.              
                        V/S DR. HARIBHAU CHANGOJI                                       
                         MHATRE  AND  4 ORS.                                            

45.  SA/376/2002        KISANRAO SAMPAT GHODE           SB PATIL                        
                                                        RS KUREKAR/CAV.R-1 TO 3                        V/S DEONATH SAMPAT GHODE        DR GOENKA,AV MOHTA,V PANP       
                        AND 2 ORS.                      ALIA/R-1 TO 3.                  
                                                        M.V. BUTE, M.G. RAWAT/R-1       
                                                        ,2  AND  3                      

46.  SA/381/2002        SMT.PARWATIBAI WD/O SHAMR       AM GORDEY                       
                        AOJI KALE                       KR LAMBAT, DS YADAV/P           
                        V/S SMT.KAUSALYABAI WD/O        MRS. V. THAKRE.                 
                        KESHAORAO GANORKAR              SA GORDEY.                      
                                                        SO AHMED/P                      
                                                        SYED OWAIS AHMED                
                                                        RS CHARPE/R-2  AND  3           
                                                        SB SOLATE/CAV/R-SOLE            
                                                        CHARPE RAMKRISHNA SADASHI       
                                                        SANKET RAMKRISHNA CHARPE        
                                                        A.V. NEWARE                     
                                                        R-2  AND  3 SERVED ON MER       

47.  SA/386/2002        MANOJ SUKHDEORAO KUKATKAR       RS KUREKAR                      
                        V/S SAU.SHAKUNTALABAI MAD       RD BHUIBHAR,AM NAIR/R-          
                        HAVRAO KHARPE                                                   

48.  SA/388/2002        MANOJ SUKHDEORAO KUKATKAR       RS KUREKAR                      
                                                        R.D.BHUIBHAR/R-1,R-2 IS S       
                        V/S SAU. SHAKUNTALABAI W/       ERVED ON MERIT.                 
                        O  MADHAVRAO KHAPRE  AND                                        

49.  SA/396/2002        GOVINDRAO RAMAJI HAZARE         SHRINIWAS DESHPANDE             
                        V/S WAMANRAO AMBADAS KADA       R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        M                               MR JOHARAPURKAR/R-SOLE          
                                                        AU/MA VAISHNAV,AP PANDE,        

50.  SA/398/2002        SUDHAKAR NANA UJAWANE           CA/RC JOSHI,MS SAMBARE,         
                                                        SS DHENGALE                     
                        V/S THE M.S.E.B.AKOLA ...                                       

51.  SA/399/2002        SMT.KUNDA W/O WASUDEORAO        AMOL MARDIKAR,                  
                        KOLHATKAR                       KL DHARMADHIKARI/P              
                        V/S LALIT SHIVRAM AGRE  A       PN KOTHARI/CAV/R-1.             
                        ND  ANR.                        R-2 DELETED.                    

52.  SA/400/2002        CHAMPAT NARAYAN KAWALE  A       ABHAY SAMBRE,MA BARABDE         
                        ND  5 ORS.                      (R-1(A) TO R-1(E) ARE SER       
                        V/S MADHUKARRAO JAIKRUSHN       VED)).                          
                        A BANSOD                                                        

53.  SA/401/2002        ZUBAIR AHHMAD LATE SK.HUS       SS SHARMA                       
                        AIN  AND  4 ORS.                AJ POPHALY,VJ SAIKHEDKAR,       
                        V/S SHRI SK.LIYAKAT SK.SA       FOR R-1 TO 4.                   
                        RDAR  AND  3 ORS.                                               

54.  SA/402/2002        ABDUL AZIZ S/O ABDUL KARI       JA/RT/CA ANTHONY                
                        M                               CS KAPTAN,HD DUBEY/PETNR.       
                        V/S PANDURANG PANT S. WAD       BERNARD JOHN                    
                        YALKAR(D)THR.L.RS.              ML SOMALWAR/CAV/R-1 TO 
                                                        R-1,3 TO 9 SERVED ON MERI       

55.  SA/409/2002        SMT.KAUSALYABAI WD/O PAND       PA DESHMUKH, MG GAWANDE                        URANG KHOBRAGADE                MG GAWANDE                      
                        V/S TULSHIRAM ANDHALUJI K       NT                              
                        HOBRAGADE  AND  5 ORS.          RR PILLAI,M.RAJAN/APPLICA       
                                                        MANOJ RAJAN PILLAI              
                                                        CN ADGOKAR/LR'S OF R-1  A       
                                                        ND  R-2 TO R-4  AND  R-

56.  SA/412/2002        CHAMPAT NARAYAN KAWALE AN       ABHAY SAMBRE                    
                        D ANOTHER                       MA BARABDE                      
                        V/S MADHUKARRAO JAIKRUSHN       R-SOLE SERVED                   
                        A BANSOD                        SB DHANDE/R-1                   

57.  SA/414/2002        SHAIKH SAMAD S/O SK. RAHI       SG LONEY                        
                        M                               PK SONTAKKE/RESPDTS.            
                        V/S SHEIKH DULLAH S/O SK.       DM UPADHYE,                     
                        KARIM AND ANOTHER               R-1(A) TO 1(D)  AND  2 SE       
                                                        RVED ONMERIT.                   

                        E                               R-1  AND  2 SERVED ON MER       
                        V/S RAMKRUSHNA SHIVRAMKJI       IT                              
                         GHAYAR AND ANOTHER                                             

59.  SA/423/2002        GHAFFARKHAN MIYAKHAN.           MOHD ARIF,QUTUB ZAFAR  AN       
                        V/S MOHD.SUJAT MOHD.WAJIB       AYYUB H.KHAN.                   
                        (DEAD)LRS.SHEIKH YUSUF  A       SV PUROHIT,SB BANGDE/PETR       
                                                        R-3 SERVED                      
                                                        R-2(F)  AND  3 SERVED.R-2       
                                                        (H) DEAD)                       
                                                        AD CHOUBE/R-1(A),2(A) TO        
                                                        2(G)  AND  2(I).                
                                                        AR INGOLE, RD RASKAR/R-SO       

60.  SA/425/2002        BALWANT RAOJI WAGH .....        ML SOMALWAR                     
                                                        AJ KHAN,MOHAMMED ATEEQUE        
                        V/S SHAHI GUPTA MASJID CH       FOR R-SOLE.                     

61.  SA/427/2002        NARENDRA VYANKATESH TAMBA       AV BHIDE, SS NANDANWAR          
                        T                               REPLY  FILED.                   
                        V/S PRAVEENKUMAR KHUSHALC       MP KHAJANCHI/R                  
                        HAND TATED                                                      

62.  SA/430/2002        BHAURAO S/O LAXMANRAO DON       RJ KANKALE                      
                        GARE                            SS SHARMA/CAV/R-1               
                        V/S JAGMOHAN S/O GULABCHA       R-1 TO 10 SERVED ON MERIT       
                        ND BAJORIA AND 9 OTHERS                                         

63.  SA/443/2002        SHRI UDEBHAN BAJIRAO GALB       CS KAPTAN,HD DUBEY              
                        ALE  AND  ANR.                  AR INGOLE/P                     
                        V/S SUKHDEO BAJIRAO GALBA       MB NAIDU, SD GARAD/R-1 TO       
                        LE  AND  7 ORS.                  6                              
                                                        SV BHUTADA/R-1,3,4,5,6 AN       
                                                        D 8                             
                                                        SA DISMISSED AGAINST R-
                                                        R-6 DELETED.                    

64.  SA/444/2002        DHANRAJ BAKARAM TADAS           AS JAISWAL,RD TAJNE,            
                                                        NA PADHYE.                      
                        V/S SMT.JANKIBAI WD/O PAN       R-1 TO 5 SERVED.                
                        DURANG ADMANE  AND  5 OTH       R-6 DELETED.                    

                        , SHIRALA                       R-1  AND  2 SERVED              
                        V/S RAMKRUSHNA SHIVRAMJI                                        
                        GHAYAR AND ANOTHER                                              

66.  SA/447/2002        HOORBANOO WD/O SK. SARDAR       VK PALIWAL                      
                                                        AS KILLOR FOR R-1.              
                        V/S SHABNOORBEE W/O SK. R       R-1  AND  2 SERVED.             
                        ASHID  AND  ANR.                                                

67.  SA/452/2002        THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA        G.P.                            
                         AND  5 ORS                     R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        V/S SMT. LOCHANABAI WD/O        R-SOLE SERVED.                  
                        BHAIYASAHEB THAKRE              N.JACHAK,S.KHEDKAR/R.           
                                                        AC DHARMADHIKARI,               

68.  SA/462/2002        VIJAYKUMAR VITHALDAS CHAN       DG PATIL, SV INGOLE/P           
                        DAK BULDHANA                    BS DESHPANDE                    
                        V/S SUKHDEV NINAJI ROTHE        SP KANAKLE                      
                        BULDHANA                        AV BHIDE FOR R-SOLE.            

69.  SA/463/2002        MANOHAR HARI MESHRAM            N.KHAPARDE,MS KHANDEKAR         
                                                        VM MOON FOR APPL.               
                        V/S POORNIMA NAVRANG GANW       PP WASNIK,RL DHAWALE            
                        IR AND ANOTHER                  DC CHAHANDE,SR JAISWAL,         
                                                        PT GAJWE/R-1 AND 2              
                                                        NITIN VYAWAHARE/R-3             
                                                        CS KAPTANFOR INTERVENOR                                                        BALKRISHNA M. KHARKATE          

70.  SA/465/2002        KU. VANDANA VINAYAKRAO VI       VA KOTHALE,DP DAPURKAR,         
                        RKHEDE                          PS PATIL,MP GULHANE             
                        V/S SHREE KALIKA DEVI SHI       ANAND PARCHURE/R-1  AND         
                        KSHAN SANS.AMT.  AND  2 O       2                               
                                                        R.NOS.1 TO 3 ARE SERVED         

71.  SA/483/2002        WAMANRAO VYANKATRAO KAWAN       KJ RAWANDHE                     
                        E                               ANAND M. DESHPANDE              
                        V/S ATMARAM VYANKATRAO KA       FOR/P                           
                        WANE AND 2 ORS.                 P R AGRAWAL                     
                                                        DG PATIL/R-1.                   
                                                        DG PATIL, SV INGOLE/R-2         
                                                        LR'S 1(II) AND 1(III) AND       


72.  SA/485/2002        JYOTIRAM UNDRAJI NAIK           NR SABOO,SZ SONBHADRE/R-1       
                                                        R-SOLE SERVED ON MERIT.         
                        V/S ASHOK TARACHAND RAMTE                                       

73.  SA/497/2002        PANDURANG GOVINDSA GANORK       NR BORKAR, I.S.CHARLEWAR        
                        AR                              JB KASAT, VINAY DAHAT,AND       
                        V/S MAHADEO VISHRAMJI CHA       J.PATTALWAR/R-1 TO 4